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Beauty and the Beast episode 15

ins××t 15
My heels gently taps on the floor as I walk in,side the huge company.
It does have a nice catch to it. too bad everyone bearing that name is no longer on the face of the earth.
I am wearing a Purple Jumpsuit and gold heels. my hair is tied up in a ponytail and my car keys are clasped on my hand tightly.
“morning madam” my secretary greets me immediately I enter my office. I place my clutch on the desk as settled in on the chair.
I open my laptop and go through some files.
“Madam, your mother would like to have a word with you it’s urgent” she tells me and I nod signalling her to leave.
I close my laptop and stretch a little before standing up and walking out of my office.
It’s been FIVE years
Five good years ever since Dad died and Amber was burnt alive.
I still get nightmares about her haunting me but I’m always relieved because one thing for sure is that Amber is dead and the entire property is ours.
Chad and I Got Married after I found out that I was pregnant for him and now we have our little family all together.
His mother loves me so much and just couldn’t stop ranting about how lucky she was to have me as her daughter in law but of late, my marriage to Chad has been really rocky.
Although I love him very much but I don’t think he loves me as much anymore. He picks fights with me at the slightest and upsets me whenever he has the chance. We were an ideal couple in the eyes of people and family but in closed doors, we are far more worse than cats and rats.
The only sane thing that manages to keep us together is my daughter Ivy.
we would’ve broken up long ago if it wasn’t for her.
she’s the bridge between our broken relationsh¡p and I know that as long as she’s around then Chad won’t do anything to hurt me.
I’ve made peace with my past and managed to put everything behind me. I just want a calm and peaceful life and I guess I’m getting it.
Mother has been really supportive and has really tried her best to keep Chad close to me.
I finished college not to long ago and mother made the The Director of the company while Chad was the vice president.
Mother has been planning on retiring so she could finally hand over everything to us in the next board meeting and I couldn’t be more happier.
My husband would be the President and I The VP.
can anything be better than this?
I knock on her door and she instantly opens.
“Morning Mother” I say taking a seat as she pours coffee into my cup.
“How are you dear?”
“I’ve been better”
“And your husband?”
“I guess he’s around” I say avoiding eye contact but trust mom to say something.
“Are you both still having a fight?”
“Talk to me Denisha, maybe I could be of help”
“We’ll be fine. he’s just trying to get on my nerves like he always does. he’s not even trying to make our relationsh¡p work” I let the words fly out from my mouth
“I’ve never been in support of this relationsh¡p from day one and the only reason I agreed to it was because you were pregnant and couldn’t stop chanting about how much you love him.” she says in Anger. “Left for me, you would have that baby aborted and get married to someone who deserves you. you are a very intelligent woman and a lot of people would give anything to be called your husband” she added
“Mom please. Chad loves me”
“Here we go again.” she seethes
“I know he does. we got married under inconvenient circ-mstances and plus, he’s not gotten over the death of Amber. you know he only agreed to marry me because that’s what his mom wanted.” I explain
“So what about what you and I want? is he even thinking about that?” she said rolling her eyes
“you both are married and you have a daughter as well. he should put in more as your husband and leave you all this stress” she tells me
“Mother we’ll be fine and trust me, he’ll be with me forever. I guarantee that”
“How is my granddaughter?”
“Ivy is fine. I took her school before coming here” I tell her and she smiles
“Please bring her for a visit. I really miss her and besides I’ve scheduled the board meeting for this Friday. I’ll make your husband the president and then I can be the official CEO. that way you both can handle everything around here”
“I love you Mom”
she takes my hand in hers
“I love you too sweetie”
“Is chairman Kim aware of this?” I asked giving her a quizzical look
“Yes he is and I hope he agrees cause he’s the only one with the highest shares in this company and if he says yes to it then everything is settled.” she says with a smile
“That’s good. then the other board members won’t be able to disagree.”
“But the thing is, he’s not going to be there on Friday, His daughter in law is representing him because he’ll be on leave for a few days” mother tells me.
“His daughter in law? Chairman Kim has a son? I come I never knew about it?”
“Well he has a son who is dead but at least he was able to birth a child before passing. And he got married five years ago. plus I heard that they have a child as well” mom tells me and I slowly nod.
“Well that’s good for him”
“Denisha there’s another reason why I called to see you” mom said taking me by surprise
“What is it mother. did something happen?”
“The company is getting low in funds and if this keeps up, I’m afraid that we might loose everything” she said shocking me more.
“Loose everything? does anyone else know about this?”
“No just you, me and chairman Kim and I want us to look for a solution together’ she tells me and I look on
” Do you have any suggestions?”
“Well it’s a fashion company and people has been saying that we’re running out of style. our best designs aren’t even selling in the markets anymore. people are refusing to buy from us and if this keeps up, I don’t know denisha” she says fidgeting with her fingers.
mom always does that when she’s nervous.
“We need new designers that we can afford and if we can get one that’s really good, then it’ll be easier to work with other companies as well. we can make deals and have investors but designers are so difficult to find these days” she said with a sigh
“listen to me mother, let’s just calm down and act sensibly, I’m sure we’ll get someone okay” I tell her and she nods.
Seeing mom this worried is making me really worried as well.
I studied fashion design in college so I could help the company but I’m not too good.
My designs are always labelled as amateur designs.
Only Amber was great at designing.
After she died, I was able to get a hold of her sketch pad and I was blown away. I passed it off as mine and we worked on the designs and made really huge profit.
till today, Amber’s designs are still considered the best in the company.
Even in death, she’s still famous.
I couldn’t recreate any designs after that no matter how I tried. it was as good as hers and even if it was approved, Ambers stupidest works are still considered better.
if only I could take that talent before she died.
And now that there’s no one to replace her, I don’t know how we’ll get over this.
I hold mother’s hand as u reassured her that everything would be okay even if I know that deep down it won’t.

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