Bad Girl Love

Bad Girl Love episode 63 – 64

🎀BÀD GÎRL LOVE🎀 (His•Beautiful•Baddie…)


By: Naomi Cindy B.

“You’d have to kill me first before taking her from me” Bernie said.

“Bernie Han, getting involved means obstruction of law, and that might make everything worse for her later, please understand” the cop replied.

“Move!!!” Bernie shouted, but more cops poured into the school, covering the ground completely, then Mr. Nam appeared.

“She almost killed my daughter! She sent the truck to clear her! The driver testified in the station already so it’s better you drop her now, or I might decide to send her to jail for life” he said.

“What!” Bernie gasped in shock.

“Yeah, I now remember the driver’s face cos I saw it before fainting that day. He has been captured, and he confirmed that Lovelyn Jeong hired him” Ruby said as she stood from the ground with Yuri.

“Bernie” Savage stepped into the circle.

“I think it’s better you let her go. You’re only making things worse. Let her go and we can start looking for ways to help her afterwards” he said, and Bernie looked at Lovelyn in his arms slowly.

She’s still conscious, but she looks dead with the mess on her uniform and her bloody soiled face.

Another tear fell from his eyes as he dropped her gently on the ground.

She was handcuffed, and two cops held her by each side as she was taken away.

“She can’t be…she can’t possibly be. Lovelyn is not like that” Bernie muttered tearfully, and Savage placed an arm on his shoulder.

“Don’t cry too much, Richie should be able to handle it” he said.

“You didn’t see the news? He was flown out for treatment in Germany” Bernie replied.

“What!” Savage blinked.


Hwasa is presently sitting beside a shelf in the empty library, looking sad with red sorrowful eyes.

Even the VIP students could do nothing to help, so she’s the most helpless in everything that’s happening right now, and the fact that she can’t do anything to help her friend is making her feel so bad

She covered her mouth to keep down the noise as she began sobbing.

“Hey” Jeremy showed up, and she looked up as he squatted beside her.


“I’m sorry about your friend. She has Mabel and Ruby among her haters, I don’t think this will be easy. They’re all influential VIPs” he said sadly, and she wiped her tears before nodding.

“I know, and that’s why I’m feeling so bad right now. The only sin she committed was her poorness”

“Poorness isn’t a sin” he replied.

“It is, in this school” she replied with a sniff.

“Don’t cry anymore” he said.

“The last time I cried this way was when I heard our family history from my mum” she smiled sadly.

“You said she can’t talk” he replied.

“Sign language” she said.

“Is it that sad? Your family story” he asked.

“I’m a twin” she replied, and he blinked.

“Where’s the twin?” He asked.

“He died immediately he was given birth to, and my dad died same day in an accident” she replied.

“Shit, I’m so sorry Hwasa” he muttered.

“It’s fine. Just that…I can’t stop the tears” she replied, and he knelt before pulling her into a conforming hug.



“Second test is next week, we shouldn’t be bunking off at a time like this” Yuri said.

She’s in with the others. They left school for this place immediately Lovelyn got arrested.

“We can’t possibly stay in school after Bernie wounded us. That bastard” Ruby replied, pressing her head with an ice pack.

“I’m just glad all of this is finally going as planned” Mabel said, inserting a tissue into her nose.

It’s still bleeding as a result of how Bernie hit her with the keg.

“But there’s one thing I still don’t understand” Ruby sat.

“What?” Mabel asked.

“You all know I hate Lovelyn cos she’s in love with the brother I love, and Yuri is supporting me for that, but what about you Mabel? Why did you develop a sudden hatred for her to the point of digging out these big secrets?” Ruby asked.

“I’m where she’s supposed to be, and I’m not ready to leave the position for her. I might even kill her if I get the opportunity” Mabel replied.

“I still don’t follow” Ruby said.

“Me too” Yuri said.

“You guys will understand when it’s time. I need to use the washroom” Mabel stood and left.

“And you Ruby, you’re in love with your brother? You’re incredible” Yuri laughed.

“Oh I guess I didn’t tell you. Only Mabel is aware” Ruby grinned.


“Richie isn’t a Kim. He was adopted by my mum on the day I was born cos his family was murdered after he was born. Mum adopted him in the morning, then she gave birth to me in the evening of the same day. That’s why we’ve been acting like twins since then to deceive the public” Ruby replied.

“Wow! That’s some epic story” Yuri nodded.

“So I can claim Richie anyhow I like. He grew up eating my family food anyways, so he should pay me back by loving me” Ruby said.

“Wait have you used the vibrator?” Yuri asked.

“Nope, I’m trying it tonight, and I’m joining him in Germany tommorow” Ruby replied.

“What!” Yuri gasped.

“Yeah. I should claim what’s mine and chase Celine back here, that fool” Ruby rolled eyes.



Mabel removed the tissue from her nose and clipped her hair back before washing her face thoroughly.

She wiped it with a towel afterwards, and she smiled as she looked in the mirror.

“Finally it’s done. I hope she rots in jail. No one will ever find out that you’re Genevieve’s daughter instead of me” she muttered evilly, getting a text on her phone immediately.

• Come to the station, now.

It’s from a cop, so she hissed and left the washroom.

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Lovelyn’s eyes remained as worse as it was since the extinguisher affected it, and she had to use recommended glasses provided by the cops so she could see as she got interrogated in a big room full of cops.

She’s still handcuffed though, and she’s shaking with cold. Her wounded head got plastered already to stop the flow of blood.

“Why did you lie to the school management?” The first question came.

“If I went there as a scholarship student, I’d have gotten bullied madly like Chloe of last semester, and that’s why…I decided to do all I could, to survive” she replied shakily, adjusting the glasses on her eyes.

“You drive expensive cars though, and you also wear expensive brands according to students” the second question came.

“I rent the cars with the money I make from the club, and the brands I wear aren’t real, they’re fake cheap ones” she replied.

“How long have you been working in the club?”

“I started last year” she replied.

“Your mother is…

“Janet Jeong, she works at the Lee mansion, and she signed a contract with Lady Genevieve to send me to Horizon, so she’s not getting payed” she replied.

“Your father…

“Jeong Mingi, an inmate in Seoul jail. He’s one of the securities who got arrested for the Golden Bank robbery years ago, and I’ve been paying for his released bit by bit with the money from the club too” she replied.

“Why did you hire a truck to kill Celine Nam? According to witnesses, you’re obsessed with Richie Kim despite his family warnings, is that why you attempted killing Celine cos she’s engaged with him?”

“I wasn’t obsessed with Richie” she replied.


“I was really in love with him, and he loves me too” she replied.

“But you tried to kill Celine” the question came again .

“I didn’t hire the truck driver, Celine is my friend and I can’t do such” she replied, and Mr. Nam rushed to give her a slap which made her bleed from the nose again.

“Calm down Mr. Nam!” The cops held him back.

“No I can’t! The truck driver said it all in his statement and Ruby confirmed it! Her lies are precarious!” He shouted angrily.

“I didn’t do that to Celine!!! I’m not a killer!!!” Lovelyn shouted too, banging her palms on the table angrily.

Mr. Nam released himself and made to hit her again, but someone grabbed his hand.


“Who are you?” He glared, snapping his hand off her grasp.

“Chloe, and I’m a witness. I saw Ruby calling the truck driver in front of the cinema that day. Ruby did the job” she said.

“Are you insane? Why would Ruby try that?” Mr. Nam shouted.

“Cos she’s in love with her brother!” Chloe shouted back.

“What the hell are you saying!” Ruby shouted too, coming into the room.

“You’re the criminal here b**ch! I saw you calling the truck!” Chloe snapped at her.

“Then where’s your evidence?” Ruby asked, and Chloe went mute.

“Evidence that I made the call where’s it? You’re only trying to push it to me cos you hate me so much! You even thought i was the one who pushed you when it’s Mira, stop trying to lie on me!” Ruby shouted, and Chloe looked at helpless Lovelyn again.

“Bring evidence that I spoke with the driver, then it’d all be over” Ruby said.

“Take her out of this room, please” Mr. Nam said, and Chloe was grabbed by a cop.

She was staring pitifully at Lovelyn till she was out.

“Throw her in a cell till Celine will be back from Germany. When I’m done with her, the management of Horizon can start their punishment” Mr. Nam said, and Lovelyn was grabbed again.

“I didn’t do anything to Celine! I did nothing!!! It wasn’t me!!!! It wasn’t me let me go!!!! It wasn’t me!!!!”

Lovelyn didn’t stop struggling with them till they got to the cells.

They opened the door to one and threw her in, making the glasses fall away from her eyes.

She went blind again, and she was crying as she searched the ground with her hands.

She found it shortly, and immediately she put it on, she lay on the ground and continued her tears.

“Why is mum not coming? Why is anyone not coming? Please… someone save me… please…”



Lady Genevieve arrived from the office just now, and she met Janet by the door of the mansion.

“You’re here? Heard your daughter got arrested, you should run along” Genevieve said.

“She’s your daughter, Genevieve” Janet replied.

“Stop getting your hopes high, I have no plans to get her out” Genevieve replied, and Janet went on her knees quickly.

“I’m begging you, please…she has suffered enough. She has been suffering all her life…

“You caused it Janet. If only you didn’t push her to stripping, so I’m not sorry” Genevieve interrupted.

“Then is it ok if I tell chairman Lee that you have no child with him at all? Is it ok if I tell Kim Won that Lovelyn is his daughter?” Janet said, and Genevieve pulled out a gun from her hand bag immediately.

Janet’s eyes widened.

“You’re free to tell him…” Genevieve said, rolling the gun on her palm.

“If you’re ready to lose your life” she smiled, and Janet gasped.



Bernie went straight to his father’s room when he arrived, and he met the man coming out of the bathroom where he had his afternoon shower.

“What are you doing here?”

Bernie went on his knees immediately, and Mr. Han frowned.

“I promise to get A in every subject in the coming test, single C won’t be found” he said calmly.

“Then?” Mr. Han blinked.

“Help me get Lovelyn Jeong out of the cell, I beg you” he replied, and the man came closer.

“Are you running mad now? The fake girl who got caught in your school? What’s my business with her?” He said, and Bernie immediately held his legs.

“Dad, dad please…I promise not to be rude to you anymore. I promise to always do your wish. I’ll stop talking to Vista and Savage and I’d stop poking around unnecessarily, just help me this once, I have no one else to run to, please dad!!…

“Get off me Bernie!” He shouted, but Bernie held his legs tighter.

“Dad please help me, dad….

“Bernie!” Mrs. Han came in.

“Take him away from me” Mr. Han said, and Mrs. Han took him immediately, dragging him forcefully out of the room.

Instantly after they got out, he broke free and grabbed her, slamming her violently on the wall.

“Bernie!!!” She winced loudly.

“You should do it…you guys are the ones using her in the club right? You make money with her so get her out of the cell!!!!” He yelled, and her eyes widened.

“Bernie what are you…

“Agora cult, does that ring a bell?” He muttered, and her eyes widened more.



Celine arrived with Richie an hour ago, and they already settled down in the big mansion, but Richie is still asleep obviously because of the shots of sedative he received before the flight.

Celine set him to bed and got her phone to go to Korea gists, there she read everything about Lovelyn’s case.

Her heart was beating so fast as she checked it all.

The face of the driver who testified was shown, and she shook her head when she saw it.

“It’s not him” she muttered.

She remembers the face of the driver clearly cos she saw it before their cars collided, and it’s nothing close to this, but she’s not even ready to say the truth.

Maybe if Lovelyn stays in captivity and she stays here with Richie, will he develop feelings for her eventually?

She dropped her phone and opened a drawer, bringing out an injection from it.

She swallowed, staring at it. “Hope it works” she mumbled, and she heard rumbling behind herself.

She turned, and her eyes widened when she saw Richie is up already.

“Richie!” She rushed to him, climbing the bed too.

“Celine?” He squeezed his face slightly.

“It’s me” she smiled, and he quickly hugged her.

“Thought I was alone” he whispered, and she smiled, hugging him back.

“You’re not alone, I’ll always be here” she whispered.

“What did Lovelyn say to you to make you lose consciousness?” She asked, and he broke the hug.

“Who’s Lovelyn?” He asked, and she hugged him again, stroking his hair gently with a big smile.

“Nevermind, i love you so much” she whispered, and he slowly hugged her back.

It worked, his memories of Lovelyn are gone.



Mrs. Han was wearing shades as she came in despite the fact that it’s dark already.

No need to take card cos she has it with her with her, so she rode the elevator, and when she came out at a particular floor, she pressed a password on her phone, and a secret elevator opened again.

She rode that to a secret secluded floor where she met just one door.

She brought out a black card from her back which has just one thing written on it in white. AGORA.

She opened the door with it and stepped in.

Inside the room are ten women whose attention turned to her immediately, but of all the faces, one is recognizable.

Lady Genevieve’s.

“Han’s wife is here” Genevieve said.

“Is boss not here yet? Her Kitten got arrested, she should do something about it else money will stop coming in for her in the club” Mrs. Han said.

“I’m sure she’d do something, but let’s talk about you. How many men have you killed this year?” A woman asked.

“Twenty? Yeah, those men are decked with cash and they won’t stop following me, thanks to my pretty young face!” Mrs. Han replied, and they all laughed.

Another person came in. Tsunami!

“And here comes the transgender of the cult” Lady Genevieve said, and they laughed again.

“Scrapping off my hair and b**bs wasn’t bad. It’s more comfortable living as a man, but at least my p*ssy is intact” Tsunami replied, and another laughter happened.

“Is boss not here yet? There’s a big problem with Kitten” Tsunami talked again, and almost immediately, the boss came in in the usual male appearance, all black and no skin out.

“Big Dogg” Tsunami smiled.

They all went silent, and she stopped in the middle of the room as they all stood in respect.

She removed her gloves first, revealing her manicured nails, then she removed her cap, revealing her hair in a bun.

Her mask went off next, making her stony face come to view.

Mrs. Jillian Kim!


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