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Beauty and the beast episode 16

ins××t 16
“…Healing can never be done in the same place that caused you pain…”—Ella
FIVE years of torture.
five years of anger
five years of bitterness
five years of sorrow.
I dread today but sadly it has come and can’t escape.
I am going to a place where all my problems started.
where all my pains surfaced.
it’s time to face them. My demons.
“Mommy” I hear Genie’s voice and I snap out of my reverie.
I am standing outside as I watch the pretty flowers bloom.
I was once like them, struggling to survive but I’ve in the end we sprout beautifully despite all the changes we had to go through.
“Yes baby” I say k-ssing her cheeks
“Daddy said you’re leaving for work. is that true?” she asks and I nod.
her eyes twitch.
something I’m used to by now.
my Genie is everything that I ever wished for.
I loved her for everything.
she’ll be five in a few weeks and she’s really smart for someone her age.
“Yes. I’m leaving for another country for business but the good news is that daddy and I has agreed to stay there forever.” I tell her as I squat down to her size
“But I like it here” she whine and then pouts
“Me too sweetie but don’t you want to have a nice place to stay and make friends. you’ll be attending a school over there and you’ll always be with me and grandpa and your father” I tell her whilst smoothing her hair.
“Will I get toys to play with?”
“Anything my Genie wants, she’ll just have to wish for it. don’t you think?” I say and she smiles
“I love you mommy” she says k-ssing my cheeks.
“Too cheesy” I tease giving her cheeks a light squeeze and she giggles.
“You’ll be coming with daddy later. I’ll be leaving very early cause I have a meeting that I have to attend but I promise to be back home and tuck you in. is that OK?” I ask
“promise” she asks putting up her pinky
“promise” I say making a pinky promise.
“Alright let’s go in,side, I need to help you pack so that you don’t forget anything“
” OK mommy. we can come here for vacations right ” she asks
“Sure sweetie” I say taking her hands as we walked in,side.
I quickly take my shower and apply lotion on my body. I settled for a pair of black shorts and turtle neck top. I finish the look with a white blazer and high heels.
I did my makeup and put my hair in curls. then wore a pair of dark shades and gloves.
I stand in front of the full length mirror. satisfied with how I looked, I walked out to the living room.
“Here,” Miguel he says handing me a paper as I glance through it.
“That’s everything you need to know about today’s meeting and grandpa already sent in your CV so I bet they’ll hire you since they’re in dire need of a fashion designer at the moment” he tells me and I nod.
“Thanks Miguel” I say hugging him and he reciprocated.
“There’s a cab waiting to take you to the airport. and there’s a ride that’ll take you straight to the company so you don’t have to worry” he assures me and I nod.
“Looks like you’ve got everything under control.”
“I have. they’re all waiting for you before they start the meeting because apparently they need grandpa’s vote” he tells me and I nod.
“I know”
“Are you sure about this Amber?”
“Bella and yes I’m sure. I’m not going back until they pay for everything” I tell him
“I understand. Genie, Christie and I will follow later. don’t worry she’s in safe hands” he assures me
“You’re her father so yes I know she’s in safe hands. thanks again Miguel” I say and politely k-ssed his cheeks.
he smiled and I did too.
“marry me” he said and I almost choked on my saliva but he was quick enough to get me a glass of water.
“What’s in it for you?” I ask and he stares at me like forever
“Firstly, you’re planning to go back there and if by chance they happen to see Genie, they may suspect that Chad is her father but if we pose as husband and wife, they’ll doubt it. Besides everyone knows that Amber died and doesn’t have a child but we’ll be able to create another identity as Bella. Look alike of Amber but not Amber and secondly, you said Genie needs a father figure in her life so let’s kill two birds with one stone ” he simply said, I knew it favoured me but why is he doing this?
why is he putting himself in my battles.
I like Miguel but as a friend and I intend to keep it that way but I don’t want it to look like I’m only using him.
“And I ask again, what do you stand to gain in this?”
he shrugs “Nothing. just being a friend and also Genie’s father”
I stare at him as I weighed the pros and cons in my mind before finally saying.
“OK I agree. I will marry you Miguel”
Miguel and I got married in court. it was a small yet simple wedding.
And I got to bear his name Bella Ramirez.
“I’ll see you in the Philippines” I say
“Good luck and remember to be careful. you’ll be appearing to them for the first time, there will be a lot of chaos but don’t be distracted and show no fear” he tells me and I nod.
I walk out of the house and got into the cab that was to take me to the airport.
This is it. there’s no turning back now.
Denisha’s POV
I help Chad get dressed even when he insisted that I shouldn’t.
He wore a grey suit and shoes and I wore a flair gown and heels.
this is it, today my husband will finally become the president of the company. this is so much to take in. I’m beyond excited and thrilled at the same time.
I finish the look with a pair of silver earrings and bangles and grab my clutch.
we look so good together.
I wonder why he fails to realize that.
we walk down together and Ivy runs up to us.
“Ivy My darling. daddy and I are going to work so be a good girl while we’re gone OK” I tell her and she nods.
I turn to face Evie my nanny “make sure she stays out of trouble and don’t forget to feed her and clean up as well” I order and she nods.
“Come My child” she signals ivy who immediately follows
“I don’t want you both fighting today no matter what happens alright?” she orders and I smile.
she does know when to say the right things.
“Sure baby. I promise” Chad assures her with a k-ss.
“Bye baby” I wave as we step out together.
“Let’s take the Ferrari” I tell him immediately we arrive at where our cars were parked but he disagrees.
“There’s no need for that”
“you are going to be the president so you should appear as one” I insisted as I stomped my feet on the ground angrily
“It’s not even been sealed yet”
“You have to listen to me”
“No you have to listen to me Denisha. I promised I won’t fight with you today so please stop throwing tantrums and let’s take a smaller car.” he counters
“For once in your life will you listen to me”
“Drive the Ferrari then. I’ll take another car” he suggests
“not a chance. we’re supposed to be seen together. do you know what people will say if they find us ride to work in separate cars?” I ask “Please for Ivy. let’s just go” I beg
“You just want to draw attention” he says as he steps in,side the car.
“I am the president’s wife, I’m supposed to be the center of attention” I tell him as I hope in the car and close to door.
we ride in silence till we got to the company.
He stepped down and opened the door for me.
So he could be a gentleman when he wants to.
I rolled my eyes as he raised his elbow to me.
I took it and we both walked in,side.
we arrived at the board meeting and was ushered in,side to take our seats.
I sat down next to him.
My mother and I exchanged glances and I smiled to her.
the other board members were already seated waiting for the meeting to commence.
“This board meeting was called by our president who wishes to retire and gives her position to her son in law as the president of this company” Mom’s secretary begins and everyone began to murmur.
I held Chad’s hand for support as he glanced at me. he was nervous and I could tell.
“Why does he have to be the president. he’s not even the true son of Carl” one of the members said and I felt my face go sour. how dare he.
“Yes he’s right” another interjected “We’ve all been members of this company for a very long time and we have a say in this as well and I believe I speak in everyone’s favor when I say no. we oppose to this decision. we can’t have him rule us. why didn’t you pick anyone else but him” he asked and the crowd grew louder supporting his motion.
“Though Myers founded this company but we have a say as well. he can never and will never be the president” another spoke.
I almost got up but Chad held my hand pulling me down.
“Yes you are members of this company and you all were part of the struggle when my late husband founded this company and I believe that as his wife and with the amount of shares I have in this company, I can make decisions too for the benefit of this company” mom said.
She was able to buy a lot of shares from people and also bribed most of the members to support us.
“Lies. you’re only doing this for your selfish reasons” one said and there was a huge uproar.
“He won’t win and As long as chairman Kim hasn’t voted then we will wait till he gets here. his decision will be final.” another says.
I never knew it would be this hærd and I’m starting to get scared.
“Chairman Kim just called, his daughter in law is in the country and will be here soon. she will pass his judgements” mom’s secretary says and we all wait patiently for her.
I just hope she agrees to this.
Chad must be the president and no one else.
I arrive at the airport and board the car kept for me. turns out that it’s a limousine.
I smile.
Miguel sure knows how to make an entrance.
we arrive at the company and I wear my shades before stepping down.
I take a look around the area.
it’s been a very long time and I’m back at the same place I was killed.
I held my purse as I walked majestically into the building.
I arrive at the board meeting and I was ushered in.
I look at everyone from the corner of my eyes before settling down on the chair preserved for grandpa who I will be representing.
on my left was Denisha and her husband Chad and on my right was my step mom Tasha.
I slowly remove my shade and place it on the table.
I smirk when I hear gasps coming from the entire room as everyone is looking at me surprised.
“Hello everyone. I am Lady Bella Ramirez. chairman Kim’s daughter in law and I will be representing him in this meeting” I say and notice Chad and Denisha staring at me from the corner of my eyes but I don’t seem affected.
“Please repeat the purpose of this meeting” I say and I notice Tasha almost run out of air.
The man who I assumed was her secretary repeated himself and everyone looked at me waiting for me to pass the final judgement.
I stare at Chad before saying “On behalf of my grandfather, I oppose to the motion of Chad being the president of this company”
The room filled with applause as the man called the scores.
I knew they’ve lost.
I got up and quickly head outside the door to where my car was parked.
I noticed Denisha walking up trying to catch up so I hasten my steps.
“Amber, Amber!!” she calls but I ignore until I get into the car and settle in.
when I notice her coming close to my car.
I told the drive to drive out and he quickly did leaving her there to deal with her own thoughts.
This is just the beginning for all of you” I whispered under my breath as the car drove off.
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