Bad Girl Love

Bad Girl Love episode 61 – 62

🎀BÀD GÎRL LOVE🎀 (His•Beautiful•Baddie…)


By: Naomi Cindy B.

He landed on the ground unconsciously, nose still bleeding and tears still pouring out of his closed eyes.

A minute later, Janet climbed the bridge on her way home, and her eyes widened when she saw someone lying lifelessly on top of it.

She lessened her pace till she got to the body, and her eyes widened again when she saw the face.

“Richie Kim? Richie!” She dropped her bag and knelt beside him, then his phone began ringing in his pocket.

She got it out and saw Jacob on screen.

She swiped green shakily.

“Richie where are you? You’re getting me…

“He passed out” Janet said.


“Come to the bridge, river Han” she replied, and Jacob hung up immediately.

Three minutes later, he appeared, racing hotly till he got to her.

“I met him here on my way home” she explained as he heaped him on his back

“Thanks for helping ma’am” he replied and ran down the bridge with Richie.

Janet sighed sadly.



Lovelyn got on her bed immediately she arrived, and she piled the blanket over herself, crying out her eyes.

She knew it’d be hard to cope, but she wasn’t expecting it to be as hard as this, it’s killing her in and out.

Her hot tears soaked the pillow already, and more is still pouring out of her eyes.

She was shaking as she cried, and her heart kept breaking repeatedly.

Janet came in and stood by the door when she saw her condition. Tears really came out of her eyes too.

This is all her fault. If she hadn’t agreed for Genevieve to switch the babies, Lovelyn would be the one in the mansion living fine right now, she won’t be here suffering with her this much.

She pushed her into stripping just so she could pay her husband’s debts and bail him. She didn’t even sign the contract at Lee mansion cos of her, it’s cos she wants to keep seeing Mabel forever. Saying it’s cos of her school was all a lie.

She covered her mouth with her palm as she watched her cry, and her own tears fell more

She left the room and sat behind the door where she continued her tears.



Mr. Nam rushed into the reception breathlessly, and he almost didn’t stop but he grabbed the first doctor he saw.

“Heard she’s awake” he said, and the doctor smiled.

“Just ten minutes ago” he replied, and Mr. Nam continued his race till he got to the ward.

He rushed in and met Celine awake truly. She’s sitting in bed, taking custard under the supervision of some nurses.

“Dad!” She shouted happily.

“Daughter!” He rushed to hug her, crying already.

“Gosh! My daughter”

“I’ve been asleep for two weeks? I slept for long, how have you been coping dad?” She replied.

“It’s been hard without you, trust me it has been hard” Mr. Nam replied, and Celine smiled sadly.

“I’m sorry about that, dad”

“Wait… Did you see the face of the truck driver who hit you before losing consciousness?” He suddenly asked, breaking the hug.

“I don’t remember” she replied.

“I think she lost memories of the accident, it’d come back slowly” a nurse said behind, and Mr. Nam nodded, hugging her again.

“My life”

“Richie Kim got admitted in this same hospital just now” a doctor said as he came in.

“What!” Celine gasped.

“Richie Kim?” Mr. Nam’s eyes widened.



Richie is still unconscious and is currently on IV.

Jacob is sitting beside his bed, staring at his pale face.

“What exactly happened?” Jillian asked, coming in.

“Mrs. Kim” Jacob stood.

“Tell me everything” she replied.

“I found him unconscious on the bridge, dunno why” he replied.

“What else would it be? Girl problem obviously” she replied expressionlessly, and Mr. Nam came in with Celine.

“Richie!” Celine rushed to him in bed.

“Celine is awake?” Jillian said with a slight smile.

“Just a while ago, but what happened to Richie?” Mr. Nam asked.

“Jacob can you manage the company for one week?” Mrs. Kim asked.

“Huh?” He replied.

“Manage the company for a week, Richie is spending the one week in Germany, and he’s going with Celine” she said.

“But Richie is still unconscious” Mr. Nam said.

“Even better, what are private jets for?” Jillian replied.

Celine smiled.



Mira has been crying since she was brought in the morning, though she answered all the questions asked by the interrogators.

No one came for her yet. She’s not expecting her dad to come since he hates her so much, and Rachel is on a business trip though she has been called and is currently on her way back.

Chloe entered the room she’s in, and she looked up tearfully, her cuffed hands shaking on the table.

“Why did you do it?” Chloe asked as she sat.

“I guess I just wasn’t thinking, I…I was selfish… I only thought about my benefit cos I didn’t want my mum to suffer, I didn’t think about the sufferings you might go through” Mira replied shakily.

“How have you been coping around me without shaking since I arrived?” Chloe asked.

“I act strong in school and take calming pills in washrooms to calm myself, but I always cry my eyes out when I get home” Mira replied.

“It shouldn’t have been you” Chloe said, and Mira nodded tearfully.

“If the ex-president didn’t adopt me that day, I’d have been long dead by now” Chloe said, and Mira looked up .

“Truly, I broke my back and hurt my head badly, and it was confirmed that I might run mad and will not be able to walk again at Mingdae hospital. I was abandoned there by the school, and I was already expecting death, but luckily, that was the day the ex-president lost his only daughter in a pool too. To lessen his pains, he adopted me as his daughter that same day. He’s a really good man, he payed for my surgeries and they had to set metal as my backbone, and that’s why I’m still walking” Chloe explained.

She’s already crying too.

“I’m sorry….I….I … don’t deserve forgiveness” Mira cried.

“Since then, I’ve been thinking about nothing but revenge and revenge, but my heart shattered when I found out it’s you” Chloe said, and Mira cried more.

“I will never forgive you” Chloe continued, and Rachel rushed in.

“Mira! Mira it’s not true right? Tell me it’s not…

“I did it” Mira interrupted, and Rachel’s bag fell from her in shock.

“Mira….no…I didn’t bring you up that way … I didn’t…

She sat on the ground and started crying.

Chloe left mother and daughter in the room and went back to the main room where the ex-president is negotiating with the cops.

“I’m giving up on the case” she said, and he stood.

“No… Chloe, she needs punishment and it should be served” he said, and she shook her head.

“She’s my friend after all. People make mistakes, and I’ll just count it as one of hers. I’m not planning to forgive her in my heart, but just cancel the case Let her go, dad” she said, and the man sighed before pulling her into a fond hug.



Mabel was the last to come in, and she locked the door before joining Ruby and Yuri who’re sitting on the sofas.

“So…are you ready to tell us what you know?” Yuri asked.

Mabel brought several posters out of a bag, dropping them on the table.

Yuri and Ruby took them and started checking them out hurriedly, and right from the first one, their eyes were already widening.

Pictures of Lovelyn in stripping thongs is in several of the posters, then ones of her entering her house, then another one of Janet, and another one of Jeong Mingi in jail.

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Every of the pictures have different captions though.







“What the f**k! This is Lovelyn’s house?” Ruby said shockingly.

“Have you ever been to her house?” Mabel replied.

“No. Trust me when we were still friends she always avoided talks about coming to her house, so this is it! She’s a poor thing? Eew!” Ruby replied.

“She’s the popular Kitten? Are my eyes deceiving me? Even my dad goes to Ginger clubhouse to watch Kitten. Do you know how many times he threatened to divorce my mum cos of her?” Yuri said.

“And her mum is…a maid in your mansion? Her dad is in…f**k!!!! She fooled everyone! Now I don’t regret throwing her into the river at the night out. She should have died” Ruby spranged up.

“But how did you find out all of these?” Yuri asked.

“I have my ways” Mabel replied and stood.

“These will be out in school tomorrow, and school will surely turn upside down, but I want it to get ruined completely” she said.

“Meaning?” Yuri asked.

“Ruby you were there during Celine’s accident, you gave a statement that you saw the face of the truck driver before fainting, but you forgot the face when you woke up” Mabel said.

“That was all lies, I sent the truck driver anyways. How would I forget” Ruby grinned.

“Exactly what I’m saying. Tell the cops tommorow that you now remember the face of the truck driver. We just have to get a thug and pay him to admit he’s the driver, then we make him tell the cops that Lovelyn sent him to kill Celine” Mabel said.

“Sweet, come to think of it. They’d think it’s cos of Richie” Ruby said.

“You girls are smart” Yuri said, and Mabel laughed.

“C’mon we should pop some champagne to this” Ruby said, rushing to the cellar to get one.



Bernie entered Mrs. Han’s room when she’s sure she’s not around, and he scanned the room before going deeper.

He started searching for clue to make his suspicions rigid, but he found none no matter how much he searched.

He kept searching till another person entered the room. Everest.

“What do you think you’re doing Bernie!” He rushed to pull him out of the room.

“You know something, don’t you?” Bernie said suspiciously.

“Come” Everest pulled him into his room, and they faced each other.

“You might get hurt if you try to dig this, trust me” he said.

“You know telling me not to get involved only gets me more curious” Bernie replied.

“And I’m saying no! It’s Agora cult we’re talking about!” Everest shouted, and Bernie’s eyes widened.


“The cult is behind the death of the politicians and every other assassination happening around. They’re women who swore alliance to the devil and are all possessed by greed, for money” Everest replied, and Bernie’s eyes widened again.


“Don’t try it, you’ll get hurt” Everest said, and Bernie’s jaws dropped in utter shock.



“What! You sent Richie to Germany with Celine? Jacob said he’s unconscious!” Ruby shouted, following Jillian down the stairs.

“It’s none of your business, Ruby” Jillian replied.

“It’s my business! He’s my twin!* Ruby shouted back.

“We both know he’s not so you should know when to give up unless you really want me to announce it that Richie was adopted into this family” Jillian replied.

“Mum!!!” Ruby shouted.

“Cut the crap” Jillian said, entering the kitchen.

Ruby’s phone rang immediately, a call from Mabel.

“The show is starting soon! Come fast!”

Ruby hung up and left the house.



The school was unconventionally calm when Lovelyn arrived.

She wasn’t planning to come, but she missed school for two days already, and second test is next week, so she only managed to come today despite her weakness.

She couldn’t eat, and she barely even took her bath thoroughly. She’s like a living dead, and the breeze was even swaying her as she walked into the school.

All eyes are on her, but she didn’t even notice. All that’s in her head is Richie’s teary face last night, her dangerous contract at the clubhouse, and everything that’s happening to her right now. The storm is overcoming her bit by bit, and it’d soon swallow her.

She didn’t even realize she has entered the hallway till chilled, cold water landed on her body from several students at once.

She gasped out, waking up from her thoughts, and that was when she heard their loud giggles and mockery, and the names they’re calling her.

👥 Kitten!

👥 Slut!

👥 Daughter of a criminal!

👥 Daughter of a low maid!

👥 A stripper who lives in a boxy semi-basement apartment!

👥 Fake life! Lier! B**ch!!!

👥 You’re not fit to be here!

👥 Trashcan!!!!

Her eyes caught the wall, and they widened when she saw her posters and her parents posters there.

Her dad in the jail uniform and her mum in her kitchen apron, serving the Lee family. A picture of herself in the thongs at the clubhouse and a picture of her entering the house, all with shaming captions.

She was beyond shocked at how everything got out, but before she could turn around, she was pushed from behind, and she fell on the water on the ground, hurting her knees badly.

They began bleeding.

Raw eggs began landing on her from the mocking students, smashing on her uniform, and she didn’t even move.

Maybe it’s better this way, maybe she really really needs to die, maybe it’d end it all. Maybe death is the best solution. She wants to die.

A stone flew to her from a student, and it got her forehead. Blood spilled down her head immediately, and the students laughed out loudly.

Mabel came forward with a fire extinguisher which she pumped on her, and the first place it got was her eyes, so she temporarily went blind immediately, but Mabel didn’t stop.

“How dare you fool the authorities of this school! You fooled everyone slut!”

She kept pumping the extinguisher on her, and Yuri came next.

She kicked Lovelyn on the face, and Lovelyn’s head hit on the wall, making her bleed more.

“You’re a stripper? Shame on you!!!” She yelled, kicking her on the stomach this time.

Lovelyn bled from the mouth, holding the stomach tightly.

She’s still not seeing a thing with her eyes, but tears are coming out of them.

Hwasa is in the crowd, watching everything in tears.

Mira and Chloe aren’t in school, so no hope right now.

She eventually ran away from the scene when she couldn’t watch anymore, and that was when Ruby stepped in.

She dragged Lovelyn up by the hair, and students kept chanting as she took her to the front of the block there she plunged her down.

She slapped Lovelyn three times consecutively, and some students brought her desk and chair out of the class

Her backpack was placed on it, and gasoline was poured on them.

It was lightened, and it caught fire immediately, burning so bright.

“Should we burn her too?” Mabel said.

“That’d be fun” Ruby replied, and Mabel was about to pour the gasoline on blind Lovelyn when someone entered the circle of students and snatched it from her.


His eyes are so red with rage as he threw the keg at Mabel, making her fall heavily.

He grabbed both Yuri and Ruby and hit their heads on each other before letting them go.

They fell and began bleeding immediately.

Bernie walked to Lovelyn and carried her in his arms.

He was crying too as he walked out of the circle, students making way for him.

The moment he came out of the circle, he was blocked by cops.

“Move” he muttered.

“We have an arrest warrant for Lovelyn Jeong for deceiving the management of Horizon, and for the attempted murder of Celine Nam” a cop said.

“You’d have to kill me first before taking her from me” Bernie said.


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