Bad Girl Love

Bad Girl Love episode 39 – 40

🎀BÀD GÎRL LOVE🎀 (His•Beautiful•Baddie…)


By: Naomi Cindy B.

“Ahhhh!!!!” Ruby screamed tearfully as she poured it all on her face, and every eyes and mouth became bigger, but surprisingly, nothing happened to Ruby’s face.

No burns nor flames, nothing at all.

Lovelyn sighed and dropped the conical flask roughly on the workbench before releasing her.

Ruby stood with a wet face, and the water began streaming down her uniform. She was panting.

Without another word, Lovelyn walked to Celine and pulled her out of the lab.

Mira and Hwasa followed them immediately.

“Ruby are you ok?” Yuri walked to her, and she kept panting, still in shock as everyone stared at her.

“Settle down everyone!” Mr. Luke came in, but immediately he saw the wet ground and empty flask, he rushed to the workbench.

“What happened in here!” He asked.

“Lovelyn tried to hurt Ruby with the acid” Yuri replied, and Mr. Luke sighed before picking the flask.

“This only shows y’all haven’t been listening to my explanations. During the last practical class, I told y’all that hydrochloric acid isn’t allowed in the lab by the management except if it’s diluted, and even the diluted ones are to be kept away” he said, pointing at the glasshouse containing the acid flask.

“So…what did Lovelyn pour on her?” A student asked.

“Mineral water! Y’all don’t have ears? I even explained how it’s made and it’s importance during the last practical, it’s even labelled!” Mr. Luke replied, pointing at the paper tape on the body of the empty flask.

“Seems Lovelyn is the only one who listens to me. Great, we’re spending the rest of today in here” he said, walking to the front.

“Mr. Luke!!” The students whined.

Yuri took Mabel out of the lab.



Lovelyn took Celine straight from there to the lab, and each time Celine tries to talk, she blocks the chance till they got there.

“How did your head get wounded this much!” A nurse quickly rushed to them.

“I pushed her” Lovelyn replied freely, and Celine faced her.

“What!” The nurse faced Lovelyn too

“Don’t mind her, I slipped” Celine said.

“Oh… come with me” the nurse replied, and Celine followed her in.

Lovelyn waited outside for minutes, thinking about how things became this crazy with Ruby.

Ruby was the first person to talk to her on her first day in this school. She offered friendship immediately she came out of her rented Ferrari.

And now cos her dad warned her to stay away from her. She changed so much that it’s even baffling her.

It can’t be only because of Mr. Kim, there’s surely something else.

She was still thinking when Celine came back with a plastered forehead, and she faced her.

“I’m so sorry, for pushing you” she said, and Celine held her hands quickly.

“No Lovelyn, i know you didn’t push me. I felt your weight when you staggered on me. I know you really got pushed” she said, and Lovelyn smiled lightly.

“Fine then, you have to treat the wound everyday, hope you know”

“I will, thanks” Celine hugged her.

Mira and Hwasa joined them, and Lovelyn smiled wider.

“Why did you scare everyone like that? For a second, I thought it was really HCl, not till I saw the label” Mira said.

“I didn’t mean to scare everyone. I only wanted to scare her” Lovelyn replied, and Hwasa hugged her.

“Please stop smiling, your smile is sad. Smile the former genuine ones” she said, and Lovelyn broke the hug to look at her.

“Soon” she said.

“Someone kidnapped I and Hwasa last night” Mira suddenly said.

“What! How did it happen?” Celine asked.

“For real?” Lovelyn said.

“Yeah. We woke to meet ourselves at a construction site with four guys lying around plus unconscious Mabel” Hwasa replied.

“Meaning… Mabel did the job?” Celine said.

“If she did it, then why was she unconscious with her boys?” Mira replied.

“What if someone came to save you girls? Maybe the person left before you woke” Celine said.

“Makes sense” Mira nodded.

“But who?” Hwasa said.

“Ok enough of the chats, let’s go back to the lab” Celine said.

“Next week we’re doing sports, and we’re expecting a new student too” Mira said.

“Wait? Today is Friday? Yes! Guys let’s hangout tonight” Celine suggested.

“With your forehead like that? No please” Mira rolled eyes.

“Yes. I think I need to drink” Lovelyn said.

“Drink alcohol at 18? This is Korea Love” Hwasa said.

“But 99 percent of Horizon students drive themselves despite being 18, anything to say about that?” Celine replied.

“Richness is cool” Hwasa replied, and Mira smiled.

“I’ll send you guys the location, and guess what? I’m inviting everyone from out class!” Celine said.

“Whatever, let’s go” Mira led the way, but Lovelyn’s phone suddenly chimed, a message from Madam Cash.

• Meet me in my car in front of your school, now!

Lovelyn rushed to the gate immediately, and she entered the waiting car, coming face-to-face with Madam Cash.

“Madam Cash” she said, and the woman made to slap her, but she stopped herself and dropped her hand.

“Did you just try to slap me right now? You should thank your stars that you didn’t, else I’d have wounded you” Lovelyn said.

“Listen Kitten, I really don’t wanna show you how evil I am and that’s why I’m taking things easy with you. I’m under serious pressure from my boss, and you skipping another night in the clubhouse might cost me my life ok? So please… make sure you come to the clubhouse tonight. I like you, and that’s why I’m doing the begging, Kitten…

“I wasn’t planning to miss tonight. I’ll be there by 9 cos I need to hangout with my friends” Lovelyn replied, and she nodded.

“Keep to your promise, cos if I get killed and Tsunami takes over the club Management, then Kitten you’re dead. Tsunami is a beast”

“Who’s Tsunami? And who’s the Bigg Dogg you always call your boss?” Lovelyn asked.

“You don’t wanna know those two, trust me. Just make sure you come over tonight, you can go” Madam Cash replied, and Lovelyn came down from the car.

Madam Cash drove away, and someone touched Lovelyn from behind.

“Oh my!” She jumped, turning to see Bernie.

“You have the knack for scaring me” she said, and he frowned.

“Whose car is that? Your new boyfriend?” He asked, and she rolled eyes before walking into the school.

He rushed after her and took her hand, placing her earring on it.

“This fell under the apple tree that night” he said, and she smiled slightly.


“And are you ok? I haven’t gotten the chance to ask you since the party. Your line was off, and you didn’t come to school yesterday. I came to your place too yesterday, but you weren’t in” he said.

“You did?” She blinked.

“Yeah. But it’s fine though, good to see you’re ok” he smiled, and she returned the smile.

“Let’s go to the lab”

She led the way, and he followed, still smiling.

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A meeting is going on with the staffs currently, about their new product that’d be launched soon.

And the hall is a bit loud as everyone gave their opinions about the launching.

“What do you think, Mr. Jacob?” One of the staffs suddenly asked.

“All your ideas are dope, but why don’t we ask the President himself?” Jacob replied, facing Richie who’s staring into space.

“President” he called. No answer.

“President” he called louder, tapping him.

Richie blinked, waking up from his thoughts.

“Your voice is needed” Jacob said, and Richie stood.

“Write your suggestions everyone and send it to my office. Meeting over” he said and walked out of the hall.

“I think he’s a lil bit tired, please understand” Jacob said and rushed after him, catching up at the hallway.

“Richie what’s up again? You’ve been like this all day” he asked.

“You know what’s wrong with me” Richie replied and entered the washroom.

He poured water on his head and made it wet for five minutes before drying with a towel, then he stood in front of the mirror and looked up, but all he’s seeing in the mirror is Lovelyn’s face instead of a reflection of himself.

He remembered his conversation with Janet earlier, and he sighed before turning off the dispenser.

He left the washroom and lessened the grip of his tie on his neck before entering his office, meeting Ruby inside with Jacob.

“Richie!” She rushed to give him a hug, but Richie stopped her with his palm, and she halted in front of him.

“What’s wrong? I want to hug you, and you don’t look good” she touched his forehead.

“You’re slightly hot, is it fever?” She said.

“Ruby why aren’t you in school? And what are you wearing?” He asked weakly.

“I left school early to come see you, and about what I’m wearing, it’s the new gown from Audrey” she replied

“I’m not asking about the brand, I’m talking about how it left your b**bs open in the front, and it barely covered your thighs” he said.


“I’m not ready for this conversation. Go back home and change, then return to school ” he said and walked to his chair, falling heavily on it.

He rested back and shut his eyes.

Ruby left the office angrily, and Jacob went closer to him.

“Should I call your doctor?” He asked.

“No. I’m not sick” Richie muttered.



“Right now, I think I really need to conduct a DNA test on her” chairman Lee said after the doctor finished treating Mabel who woke up some minutes ago.

“Why would you say that chairman?” Lady Genevieve faced him.

“Cos it’s becoming clearer and clearer that this idiot isn’t mine! All she does is going around with idiotic boys like her!” He yelled.

“And that’s cos she’s currently not going to school! You seized her tag so there’s no way she’d go to school without it. Give her the tag next week!” Lady Genevieve replied, and chairman Lee stormed out of the room.

“Chairman!!” Lady Genevieve went after him as usual.

Janet appeared from the stairs and went to Mabel’s door. She stood there, watching her silently with a guilty look on her face.



Almost everyone in the senior class were already present, including The Fabulous.

Celine is yet to come though, and Lovelyn is just coming in.

“Babe!” Mira waved at her, and she joined their table which has The Fabulous too.

Luckily, Hwasa is a server at the bar, so even if she’s not gonna be joining them, she’d be seeing everything as she serves.

“Celine is not here yet?” Lovelyn asked.

“Nope. That chic organized the hangout but isn’t gonna come. Her dad held her down cos of her wound” Mira replied

“Oh…cool” Lovelyn said and grabbed a bottle of soju from the table.

She opened and drank everything inside at a go before dropping the bottle.

“Whoaaa!!!! That’s the spirit!” Mira shouted.

“Are you ok?” Bernie asked, noticing her sad eyes.

“Of course” Lovelyn smiled again.

A girl joined the table suddenly, a really s*xy chic, and she began kissing Vista who reciprocated immediately.

“Get a room at least” Savage spoke.

“Are you ok? Mira” Lovelyn asked, and she drank before replying.

“Sure. He’s not my boyfriend anyways”

“Tell us about your family history, everyone. It’s a game!” Hwasa said as she dropped another round of drinks on the table.

“History? Nothing special. My mum got divorced, and my dad is currently living with his new American wife and b**chy daughter” Mira said, drinking again.

“Mum and dad aren’t together for now, and there’s an American in my family too. My granny, she’s an American who married my Korean grandpa, but they’re late now” Lovelyn said, gulping another bottle of soju.

“Aren’t you drinking too much?” Bernie said again.

“No!” Lovelyn replied, hitting her palms on the table as she stood, grinning drunkenly.

“I knew it” Bernie muttered, sipping little from his cup, but Lovelyn snatched the cup from him and drank it all.

“Hey that’s mine!” He pointed.

“Lovelyn you’re drunk” Mira pulled her back to her seat, and her head landed on the table as she slept off immediately.

“I’ll be right back” Mira stood and left the table.

She went outside and dialled someone before coming back in.

“Don’t tell me you called her mum” Bernie said suspiciously.

“I don’t have her mum’s number” she replied.

“Then who?”

Richie came in immediately, and Bernie’s eyes widened.

“Why him?” He stood as all attention turned to Richie.

“Richie is the only one who knows her place” Mira replied.

“Well I know her place too” Bernie said, and Savage pulled him back to his seat.

“What’s wrong with you?” He asked.

“Richie is almost married, it might be dangerous to see her with him” Bernie replied.

“And how is that your cup of tea? You’re overreacting.” Savage said, and Bernie huffed as Richie pulled Lovelyn up, and her eyes opened.

“Oh! You! I know you!” She pointed at his face, laughing as he lifted her up, carrying her like a baby, so her legs went wrapped on his waist, and her head fell on his shoulder.

He took her bag afterwards.

“Take care of her” Mira winked.

“Sure” Richie replied and took her out of the bar.

Hwasa smiled from the counter.


Richie placed Lovelyn gently in the car when he got out, and he got her bag, searching for her house key, but he couldn’t find anything.

“Lovelyn, where’s your key?” He asked, touching her cheek.

She wriggled and started rubbing her eyes sleepily, but he pulled her hand down.

“Told you it’s a bad habit” he said, and she opened her eyes slowly.

She smiled widely when she saw him, and she pulled him closer by his shirt suddenly.

“Lovie!” Richie gasped as their lips almost kissed.

“It’s you! My crush!” She laughed sillily again, and he smiled.

“Where’s your key Lovelyn?” He asked gently, and she pouted drunkenly.

“I dunno! … Maybe in your pocket?” She laughed again, letting go of his collar.

“Yunno what? Nevermind” He said and placed her well on the seat before shutting the door

He got in the driver’s seat and drove out of the place.

She was silent throughout the drive to his house, and when he arrived, he carried her out in a bridal style, and her eyes opened again.

“Your perfume…. My favorite thing… Smells too nice!” She said, sniffing his neck.

“Lovelyn how much did you drink?” He asked as he managed to press the password.

“Just two bottles! Two f**king bo…ttle…ssss!!!” She screamed, pointing up two fingers.

She laughed loudly again as he entered.

He started climbing the stairs with her, and she suddenly dropped her head on his chest, poking him with her pointer finger.

“My body is gumming, I suddenly wanna bath” she muttered.

“You can do that when we get to the room” he replied, and she chuckled as he opened the door.

He dropped her on the bed, and she fell heavily on it, widening her arms for him.

“Hug me” she giggled, and he dropped her bag first.

“C’mon hug me Richie!” She shouted, and he bent in front of the bed.

He began unbuckling her shoes, and when he was done, she stood from the bed.

“You can’t hug me? I’ll just find another guy who’d do that, and that same guy is gonna bath me and put me to bed” she said, rolled eyes and started walking out of the room.

Richie pulled her back, slipping his arm on her waist.

“Lovie, you’re drunk” he whispered, and she smiled.

“I know what I’m doing. Take off my clothes and bath me, then we can have some steamy night together. Aren’t you curious about what this girl right here is capable of?” She winked, biting her lip.

“Stop that” he looked away immediately. She’s wrecking his senses.

“You want me to go to another guy?” She turned serious.

“F**k it, fine” he replied and started with her top, taking it off her body as fast as possible.

She’s left in her red bra, and he held his breath immediately he saw her bare upper body. She’s f**king fresh and s*xy.

She smiled, and he moved to her skirt, dragging it gently down her legs.

She’s left with just her pants and brà, and she smiled, pulling him closer by his shirt.

Richie swallowed hungrily when his body brushed her almost naked body, and she smiled mischievously.

Before he knew it, she pushed him to the bed and came over him, still holding on to his collar.


“You don’t want me?” she whispered, rubbing his lips seductively with her soft thumb as her drowsy eyes met his s*xily squinted eyes.

“I do. I want you” he whispered, his heartbeats drumming in her ears, and she smiled prettily before letting go of his shirt.

“Then… take me …hard” she whispered, smashing her small red lips feverishly on his, and at the same time, her hand went to his belt.


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