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Banished angel episode 6 & 7


Banished Angel

Episode 6

It’s been an hour since Elena fell unconscious, he is really getting worried and he was thinking about contacting Raphael since he is an Angel of healing powers which technically makes him a doctor but before he could make the contact, Elena stir a little Making Raguel to be relief

Elena’s head was pounding, she has a terrible headache, she tried to open her eyes but she was finding it difficult

It just looks as if somebody wants to rip her head off her neck, she took in a deep breath and slowly she opened her eyes

She search for the Angel and her eyes landed on him,

she could not really tell why it excite her that the Angel was looking her

But she quickly shook the excitement thought out of her mind, she needed to concentrate on what is happening

What happened? She asked

You fainted again, Raguel said quietly,

How long? She asked

For an hour, Raguel said with a smile

Even in the state she is, she is still looking beautiful and Raguel is trying very hard to keep his stare discreet

So Angels are real? Elena asked with raised eyebrows


He had to bite his lips to stop him for calling her “cute”, he found that action of her insanely cute, he wanted nothing more to be free to express his affection towards his soulmate but he knows she was in no position to know that yet but he will definitely tell her soon

So how do you find me? Elena asked

Are you a guardian Angel, she asked

Elena was real my excited she is talking to an Angel, she has now accepted the fact that they are real and she is really glad she is talking to one

” if only she knows what she mean to me” Raguel said to himself

Raguel shook his head, he knows he could not tell her she is his soulmate and he knows she could not feel the bond they share because she is human, but if she were to be another Angel she would have felt the bond between them

You can call me your guardian Angel, Raguel finally said with a smile

Wow, Elena said clearly marveled by the revelation

She look around the place thats when relaize it was getting dark

She has been out for too long and her mother might be worried about her, she quickly stood up

I have to go home, she said

Raguel then realize she has to go home, he was a little sad, he enjoys taking to her

I can give you a lift home, Raguel quickly suggested, he is not ready to say goodbye yet

Really? Elena said with excitement

Do you have a car or something ? She asked looking around for one

I’m an Angel, Raguel said with a smile and I have wings he added

Of course you do, Elena said with a chuckle

He knows it was weird for humans to fly in the sky but he really wants to give her a lift

I totally forgot about that, I still can’t wrap my head around it, you know it’s not everyday you meet an Angel, Elena said with a smile which Raguel gladly return

Are you ready to go? Raguel asked

Yes, Elena replied moving closer to Raguel

Raguel is really excited to be close to his soulmate again even if it is just for a few minutes

He flashed his wings and she wrapped his hands around him, and they flew off

******* ******** *******

Elena got home quickly which made her a little sad because she felt very comfortable in the hands of the Angel she was reluctant to let go of him but she eventually did and she step back a little

Thank you, she said clearing blushing, she silently pray that the Angel will not see how red her face is right now because that will be so embarrassing

you are welcome, Raguel answered

Do you think the demons will come after me again, Elena asked

She is really scared, she does not want to go through thst experience again

I don’t know, Raguel answered honestely

It still bothers him why the demons had a human in their custody, but he is determine to find out soon

I can stay here to keep you safe, just in case they come back, he said

I can’t let you in my house, Elena said shaking her head

My mom might see you she added

Don’t worry about that, Raguel said

I can make myself invincible to humans eyes and I can assure you she will not see me

Are you sure? Elena asked


Okay, she said finally agreeing to Raguel

Wait here for a minute she said as she made her way to the front door,

she quietly opened the door and look around the living room and was glad when she did not see her mother insight she quickly motioned for Raguel to join her and together they walk quietly to her room

When they got inside Elena sigh in relief

Make yourself comfortable, she said as she made her way to the bathroom, she needed to get out of the dirty clothes that is on her

Raguel walk around the room and taking details of the things he saw in the room

Few minutes later he heard the door to the bathroom open and he turn to look at Elena who has now change her clothes

He look at her with a smile, he appreciated her beauty with his eyes he stood there for few minutes admiring her and totally forgetting himself

When he releaize his eyes has linger too he quickly averted his eyes

“Sorry” he apologize quickly

It’s okay, Elena said as she made her way to the bed

I’m really tired, she said in between yawns, I did not even think to bring extra mattress for you

Don’t worry about that, Angels don’t sleep
I will be fine sitting here and watching over you as you sleep, Raguel said with a smile

Elena loved the sound of that and she knows she will sleep well knowing that an Angel is watching over her

Good night, she said

Good night, Raguel replied with a big smile as he watch her close her eyes

Episode 7

Elena woke up the next morning looking very tired,

she barely slept throughout the night because she had some many nightmare that kept her awake and she was really glad that the Angel was there to help her through it

Raguel was watching Elena closely he still could not believe he is that Lucky to have a soulmate like her, when Elena’s eyes landed on him he gave her a smile

Good morning, Elena said in yawns

Good morning, Raguel replied cheerfully

I did not know you will still be here, Elena said as she stood up from the bed and made her way to where Raguel is standing,

she is really glad to know that he did not leave, she is trying to contain her happiness and trying very hard not to smile like an idiot

I told you that I will stay and watch over you, Raguel said with a smile

Elena always like hearing him say that, she does not know why it makes her happy but it does do

Elena are you up, Maria’s voice echoes from the corridor as she made her way to her daughters room

Elena tensed up at the sound of her mothers voice

Make yourself invincible quickly, Elena said in a hurry

Raguel did not waste anytime as he did what he was ask to do

Elena look at him and titled her head in confusion

“You are not invincible” she said

I can see you she added

What! Raguel said giving her a confuse frown

He knows its not possible for her to see him but before they could come up with another solution the door opened and Maria was standing by the doorway looking at her daughter

Elena froze, she did not know how to explain to her mother about who the man standing by her sides in her room is,

she held her breathe waiting for the worse to happen

Are you alright? Maria asked as she moved from the doorway to her daughter who has yet to reply her question

Are you sick? Maria asked as she places her hand on her daughter’s forehead to check if her temperature was high but she did not notice any difference, her temperature is completely normal

I’m fine mom, Elena finally said

It was clear that her mom did not see the Angel standing by her side,

she did not even have the time to think why her mother could not see the Angel but she is really grateful for that in thus very moment

Okay, if you say so

Come downstairs for breakfast your father and I will be waiting for you downstairs

Dad is back? She asked

Yes, he came in last night, Maria answered with a smile

Okay I’m coming she said

We will be waiting, maria said as she left the room

What was that? Elena asked immediately her mother left the room

It was clear that she did not see you, how was that possible and how come I could see you when you are invincible

I don’t know, Raguel said clearly confused as to why Elena could see him

Okay I will go downstairs for breakfast

Do you want anything, she asked

No I’m fine, Raguel said

Okay Elena said as she left the room and head downstairs

Raguel linked his fingers together, he was in deep thought wondering how Elena could see him when he is invincible

I know its not the bond, she cannot feel the bond, he said in a whisper

Only an Angel can see another Angel when they are invincible, he is so confuse on what to think

******* ******* ****

Elena was sitting quietly eating her breakfast but her mind kept wandering to what happen in her room,

Elena’s father Steven who has been watching his daughter noticed that there was something off about her

Are you alright? He asked her

I’m fine dad, Elena said as he forced a smile to her lips

Are you sure?


Steven look at her for a while before he spoke

You know you can always talk to us if anything is bothering you, Steven said

I know dad, but I’m fine, Elena insisted

Okay, Steven said giving up trying to persuade his daughter

He patted her back softly as he kissed her forehead he also lean down to kiss his wife before he stood up

Please take care of yourself, Steven said

Elena nodded her head

I’m off to work he said heading for the front door

Goodbye, both Elena and her mother said in unison,

Steven is always busy with work and Elena and her mother has gotten used to not always having him around

I will go to my room now, Elena said as she stood up and hurry out of the living room because she knows her mother will want to talk to her but she was not in the mood to talk

Maria watched her daughter leave the living room she knows that there is something off about her daughter but she cannot really figure what exactly is wrong, she sigh softly as she continue to eat her breakfast.

******** ****** *****

Elena entered the room and her eyes landed on the Angel who was standing by the window

Raguel immediately sense her presence he turn to look at her and he walked closer to her

I’m sorry Elena but I have to go now, Raguel hates to leave her but he has so many unanswered questions

Elena did not bother to ask how the Angel knows her name because it was clear that he heard it when her mother called her earlier on and she really loves the way her name sounded from his mouth

Okay, Elena finally said

Will I see you again, she asked

Of course you will, Raguel said with a smile

I don’t even know the name of my guardian Angel, Elena said

Raguel flashed her a big smile

The name is Raguel, he said as he flashed his wings and left

“Raguel” Elena repeated his name with a beautiful smile on her face

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