Bad Girl Love

Bad girl love episode 51 – 52

🎀BĂ€D GĂŽRL LOVE🎀 (His•Beautiful•Baddie…)


By: Naomi Cindy B.

Slowly, he got a gun from his pocket, and he raised it to his waist level to avoid suspicions from the crowd around.

He targeted Richie’s tummy, and he was about to pull the trigger when his phone rang.

“F**k” he muttered, getting the phone with his other hand.

Big Dogg is on the caller ID

“Boss” he picked.

“Change of plans. Leave Richie out of this and come to the clubhouse. We’d just tackle Lovelyn herself, that’d be an easier pie” the voice said.

“Roger that” Tsunami replied and hung up.

He looked at the kissing lovebirds one more time before walking away, dissipating with the crowd.

Lovelyn broke the kiss when they both ran out of breaths in their lungs, but immediately they inhaled three times each, Richie reconnected their lips, and they began kissing hungrily again.

They created a new world in the kiss, and the sparks in the world formed a sharp ignition, driving them insane as their tongues fought in the hot space of their delicious mouths.

Richie bit her lip, and the slight bite made her moan gently, sliding an hand into his dark hair.

His tongue f**ked her throat right there, both unaware of how badly they’re drowning in emotions till fireworks cracked in the sky.

They broke the kiss at once, and their eyes went to the sky.

Together, they began staring at the beautiful cracks, and Richie held her hand again, making her shift her attention from the sky to his face.

He held her second hand too, so she faced him completely.

Right now, she wants to open up and tell him everything. She wants to burst and let it all out, tell him every single f**king thing there is about herself, but it’s like a lump is blocking her throat, keeping her words away.

Somewhere inside her head, she could see him slipping away immediately she told him about it, and she’s not ready for that.

How can she live without him right now? It won’t make sense anymore.

She hugged him tightly, and he wrapped his arms on her too, stroking her hair.

“Lovie, are you fine?” He asked. He could feel the tightness of the hug, and it even got tighter immediately he asked that question, like he’d run away if she hugged him any lighter.

“Please don’t ever leave me” she whispered.

“There won’t be a reason to do that, trust me baby” he replied in a whisper, and that calmed her in his arms.

They stayed that way for minutes till he broke the hug and held her face.

“You look much more adorable tonight” he said, and she smiled.

“Where are we going next?”

“Where do you want us to go?” He replied, caressing her cheeks with his thumbs.

She bit her lip and grabbed his hand immediately, taking him away from the bridge.

Two minutes later, she pulled him into a building which looks like a fabric shop.

They entered one of the dark rooms, and she pushed him to the wall, resuming the kiss from where they stopped.

“We can just go home” Richie whispered, breaking the kiss

“No. I have to be somewhere immediately I leave this place, so let’s…

“Where are you going?” He whispered, the dark room making his deep voice clearer than usual.

“I’ll tell you everything about it tommorow morning, but for now…” She was cut off when he pressed his lips on hers again, and his hands slipped under her gown, pulling down her panties.

“Ouch! Richie” her moan came into his mouth when she felt his fingers inside her already wet opening.

“Richie… ow… ah…



A white car drove into the mansion, and Mrs. Han rushed out of the kitchen where she has been supervising the maids.

“He’s here! Finally!” She shouted, opening the door impatiently.

Everest came out of the car, looking grown, smiley and trendy in his style.

“Tonight is the happiest night of my life I swear! Son!!!” She screamed, rushing to hug him tightly.

“I’m happy to be back home mum” he chuckled, and Mrs. Han poured kisses on his face immediately she broke the hug, then she kissed his forehead lastly.

“Funny how you still kiss my face like a baby’s, I’m 22 mum” he laughed.

“Old habits rarely die yunno?” The woman replied, and they grinned as they went in together.

The maids began taking in his luggages.

“I had the maids clean your room and give it the best designs, and your best food is almost ready. The only thing you’d do for me right now is go upstairs to your room and shower, then I’d set the table before you come back” Mrs. Han said.

“Where’s dad?” Everest asked.

“Urg! That grumpy old man is not back from work yet” she replied.

“And Bernie? Where’s my brother?” He asked, and that same moment, Bernie came downstairs.

He pretended like he didn’t see him at all as he began walking out of the house.

“Bernie what’s with the attitude?” Everest asked.

“Just behave like you’ve always been towards me. I prefer that jackass side of you than this shitty saint side, d**k” Bernie said hatefully before walking out the door, slamming the door shut.

“Same old cranky bored Bernie” Mrs. Han said, and Everest sighed before facing her.

“I’ll just go shower”

“Sure. I’ll be waiting, sweetheart” she replied, and he went upstairs.

Opening the door to his room brought back memories of the nostalgic feelings he had when he was in Spain, and now that he’s back, he’s hoping he’d be able to patch things with his brother and the boy he almost killed back then… Richie Kim.



Mira walked in looking extra pretty and gorgeous, and she was smiling as she rolled her hair in a finger till a server blocked her.

“No space anymore miss, the table for two that’s left has been booked” he said.

“Booked by Jordan? He’s my blind date” she replied,.

“Oh…I’m sorry ma’am. You’re very welcome” the server said, and she walked to the table, taking her seat calmly.

She went to series of blind dates when she was on vacation,but she liked none of the guys she met, and that’s why she’s hoping fervently that this goes well.

At least, if she gets a boyfriend, she’d fall in love with him and forget about Vista once and for all.

She checked the time and looked at the door, getting impatient already.

“He should be here already. I hope I won’t get stood up” she muttered.

“I’m so sorry I’m late!” Jordan came in immediately, and she looked up to see the stunning guy with a perfect skin.

He’s got a great skin and he looks rich, but she admitted immediately that he’s not even half as handsome as Vista, but handsomeness doesn’t matter anyways.

“It’s nothing, I didn’t wait for long” she said, and he sighed.

“But I’m sorry I won’t be able to carry on with the date too” he said.

“Why?” Mira frowned.

“Heard from a reliable source that you have a boyfriend, and that he’s a fighter. I’m not ready to risk my life so let’s calm it quits ok?” He replied, and she stood.

“Who the hell told you that bullshit? I’m single to stupor and I’ve never even dated!” She said.

“I’m sorry” Jordan smiled and walked out.

“Jordan!” Mira ran after him, but she stopped when she got out, and she drove her hand into her hair.

“Where the hell did he get that from? I’m going crazy” she muttered.

She eventually left the place, and immediately she drove off, Vista came out of the building, smiling jerkily as he got into his car.



Hwasa finished her shift some minutes to 9, and immediately she came out of the car, she bumped into the American from last time.

“Jeremy!” She smiled, and he returned the smile, looking good in the beanie cap he’s wearing.

“What’s up? You good?” He asked, his American accent so sharp and cute.

“Yeah I’m cool, you weren’t in school today” she said.

“I had headache and was held down. Mum wouldn’t allow me to come” he replied as they started walking away from the bar.

“Showing off that you have a caring mum now?” She teased.

“No not that, she just overreacts sometimes” he quickly replied.

“Is she American?” She asked.

“Of course. My parents are Americans. Work made them settle down in this country, and luckily I like it here” he replied, and she nodded.

“What about you? Your family?” He said.

“Dad is dead…mum is….fine” she smiled.

“Fine?” He asked

“Sure” she smiled.

“Was thinking maybe we could hangout for some minutes…” He said.

“Oh I’m sorry Jeremy, but I have to go. Mum is not very independent” she replied.


“She… she’s dumb, my mum… can’t talk” she replied sadly.

“Oh…I’m sorry about that” he said.

“It’s ok, I gotta go” she replied.

By now, they’re already at the bus station, and her bus is luckily waiting.

“Goodnight!” She waved and quickly rushed in.

She was waving at him till the bus went out of sight, and Jeremy smiled before walking away.

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Ruby was looking sidewards, even backwards occasionally as she walked to the VIP ward hallway.

She got to the door of Celine’s ward and opened it slowly, stepping in as stealthily as possible.

Now that Chloe is back, she’s gonna be facing hell in school and she knows it, but if Celine wakes up too, it’d be double trouble, and that’s why she has decided to settle this now, so she’d know she has just Chloe to be scared of.

She tiptoed to the bed and slowly grabbed the second pillow, and she began bringing it down to Celine’s face silently, trying not to even breath as she moved.

She was about to reach her face when the door opened, and Mone came in, clapping soundly with a big smile on her face.

The pillow fell from Ruby immediately, and she fell on her butt shockingly, shifting back as Mone walked to her.

“Whoa, you’re one tough criminal. So she got lucky and didn’t die in the car accident you caused, and now you’re gonna finish her off? Whoaaa!” She said, giggling as she pulled Ruby up by her hair.

“Ahhh!” Ruby whimpered, and Mone slapped her hard

Ruby fell back on the floor.

“You’d never change your ways right? I saw you at the cinema that night. You gave her the car keys despite the fact that she told you she’s got phobia for driving. Why? Cos you’re obsessed with your twin brother?” Mone said, and Ruby swallowed.

“I caught you f**king yourself with Richie’s picture last year in the school restroom, and to keep me shut, you bullied me secretly like crazy and eventually pushed me down the stairs!” Mone said.

“No! I didn’t pu…

Ruby was still talking when another person came in, Savage.

He pulled Mone by the arm and dragged her out

Ruby ran out fast too.

“What!” Mone pushed Savage away from herself when they got out.

“Why are you denying it when it’s as clear as crystal? You’re Chloe, and…

“So? Is that why you’ve been following me around since we closed from school? The next time you try it, I’mma report you for stalking, get that?” She glared and started walking away, but Savage hugged her from behind, so tight.

“Chole don’t be like this, I…

She pushed him away, and he staggered on the wall.

“My name is Mone, Chloe is dead” she smirked and walked out.

“Shit, Chloe” Savage muttered, resting on the wall hurtfully.



Richie’s car drove in, and he came out at once with Lovelyn.

They rushed to meet each other in front of the car, and they kissed hard.

“I wish there was time to f**k you for real, I’m not satisfied with fingers” he whispered after they broke it

“Me too, but I promise we’d have all the fun we want tommorow. I’m gonna spend the night at your place” she said, and he kissed her forehead.

“You can dream about our next f**k tonight” he winked, and she chuckled, hugging him tight.

“Missing you already” she mumbled.

“It’s mutual baby” he whispered.

“Sleep tight” she whispered, breaking the hug.

“Sweet dreams” he kissed her again, and as usual, he drove away after she went in, but five minutes later, Lovelyn came out and got in her car, driving her way to the club.

Tonight will be the end of it all. She was planning to wait till month end, but she just can’t do it anymore.

She can’t keep lying and keeping secrets from the guy she loves insanely, more than herself.

She’d quit tonight and tell Richie all about it tommorow, then she’d start looking for part-time gigs.

She drove into the club and came out of the car hurriedly, rushing in through the usual gate.

Bernie came out of his car in the lot too, his eyes so wide as he walked to Lovelyn’s car.

He has arrived at the clubhouse since an hour, but he just didn’t go in. He clearly saw Lovelyn coming out of the car.

He looked at the plate number and recognized it as the one he saw in school, and he looked at the small gate. It’s just at an hidden angle in the park.

He entered the gate.


Lovelyn went straight to the dressing room, and as expected, she met Tsunami waiting already.

“I wanna quit” she said , and he turned to her.

“As expected, love is doing things to your head, isn’t it? You don’t want your dear Richie to get hurt when he finds out that the love of his life is a stripper?” He said, and her eyes widened.

“How did you….

Tsunami rushed to her immediately, grabbing her neck tightly. In the next minute, her back landed on the mirror, breaking it.

“Arggg!” Lovelyn cried out, and he brought his face close. He’s reeking of alcohol.

“Wanna know the truth about Madam Cash’s death? Yes she went to Los Angeles, in heaven” he laughed evilly, throwing her to the floor like a ragdoll.

“Arggh!” Lovelyn winced painfully.

“Big Dogg killed her before I took over, and now if you ever say shit about quitting again, not only you will die. Your dad will die too!” He threatened, and her eyes widened.

“Surprised? Jeong Mingi, he’s an inmate at Seoul jail, he’s number 136” he said.

“No don’t touch my dad! Don’t touch my dad!!!” Lovelyn shouted, spranging up.

“Then your mum will be over too. Janet Jeong who works at the Lee mansion, isn’t it?” He smiled, and she quickly went on her knees, crying so much already.

“Don’t touch my parents I beg you! Just face me I’d do anything you want, I swear”

“Good girl, now get on the stage” Tsunami said.



Lady Genevieve’s phone was ringing when she came out of her closet, and she walked straight to the bed where she got it.

She frowned when she saw “Won” on screen, and she dropped the phone.

It stopped ringing but started ringing again immediately.

She walked angrily to it and swiped green.

“Won, I’ve told you several times to stop calling my line! Fine we both made the mistake while having an affair, but the daughter is living fine right now and you have your own children with your wife! Let’s just face our lives, is that hard to do?” She said.

“I only called to ask about her wellbeing, am I doing too much?” The voice asked.

“Mabel is my daughter” she replied.

“And she’s my daughter too! I own the baby so cut the crap Genevieve!” The voice shouted, and Genevieve hung up.

“Oh headache” Genevieve held her head.

“Your night coffee, my lady” Janet’s voice said behind, and she froze as she turned back to see her holding the tray beside the door.

“How long have you been here?” Genevieve asked, walking to her.

“What? You’re scared I heard your sinful talk with the man on phone? Mabel is not the chairman’s daughter?” Janet replied, and Genevieve removed the pin in her hair.

She made to stab Janet with it, but Janet grabbed her and slammed her on the wall instead.

“Janet…” Genevieve gritted.

“Mabel isn’t your daughter too, and we both know. Lovelyn is your real daughter and Mabel is mine, it’s the truth!” Janet spat.

“Oh you finally found out? Well no one will believe you anyways. I wanted Mabel and I took her, cos i always get what I want!” Genevieve struggled.

“Who’s the man you spoke to? He’s definitely Lovelyn’s real father. Who’s he? Tell me!” Janet pinned her tighter.

Genevieve tried releasing herself again, but Janet placed the sharp pin tip on her neck, and Genevieve held her breath.

“Again, who’s Lovelyn’s father? Who did you have an affair with!” Janet demanded again.

“Kim Won, Richie Kim’s father” Lady Genevieve muttered, and Janet’s eyes widened madly.


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