Bad Girl Love

Bad Girl Love episode 33 – 34

🎀BÀD GÎRL LOVE🎀 (His•Beautiful•Baddie…)


By: Naomi Cindy B.

“Say you love me as much as I do, Richie. Tell me you’re mine”

Richie stood speechless for a minute, staring back at her beautiful eyes.

They were filled with anxiousness, and he saw it all clearly. It’s the first time he’d be seeing such features in those eyes, so he moved closer and held her face gently.

“What happened when I wasn’t here? Who did you talk to?” He asked, and she looked away from his eyes.

“No one” she said slowly.

“Look into my eyes and say that again” he said, and she looked back into his eyes, but she couldn’t say anything afterwards.

“You talked to someone, who?” He asked, and she dropped her face.

“That’s not important” she muttered, and he sighed.

Before she knew it, he swept her up in his arms, and she gasped, wrapping her arms on his neck for support.

“Let’s leave the rain, you might catch a cold” he said, and she rested on his chest as he started walking out of the basketball court.

It was silent till they got to his car, and he gently placed her in despite her drenched clothes.

The rain is not falling much anymore, so he got in too and got a blanket from the car wardrobe.

He covered her with it, and she kept looking at his attentive eyes all through. It’s obvious he’s worried about her right now, he has always been like this.

“I won’t catch a cold, I promise” she said suddenly, and he looked at her after covering her legs.

“I’m sorry, you got drenched because of me”

“Why did you come late though?” She asked.

“Dad was lecturing me against tommorow. It’s the handover ceremony, I forgot to tell you earlier in school. I’m sorry” he said.

“Stop saying sorry everytime, it’s making me feel bad” she said, and he smiled lightly before leaning into her.

She blinked and later closed her eyes when he placed his lips on her forehead, kissing it deeply.

“I’ll drive us to any nearby store where we can change. I have clothes in the wardrobe” he said, and she nodded.

He drove out immediately, and it’s just five minutes before they got to the nearest store.

He carried her in in his arms again, and he rented a room.

He waited outside at first while she went in to change into one of his checkered shirts which covered her arms completely, plus his shorts.

He started giggling when she came out, and she swat his arm.

“Don’t laugh at me”

“The shirt looks like you were thrown inside, and the shorts…you could fly” he said, and she pouted cutely.

“They look cute on you though, I like when you wear my things” he said, and she blushed as he stroked her moist hair.

He went in to change afterwards, to shorts and a woolen sweater though.

They left the store together, and he drove them straight to her place.

“I want you to be at the after-party tommorow” he said.

“No. I can’t risk that, your dad hates me” she replied.


“I’m not coming, Richie” she said, and he nodded once before stepping out of the car

He went to the other side and opened the door for her

She came out too, and he hugged her immediately.

“Sleep tight. Don’t dream about anything, just sleep peacefully ok?” He said, and she nodded before he broke the hug.

He kissed her nose and made sure she went in before he drove away.

Lovelyn released a loud exhale immediately, and the scent from his clothes that she’s wearing hit her nose.

She smiled again, loving how it feels on her skin.



Bernie arrived shortly after the rain, and he fell on his swivel chair, plugged in his headphones and closed his eyes.

Truly, he wasn’t expecting to meet Lovelyn there earlier, but the fact that he heard them planning to go out for basketball in the new lab earlier made him realize she was waiting for Richie.

He doesn’t even know why he said those words to her. When did he become an ambassador for feelings?

Why did he even tell her to sit in front of him till he’d finish eating earlier at the cafeteria?

He’s not someone who’d eat rice and ordinary sauce without beef, salad or chicken, but did he eat that back then???

“F**k” he muttered.

‘Arcade’ by Duncan Laurence was playing loudly in his headphones, so loud that he didn’t hear when his dad came in.

Mr. Han threw an invite on the table in front of him.

“Listen!” He shouted, and Bernie opened his eyes slowly.

“You’d attend Sleek after-party in my place tommorow” he said.

“And why can’t you attend by yourself?” Bernie replied.

“Isn’t it obvious? Kim and his wife organized the party to flaunt their son as usual so tell me why I should go when my own son is not even competent enough to be flaunted! You should go to the party with your mother and see things for yourself. I wish Richie was my son instead of a dunce like you, shame!” Mr. Han shouted and left the room.

Bernie grabbed the porcelain vase on the table and smashed it angrily on the floor, destroying it totally.

“Bernie!” Mrs. Han rushed in, and he fell back on the chair.

“Can you just tell your husband to stop comparing me to Richie at every chance he gets? It’s sickening and I’m tired! At this rate I can kill Richie if I get the chance!!” He shouted.



The time is 8am, and all the staffs, shareholders and management team were already waiting in front of the skyscraper, ready to welcome the new President.

Sleek has been winning the award for the most perfect and popular brand in Korea and several other countries since ten years ago, no other cosmetic works better than theirs, and they have the best models to showcase their works, making it even classier.

The Benz containing Richie finally drove to an halt in front of the company, and the door was opened for him by a guard.

He stepped out majestically, and the eyes of the female staffs went wide with their mouths.

He’s wearing a really expensive suit all the way from Greece, and his face probably outshines the morning sun as he smiled radiantly.

He walked in amidst guards and the waiting crowd, and when they got to the lobby, Mr. Kim was already waiting with a big smile.

He widened his arms, and Richie hugged him.

“I have nothing to say anymore, I trust you’d make me proud like you’ve always done, son” he said.

“Of course, dad” Richie replied, and everyone clapped as they broke the hug.

“And today, the ownership of this company shifts to my son, Richie Kim!” Mr. Kim announced, and everyone began clapping loudly as confetti poured in the lobby.

He began meeting the shareholders and management teams one by one, even the staffs.

He made sure to reach everyone before he was led upstairs to his office which is on the topmost floor of the crapper.

Surprisingly, someone is in the big luxurious office when he arrived.

“Who please?” He asked, and the guy turned to him with a knowing smile.

“The f**k! Jacob!” He gasped.

“Nice to meet you Mr. Richie Kim, I’m your hot secretary” Jacob smiled, and Richie rushed to hug him.

Jacob was Harvard bad boy, the truth or dare master who had several girls at his beck and call, a crazy one.

“We graduated together, but as fate would have it, I’m your secretary. How funny” the American laughed, and Richie broke the hug.

“How did it happen?”

“I was recommended, and my credentials were screaming competent, so I had to fly down here immediately Mr. Kim chose me, and the salary is mouthwatering” Jacob said excitedly.

“Bad boy, so happy to see you again” Richie replied, and they hugged again.



Mabel’s Escalade drove into the park, and she remained seated in the car for minutes before finally gathering courage to come out slowly.

Anything might happen to her now that she’s not with her tag, but she decided to act like the almighty that she has always been.

She held her face up as she began walking into the hallway, and immediately students sighted her…

👥 Candleholder is here!

👥 She’s here guys!!

👥 Mabel Candle!

👥 The pornstar!

👥 Your p*ssy so wide!

👥 My head could fit in!

She’s shaking, but trying not to let it show as she walked in the midst of the screaming students.

Luckily for her, Yuri and Ruby appeared fast, and they guided her side by side, out of the hallway.

They took her to class, and Mira stood immediately she set eyes on her.

“Finally the shameless is here!” She smirked and went to Mabel’s table with a spray paint.

She wrote CANDLEHOLDER on top of it glaringly, then she went to Mabel herself and started spraying her uniform with the paint.

“What do you think you’re doing Mira!” Ruby shouted.

“If you call my name again Ruby, I swear with my life I’mma slap you three times, now talk again” Mira replied hotly, and Ruby went silent.

“You enjoy doing this to others, right? Now your time is here b**ch! You’re not with your tag so screewww you!!!” Mira shouted and grabbed a cup of ink, pouring it on Mabel too.

It’s like she has been preparing for this.

“You’re gonna regret this the moment I get back my tag, I swear to gawd!” Mabel said tearfully.

“Bring it on! Candleholder!” Mira kicked her desk, and Mabel rushed out of the class.

“Mabel!” Ruby and Yuri ran after her.

“Will you ever stay away from trouble?” Celine said beside Mira.

“I’m telling you” Hwasa laughed.

“Tell me you didn’t enjoy my show” Mira replied.

“We dare not” they chorused.

“By the way where’s Baby Love?” Mira said.

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Lovelyn actually got called by a student that a delivery is waiting for her by the gate, so she went there, and truly, she met a guard in suit, and she immediately recognized him as one of Mr. Kim’s

“I was told to give you this” he handed her the package and drove away in the black Jeep.

Lovelyn was fearful as she walked back into the school, wondering what it is till she got to a silent spot where she opened the box, and her eyes widened.

Inside the box is an invitation card to tonight’s after-party, then a really gorgeous evening gown and expensive heels.

She was about to open the card when someone snatched it from behind, and she turned to see Bernie.

“Dear Miss Lovelyn, you’re specially invited to Sleek after-party tonight….From Mr. Kim” Bernie read, and she snatched the card from him.

“You’re attending the party too?” He said.

“None of your business” she rolled eyes, took the package and left.

Bernie brought out her earring from his pocket, then one he picked from under the apple tree the night be saved her from the water.

“Wanted to return this” he muttered, watching her till she was out of sight.



“I really don’t wanna attend this party, I don’t feel good about it” Lovelyn said as Janet helped her dress up in the gown.

“You said Mr. Kim invited you himself, it’d be rude if you don’t honour him. He even sent the dress and shoes, come on honey” Janet replied when she finished zipping up the gown.

She got the shoes and began putting it on for her too

“I know mummy, but…

“No more excuses, you’re attending this party” Janet replied, and she smiled when she finished buckling the shoes.

“Should I retouch your makeup?” Janet said.

“No. Yunno heavy makeup is not advisable, I can only do that in the clubhouse” she replied.

“Who cares anyways, even without makeup I have the prettiest daughter” Janet said proudly, and she smiled as she stood, her long hair falling on her @ss.

“Everything fits my daughter so well” Janet said.

“I gotta go” Lovelyn replied, and Janet pecked her before she left the house.

Jackson was already waiting outside in a Lambo, and she hopped in.



Lovelyn came out of the car when it stopped, and she smiled nervously when she took a good look at the hotel.

The party is happening at the hotel events hall, and she could already see dignitaries walking in.

She walked to the door, and she was allowed entry after she showed her card.

Her eyes widened when she got in and saw the luxuries. The place is like heaven, total paradise. The designs are so flashy and expensive as it should.

“Don’t stare too much, else they might detect you haven’t seen them before” Bernie’s voice said beside her, and she turned to him, making his eyes widen.

Why the f**k is she looking so gorgeous tonight? Who told her to wear that gown and… Her face, damn! He could just faint.

“Just pretend like you don’t know me” she spoke, and he came back to his senses.

“Whatever” he said, and she rolled eyes as he got two wine cups from a table.

He handed her one, and immediately they sipped, Ruby showed up.

“And why are you here?” She questioned.

“I was invited by your dad himself” Lovelyn waved her card.

“Lier” Ruby smirked.

“Is that you Lovelyn?” Mr. Kim said behind, and she turned to see him just coming in with Mrs. Kim.

“You look so beautiful Lovelyn!” Mrs. Kim remarked.

“Thanks ma’am” she smiled.

“And make sure you enjoy the party” Mr. Kim smiled, and she bowed as they left.

Ruby left with them.

“I feel uncomfortable” Bernie muttered.

“Me too” Lovelyn replied, but the moment she saw Richie, she smiled.

He came in through the other door, and Jacob is beside him as he greeted the old rich men respectfully.

Bernie looked at her, and when he saw how deep she’s staring, he cleared his throat, but she still didn’t stop staring.

“Annoying” he said.

Richie’s parents joined him in the greetings, and when it ended, the couple went to the stage together.

“Thanks to everyone for coming, but before anything, I’d love to announce something” Mr. Kim said, and the hall went silent.

“My son Richie Kim is gonna be exchanging engagement rings with Celine from the Nam family tonight” Mrs. Kim added, and that instant, the cup of wine fell from Lovelyn, shattering on the ground.

Her throat dried up, and her blood followed suit, she began panting without getting chased, and sweat ran down her jaw.

“Lovelyn” Bernie whispered as everyone turned to her, everyone including Richie.

Immediately he saw her, her eyes widened.

What’s she doing here? She clearly said she wouldn’t be coming.

Celine came in with her dad immediately, and a guard brought in a shinny box on a golden tray, containing their rings.

Richie turned skeptically to his parents who are still on stage, and he walked fast to them.

“What’s happening? I don’t understand what you just said” He demanded impatiently.

“Just do as I say, son” Mr. Kim replied.

“No. You have no say in my love life, I know who I love” he said and turned to go to Lovelyn…

“That girl, her mum isn’t an investor. She’s a maid, and she has succeeded in making the school management believe she’s rich while she’s not. What’d happen if i announce that in here now?” Mr. Kim said, and Richie turned back with wide terrified eyes.

His body was shaking obviously, and he swallowed hard.

How did he find out? How did…

“The rings” Mrs. Kim said, and the guard carrying the golden tray stepped forward.

Celine came closer too, and everyone began clapping, waiting for the exchange.

Lovelyn had to hold a table to support herself when Celine picked hers.

She took Richie’s hand and slid it in his ring finger.

Richie looked over at Lovelyn slowly, and tears came out of her eyes when he turned back to Celine.

He picked his ring and wore it for her too, and that was Lovelyn’s breaking point. She couldn’t take it anymore.

So this is why she was invited here.

She pushed Bernie out of the way and started running out of the hall, but her heels mistakenly marched her dress, and she staggered, landing on the cocktail tower beside her.

She fell together with the table, and all the drinks poured on her, making all attention turn to her.

It was embarrassing as everyone began staring at her like a lowlife, and she cried more as she continued sitting there…on the ground.

“Throw out that party pooper” Mr. Kim said, and two guards grabbed her.

Richie made to move but Bernie was faster.

“Get lost!” Bernie pushed the guards away and carried her in his arms.

“I’ll wound anyone who touches me” he warned and started taking her out of the hall.


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