Bad Girl Love

Bad Girl Love episode 13 – 14

🎀BÀD GÎRL LOVE🎀 (His•Beautiful•Baddie…)


By: Naomi Cindy B.

“Lovelyn!” Bernie’s voice shouted from outside, and her eyes widened in Richie’s arms.

His finger was still pressing gently on her lips, and their eyes are locked currently.

Her heartbeats came fast, but this time not because she’s in the arms of her crush, but because he’s here in her poor house after she confirmed that her mum is an investor, and Bernie’s voice just sounded outside.

Richie could feel his own loud heartbeats too as their eyes peered, and not because of fear in his case. There’s nothing to be scared about anyways, he felt the loud heartbeats too the first time he met her by his car window, it’s not new

“Lovelyn!” Bernie’s voice came from outside again, and Lovelyn’s fearfully loud heartbeats increased, reaching Richie’s ears.

“I know you live here so come out!” Bernie shouted again, and Richie released her gently.

“Dress up in your school uniform again” he said, and she swallowed.


“Just do it, please” he said in his usual soft tone, and she quickly went inside the bedroom to change back into the uniform, she even carried her backpack.

Richie took her hand and started taking her out of the room

“Wait…” She pulled back slowly, and he looked at her.

“Trust me” he whispered, and she swallowed again as he opened the door, meeting Bernie outside for real.

“You… you’ve been fooling everyone right? You live here” He said cockily.

“What do you mean? And what are you doing here in the first place?” Richie replied simply.

Lovelyn’s hand was shaking. He could feel it as he held it.

“You again? Are you her boyfriend or something?” Bernie demanded.

“Yes. I’m her boyfriend and we came here to meet someone, so now it’s your turn to tell me what you’re doing here, have you been stalking her?” Richie replied straight, and Lovelyn looked at him shockingly.

What the f**k did he just…

“To meet someone?” Bernie said, looking surprised.

“I don’t understand why I have to explain that to you, but now that I explained nevertheless, can you f**k away already? Or should I rather call the cops? It’d be cool to see my family clashing with yours because of her” Richie said seriously, glaring hard at him.

Bernie looked at Lovelyn and scoffed before starting to walk out of the house,but when he got to the main door, he looked back again before finally leaving.

A minute later, Richie could hear his car zooming away outside, and he breathed out in relief before looking at Lovelyn, disappointment is now glowing in his eyes.

He tucked his hands into his pocket and started leaving too without a word, but Lovelyn quickly rushed to him and pulled his shirt gently from behind.

“Please don’t go, I can explain… Richie” she begged, and he stopped.

He looked at the shirt she’s holding before looking at her face which was filled with guilt.



Richie is currently sitting on Lovelyn’s reading chair in her small room, and she’s kneeling in front of him.

“I told you to stand up and explain on your feet” he said, and she shook her head.

“No. Let me explain like this”

“I’m not listening to your explanation if you keep kneeling like that, and if you hurt your knees again in the process of kneeling, I’ll really get mad” he said calmly, and she finally syood.

She sat on the bed, facing him.

“My mum is not an investor. In fact, she works at the Lee mansion as one of the maids, and Lady Genevieve is the one sponsoring me to school, though without the knowledge of anyone. Even Mabel is unaware about it” she explained, and he raised his right brow slightly.

“Horizon is a school for the rich like you know, and I’ve been hearing about what they do to the poor scholarship students. That’s why I decided to start living fake rich life so I’d fit into their standards to avoid bullying, and trust me I’m not happy with it, but it’s what I have to do till I graduate if I really wanna survive” she explained, and he gave her a long intense stare before speaking.

“Bernie will not rest till he finds out the truth, it’s in their family blood to be curious”

“You… know him?” She asked.

“I graduated same time with Everett, his senior brother. He was also like that” he replied, and she bit her lip.

“I bet Ruby and Mira are unaware too” he said.

“I haven’t built the confidence to tell them yet” she replied.

“Even if you’d tell them, exclude Ruby” he said, and she blinked.


“She’s obsessed with richness. The moment you tell her, I’m sure your friendship is ending there” he said, and she started picking on her pink nails as he stood.

“Be careful of Bernie, it won’t end here” he said, and she stood from the bed too, but her red bra fell from where she stood from, and her eyes widened.

She quickly picked it up and hid it behind herself, but he already saw it.

“Was that not the one you were putting on the other day I helped with your zipper? I remember it’s colour red” He knowingly said, and her cheeks turned complete red as she closed her eyes in embarrassment.

Richie smiled secretly before walking to her.

He stood in front of her, and when she opened her eyes, she was shocked to see him right in front of her already.

“Richie…” She whispered, and he brought the hairpin out of his pocket.

“Came to return this, but you were already gone when I got to school, so I trailed you” he said.

He gently inserted it into her hair, and the moment her nose caught a whiff of his perfume again, she felt goosebumps on her skin.

“I love your perfume” she said before she could stop herself, and he smiled adorably.

“Thanks for helping me out also, it means a lot” she said again, and he gave her the intense gaze again… intense but affectionate, and it made her heart flutter.

“It’s nothing, I have to go” he said, and she nodded with her bottom lip in her mouth.

“Bye” he said again.

“Bye” she replied as he walked out of the room.

He got to his car and took a deep breath, resting back on the headrest as his eyes went shut.

He remembered the scene of her dance earlier, and how she quickly picked the bra so he wouldn’t see it.

That got him smiling as he opened his eyes and drove off.

Meanwhile, Lovelyn was watching from the window, and immediately his car went out of sight, she closed it and came back in, sitting on her reading chair.

She inhaled and rested her palm on her chest. “I almost passed out, that was hard” she muttered, blowing air out of her mouth.

She sniffed the air suddenly, and she smiled again. His sweet perfume is still hanging in the air.

She remembered how he inserted the pin into her hair, and she started rubbing her fingers on the pin, thinking about his gazes, but he suddenly snapped out of it and stood.

“Bernie, how do I handle that curious cat in school tommorow?”

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The time was 7:30 when Bernie came in, meeting his friends in already.

Vista and Savage were playing joker, their favorite game as usual, and they have five girls around them who kept screaming and cheering them on.

Bernie ignored them and sat on a sofa, thinking about Lovelyn again.

“What wine should I bring, young master?” A server asked suddenly.

“Do I look like I need wine?” He glared, and the lady left after bowing, then he resumed his thinking with his knuckles on his chin.

They went there to meet someone? Richie is her boyfriend? It didn’t tally at all.

She was sweating earlier, and it was obviously not because of stress, she was fidgeting, and he saw the shocked look on her face when Richie claimed to be her boyfriend.

He got his phone and went to Stargram in search of him, but when he typed Richie, he didn’t see him.

“He’s not on Stargram?” He muttered.

“Richie Kim?” Savage asked behind him, and he looked up.

“Done playing joker?” He rolled eyes.

“His username is RK, I asked for it from Ruby when I got curious about his lifestyle” Savage replied and sat in front of him.

Bernie quickly typed RK, and he saw him immediately.

He clicked on his profile and started checking all his pictures, but they’re all personal, he didn’t snap anyone with a girl or a guy.

“You mean to tell me he graduated from Harvard without dating?” Bernie said.

“He came back with his girlfriend like I heard, and you won’t believe it. She’s the daughter of the former prime minister, that whore!” Savage replied.

“Jessica Jones?” Bernie’s eyes widened.

“Exactly! Vista f**ked the hell out of her last year when he went for his summer vacation in the US, pictures of her c*mming p*ssy is still in his gallery” Savage laughed, and Bernie smiled, resting back on his chair.

“He has a girlfriend, but he fooled me by saying he’s her boyfriend just to save her? I’ll just wait till tomorrow” he said, and Vista suddenly left the joker table too.

He grabbed his phone and rushed out.

“Where’s that bastard heading to?” Bernie asked.

“To meet Mabel, his game starts tonight, and I can’t wait” Savage smiled.



Vista’s card was already booked when he arrived, and immediately he said his name, the pretty receptionist gave him the card.

Their hands brushed, and he looked at her. “Drop your number before you leave” he winked.

“Sure, master” she smiled as he walked into the elevator.

He rode to the floor and opened the door with the card.

As expected, Mabel was already in bed, nakedly waiting for him.

“OMG you came!” She jumped down, her b**bs dangling.

“Thought you were joking when you called to tell me to meet you here, I’m so happy right now!” She shouted, and he smiled as she began caressing his cheek.

“Sorry about the slap from my mum earlier, trust me I got mad at her for it. She almost ruined your handsome face” she said.

“Shall we get to work?” He said.

“What are we doing first? Should I give you a blowjob or…

“No, pleasure yourself in front of me first” he replied, bringing out three sticks of candle from his pocket.

“F**k yourself with this while I watch” he said, and she snatched it from him immediately.

“I’m a pro” she smiled and kissed him hard before climbing the bed.

She rested her head on the pillow, widening her legs completely.

Vista got his phone and began recording her.

“You’re recording?” She asked, and he shrugged.

“I’ll watch it anytime I miss you”

She chuckled before inserting the candle slowly into her opening, and as her p*ssy sucked it in, she moaned slowly…

“Oh my gawd…



Though Jessica said she’s coming back in the morning, but she didn’t, so it has been just Richie in the mansion.

He had his shower after coming back from Lovelyn’s place, and he jumped into baggy pants and a white long sleeved shirt.

He came downstairs and sat on the couch, his head filled with thoughts about Lovelyn.

He could imagine how hard it’d be to be managing fake life in the midst of the spoilt brats of Horizon, it’s definitely a cumbersome task.

He got his phone and went to Whatsapp curiously to search for her.

Luckily, he found her, and he clicked on her DP. It’s the picture of a moon in the night sky.

He smiled lightly before deciding to message her, but that was when Jessica came in.

“Yo! Broo!!! You didn’t miss me at all? I was expecting you to call and beg me to come back all day, but you didn’t…did you bring in a whore to f**k?” She said crazily, and he stood.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t feel horny! You’re addicted to my p*ssy and you know it freak!” She shouted.

“Yeah. I’m a freak and not a nymphomaniac, meaning I can control myself if I’m not touched on my sensitive spots, so come down from your high horse Jessica. It’s not your first time of going out to f**k other guys so I’m used to it” he replied calmly and started climbing the stairs.

“Richie!!!” She ran after him and made to grab his d**k from behind, but he quickly turned around and grabbed her hand, and she gasped sharply.

“Don’t mess with my weakness anymore. I didn’t ask you out remember? It was a game” he muttered, threw her hand off and entered his room.

Jessica grabbed the rails, breathing heavily as she stood.

“That @sshole, he still hasn’t fallen for me? He still sees this as a game? He’s only f**king me? Huh?”



The test results came out just now, and the senior students could be seen rushing to the paste board to check it out.

Mabel pushed everyone out of her way so she’d have all the front to herself, and immediately she saw A in front of her name, she jumped.

“Yes! Dad will be so proud of me!”

“I got an A!!!” Lovelyn shouted.

“I got B, high five!” Mira replied, and they stuck hands.

“I got A too!!!!” Ruby shouted, and Mira quickly checked.

“Is this a dream? A?” She said shockingly.

“You should thank me Ruby, it was all thanks to me” Mabel said, and Ruby smiled.

“Of course! I owe you a gift. How about the new Angie Pearl earrings?” She said.

“Cool” Mabel replied and sighted Vista.

“My V!” She shouted, rushing to meet him.

They kissed openly, and Mira’s eyes widened.

They’re… dating? She folded her fists painfully.

“Let’s go girls!” Ruby said, but she pulled her back.

“What just happened Ruby? Don’t tell me you saw expos with Mabel”

“Yes I did, and I passed” Ruby smiled.

“Ruby are you mad? How could you do that when you know how much I hate that b**ch!” Mira shouted.

“Don’t talk shit with me Mira, so because you’re enemies, I should fail?” Ruby replied.

“I’m so disappointed, you’re not different from her!” Mira shouted, and Ruby made to slap her, but Lovelyn held her hand.

“Ruby stop!”

“No leave her, let her slap me and I’d say it million times again that you’re not different from Mabel!” Mira replied.

Ruby took her hand from Lovelyn and walked away angrily.

Mira also left furiously, and Lovelyn sighed. “This is crazy”

She got a text on her phone suddenly, and her eyes widened when she checked.

• The rooftop in two minutes – BERNIE.

She pocketed her phone and rushed to the stairs, climbing to the top.

Bernie was already waiting when she got there, and before she could talk, he walked briskly to her.

She was still blinking when he suddenly grabbed her leg, and she fell as he started trying to take off her shoes, but he didn’t even care.

“Bernie! Bernie Han!!” She shouted, struggling with him.

He succeeded in removing the shoes and walked to a waiting pail of water which he threw them in

Lovelyn stood with red eyes, and he took the shoes out of the water immediately.

The sole fell off already, and the color is even washing off, so the water turned black already.

“Are you still gonna deny this? You’re not rich and that’s why your fake shoes got destroyed immediately it got in contact with water. That was your house yesterday and Richie Kim is not your boyfriend, he’s got a girlfriend!” He said sharply, and Lovelyn exhaled.

“Yes I’m poor! I attend this school cos I’m getting sponsored by someone, happy now?” She replied.

“You fooled everyone, you’re quite incredible” he smirked, but his smirk disappeared when she suddenly started unbuttoning her shirt.

“The f**k are you doing?” He blinked.

She took off the shirt, leaving her in her singlet and skirt, then she started packing her hair to band.

“I asked what you’re trying to do” Bernie said in confusion.

Lovelyn yanked away her socks too, and she walked briskly to him.

She folded her fists into punches, then she stood rigidly as she raised the fists up, making Bernie shift back.

“Wh…what are you doing?* He stammered.

“Let’s fight it out. If you win, you can tell everyone about it, but if I win, you have to keep your mouth shut forever” she said confidently.

“Are you kidding?” He replied, and she raised a kick to his face immediately.

It got his jaw, and he fell heavily the ground, looking at her with horrifically wide eyes.

“Argg!” He groaned painfully, rubbing his hurting jaw.

“1-0, c’mon stand up Bernie Han, ” Lovelyn folded her fists again, bouncing like a wrestler.


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