Bad Girl Love

Bad Girl Love episode 59 – 60

🎀BÀD GÎRL LOVE🎀 (His•Beautiful•Baddie…)


By: Naomi Cindy B.

“I’m a b**ch, Richie. A stripper” she muttered tearfully, and Richie’s two hands fell from her shoulders in a slow mo.

His eyes were still on hers, and she took a step away from her immediately. It’s like all the bones in his joints got removed cos he staggered weakly after he made that move, and his mouth dropped open as he stared at her.

Lovelyn was still crying, staying still by the wall. The moment she steps away from the wall, it’s sure she’d faint, so she leaned on it wholly as her hot tears cascaded down her round cheeks, her eyes staring back at the guy she loves who looks more than shocked in front of her.

Richie staggered back again, and this time, he shook his head and turned his back. He began walking out of the room.

“Don’t go!” Lovelyn shouted. He didn’t stop.

“Don’t go!!” She shouted again. He kept going.

“Don’t go!!!” She shouted with all her guts, but he finally got to the door and stepped out of the room, meeting Tsunami by the door.

“See? I was right after all” he smiled, and Richie threw a punch as his face immediately, making him stagger.

Richie’s eyes were so red as he stormed out of the corridor, and Tsunami spat out blood as he stood, wiping the one on his lips.

“How come he’s so strong? Damn it!” He spat and entered the room, meeting Lovelyn who’s still by the wall, but this time, she’s sitting on the bare ground, crying so loud.

He began clapping as he walked to her, laughing lightly.

He squatted in front of her and raised her teary face, placing his pointer finger under her chin.

“Good, but it isn’t over yet. He’s the Romeo type who’d surely stick no matter what, so you’re completing the process anytime he shows up in front of you again, and it’d better if you don’t try to inform him about the contract at all. If he gets involved, then he’d die along with your parents, understood?” He said.

Lovelyn kept crying, so he got his gun and pulled the trigger, aiming for her head, and her eyes widened.

“No! No!!!” She screamed, holding her head with her two hands.

Tsunami directed the gun to the wall, and the bullet flew into it.

“Understood?” He asked again.

“I … I understand!!!” Lovelyn shouted, and he smiled, throwing her a parcel of money.

It landed on the ground in front of her.

“Your pay for tonight” he said and walked out.

Lovelyn’s tears fell on the parcel as she cried harder, and she eventually lay flat on the bare ground, crying her eyes out.



Richie met Jacob in the living room when he arrived, but Jacob hasn’t even said a word when he rushed upstairs, and Jacob stood, dropping the popcorn bowl with him.

“Why the hell is his eyes so red? What the hell happened RK! Rich boy!” He shouted, rushing upstairs too, but Richie locked his door inside already, so he couldn’t get in.

“Rich boy! RK what the hell is wrong again! Are you ok? You’re scaring the shit out of me dude! You’re not planning suicide are you? What happened to you!” He shouted, banging so hard on the door.

No answer, so he sighed and rested on the door.

“RK seriously it’s not funny, are you fine?” He asked calmly.

Meanwhile, Richie entered the bathroom immediately he entered the room, and he’s currently under the shower, trying to calm himself down, but it’s not working.

His heart was running on a high tempo as the water wet him. He didn’t even take off his clothes so the water is drenching his clothes together with him.

He’s trying to pacify himself that it’s just hallucination, but it’s not possible when he saw it so clear.

His girlfriend is a stripper, she was almost naked earlier and…

He dived his fingers into his hair crazily. “Damnit!!!” He yelled shortly, sitting under the shower eventually.

Is this the feeling when someone is going crazy? He’s going mad.

So…when she asked him about his view about strippers, she meant this…

He rested his back on the wall as the water kept pouring on him, and tears began stinging his eyes, trying to come out.

She’s the same girl who was living a fake life before he met her. Same girl who rented cars and wears to school, same girl who lied about her family status, same girl whose mum signed a contract as a maid just so she could go to school.

What else is she going through? What else has she done just to live? What other dirty things has she tried just to survive?

Why didn’t he meet her earlier than he met her? Why did they meet so late? Why is her life so hard even when he’s in it? Why is she suffering so much even as his girl? Why is everything so hard for her?

“Lovie” he muttered, and his tears finally poured down his cheeks in large torrents.

He propped up his knees and buried his face in it, crying guiltily.

Would he have met her earlier if he didn’t go to the US for his college education? It’s all his fault for meeting her late, he poured all the blames on himself, and that moment, he felt so worse

The door finally opened, and Jacob came in.

His eyes widened when he met him sitting under the shower with his clothes on.

“What the f**k do you think you’re doing! You wanna die?” He pulled him up, and when he saw his tears, he calmed.

“Hey, what’s happening?” He asked gently.

Richie didn’t say a word, so he hugged him in a tight brotherly way, patting his back repeatedly.

“Calm down, Richie”



Janet was setting dinner on the small table when Lovelyn came in in tears, and she rushed to her.

“Love what’s this? Why is your face like this why are you crying? Did something happen? Talk to me what’s happening?”

“eomma” Lovelyn sniffed, hugging her tightly.

“Love, tell me what the matter is” Janet hugged her back.

“My boyfriend…he found out about the… clubhouse” Lovelyn hiccupped.

“Richie?” Janet said, breaking the hug to look at her face.

Lovelyn nodded, and Janet hugged her again, stroking her hair.

“You’ll be fine, dear” she muttered, but deep inside of her, she’s glad.

‘It’s better this way’ she thought, kissing her hair.

“You’d be fine”

“No. I won’t be fine” Lovelyn cried harder.



Bernie is currently in his room, sitting on his swivel with his face buried in his phone screen.

He needed something to distract him from Lovelyn, and he luckily found one

His mother’s case with the politicians, and he has digged deeper.

They both died of heart failure in their houses, and the bank accounts of the two were found empty after their burial.

Freaking rich politicians with empty bank accounts despite their slush funds? It doesn’t make any damn sense and it’s driving him crazy.

Where did all of their money go?

He was still thinking when Everest came into the room, and till he got behind him, he didn’t know.

Everest saw what he’s looking at on the phone screen, and he sighed.

“I know how curious you can get, don’t try to dig into that case, it’s dangerous” he said, and Bernie stood.

“I don’t think I told you you have the right to enter my room” he said with an hateful smirk.

“We haven’t really talked since I came back and..

“We don’t talk even before you travelled, so what are you talking about? All you did was laugh anytime dad told you you’re better than me, all you did was mock me cos you were more brilliant! Where did that Everest go? I want that jerk back! Mock me again cos I hate this saint side of you it’s boring!” Bernie yelled.

“Bernie listen to me I…

“I don’t wanna listen!” Bernie shouted.

“I was childish back then, I didn’t know what i was doing could ruin the relationship between us. I thought it was fun till I travelled for college. I learnt better over there Bernie and I’m back as a better person, I’m so sorry Bernie I…

“Go to hell with your apology” Bernie said and started walking out, but he suddenly looked back.

“And the case about mum’s concubines always dying with heart failure and empty accounts, I’m just starting with it” he said and left the house, slamming the door behind.

Everest sighed and wiped the little tear that fell from his eyes.

Bernie is not ready to make up with him, and Richie is not ready to listen too, but when he remembered what happened between him and Richie, he figured out maybe he doesn’t even deserve the forgiveness.


While Richie Kim is the most brilliant student in the whole school, Everest Han is the second most brilliant, so they’re tight friends who do everything together, but deep inside Everest, he really wants to find out

Just what is in Richie’s head which made him even more brilliant than the teachers? Is his brain bigger than it should be? Or is his IQ 1 million?

These questions has been disturbing him since day one, and his curiousness didn’t help matters, so he decided to find out one day.

He invited Richie to his house when he’s sure no one is around.

He offered him fruit juice, and 15 years old Richie drank it with a clean heart.

Everest loaded the drink with sedative already, so Richie slept off on his bed afterwards.

Everest got a knife and climbed the bed with him, determined to find out what’s inside his head.

He started cutting Richie’s head with the knife, and despite the blood, he didn’t stop.

The opening of the door made him turn to see Mrs. Han by the door with wide terrified eyes.



Everest was already crying so much, in regrets.

The incident made Richie develop fear of sleeping alone on a bed cos each time he does, he dreams of Everest cutting his head open.

He’s the cause of Richie’s trauma, and he’s so guilty for it.

“I’m sorry, I was naive”



Mabel is in the living room, currently having a FaceTime with Yuri and Ruby.

“You still haven’t told me the secret you know about Lovelyn, I’m dying to know” Ruby said.

“Calm down will you? I’m waiting for the right time to pop the champagne” Mabel laughed.

“Wait…is it very big? Big enough to make her leave school?” Yuri asked.

“Leave school? She’d land in jail baby! And Ruby I need you to do something for me” Mabel replied.

“What’s it?” Ruby replied, and chairman Lee stormed in immediately.

“Dad!” Mabel stood, but he ignored her and went to Genevieve’s home office. She’s in an online meeting presently, but he took the laptop and smashed it, making her stand.

“You took over fifty bars of gold from the safe again despite the fact that I changed the password for the tenth time! Are you trying to wreck me? Till when are you gonna be doing this? Where did you sell the gold to? Tell me !” He shouted.

“Stop shouting, hypertension kills” she said simply and walked out of the office.




The appearance of the ex-president early that morning made the students start murmurs among each other.

When fate strikes episode 49 – 50

He came with Mone, and they received another shock when a police car drove in. Three cops came out of started following them behind as they walked into the school.

👥 What’s happening?

👥 Is a student getting arrested?

👥 Cops? What’s gonna happen?

Students made way for them in the hallway till they got to the door of the senior class.

“Mira Lee, where’s she?” A cop asked.

“Why Mira Lee?” Vista appeared.

“She’s not in school yet” Hwasa replied.

“Here I am” Mira’s voice said behind, and they all turned around at once to see her crying with the bracelet on her right wrist.

“You figured out” Mone said, and she hiccupped.

“I’m so sorry, Chloe”

“Arrest her” the ex-president ordered.

“Mira Lee, you’re under arrest for the murder of Chloe Shin” a cop said, and eyes widened as they began handcuffing her.

“What’s going on I don’t understand!” Vista shouted and tried to stop them, but he was held back.

“I pushed Chloe” Mira said in tears.

👥 What!

👥 F**k!!

Vista’s arms dropped, and Hwasa shed a tear as Mira was taken away.

Jeremy placed an hand on her shoulder, and she looked at him.

“Shit happens” he said, and she sniffed.

Mabel, Ruby and Yuri stuck hands immediately.

“It’s Lovelyn’s turn” Mabel said.



Richie could be seen standing on the bridge in Lovelyn’s street. He’s leaning on the rails, and the night breeze blew his hair gently as he stared at the water.

She’s not in school today according to Mira, and she wasn’t at the clubhouse too, not even the park, and her line has been off.

At least, if she’s coming home, she’d meet him here.

He was barely breathing as he waited, reminiscing about them, their moments. He misses her.

He looked up when he heard steps approaching, and he saw her walking towards him, wearing jean skirt and purple hood which covered her head.

She stopped immediately she saw him, and he took his body away from the rails, facing her totally.

Though there’s just a little space between them, but she felt far away, so he made to go closer and hug her dearly, but she was faster.

She walked five steps to him and stopped right in front of him, pulling the hood away from her head, her face evenly red as a result of tears.


“Let’s break up” she said, and that instant, he felt a large hammer crashing into his heart, and his heartbeats came rapidly like he’d burst anytime from now.

“What are you saying?”

His voice was shaking as he said those words.

“I’m a b**ch remember? A stripper and…

“And I don’t care! Just become my b**ch and stop going to the club and I promise to fix everything. I took your virginity so I know you’re not a slut, I still love you even more and this changes nothing, we’re still US, it’s still the two of us baby” he went closer, but she stepped back, holding back her tears as she got a text on her phone.

She quickly looked at it. It’s from Tsunami.

• Richie’s chest might be in danger

She quickly looked up at his chest, and her eyes widened when she saw a tiny red light, obviously from a sniper.

“I mean it, let’s break up” she quickly said.

“Stop saying that Lovie! Enough already!!” Richie shouted and came closer again, but she stepped back too.

“Stop coming closer!!!! Please!!!! Stop!!!!!!!!!” She screamed as the light got brighter and brighter on his chest without his knowledge.

He kept coming close nevertheless.

“I hate you Richie Kim!!!! I hate you!!!! I fell out of love so stop!!!” She shouted, and he stopped on his tracks immediately, cold sweat climbing down his chest.

“You love me” he muttered.

“No I don’t! Not anymore!” She replied and instantly threw her phone into the river_The phone he got her.

“You enjoy playing with my heart, don’t you? You said those hurtful things to me the other time on this same spot” he muttered hurtfully as tears fell out of his eyes.

“Yeah, I enjoy playing with your heart cos it’s fun” she replied.

“Lovie…. please don’t do this to me, I can’t…I can’t survive it…I… I can’t do it, please continue loving me” he begged tearfully, and she shook her head.

“I left your car at your mansion already, let’s really really end it. We’re not meant to be” she muttered, and the red light disappeared from his chest.

“You can’t be serious, no please! You can’t leave me!! You can’t!!!” He cried loudly, going on his knees devastatingly.

“Bye, Richie Kim” Lovelyn muttered and turned her back.

Her tears finally fell as she began running away from him.

“Lovelyn! Lovelyn!!!” Richie screamed, and blood came out of his nostrils.

He stood to run after her, but his knees weakened, and he fell back heavily, losing his consciousness.

He landed on the ground unconsciously, nose still bleeding and tears still pouring out of his closed eyes.


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