Beauty And The Beast

Beauty and the beast episode 14

ins××t 14
“You’re doing great Bella. But you lack poise and confidence. I want you to walk like a peac*ck with pride. flaunt that beautiful feathers for everyone to admire. when they see you, all they should think of is Grace” My catwalk instructor Ann told me. “so don’t hold back on anything” she adds
I slightly nod my head with a smile as I recalled events earlier before today.
she blew her whistle of death and I catwalk round the entire gym space.
These past months has been the months of my life. I have finally decided to take what is mine but not without putting up a fight. Tasha is smart but I’m prove to her that I’m smarter and better.
I am going back home but not as the once broken and unfixed girl, I’m going back to throw a bomb and trust me when I say that everyone who hurt me is gonna pay. i will ruin them. I will make them suffer. I will give every one of them a punishment worse than death.
I am no longer in hiding, I’ve changed my name and identity. My name is Bella, yes I chose Bella which also means Beauty. I admit that I wasn’t confident of my looks but now I’m pretty sure that I am a very pretty creature and yes, I’m embracing it. so no one knows who I am. I work out to keep my body in shape and I visited a hair salon and they did wonders to it. they added extensions and dyed it brown. i wasn’t really a fan of long hair but I’ll manage. I take cooking lessons which I’m getting pretty good at.
I take catwalk lessons, and even make up and dress up lessons as well.
I will go back as someone even better than me.
“Amazing Bella, you did great. bravo” Ann commends immediately I am done walking back and forth.
“I must say that you have really improved. I never believed that you could be this good” she says with a smile.
honestly I never believed I can do this. when I first came here, everything felt hærd and impossible. I fell more than a thousand times because I couldn’t stand properly on my heels talk more of walking.
But I guess the saying is correct, hærd work and dedication pays off in the end.
“I’m proud of you” she tells me
“Thanks teach”
“That’ll be all for today”
“Alright see you in two days time” I say putting my stuff in,side my bag.
“Hey Bella,”
I turned around to see Ronnie staring at me. she’s also in my class but I don’t learn with them. I take advance and special lessons since Ann teaches me alone before any of them.
Ronnie is kinda like a loud mouth so I don’t say anything to her. plus I don’t even know her.
“Hi Ronnie. what do you need?”
“Just wanna say there’s a cute handsome mucho out there waiting for you” she tells me and I roll my eyes.
it’s Miguel no doubt.
He’s made it his duty to pick me up every time I’m done with my class.
“Thanks for the info” I say pushing a strand of hair away from my face.
“Who’s he to you? is he your Guy?” she asks but I ignore.
“Adios” I say immediately I’m done as I placed the strap on my shoulder and walked away.
“But Bella—”
I heard her calling but pretended not to hear..
I walked out of the the building and s₱0tted Miguel leaning on the car.
He was looking elsewhere so he didn’t notice my presence until I walked up to him.
“You shouldn’t have come here” I say immediately his eyes caught mine.
“I want to make sure you’re safe. get in” he orders opening up the car door for me.
“Miguel you’re giving people wrong ideas about us” I tell him but he doesn’t budge.
“let them think whatever they want to think. we’re friends”
“They don’t understand that Miguel and I don’t want any drama at this point in my life” I add “Genie is my priority and all I want to think about please”
I get in,side the car and he closes the door.
We ride in silence until we arrive home.
I step down immediately and walk in,side the house.
“Christie” I call immediately I’m settled in.
“Hi Bella you’re back” she squeals hugging me.
she’s always excited.
I met her during one of my morning jog and we struck a bond.
she’s always here to help a hand in taking care of genie while I’m away.
I love her carefree and jovial attitude.
she always finds a way to put a smile on my face whenever I’m down and plus
grandpa likes her too.
“I missed you”
“I did too baby. so how is she?” I ask
“Genie is asleep. she finished eating not too long ago and fell asleep immediately after”
“Thanks a lot Chris”
‘you’re welcome. I’ll be going now”
“Alright Hun. see you next time. bye” I said hugging her.
she disengaged and waved goodbye before leaving.
I enter my room and lay down on the bed next to her.
she looks so peaceful and beautiful. her lashes were long and inviting.
I crush on her everytime I see her.
I placed a k-ss on her forehead and continued staring.
“I am feeling scared Miguel” I tell him, not looking at him as he walked into my room.
“Are you okay?”
“No. I’m scared of Genie Miguel. I am scared that one day, when she comes of age, she will look me straight in the eye and ask me about her father. I dread that day as her mother Miguel. I love my daughter but I don’t want her connecting with her past until I’m prepared for it.” I explain and he takes a seat next to me.
“Bella?” he calls me. I insisted they do so that they get used to it.
I didn’t respond, but looked at him.
“Marry me”
i almost choked on my saliva. but he was quick to hand me a glass of water.
“i am a man of few words and I don’t joke a lot”
I had taken time to think about this. when the idea hit me at first, I thought it was crazy but when it hits again, I decided to give it a second thought and look at it from both angles.
Firstly, Amber was in trouble and they were out to hurt her.
And if she was to pull off her plan and go back home then a lot of things will be thrown at her way. but being my wife would raise doubts about her.
And secondly, Genie would have both a mother and father figure in her life. thereby giving Amber a peaceful protest.
“what do you have to gain from this?” she asked with a straight face and I eyed her suspiciously.
I stare at her unable to utter a single word. yes, what was I to gain from this?
by doing this, I am trying myself to her and Genie and if everything is settled then she’ll practically kick me out of their lives and that’ll be all.
is this worth risking?
Or am I just plain stupid?
But whatever I decide today, would live with me for the rest of my life and I will have no regrets….
Good morning FAM

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