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Beauty and the Beast episode 13

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I stare at Miguel but somehow he seemed uninterested and unaffected.
Somehow I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.
we all have our bad days too.
If maybe I ever thought that one day, I would be declared dead and be in hiding for a crime I didn’t commit then I would never have believed it.
I am now an orphan with no properties to my name.
I’ve been deprived everything that is mine and as if it’s not enough, I am carrying the child of that bastard man who I thought loved me.
Life never gives us what we want, it throws stuff in our direction and gives us the choice to either pick it or leave it.
“I’m sorry Miguel” I finally manage to say after the long silence.
He shakes his head and looks on.
“I’m fine”
A very long silence settles over us as none of us uttered a word.
“So” grandpa began “Miguel told me you wanted to get rid of the baby”
I flushed, wishing I never said that in the first place
“Yes. I don’t want to birth this baby” I tell him unable to look at him.
Apart from my father, Chairman Kim is the only person who treated me like a daughter. I remember back in the day when I would visit and he went all out to make my day memorable.
He was one of the reasons I never stopped drawing because he believed in me more than I believed in myself and hearing him make nice comments always gave me the zeal to do things.
“I don’t want you to” he tells me
“I will always be reminded of Chad if I don’t do it. I don’t want to end up hating the baby because of him.” I explain
“It’s also a part of you too. how can you hate something that is in,side of you? Chad may be the father but you are the mother. it breathes and lives in,side you. it’s not the baby’s fault that things has to go this way. please reconsider Amber. don’t take a life” he advised and I nod slowly
“what are your plans now?”
“I want to go back to college.” I tell him
“that’ll be easy. you can apply and besides no one would ever find you since everyone thinks you’re dead but how about you study from home?” he asks
“Sure I’d like that” I say with a smile
I stare at Amber as she scribbles something on her sketch pad. I know she’s drawing again. she’s passionate about drawing and doesn’t miss an opportunity to do so.
Her stomach is really big now. the doctor said she’ll give birth any time soon and we all have our fingers crossed as we patiently await for our little girl. Yup it’s a girl, we did a scan and it was a girl.
Her figure is similar to that of a pumpkin. I don’t call her that or she’ll eat me alive.
Amber has really grown up these past few months, she applied for college some months ago and has really been improving. I guess she really meant it when she said she wants to put her life back on track and I’m so proud of her.
Grandpa hasn’t been stable at home cause he has to work and only comes back home on weekends so that Tasha doesn’t suspect a thing.
Speaking of Tasha, she has taken over the company as the new president.
Her daughter got married to Chad after She was found pregnant for him.
She’s due soon and would give birth any moment from now.
Amber didn’t take the news lightly, she suffered a huge heart break and cried her eyes out.
for some weeks, I didn’t think she’d get over it but with time she did.
I really felt bad for her. Chad doesn’t deserve her. she’s deserves more but she doesn’t realize that.
She vowed to make their lives miserable and I know she means it.
we’ve really come a long way together and I’m starting to understand every move, choice or decision she makes.
I told her about my identity and she somehow forgave me. I’m glad she’s on our side and I’m also glad that, the once broken girl is healing. But she promised to take back everything once she ready.
“It’s beautiful” I comment and she dropped the pencil and shut the book.
“No snooping till I’m done” she tells me with a huge grin on her face.
I hand her a glass of juice and she mutters a thank you before taking a sip.
I stare at her as she takes another sip.
Pregnancy sure looks good on her.
“I’m hungry” she mutters
“I didn’t cook anything”
“Please make me something nice to eat Miguel” she pouts and giving me puppy eyes. this girl is going to be the death of me.
“I can’t wait for you to give birth so you can take cooking lessons and take over from me” I seethe and she giggled. “Wait here” I tell her and head to the kitchen to make breakfast.
“Wait here” he tells me like I’m going anywhere.
I watch him enter the kitchen and a smile automatically plasters on my face. I stare at my stomach and a lot of thoughts runs through my mind.
I am filled with excitement that I’m going to be a mother soon and on the other hand, I am as nervous as hell. but one thing is certain, I am going to be the best mother I can ever be. I will make sure she gets all the love she ever needs. I will love her more than myself.
More than anyone in this world. I will give her the love of both a father and a mother and she won’t lack anything as long as I’m alive.
I try to stand up from my seat when I felt a sharp pain shoot through my stomach.
I took deep breaths.
And I felt it lessen a little.
Just then another contraction starts and the pain is worse than the first one.
I practiced the breathing techniques I learned from the doctor but it wasn’t enough.
I shut my eyes trying to process what is happening. I felt liquid running down my thighs. my water just broke.
“Miguel” I yell “Miguel!!!” I scre-m a lot louder.
he comes running to where I was.
“OMG” he mutters when he saw the state I was in.
He quickly dialled the doctor’s number before he led me to the bedroom.
I was already crying. I can’t take this pain anymore.
I need to birth this child before I die.
“Please call the doctor Miguel. I can’t take this” I cry out. my voice almost stuck in my throat.
“He’s on his way Amber. just take deep breaths OK.’ he says taking my hand in his as he squeezed gently.
just then the door flew open and the doctor walked in with a young woman who I assumed was the nurse.
Miguel was told to leave the room and he did.
” Alright Amber. I’m gonna need you to push alright?” He tells me immediately my feet were propped up in stirrups.
“No I can’t” I felt the salty tears pour from my eyes
“Amber please” he said and I pushed but damn it was f-cking painful.
“I can’t do this doctor I can’t”
“Amber I want to think of everything you’ve gone through while in this pregnancy. the nausea, the puking, the contractions, and all the medications you took for this baby and I want you to channel that same energy and push this baby okay. now please push Amber”
I don’t know where I got the strength to do it but I gave it my all and pushed.
“The baby’s head is already out doctor” the nurse told him
“Come on Amber you can do this” he said and I pushed once more.
I heard baby cries some minutes later and I knew that she’s here.
The nurse cleaned me up and I fell asleep.
I woke up hours later to see Grandpa and Miguel in the room holding the baby.
“How are you feeling now?” Miguel asks
“A bit better”
Miguel handed her to me. I was hesitant at first but I summoned courage to hold my baby.
She was perfect.
She looks more like mother. her hair was beautiful in every way.
She was the perfect description of an Angel.
I was holding an Angel in my arms and I couldn’t help but shed tears.
“what are you gonna call her?’ Miguel asks
“Genie” I said after much thought.
Yes, Genie. She was my wish come true. She has fulfilled every wish I had so I couldn’t think of a perfect name.
My little Genie.
I smile as I stare at her pretty face. she was worth every struggle. I couldn’t be more happy.
PUSH — Push Until Something Happens
I did and she happened…

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