Bad Girl Love

Bad Girl Love episode 41 – 42

🎀BÀD GÎRL LOVE🎀 (His•Beautiful•Baddie…)


By: Naomi Cindy B.


“Then… take me …hard” she whispered, smashing her small red lips feverishly on his, and at the same time, her hand went to his belt.

Richie broke the kiss immediately, taking her hand away from the belt as their eyes met again.

Both their eyes were filled with hunger and thirst for each other, but even if this is gonna happen, he wants it to be when they’d both be sober and feel the feelings.

Despite his crave for her right now and her wildness tonight, he badly wants to stop this from happening so she won’t wake up and curse at him tommorow morning, or she might even hate him.

He tried to sit up, but she took her hand from him and pushed him back by the shoulders, claiming his lips wildly again.

“Hmm… Lovie” he broke it once again, both breathing heavily.

“I don’t want you to do something you’d regret, you’re not in your right senses and…

“I f**king know what I’m doing. My name is Lovelyn and I’m in love with you! Isn’t that enough to make you realize?”


“I want you too” she whispered, and Richie swallowed.

“Are you sure? Cos once I start, I won’t be able to stop” He asked in a whisper too, eyes so creamy with affection as they gazed into hers.

“I don’t want you to stop, Richie” she whispered back, looking him straight in the eyes.

It’s as if his name on her lips triggered him, cos he tossed them immediately, and he came on top of her instead.

His mouth fell open, and he stared at her. Then he crashed into her.

His lips landed on hers in a demanding, hungry, eager way.

She opened up for him, and he growled s*xily as his hand reached her naked waist.

Lovelyn clinged tightly onto him, tasting him so good, she can’t get enough of his tongue in her mouth, his lips on hers.

Whatever has been building between them is exploding. Their craves made the kiss insane. They both want this.

“Gawd, Lovie” His hands slipped around and cupped her naked @ss cheeks. His head sank into her neck, and she leaned back, arching into him as he gently nipped her throat with his lips.

“Richie” she moaned in a raspy tone, driving him crazier.

She grabbed his shoulders, wrapping her legs around him as she pressed her core against the bulge in his pants.


He lifted himself and swiftly yanked off his shirt, flinging it away.

Lovelyn’s belly hollowed as she gasped, seeing his smooth skin. He’s beautifully sculptured.

Gently, as if they have all the time in the world, Richie bent over her again and put his hands on her shoulders, just on top of her brà straps.

Her chest was heaving, making her hard n**ples graze against her brà cups as she waited.

Slowly, he caressed her skin, gently slipping the first strap off her shoulders. He kissed the shoulder deeply, and her n**ples hardened more.

He inhaled, as if steeling himself. He lowered the second strap, and Lovelyn swallowed, but his attention is set on what he’s doing.

Inch by inch, he lowered the straps completely, revealing the top of her b**bs.

She tilted herself up, letting him know she’s more than willing, and he kissed her lips before unhooking her brà behind.

It fell off of her, revealing the two beautiful titties. He gasped and froze immediately he saw them. His eyes are glittering, and his fingers are shaking.

He went down her legs, sliding her panties away too, and like that, she became naked, totally naked beneath him, and he couldn’t stop staring while she held her breath, giving him time to savour the beauty of her body .

She could see his throat moving hungrily, and somehow, she loves it. Seeing how hungry she is for her only turned her on more. She’s so ready for this.

With a trembling hand, he reached out to touch the side of her breàst, as if he’s not sure weather he should, but he has no willpower to stop.

His attention is so focused on what he’s doing. It’d be adorable if she wasn’t eager for more.

A single brush of his thumb over her n**ple had her inhaling, and she arched into him, biting her lip to hold back another moan.

He smiled handsomely as he looked up at her face, then he lowered his head, kissing the top of her breàst. Lovelyn had to grab his hair to steady herself.

His mouth on her skin is fire. His tongue darted out, licking her titties slowly, and she felt wetness drip over her core as her body began shaking.

She has never experienced something like this before. For a first timer, she wished this would last till she wouldn’t be able to take it anymore.

She was withering under him as he continued licking, slow and gentle.

He finally let his mouth close over her n*pple, and his other hand grabbed her other breàst. She leaned her head back and gave in completely.

“F**k!” She cursed, biting her lip again, her hand driving into his hair once more as he sucked and nipped her tits while his fingers squeezed and stroked

When he pinched her other n*ple,her core throbbed, and she began wanting more.


“You’re perfect, Lovie” he mumbled against her breàst, his breath cooling the saliva on her skin.

“Richie, I want you” she forced his head away from herself and placed her lips on his skin, right on the edge of his arm tattoo.

Her fingers trailed some of the lines as she moved lower, knowing what she wants. She’s shaking with anticipation as she hooked her fingers on the waist of his pants.

“Lovie” he said. She could hear the plea, the apprehension.

She came on top again and placed a kiss just below his bellybutton.

He shook his head, and for a moment, she taught he’d stop her, but she pulled down his pants an inch and placed a kiss on his v-line, making his eyes go dark.

She was grinning as she exposed more and more of his skin till she pulled his pants down completely, revealing what she’s craving.

She bit her lips as his long hard c**k spranged out freely like it’s on hydraulics, making her mouth water.

“Lovie…you don’t have to…

She reached out a hand and closed it on his base, making him forget what he was about to say, and she revelled in the guttural sound that came out of him.

She leaned in and licked the underside in one swift motion, running the tip of her tongue on that sensitive area.

She watched him shudder as she gripped him firmly and explore his tip. The salty taste urged her on, and she closed her mouth around it.

He’s breathing hard, looking down at her as she slid him in and out of her mouth.

His panting filled the room, and his hand grabbed her hair as she pushed his cock to the back of her throat.

“Gawd! Lovie” he panted again, and she kept moving her head, but she even craves more, so she began sliding her free hand down her stomach.

Richie shook his head immediately, lifting her head from his size before kissing her lips deeply.

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“I’m here, Lovie” he whispered as he broke it, pulling her to the edge of the bed.

He pushed her legs open, granting himself access as he began kissing her inner thighs teasingly.

She gasped, letting her legs fall further open. His mouth nipped at the sensitive parts, and she couldn’t stop staring as he positioned his head right in front of her core.

His warm breath was enough to fill her with wild desires as it hit her down there.

He parted her s*x open with his fingers, and she swallowed when she saw him licking his lips, and in the next minute, he was licking her…her p*ssy, and she forgot how to breath.

“You taste so good, I could eat you for days… Lovie” he muttered as he licked, and as if to prove his statement, he began licking her once more.

His tongue circled her clit, and she fisted the sheets under her.

He used one hand to hold her open and stretched the other to her breàst, taking her n*ple between his thumb and forefinger.

This time, he remained around her opening, licking and slowly pushing inside. She badly wants to scream as his tongue filled her up.

She bucked her hips, and she could feel herself getting wetter as she moved inside her, touching her in places she never knew she had, giving her the pleasure she has never experienced all her life.

He f**ked her with his tongue slowly and leisurely. The sensations became her world, and right now she cares about nothing but the guy between her legs

His hands on her b**bs, his tongue inside her, she could barely remember her own name.

“Richie” she panted, and he growled against her core.

The vibration felt fantastic. He moved his mouth to her cl*t, and she groaned.

He immediately replaced his tongue with a finger, continuing the leisurely pace as he covered her cl*t with his lips, sucking gently.

When his tongue used just the right amount of pleasure, she gasped and moaned.

He increased the pace of his finger as the tension builds deep inside her .

He knows exactly how she wants it, and with each swirl, her climax builds. She pressed shakily against him, her body demanding and eager. He gave her what she needed.

“R.. Richie…

The growl he released into her core after she moaned like that drove her over the edge, and she lost herself as she felt the hotness of her pre-cum shooting out of her, into his mouth.

“Oh my! I’m…gosh!”



“Why did you call Richie though? I’m interested in the gist” Vista suddenly said.

Everyone is still present, and Hwasa is now sitting with them since customers stopped coming already.

The time is past 9pm.

“And why should I explain to you?” Mira replied, and Vista smiled.

The chic is still beside him, caressing him as she sat importantly on his laps, and merely seeing her is making Mira feel like puking right now.

To her, she looks disgusting.

“Well…we all know Richie is getting married next week, so…” Vista said again.

“Like I said, I have no explanation to give” Mira replied.

“I think I need the explanation too. She’s drunk, who knows what he might do to her?” Bernie talked.

“I personally want them to have a steamy night together, for a reason” Hwasa spoke.

“You just said my mind” Mira smiled, and Bernie drank again. He’s becoming drunk already.

“They in love with each other?” Savage asked.

“Isn’t it obvious? His wedding with Celine is arranged” Mira replied.

“But… aren’t you going ahead of yourself? I mean…it’s their family problem, not yours” the girl on Vista’s laps spoke, obviously to provoke Mira, and Mira smirked

“I don’t know you, so I don’t expect you to talk when I talk” She said.

“Well freedom of speech is everywhere girl, and I see the way you’ve been staring at Vista all night” the girl replied, and Mira grabbed the cup of soju in front of her, throwing it at the girl’s face

“Mira!” Vista spranged up, and she grabbed another cup, throwing it at his face too.

“F**k you both!” She spat, storming out of the bar.

Vista made to follow her, but the girl pulled him back.

“Let go” he spoke, and she obeyed. He rushed out.

Bernie stood and left too, then Savage followed.

“Mira can never be calm” Hwasa smiled as she started clearing the table.

“Can I help?” A cool voice asked, and she looked up to see the only American boy in her class, though she doesn’t know his name cos he barely talks.

“No. You’re here as a customer so…” She replied.

“I wanna help, for real” he smiled.

“If you insist” she replied.

“Jeremy, by the way” he extended an hand, and she took it with a light smile.



Mira was already in her car, driving away when Vista got out, and he dipped his hand in his hair.

“Bro, ion think you really like her cos why the heck would you bring a b**ch to this place when you know she’d be here” Savage said.

“You won’t understand” Vista replied.

“Of course” Savage rolled eyes, getting in his car.

He drove away like Bernie, and Vista rested on his car.



Bernie couldn’t get the scene of Richie taking Lovelyn out of the bar out of his head throughout his journey home, and luckily, his dad isn’t at home to pressure him further.

He was about to enter his room when his mum showed up.

“Good news son! Your brother is coming home next week! Everest is coming!” She announced.

“None of my business” he said bitterly and entered his room, slamming the door shut.

“Son! What’s wrong with him?” Mrs. Han wondered, and her phone rang.

She smiled immediately she saw it’s one of her secret affair men, and she slid back into her room to pick.



Mabel was already asleep on her bed when Janet came for the second time.

She gently pushed the door open, sliding in carefully.

She walked to the bed and sat beside her, taking her hand to caress before smiling sadly.

He brought her hand to her hair and began stroking gently, still smiling sadly.

“I’m so sorry… baby I’m sorry. I had to save you”



The moment Kitten refused to show up by 9, Madam Cash knew she was in trouble.

She began trying her line without resting, but she’s not picking, and her heart jumped into her throat as she placed the silent corridor.

The other strippers are on stage already, but half of the men are already leaving since it’s not Kitten.

She was about to dial for the third time when the usual guard came rushing.

She knew what’s up already, so she didn’t allow him to talk before following him to the dark room.

Immediately she stepped in, a gunshot welcomed her, and her eyes widened as the bullet got her directly on the chest.

She was still in shock as she bled from the mouth when the second bullet came, getting her forehead.

She fell down dead, and Bigg Dogg stood from the dark, holding the gun with his second hand while his right hand got a phone.

He dialled a number.

“Tsunami? I want you in the clubhouse tommorow”



After several shots of pre-c*m, Richie released a heave, and Lovelyn glanced down at his current situation.

He’s still very hard. She met his gaze and smiled.

Even if this is gonna be the first and last she’d take from him, she’s sure she’s not gonna regret gifting his virginity to this guy, so she opened up for him when he kissed her mouth, and she tasted herself in the kiss which felt so blissful.

He broke the kiss and knelt on the bed between her open legs, parting them more.

Their eyes hooked, and they could both feel the level of affection in there, it was burning.

Like an animal on the prowl, he leaned over her with one hand on either side.

She swallowed as he lowered his head and kissed her, making her taste herself yet again, and it turned her on more than she already was.

He reached a hand down between them, placing the tip of his c**k on her entrance.

“Are you sure you really wanna do this? You can still stop me, cos once i put in, you’re officially mine” he whispered erotically.

“Get inside me already, Richie” she replied in a soft whisper, and he moved against her.

She gasped as he found her entrance. Slowly, he inserted his length into her, stretching her out.

“Ouuuchh!” Her loud scream came as she gripped him, closing her eyes.

“Open your eyes, Lovie. Wanna see what only i can do to you” he whispered, and her eyes opened slowly, meeting his wistful eyes which were filled with love.

“You know I’m the only one who can make you feel like this” he whispered, moving slightly inside her warm, tight core.

“Oh gawd!” Lovelyn gasped, not breaking the eyes contact as her eyes rolled to the back.

“Say it, Lovie. Say that I’m the only one” he whispered again, and her mouth dropped open as he moved slightly again, torturing her with the sweetness.

“You are…” She managed to talk, grabbing his arms.

“I’m what?” He asked, pushing in more of his d**k,, his movements driving her insane as he poured affection in her eyes and p*ssy at the same time.

“You’re the only one…. Richie…. The only…. ahh…


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