Bad Boy's Crush

Bad boy’s crush episode 54


💍Make a choice Bella!!😏Chloe or Nicc!!?? 😡


(A long long night 🌃🌌🌉)

Writer’s POV

She wanted to back out now but she couldn’t, that’s the main reason she came to his house
Stacey told her that if her boyfriend never makes a move on her about s3x, then it means that he doesn’t find her attractive enough to please him

And she braced herself up, she swallowed her pride and curtailed her shyness before she came around to his house

She glared into his eyes to see if she could really trust him about this
“Let me help you”he said when he couldn’t wait anymore for her to pull her clothe off herself

She rebuked him immediately
“No, I gaht this! I can do this myself “she said nervously but his hands was already on the down part of the sweater trying to make it pass through her head

She held his hands shivering while her lips lacked words and dry too, she had to lick her lips to keep it wet but then he smiled at her
“Don’t you trust me? ”
“I trust you but am not used to someone pulling off my… “She was too ashamed to say one more word to him

“Its me Chloe huh… Just let me do it “he pleaded staring straight into her eyes maybe to pierce through her soul and then arrest her mind, to keep that noisy head calm for a while

She gave in raising her two hands up as he lifted it making it pass through her head
He dropped the clothe on the floor as his gaze came to her chest area
He didn’t only blink his eyes, he couldn’t think anymore, he was just dumb staring at her bøøbs which was still covered with a brå

He made to touch her once again but her face flushed with a slight embarassment and she covered her chest by crossing her arms around there
She couldn’t look at his face now, she was too shy and embarrassed to even look at him

He tried to get her hands off her chest but she couldn’t let her hands get away from there
“C’mon Bella, I love what am seeing
Why are you so shy of it? “He whispered into her ears with his breath gently brushing her hair which got her mind and body relaxed for a bit

He gently got her hands off her chest and she quickly hugged him
She didn’t want him to give her that piercing gaze of his once more, she didn’t want him to look at her like that, it gives her goose pimples and send butterflies to her stomach

But she didn’t realize it was a perfect opportunity for Chloe, cuz he unhooked her brã gently and softly watching it loosen up around there

He then pressed her so tight to his own skin so he could feel her soft body, he caressed her naked back which was so soft, smooth and spotless

He smiled resting his head on her shoulder
“Bella… “He called softly
She couldn’t even speak, she shouldn’t have come here, she’s just too shy to face him
“Bella… I wont hurt you or don’t you want me to do this? ”

She couldn’t say yes neither could she say no,
He pulled her away from him softly holding her shoulder as her eyes widened
She didn’t know he had already loosened up her undie cuz it came down almost immediately she stopped hugging him

He was quick to hold her hands before she could cover herself up again
He’s really a bag guy…. She thought to herself smiling nervously

“You’re beautiful “he said to her glaring at her small-sized bøøbs and the two pointy nïpplés which stood out of them and pinkish too

His mouth itched to hold them in his tongue while his hands itched to hold those bøøbs of hers
His eyes went down to her narrow waistline and then her flat tummy with her navel almost unseen

Her skin was white with no spot on them, he almost wondered if she ever played during her childhood cuz her skin is too flawless
But then, a stretch mark came dancing on the two sides of her waist at where she curved so much

She tried to cover that little embarrassment but he didn’t allow her to do that
He loved everything he was seeing about her
“You’re really beautiful “he repeated after looking her over and then back to her face again

Her forehead, her brows which was a bit slanted and then to her nose which stood straight and a bit pointy on the tip and to her eyes, her round gray eyes with lashes flapping sharply every second to prevent her eyes from getting hurt

And then to her nose bridge which was cut deep and shapy like a girl’s waist and lastly her lips! Her beautiful pinkish lips which he kissed everytime

“You’re really beautiful “he repeated for the third time before he brought his first finger to her forehead trailing it down from her face down to her neck, taking the straight line he trailed further till he reached her navel, he stopped

That soft finger touching her gave her a weird feeling and she felt her stomach tighten and she closed her eyes softly enjoying that weird feeling until he stopped that’s when she opened her eyes again

“You want to see me? “He asked getting up so he could undress, she shook her head nervously and before she could even say NO his shirt was already off

She gulped hard as her whole being stood up straight staring at his chest and then his abs which was rarely there if not that he had flat tummy

He came closer so he would touch her but she couldn’t, she was just too dumb to do anything, it was only her and her mind that was having a little meeting inside her
He brought her two hands to his chest and smiled

“Touch me”he said afterwards and she kept her hands there for a while before she began counting his abs with her fingers while her gaze was on his face and then at his Adam’s apple which sinked down at every gulp he took

“You like my body? “He asked her and she nodded smiling nervously
“How is it? To your taste? Should I go to gym? I don’t have sexy abs like… ”
“Its okay, I like you this way… You look handsome this way ”

“Really? “She nodded her head
“Yes, at least I won’t fight with girls over you”she retorted and he gave a loud laugh which made her face heat up the more
“Here let me take of my pants “he said and she almost coughed

“No! You can’t… don’t do it!!!”she closed her eyes immediately cuz it was too late, his pants were off and he was standing naked infront of her,
“You can open your eyes now”he said but she couldn’t

“No, I don’t want to look at you”she mumbled panting for breath
“Why? Am I that bad looking? I will be so sad if you don’t look at me”he replied pitifuly
She bit her lower lips uncovering her face gently, she looked at him briefly and trying so hard not to look at his lower area

He stepped closer towards her with his already hardened divk dancing as he walked and that’s when her eyes caught his long di*k
She gasped, this was the first time she’s seeing a grown guy naked with his di*k standing infront of him

“You like it? “He asked her but she couldnt say a word, he shaved well and from his di*k downward, he was extremely hairy and that made him extra handsome and sexy, she gulped hard again

He smiled at her
“Wanna touch it? ”
“Huh?? “It was like she heard wrong, touch what? She can’t do that
“I want you to touch it for me, I want you to…”he pleaded and she gave in bringing her right hand nervously to his di*k and then held it

He let out a loud piercing scream with his legs growing shaky, she was puzzled thinking she had hurt him by the way she held him so she removed her hand
His eyes went dimmer wanting her the more

“Bella… “He called lustfully with his voice much heavier than how he used to speak
He stepped closer to her and then scooped her into his arms carrying her upstairs to his room
She wrapped her arms around his neck so she won’t fall off by mistake until he dumped her on his bed

His breath was tense and steady as he glared at her thinking about where to start, her lips? Her neck? Or even her chest?
He climbed ontop of her with his body caging her on the bed

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Her body was acting strange and a new feeling which she never knew before began playing soft strings all over her body
Their gaze deep into each other made her think crazy and wide

He slowly and slowly took her lips into his, kissing her softly at first before he got greedy, it seems like every inch of anything in him wanted her, each kiss gave birth to another feeling not soon enough he was holding one of her bøøbs in his palm and squeezing it lightly with his lips still in hers

She moaned into his mouth as that soft touch of his which came repeatedly, she moaned again as her lower area began to go wild too
He didn’t stop, he wanted to kiss her more continuing with what he was doing but she couldn’t kiss him anymore

Her desires had been woken just too quickly, she began to twist on the bed like a snake, he kissed her neck licking all of her shoulder with his tongue
Her hands tried to get in the way but he pinned them down on the bed with one of his hands

He kissed her neck as he stopped squeezing her bøøb, he rather sticked his mouth into it sucking on it and her body went crazier
“Ahhhhhhh…… “She moaned slightly trying not to scream out how she felt to the whole world to hear

Fast forward….. (See them🙄🙄🙄)

They both fell back to the bed when they reached their orgasm together, she began to cry
All her legs was in flames, he wasn’t even careful even though he knew that she was a virgin

“I’m sorry Bella”he apologized to her as she turned her face to another side wiping her tears, her bøøbs was hurting, almost everything on her body was burning up!
She sobbed the more
“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you “he said touching her by the shoulder

She turned her face to him and hugged him as he wrapped his arms around her like a baby
“Don’t cry, i’m sorry”
He caressed her back, her sweaty back which reeked of him

She buried her face deep into his chest while her hair covered the whole of her head and face
He smiled, he looked at her with lots of love in his eyes
“Bella…. ”
“Hmmmm”she managed to reply

“I love you and I will always love you”
She felt flattered
“And the future? ”
“Don’t worry about the future Bella cuz I will never let you go and never will I allow anyone take you away from me”

She looked up to his face so she could see the truth from his eyes and not from his lips
Guys can’t be trusted most times and her Chloe won’t be an exception
She saw pure love in his eyes, his eyes were smiling patiently at her and then she stared at his lips

She kissed him softly and briefly
“Do you still feel pain? ”
She nodded her head a bit shy
“I’m so sorry, I… ”
“Its okay”
He swallowed his words when she said ITS OKAY to him

Silence for about ten minutes he looked at her face to notice that she was already sleeping
He beamed kissing her nose softly
“Bella, I didn’t want to tell you this but you’re the most sweetest thing I’ve ever tasted and for the fact that am the first guy to know you
I feel like am blessed already “he gave a slight chuckle playing strings on her hair

“You’re really pretty Bella, so pretty even with your eyes closed “he giggled
Bella smiled, she wasn’t sleeping but pretending to be asleep so she clearly heard what he said to her

He pecked her forehead after covering themselves up with a duvet, and then wrapped his arms around Bella as if she was a new born baby
“Goodnight Bella”he whispered into her ears….

Ten lashes of cane to any of you who will go back and re read this episode again🙄😒😒😝😜😂😂😂

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