Bad boy’s crush episode 51

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💍Make a choice Bella!!😏Chloe or Nicc!!?? 😡


(His mom👪👧👩)

Chloe’s POV

Is she kidding me? She’s busy! And that’s why she can’t even kiss me? Maybe I won’t need hardworking girls anymore
Psst!… I watched her figure disspear out of my sight before I went back into the class

Not long after that, the bell rang for lunch time and I was the first person to get to the cafeteria
I made a special treat for her through her friends and waited for her to come into the cafeteria but there was no sign of her anywhere till the lunch break was over, I didn’t even eat cuz I was waiting for her

We all went back to the class but there was no sign of her, I scoffed… Is she kidding me? Busy?? Since when??!
Physics teacher came into the class and gave us an assignment and that’s when I saw her come into the class but left after the teacher was gone

Even before I could talk to her, I gulped hard hating these idea of hardworking girls already
Does she mean she won’t even talk to me again?

I wanted to follow her but Teacher Big tummy called me in to his office so I had no time to follow her
“We have a basket ball match tomorrow and I need you to organize the team and train them before tomorrow ”

I wanted to say no but I didn’t find lips to say so
“I have test… ”
“Oh… I told Miss Hailey about that, it won’t be any problem, you will write later ”
I opened my mouth to speak but no words came out

“You can go now, start training immediately ”
I nodded grumbling as I walked out of the office…
We all fell flat on our back in the field breathing heavily
“Oh my! I can’t even breathe “Ben said
“Me too, Chloe don’t always go easy on us”
“Didn’t you see his mood? He doesn’t look happy ”

“Maybe his new girlfriend is giving him a hard time”
Giggles filled everywhere, I shut my eyes pretending to be asleep so I could hear them say more

“All thanks we’re done for today’s training”Another added and they chorused:
“Whoo! Is he really sleeping”they referred to me
“Yes of course ”
“hmmm… Okay,I went into the library and I saw some guy flirting with Bella, they were sitting next to each other and laughing… ”

I didn’t want to hear more as I opened my eyes almost immediately jerking up to my feet and then running out of the training room to the direction of the library
Is that why she’s busy? To flirt with a guy! Huh!!!

I ran as fast my legs could carry me into the big and huge library, I began to look around and behind the massive rows of desk which contained students and teachers alike
At one side of the big library, there are huge shelves filled with books and students were littered around there trying to get books to read

My eyes wandered around at every step I took searching for Bella
I gulped when I saw her sitting with someone, I almost shouted but I rechecked myself when I remembered that this is a library and not a classroom

I walked my way to where she was standing infront of the guy and her
She looked up to see me
“Chloe… “She whispered and I rolled my eyes angrily at the guy sitting next to her
“What are you doing here? I told you am busy ”

I didn’t even listen or talk to her, I gathered up her books shoving them into her back pack and then hung it on my back
I grabbed her arm and then dragged her out of the library along with me

“Chloe you’re hurting me! “She struggled to get her hand free but I didn’t let her go, I held her still until we came out and was halfway into our class
“What’s wrong with you? “She asked getting angry but I hugged her

She went calm for a while before she pushed me away
“I told you am busy, do you miss me that much? “She asked a little bit irritated
“Yes I miss you okay? If you want to read, why must a guy be by your side huh! You didn’t want me to go with you and… ”

“Chloe you’re just being jealous! ”
“Why won’t I be jealous? Ofcuz I won’t allow someone else to… You’re pretty! So? Stop being pretty and I will stop getting jealous “I yelled back and she grabbed her back pack from me

“I’m busy Chloe! I’m really busy!! “She turned to go but I held her arm drawing her back
“Are you going back to the library? “I asked calmly and she nodded
“Yes! I want to read! Tomorrow we have test!! ”

“Bella… Are you going to sit there? ”
“Does it make you so mad? ”
“Yes, ”
She sighed
“I won’t sit there! Are you okay now? ”
I let her go and she left leaving me all alone pouting my lips

School dismissed for the day and I went back into Teacher big tummy’s office
“Yeah, so come early to school tomorrow, you are the leading guy you know”I nodded at his words walking out of his office afterwards

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I dialed Bella’s number so we could go home but her number wasn’t going through
So I texted her…
💬Where are you? Still at the library?

She didn’t reply immediately
💬Yes, go home without me
She replied and I scoffed, is she kidding me?
💬I can’t
I replied
💬Don’t be stubborn, I’m still at the library
💬I will wait for you, wait for me…

I locked my phone and then put inside my back pack running my way into the library
I saw her really studying at a corner on her own, no one was by her side
I smiled going over to where she was
She turned to look at me

“Chloe… ”
“Hush its a library, let’s read”I whispered taking one of the books which she heaped on the table to read
I flipped through the pages and began to read but I noticed that her stares were all over my face

“Why stare at me? Did I get a lot more handsome? “I whispered and she chuckled going back to reading her books
I smiled trying to focus and read, I checked the back cover and it was Government and Affairs

Hmmmm…. I began to find it interesting, I read and read lots of it that I became so drawn into the imagination of the writings with the letters flowing out and going into my head, I flipped and flipped after each page I read really finding reading so interesting

“Let’s go, its almost four o’clock in the evening “she said getting up and packing her books so we could leave
“I’m not leaving yet”I replied and she stared at me surprised
“I thought you came here to find me? “She asked frowning but then kept her voice low when every eyes came to us

She cleared her throat sitting down quietly
“I want to go now, I have read enough and am hungry “she pouted
“Okay but you’ve got to bribe me ”
“Bribe you? “I nodded winking at her and she smiled…

Few minutes later,

We were out of the library, we dropped by on a provision store and bought canned noodles,
After that, we ate, chatted and joked around before I decided to walk her home

I held her hand interlocking her fingers with mine
“Will you be at the library with me tommorow? “She asked
“Why? ”
“I have to play basket ball tomorrow ”

She frowned
“So I won’t see you around tomorrow ”
“That’s why you have to see me as you want today cuz you will miss me so much tomorrow ”

She didn’t smile at all, we trudged on and on along the busy road
“Chloe… ”
“Lie to me ”
I became confused and I perked my brow
“Lie?? Why?? ”

“Lie to me sometimes if you know the truth will hurt me so much and then break my heart”she said and I nodded still trying to get her points when someone stood infront of us

“Chloe”her soft voice flowed out and I panicked when I looked at the woman’s face
I was taken aback and my heart began to pound
“I went over to the house you weren’t there”she continued looking at Bella briefly

I couldn’t speak, anger began to take a toll on me, I pulled Bella forward brushing past her
“I’m sorry Chloe but at least I miss you”
“You have no rights to miss me!! “I butted in

“What’s wrong? “Bella asked me and I gulped hard
“She’s pretty Chloe, never knew you will be fond of someone in your life ”
“So?? ”
“I came by to see you and say am sorry! ”

“Say that to your husband! ”
“We didn’t get married again”
“And how is it my business? I don’t care about you and dad at all”
She sighed coming closer to me
“I have the right to miss my son ”

“A son you ran away from cuz of another love isn’t it! Just don’t see me again ”
I hurried away holding onto Bella’s arm as we walked
My mind was in turmoil and I couldn’t think straight until she slipped her hand off mine which made to turn around and look at her

“Your mom? “She asked and I nodded my head slowly as tears came to my eyes….


His mom just spoilt the mood😡😶😑