Bad Girl Love

Bad girl love episode 1 – 2

🎀BÀD GÎRL LOVE🎀 (His•Beautiful•Baddie…)


By: Naomi Cindy B.

Richie Kim is a natural born genius. He was always the top of his class despite the fact that he rarely attended classes.

He was brilliant than the teachers, and the students worshipped him like their demigod.

He had to skip two grades in elementary and highschool cos of his ultra brilliance, and he became a college student at 15

As the only son of a chaebol family in Korea, he went for his college education in the US.

He graduated at 18, and he came back home to take over his father’s company, but he didn’t come back alone.

He returned with his American girlfriend – Jessica Jones, a rude, violent and hot tempered daughter of a rich family in America.

His parents found everything about her wrong at first sight, but Richie wouldn’t hear of it, they must want what he wants.

Jessica might be the violent type, but at least she satisfies him s*xually. Yeah, Richie is a big s*x freak even at 18.

He has a sis… Ruby who’s a student of Horizon Highschool, an exclusive ultra-elite school for rich families in Korea and beyond.

Lovelyn Jeong is Ruby’s best friend and classmate who’s a regular visitor in the mansion.

She’s not rich. In fact, her family has a lot of choky debts, and she strives hard to pay up with her mum.

Everyone in school believes she’s a rich kid like the rest cos of the rented cars and fake designers she comes to school with, but no one has the idea what she does to keep it going.

She’s the best stripper at Ginger clubhouse where she showcases the beauty of her body to rich guys and men under the neon lights every night, and her mum is a maid in the mansion of the brattiest girl in school while everyone believes she’s a rich investor.

Basically, her whole life in school is fake and a big bunch of lies.

What happens when Lovelyn couldn’t help but fall for Richie at first sight but kept her feelings to herself cos of Jessica?

And what happens when Richie began noticing her despite his relationship with Jessica?

Will a change happen despite the variables?

Especially when another guy stepped in.

What about Lovelyn’s big secrets?

Will it ever get revealed?

What’d be the fate of the poor girl doing just everything to survive?

Find out!


🎀BÀD GÎRL LOVE🎀 (His•Beautiful•Baddie…)



By: Naomi Cindy B.


“The glory of a stripper, is under the neon lights”

Madam Cash’s favorite line swirled through Lovelyn’s head as she sat in front of the mirror, dolling up herself in preparation for tonight’s strip show.

There are over fifteen strippers like her in the club, but every man who visits the club wants her on stage, no one does it better than Kitten.

Yeah, she is. Kitten is her disguise name here, and no one except Madam Cash has seen what her real face looks like.

She uses a special dressing room, separate from the other strippers, and the moment she enters and gets her heavy makeup done like now, she becomes the s*xy Kitten.

She smiled at herself after putting finishing touches to her makeup. No doubt, her beauty could pass for the world’s, she’s f**king alluring.

She stood slowly, and her long dark hair fell on her round @ss which was barely covered by the dazzling thongs she’s putting on. It’s covering just her n**ples and p*ssy, the rest of her fresh spotless body is out.

She was still checking out herself when the door opened, and Madam Cash came in. She’s the boss in the club.

“Trust you’re ready, Kitten” she smiled, her set of gold teeth looking sparkling.

“Sure” Lovelyn returned the smile, walking out of the room with her on her tall slender heels. Her seductive lavender perfume filled the air.

“Do well” Madam Cash faced her when they got to the main door.

“As I should” Lovelyn replied readily, and madam Cash left.

The door opened automatically, and she was welcomed by the screams of the hungry men and guys who were already waiting.

👥 Kitten!!!

👥 S*xy!!!

👥 F**king hot!!!

👥 I badly wanna f**k that p*ssy!

She smiled seductively. She’s a baddie virgin surprisingly, and though many men offered dollars to have her countless times, but she always turned them down.

She only comes here to strip, nothing more.

She walked straight to the stage, and she was accompanied by the insane screams from the crazy men till she got there and grabbed the pole under the neon.

Her show started, and as usual, the men went bunkers over her body. Kitten is the deal.



Janet just finished cooking the family dinner at exactly 8pm according to Lady Genevieve’s orders, and she’s preparing to start serving.

The sweet aroma of the dishes filled the kitchen as she set the plates on the kitchen island, and as she served, her stomach rumbled hungrily.

“This darn stomach” she muttered, holding it gently.

She resumed serving, but she suddenly noticed that none of the other maids are around.

She looked thoroughly, and after confirming it, she took one from the beef, but immediately she put it in her mouth, someone clapped from the door, and she quickly spit it out to face the door.

Mabel is standing there in her usual arrogant demeanor. Her short skirt barely covered her nakedness, same with her top, and her curly hair fell on her shoulders as usual. She’s the daughter of the house.

“So now, you’ve started stealing” she smirked with disgust, and Janet quickly went on her knees.

“Please, I was just…

“Guards!” Mabel shouted, and two guards ran into the kitchen.

“Take her to mum in her home office” she ordered, and Janet was dragged out of the kitchen.

The home office is just beside the study, so it didn’t take long before they got there and took her in.

Lady Genevieve is in, sitting regally on her desk as she worked on some documents.

She was flying her polos as usual, and her hair was expensively permed, giving her the looks of a baddie queen.

She’s the second wife of chairman Lee, and she’s an American. Mabel is the only child she gave the chairman, and their rotten personalities are just the same.

The first wife got divorced before she married the chairman though, so right now, she’s the lady of the house.

Janet was made to kneel in front of her desk, and the guards left.

She never looked up for complete five minutes, so Janet remained on her knees.

She suddenly stood, and Janet swallowed hard as she began walking to her.

She finally got to her, and she took the cup of Moretz wine on the desk.

She poured it all at Janet’s face, and Janet gasped, but it wasn’t over cos she slapped her thunderously immediately.

Janet’s lips bursted, and as if that wasn’t enough, she slapped her on the second cheek.

“So…you decided to start stealing from my kitchen” she smirked, looking down at Janet like an ant.

“I’m so sorry my lady, I…

“Janet, did you forget the contract you signed before you started working here?” Lady Genevieve cut her off, and Janet swallowed.

“The contract was that you’d work in this mansion for the rest of your life without getting payed or tasting anything from the kitchen, and in return, I’d send your daughter Lovelyn to the great Horizon Highschool, is that not it?” Lady Genevieve questioned.

“It…” Janet stuttered fearfully.

“We’ve been on it since three years, and I didn’t tell anyone about it, not even my Mabel. You know what happens if she finds out, right?” She muttered, and Janet quickly started rubbing her palms together.

“I must have been out of my senses! It’d never happen again my lady! I promise with my life and…

“Then no break for you tonight, you’ll be the one to wash all the cars in the garage instead of the other maids” Lady Genevieve said, and Janet bowed.

“I…I.. I’ll do it, my lady”



It’s the resumption day to a new semester, and as expected, the school is decked with new and returning students who kept driving in in expensive cars and designers.

It’s a school for kids from rich families in Korea, but even rich families from other countries strive to send their kids there.

Enrollment is so hard that some even had to get their kids enrolled right from birth, it’s the image of envy for other countries.

Only one scholarship student gets taken in every session, and that’s even after writing the five scholarship exams.

As said, everyone in the school is rich, but none can ever be as rich as the three VIP students from the three richest families in Korea.

They’re the rulers of the school, and no matter what they do, no one questions them.

Students were still driving in when a chic pink Cadallic Escalade drove roughly into the park.

A guard in black opened the backdoor, and Mabel stepped out proudly.

Mabel Lee, the first VIP student from the Lee family who’s as proud as f**k!

Nothing is more precious to her than her face, and if there’s anything she despises, it’s people below her level.

She was wearing her VIP tag on her chest, and her personal maid carried her backpack, walking after her as she walked into the school, looking cold as she always is. As usual, her skirt is the shortest in the school.

👥 OMG Mabel Lee arrived already!

👥 Her skin is glowing as usual!

👥 So s*xy!

👥 OMG isn’t that a Cadallic Escalade? My dream car!

👥 She became prettier this semester!

Students were still drooling over her when a limousine drove into the park, and Bernie came out.

Bernie Han, the second VIP student from the Han family.

If coldness and aloofness was a person, then it’s him.

Two other cars halted, and his two friends came out. Vista and Savage.

Though they’re not VIP, but they’ve been friends since kindergarten, and they tagged themselves The Fabulous, driving girls crazy always.

Immediately they stepped into the school building, girls fainted.

👥 The Fabulous are here!!!

👥 Damn! Bernie is killing me!

👥 Bernie please look my way!

👥 Bernie!!!

👥 OMG he’s damn hot!

👥 I love you my Bernie!!!

👥 F**k!!!

Though they’re a group, but all attention is mostly on unsmiling Bernie himself just like now.

Another limousine stopped at the park shortly, and Ruby came out.

Ruby Kim, the third VIP student from the Kim family.

She’s the coolest of them all, and she’s not popular like Mabel and Bernie.

She flipped her hair and smiled cutely, waiting for Lovelyn her best friend to show up.

Lovelyn finally came down from a Bugatti, and she smiled wider.

“My Love!” She gushed, widening her arms.

“Ruby!” Lovely flew into her arms, and they hugged tightly.

“Why acting like you’re just seeing me for the first time in years? I visited the mansion yesterday, girl” Lovelyn laughed, and Ruby broke the hug.

“I just love you so much!” She gushed, and Lovelyn laughed again.

They linked arms and started walking into the hallway.

“This semester will be chaotic, I smell it already” Lovelyn said.

“That’s not important, the most important thing is that my twin brother Richie is coming back today! Make sure you’re at the mansion before 6 so you’d see him! Can’t wait to show him off! My handsome Richie!” Ruby gushed.

“It’s still amusing that your twin is a college graduate already while you’re still here with me in highschool” Lovelyn giggled.

“Told you he’s a genius who had to skip several classes, don’t attack me” Ruby pouted, and Lovelyn laughed as they entered the class together.

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The automatic door slid open, and a ethereally handsome guy stepped out, looking s*xy in his trendy outfit.

His hand is in his pockets, and he smiled as the cold Korea air greeted his bright skin.

“Richie are you planning to leave me here and go alone?” A girl came out too, and he smiled before turning back to her.

She’s got beautiful flower tattoos on her exposed thighs.

“Was in haste to feel the air, sorry baby” he held her hand, and she chuckled as they started walking to the waiting car.

“Welcome back, young master” the driver bowed after getting their bags into the trunk, and he nodded before entering the car with her.

Immediately they entered the car, she kissed him, and he furrowed his thick brows.

“What was that for? Baby”

“Nothing” she laughed, and he pulled her head to his chest as the drive started.

They entered Seoul after about an hour and she got her purse, getting cigarettes and lighter from it.

“Jessica, you can’t smoke, and you know that” Richie spoke.

“For how long do I have to deal with your hatred for smokes?” She faced him, looking pissed already.

“Are you mad at me now?” He held her hand, but she took it roughly from him.

“Stop the f**king car!” She ordered the driver, and he obeyed.


“I’ll go smoke in any available store restroom, I might die if I don’t” she said and stormed out.

“F**k it” Richie rested back on his seat.



Lovelyn came out of a cab hastily, and the driver of that car came out too, looking sorry.

“You should have checked your car before bringing it out ahjussi, now I’m late for where I’m heading to. Why did it have to break down?” She said.

“You don’t have to pay, I’m so sorry” the man replied politely.

“No. You drove me until here so I gotta pay for that” Lovelyn said and tucked some money into his palm before rushing off.

“My makeup! Is it still fine?” She muttered, looking around.

She smiled when she saw a car parked beside the road, and she rushed there to look at her face in the car mirror.

“Huh? My lipstick got wiped” she muttered and brought it out of her bag to reapply.

Richie opened his eyes in the car, and immediately he saw her, he blinked slowly, watching her for a minute before winding down the car window.

He came face to face with Lovelyn who was still wearing lipstick, and the lipstick fell from her as their eyes met. She definitely wasn’t expecting anyone to be in the car.

They kept staring at each other intently, but the strange thing is Lovelyn’s heartbeats, it accelerated immediately as their eyes hooked still. There’s just something about his eyes.

A car honk suddenly brought her back to her senses, and without waiting to pick her fallen lipstick, she ran off like flash, her long hair flowing with the air as she did.

Richie came out of the car, watching her till she went out of sight, then he picked the lipstick, and he smiled as he stared at it.

“Get back in the car and let’s go!” Jessica’s voice suddenly said, and he turned back to see she’s back in the car already.

He got in and made to touch her, but she slapped his hand away.

“Don’t touch me!”

“Fine” he rested back on the seat.

“You aren’t gonna beg me?” She demanded.

“Look Jessica, I’m f**king tired so stop this shit ok?” He spoke up, and she smirked as the drive continued.



“You made it in time bestie!” Ruby shouted when Lovelyn came in, and they hugged.

Mrs. Kim is with them, and the pretty sassy woman is obviously dying to see Richie too.

“Good evening Mrs. Kim” Lovelyn greeted.

“Welcome Lovelyn” she smiled excitedly, and a car drove into the mansion.

“MG he’s here!!!” Ruby screamed, rushing to the door.

Richie came in with Jessica behind him, and she jumped on him so tight.

“Richie!!!!” She screamed.

“I missed you, Ruby” Richie kissed her hair, and Lovelyn’s eyes widened from her spot.

“The…the guy?” She muttered shockingly, staring at him.

“Mum” Richie faced her after breaking the hug with Ruby, and Mrs. Kim hugged him tightly.

“My baby” she rubbed his back.

“Missed you mum” he smiled, but the hug was short cos she quickly broke it when she saw Jessica who was already sitting and smoking.

“And who’s this?” She asked, and Richie’s eyes widened when he saw she’s smoking again.

“Jessica!” He snatched the smoke from her, pulling her up.

“Mum, meet my girlfriend Jessica” he introduced.

“What!” Mrs. Kim shouted.

“This shitty brat? No Richie, she can’t be” Ruby said disgustingly.

“Shitty? Did you just call me shitty? F**k you ok? I’m not your mate! Oh…you must be Ruby and he told me a lot about you. So because I’m dating your brother, I must lick your @ss to show my respect? Shut up please” Jessica said rudely, and Mrs. Kim’s eyes widened again.


“Jessica this is my house, and you’ve gotta respect my family. We talked about this already” Richie said silently beside her.

“Well your family members are just as annoying as you, f**k it!” she shot, and that was it.

Mrs. Kim’s hand travelled to her face, and in the next minute, she slapped her hard.

Jessica’s earring flew out of her ear as she fell blindly on the couch, stars flying across her eyes.

“Who do you think you are? Are you mad?” Mrs. Kim questioned hotly.


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