Beauty And The Beast

Beauty and the beast episode 18

ins××t 18
I stare at her as she tries to hide in embarrassment.
I know she feels something for me but she’s doesn’t want to admit it yet.
And I don’t want to rush her. I’ll wait till she’s ready. she’s just dealing with a lot of trust issues so I know it’ll be difficult for her to commit herself to me or anyone else.
“My pizza” Genie requests and I smile.
“Don’t tell me you forgot. I even called to remind you” she pursed her l-ips and folds her hands across her chest.
“I didn’t baby. here” I say handing over the pizza to her.
She grins as she carefully takes it from me.
“Thanks daddy I love you” she said k-ssing my cheeks as she runs off leaving me with her mother.
I clear my throat and she looks at me rubbing both palms together nervously.
“Thanks for taking care of Genie” she finally manage to say and I nod making the room awkward for both of us.
“You don’t have to thank me. I love Genie as though she were my own. I consider her my daughter so I’m doing anything that a father would do for his child” I say earning a smile from her.
“what would you like to have for dinner?”
“I was thinking of chicken pastel on my way home” he said and I nod then turned to the direction of the kitchen.
I wore an apron as I started with the chicken.
it was mainly chicken casserole.
it took about an hour to get ready and I served it on the dinner table.
“Delicious’ Miguel comments
” You like it?”
“I love it” he said gleefully
“So how was the meeting” he asked and I told him everything that went down and somehow he couldn’t stop laughing.
That had what was coming for them.
“They didn’t suspect a thing did they?”
“Nothing at all. I’ll give them more reasons to believe I’m Bella and when they let their guard down,” I pause “I will strike. they won’t know what hit them” I add
He took another spoonful of food and chewed slowly.
“Grandpa will be back in a few days” he announces
“That’ll be great cause Tasha needs someone she could believe right now” I tease causing us to laugh.
I clear the dishes immediately he’s done eating and tuck Genie in bed while Miguel goes to our room to freshen up.
I will talk to Miguel about the possibility of Genie attending a school here. that way it’ll help her open up to the world around her. After giving it much thought, I decided it was best that she go.
I won’t hold her back from being everything she wants to be.
I open the door to our bedroom and Miguel turns to my direction causing the towel to fall off his wa-ist to the ground.
I turn around in an instant
“I’m… I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were still in your bath towel” I apologize
I could feel him smiling knowing how great the effect he has on me.
“it’s fine. it’s your room as well”
“Yes but… oh God what was I thinking” I whispered to myself as I mentally slapped myself.
I couldn’t move. it was like I was glued to that s₱0t.
“Are you done?”I finally manage to ask after the long silence
I slowly turn around and there he was on the bed, lying there staring at me.
I slowly walked to the bed and got in,side the huge blanket.
“So I was thinking that Genie should attend a school here” I begin
“I already got it covered. she’ll be starting tomorrow” he tells me and I face him
“How did you manage?”
“Well it wasn’t a hærd thing to do and I was sure you would approve”
“Thanks Miguel” I say and he yawns.
he pulled up the duvet and gently placed my head on his chest.
“Miguel i…” I was trying to protest but he was already asleep so I just dropped the idea.
it wasn’t bad acting like a couple but this, is much worse.
“I’m lady Bella Ramirez. I am Chairman Kim’s Grand daughter and I would be representing him in this meeting”
“On behalf of my grandfather, I oppose the motion of Chad being the president of this company”
Her words keeps ringing in my ears like Christmas bells.
Could she really be the same person?
She looks so different, so matured, so beautiful. That name Bella suits her perfectly.
I don’t know but I have been acting so off ever since I saw her in that room today with me. Those eyes that stared at me looked emotionless.
How could two people look incredibly alike.
I can’t even tell if she’s Amber or not. Her hair is different, her eyes, her fashion sense and even her walk.
I shut my eyes as my brain tries to process everything.
but it couldn’t. I was feeling really queasy and I don’t know what to do.
The door opened and Denisha walked in,side and joined me on the bed.
“Ivy is asleep.” she tells me but my mind is no where near here.
it’s like I’m in a trance.
“Did you hear a word I said or are you pretending to be dumb?” she asks, sarcasm in her voice
“Would you please leave me alone. I heard you the first time alright” I say as I gave her a disgusted look.
I can’t still believe I picked her over Amber. I’m still paying for my sins and I don’t know why the universe brought another version of her to haunt me again.
I never thought they would stoop so low as to kill her.
I only got the news later.
it was supposed to be something simple but no I complicated everything by involving myself with this woman.
Now all my mistakes are starting to taunt me and I can’t take it anymore.
I felt like I was in love with Denisha. she had this wild and adventurous side that always left me craving for more but after I found out what she did, my love for her just cranked down to the number zero and I can’t do anything cause I will be involved and Denisha is a cunning woman that would rope me in to take the fall as well. The only reason why I’m still stuck with her is the fact that she birthed my child otherwise I won’t mind spending eternity in hell.
“Don’t you dare shout at me Chad. I will not tolerate it. I’m your wife and your child’s mother so I deserve to be treated with respect” she barked pointing fingers at me.
I scoff “Dream on Denisha. you are nothing but my child’s mother. I don’t even consider you my wife. if it wasn’t for Ivy then you know what would’ve happened”
“Why are you so worked up? is it because you saw a replica of Amber today?” she smirked
“Need I remind you that she is dead. and you had a hand in killing her. so stop acting like you are a nice person and you really care about her. if you did then you wouldn’t have had an affair with her sister”
“Quiet” I yelled
“So the truth hurts? you are supposed to be thinking on how to rule over that company. isn’t that why you wanted her dead in the first place” she ask ‘poor thing. wasn’t that the plan all along? to get married and rule over her property? you owe me your life cause I made you into everything you are right now and don’t forget that you are nothing without me. i could easily take you back to that wretched life you once lived. don’t mess with me Chad. I am not Amber who doesn’t know what she wants cause I think I’ve been quiet for too long.” she threatened
“Get some sleep. and stop acting stupid, you’ll have a lot of time to see her anyways cause she will be working with us.” she said pulling the duvet as she turned to the other side to sleep while I sat there battling with my thoughts.
This woman is crazy and I won’t let her do anything to harm me.
I wake up at exactly five in the morning. I brushed my teeth and took my bath.
I spent about thirty minutes in the bathroom before I finally decided to step out.
Miguel was still asleep.
I applied lotion and wore my clothes.
A white flair gown that stopped just above my thighs and black heels. I just settled for nude makeup and tied my hair in a ponytail and picked up my clutch.
By this time, Miguel was already awake.
“Hey good morning” I greeted as I watched him stretch himself from the full length mirror.
“Morning babe” he said k-ssing my cheeks “you look good. are you going somewhere?”
“I got a text from the company regarding the job so I’m going” I tell him
“Ok. be careful alright. I’ll drive Genie to school”
“Thank you so much Miguel. maybe I’ll get to know the school later”
“Alright. you have to hurry so you don’t run late”
“Yeah” I say stepping out of the room.
I met Genie outside the door.
“Hey baby are you awake already”
“You’re going out already?”
“Um yes. mummy has work to do but I will be back before you get back from school” I say trying to convince her
“Ok then”
“but your daddy would take you to school alright?”
“Alright but get me pizza on your way back”
“Another one?”
she nods
“But you had one just yesterday”
“please mom. I’ll be good in school today I promise”
“Ok I will get you pizza. bye baby” I say k-ssing her cheeks as I rushed outside.
I hop into my car and drive out to work.
when I arrived, I parked outside and got in,side the huge building.
The minute I stepped in,side, everyone started looking at me strangely but I simply ignored.
The secretary led me to Tasha’s office immediately she said she was ready to see me and I followed.
I Entered her office which used to be dad’s office and I saw her seated there with Denisha and Chad. All staring at me.
I’m beautiful I know so they don’t have to keep staring.
“Morning Ma’am.” I greeted and she nodded offering me a seat next to her.
“Thank you” I said and sat down
“You’re Bella?” she asked giving me a quizzical look and I smile
“Yes I am”
“I see that you grow up in Canada?”
“well of course.”
“and you studied there as well?” Denisha asked this time.
“what do you think? if I grew up there, it’ll almost be impossible not to study there don’t you think?” I say with a smile but she looked offended
“And you are married?”
“Yes. I am married and I have a child” I say and noticed Chad staring at me from the corner of my eyes.
They all looked surprised.
“But you look like a Filipino. how is that possible”
“My father and mother were both Philippines. They grew up here until dad got a huge contract to work abroad” I pause and stare at their faces “but their happiness was short lived when they both died in an accident. I was taken to child services for support. when I was eighteen, I managed to secure myself into college and that’s where I met my husband. We fell in love and I got pregnant but he made sure I was able to complete college after I gave birth” I tell them with deep emotions
“So why do you insist on working here despite all the opportunities that I guess were offered to you?” she asked
“I’ve always wanted to work in my country after college and when I told my grandpa, he promised to help me plus, Myer’s prestige is like one of the best fashion companies in the world so it would really be an honor to work here. plus it’s my dream too” I tell her and she smiles
“Alright” she says standing up and I do same “Let’s make that dream come true. it’ll be nice having you work with us.”
“Thank you ma’am”
“My daughter Denisha would show you to your office”
I smile
“I appreciate madam” I say shaking her hands.
“And my next dream would be to see you suffer. I will torture all of you until you beg for death.” I say to myself with a smile across my l-ips

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