Bad Girl Love

Bad Girl Love episode 55 – 56

🎀BÀD GÎRL LOVE🎀 (His•Beautiful•Baddie…)


“I’m wet for you”

He immediately ran a finger over her bre*St, around her hard n*pple,.

“Baby you’re perfect” he muttered, and his hands went to her skirt. He pulled it down her legs together with her panties, and she shimmied out of them, standing naked in front of him just like he is .

His c**k was still hard, straining for her. She maintained eye contact and slid her hand around it.

He gasped at the touch. He was so big and long in her palm, and it only got her more drenched in the middle.

“How much do you want me?” Her voice trembled as she spoke, and he witnessed his eyes go wide, then one side of his mouth curled up.

“Every way” he whispered and placed his hands on her waist. “I wanna bury myself in you every way you let me”

She held onto his shoulders as he lifted her up, and her legs went wrapped around him.

Their mouths continued to kiss as he moved. There’s a wall behind her.

She opened her eyes and met a question inside his beautiful own. She reached down, forcing her hand between them.

He angled his hips, and she grabbed his c**k, placing the tip against her entrance.

Arching her back, she strained to get him inside her.

“F**k!” He groaned, and her hold tightened on his shoulders as her back pressed harder against the wall

“Richie” she moaned, and it’s as if the sound triggered something primal in him.

He lifted her @ss up, and she used her legs around his waist to pull him closer.

He lowered her into his c**k, and it penetrated into her opening, inch by inch.

Their eyes locked, and their breaths mingled. She inhaled him as he entered her.

“Gawd, you feel so good baby” he whispered as he filled her up

“Likewise” she panted, diving her right hand into his hair.

When he’s completely inside her, she leaned her head back against the wall. He leaned close, and his lips crashed into hers.

He began kissing her mouth hungrily as he f**ked her

“Oh…baby” she moaned into his throat. She could feel his saliva mixing with hers, and it felt so good .

He puts an arm under her left leg, lifting it higher so he could get a better angle as he rammed into her.

Again and again, he filled her completely. She braced against the wall as the pace increased. He thrusted harder into her p*ssy.

“Ouch! Richie” she moaned loudly.

A framed photo fell to the floor, but it barely registered for either of them.

She wants him. Even when he’s inside her, she wants him closer. More.

“More baby!” She gasped, and their muscles strained, sweat dripping down their bodies as he set the pace, banging her so good.

“F**k!” She gasped sharply.

“I love you, Lovie” he whispered into her ear.

“I love you, Richie” she replied, and he slowly pulled out of her, placing her down gently.

“Turn around” he said in a gravelly deep voice, so filled with lust

She did as he said.

“Put your hands up on the wall” he commanded, and she shivered as she obeyed the command.

He slammed right into her through the back, and she gasped out loudly.

His right hand is tight on her hip, and the other…

“Oh gawd!” She moaned sweetly when he slammed hard into her again.

She lost herself completely as his other hand snaked around her and found her cl*t. Pressure built inside her

His pace increased, and he grunted. His fingers circled her cl*t, making it hard to think, to breathe.

“I’m cummin!” She panted breathlessly. “I’m so close! So… Richie”

He knows exactly what her body wants, and some seconds later, she was shooting across the sky.

Stars and darkness took her, and she came hard with his name on her quivering lips.

He jerked into her, and she shivered. She was still spasming around him as he came hotly

He eased off her cl*t as she soared back to the ground.

Her legs were weak, she couldn’t let go of the wall lest she’d fall into a heap, but he held onto her as he pulled out of her p*ssy.

He flipped her around and hugged her tight to his sweaty body, burying his face in her neck.

“That was amazing” he whispered as her arms coiled on him too.

“I know” she whispered back, and in the next minute, he swept her up in his arms and took her into the bathroom.

He placed her in the tub and entered behind her, sitting right there, so her back is on him.

“My hair” she touched it.

“Just a minute” he replied, sweeping the long dark hair up in his palms.

“Have I ever told you how much I love your hair?” He said.

“This is the first time” she chuckled, and he smiled before rolling her hair into a bun.

His hand slipped to the front, and he began fondling with her titties while she rested back on his chest, the water making bubbling sounds .

He stroked her hair continuously with his second hand.

“Why didn’t you go to work?” She asked.

“Woke up with headache, but I’m fine now, you’re here” he replied, and she smiled nervously, knowing what his next statement is gonna be.

“Will you tell me what you’re doing in the clubhouse last night? I went there to meet Jessica for her apology, I think I deserve an explanation from you too” he said, and Lovelyn faced him in the tub, trying not to shake.

“You see…” She said, and he squinted.

“Richie, I….I… I’m…

He came closer, and she swallowed, her heart beating so fast.

“I… I’m actually… I’m a..

He gently held her face in his palms, and she swallowed again. He could feel her shakiness.

“You’re shaking, Lovie. Whatever it is, tell me, I won’t run” he whispered, caressing her cheeks.

“You do know i love you till death, right? I love you so much and you know it” he said, and she nodded once.

“What’s… What do you think about strippers?” She asked, and he squinted again.


She nodded.

“So … If I tell you my view about them, you’d tell me what’s going on” he said, and she nodded.

“It’s known globally that strippers are b**ches, and I share same view. Back then in college, I do avoid any Clubhouse with strippers cos ion like them, part of why I didn’tgo inside Ginger clubhouse when Jessica invited me for apology last night. I mean… showing off your body to men for money is insane, can’t imagine anyone I know doing that” he explained, and Lovelyn smiled to cover up her increase in nervousness.

“So now, can you tell me why you were at the clubhouse?” He smiled.

“I… Went there to meet a childhood friend” she lied

“Childhood friend?”

“Yeah. She’s a clubbing freak, so that’s the only place I could catch her” she replied.

“Is this what you’ve been scared of saying? C’mon baby, it’s nothing” he said, pulling her closer with a big smile.

Lovelyn hugged him back, tightly just like the other time at the bridge, and she kept tightening it each minute like he’s the air she needs to breathe.

‘I can’t tell him, not now at least. I can’t lose him, never’ she thought, kissing his neck gently.

“Let’s get the bath done and get out of the tub before we catch the flu” he said, and she gently broke the hug.

He gave her a kiss on the cleavage, and she chuckled.

In another twenty minutes,, they were done, and he carried her back into the bedroom where he dried her skin himself.

“F**k, I ruined your uniform. I should get you another one right now” he said, taking his phone to call Jacob, but she snatched the phone from him.


“I’m not going back to school” she said.


“Sports period is going on now, and we have just maths after that. According to the syllabus, we’re treating algebra today, so you’d teach me instead” she said, and and he smiled.

*Not a bad idea”

He got him his shirt and put it on for her, kissing her multiple times before he could finish doing the buttons.

“Will you stay till tommorow morning?” He whispered in her ear.

“But I’d have to go home at 7 to cook for my mum, I’ll come back at 9” she replied, and he kissed her nose

“Great, so what should we do now?” He asked, and her stomach made funny noises.

“That wasn’t me” she said.

“Oops! You got caught” he replied, and she laughed as he bent in from of her.

“Get on, let’s go cook baby” he said, and she got on his back.

He was chuckling as he carried her downstairs in a piggyback ride, entering the kitchen like that.

“What are we cooking?” He asked.

“You’ll be the one to cook, I’ll give you instructions from here” she replied.

“Aye captain” he replied, and she grinned.

“Let’s make simple noodles” she said.

“Before then, I think I have an appetizer” he replied, walking to the freezer.

He opened it and took out a box of chocolate, but there’s only one cube left.

“Too bad” he said, throwing it into his mouth.

Lovelyn jumped down from his back immediately, pulling him down before forcefully opening his mouth.

She took it from his mouth and chewed it instantly, leaving Richie to laugh loud

“I was expecting you to do this, mama”

“Whatever” she chuckled. “Let’s start cooking” she said and made to go get the noodles, but he pulled her back and slammed her gently on the freezer.

“You’re too irresistible, it’s your fault I can’t control myself” he whispered, and she closed her eyes, welcoming his lips on hers romantically.



Mira was already sitting, waiting for her date for tonight. Mone set them up this time, and she’s hoping it’d end well

She didn’t wait long like last night cos he showed up after two minutes.

“Mira Lee?” He asked.

“Sure. Kayden?” She smiled.

“Yeah, but I won’t be able to carry on with you, I’m sorry” he replied, and she stood skeptically.

“Don’t tell me a motherf ker told you I’m in a relationship already”

“Exactly” he replied.

“And who’s he? Where’s he?” She asked.

“At the balcony” he replied, and Mira stormed out of the place, rushing into the balcony where she met Vista smoking at.

“Vista?” She muttered, and he faced her

“Hey” he smiled, and she walked fast to him, hitting him hard with her bag on the face.

“F**k!” He groaned.

“You don’t want me, you’re busy f**king around and yet I can’t be in a relationship? Who do you think you are!!!” She yelled angrily

Vista stood there stupefied, just staring at her.

“I won’t waste my time talking to a motherf ker like you! But I’ve got just one warning, avoid me, Vista Kings” she said and stormed out of the balcony.

Vista stood still, feeling like shit.

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Lovelyn’s show ended five minutes ago, and she’s back in the dressing room, dressed in her normal clothes

She was tying the laces of her sneakers when Tsunami came in and handed her pay for tonight to her

“There’s a new development” he said, and her heart skipped beats

“What is…it?”

“It’s an order from Bigg Dogg, you have to break up with Richie Kim” he said, and the parcel of money fell from her.

“No….I can’t…

“It’s not negotiation Kitten, it’s an order you’re mandated to follow” he replied, and she quickly went on her knees, rubbing her palms together.

“I promise to continue working here for as long as you want but please, I don’t want to break up with my boyfriend, I… can’t do it” she started crying, and another figure entered the room immediately, dressed in black and masked. No part of his body is out.

“Boss” Tsunami quickly bowed.

“B…ig..Dogg” Lovelyn stuttered fearfully, and he pointed a gun at her head.

She froze completely, her heart jumping into her throat.

“You have two days to do the breakup, else it’d take one minute to clear your parents” he said huskily.

“If you need a reason, I can help with that” Tsunami said, and Lovelyn cried more. Burning hot tears




Lovelyn never came back last night as promised, and Richie couldn’t sleep throughout.

Though he called and she told her Janet is sick so she had to stay home with her, but he couldn’t help but feel the pain in her voice, it’s like she’s not fine

Thinking about it made him get insomnia, and he couldn’t close his eyes till daybreak.

He didn’t bother to shower. He was about to leave for her place when he got a text from an unknown number, and he stopped by the door to read.

• Come to Ginger clubhouse tonight, your girlfriend is quiet popular over there. You’ll see for yourself.

He frowned immediately, and he was still staring at the message when Jacob rushed into the mansion.

“RK it happened again” he said impatiently.

“Wait…mum again?” Richie’s eyes widened.



Ruby was rushing downstairs when Mr. Kim Won was going upstairs, but they’re both in a hurry to even talk to each other.

Won went upstairs to Mrs. Kim’s room and met her having her morning coffee.

“Jillian, this has to stop now, I mean now!. How could you suddenly take billions of dollars from the company’s account! This is the third time you did it this month! You want the company to go bankrupt? Huh!!” He shouted, and Jillian got down from the bed.

“I needed the money, and I took it, was it too much to take?” She said, walking to him.


“I know you have a child outside this marriage remember? And I’ve been keeping shut about it. The moment I open my mouth that you were once in an extramarital affair with Genevieve, you know what’s gon happen to Sleek so just keep shut, don’t ruin things… Won” she muttered, blowing him a kiss before entering the bathroom.

Won staggered weakly.



No student in sight when Ruby arrived. It’s still so early.

She actually got a call from Mone to be in school within a given minute, and that’s why she rushed down.

She entered the class and met her waiting.

Mone walked to her and grabbed her by the hair roughly. Her backpack fell on the ground.

“Arggg!” She cried out.

“I was planning to play with you girls for as long as I wanted before my revenge, but I got bored, now is the time Ruby! You pushed me!!!” Mone shouted.

“Chloe I swear to gawd I didn’t push you!!!’ Ruby cried loudly.

“Then why are you always shaking whenever you’re around me?” Mone smirked.

“Last year when you caught me f**king Richie’s picture in the restroom, I bullied you like mad and even gave you a bottle of juice filled with my urine. I forced you to drink it remember? I was scared you’d do same to me and that’s why I can’t even sleep well since you joined this school!!! That’s why I’m always scared of you!!!” Ruby cried again, and Mone pushed her.

Ruby fell on her butt, and Mone squatted in front of her.

“I might not have seen your face that day when you pushed me, but I’m sure of the bracelet I saw and it’s yours. The red bracelet you always wore last year! I saw it on your wrist before losing consciousness!!” Mone shouted.

“No Chloe! I didn’t wear my bracelet that day, I swear i wasn’t the one who wore the bracelet that day!” Ruby shook her head.

“What are you saying?” Mone frowned.

“Mira… I gave it to Mira on the day of the dance battle and it’s still with her till now!” Ruby replied, and Mone’s jaws dropped.



Rachel and Mira just finished eating breakfast, and Mira drank water before standing.

“I’ll go dress for school” she said.

“You’ve been eating little since the start of this week, is there anything you’re not telling me? Remember we don’t keep secrets from each other” Rachel said.

“No mum, I’m perfectly fine” she smiled and went upstairs.

She got to her room and sighed, swallowing before walking to her dressing table.

She slowly opened the drawer and brought out a small bag.

She opened it and brought out the content. It’s a red bracelet.

Her hand was shaking as she took it, and she wrapped her palms on it before looking at the mirror, and tears slid out of her two eyes

“I’m so sorry, Chloe” she whispered, breaking down in regretful tears.


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