Beauty And The Beast

Beauty and the beast episode 19

ins××t 19
I follow her majestically, Gently tapping my heels on the floor as I walked to my new office.
this would be fun.
She opened the door and stepped aside, giving me a chance to enter.
I smiled and walked in.
My office was beautifully decorated.
The draperies were hung up nicely and my working desk was made with a very nice furniture.
I’m impressed they put my father’s money into good use.
It even had my name tag on the table.
*Lady Bella, Design team leader*
At the far end of the room were three other working desks.
The office can accommodate more than five desks but who are these for?
“Yes” she answers almost immediately
“Whose tables are these?” I ask pointing to the other tables.
“They are also designers but they will be working under you. all of you will work hærd to create designs that will be good to promote to the stock market” she explained “But they are out at the moment so they’ll be here soon”
I nod
“Very well”
Just then, the door flew open and two girls and a guy about my age walks in.
“OMG” he scre-med causing his coffee to fall from his hands.
“Is… he..she…huh…ghost” the other girl stuttered as she moved back in fear.
“You’re Amber Myers. Sorry late Amber Myers” she said nervously biting her fingers. I only smile.
“Director please move back, you’re standing close to a ghost. she’s going to kill you.” he yells and turn to face the others “I don’t think Director knows she’s standing there. maybe we’re the only ones who can see her” he adds causing me to laugh.
I guess they’ve seen my photo or something.
gosh, they’re so dramatic.
“Would you please shut up. All of you just shut up.” she yells and they try to compose themselves.
“thank you. this is Bella Ramirez” she introduced me and I waved “And she’s your new head”
“But how come she looks so much like Amber. this company is haunted Director” he said and I roll my eyes
“They just have a striking resemblance but she isn’t Amber and she’ll be working with you from now on so you give her the respect she deserves cause she will be calling the shots as long as this team is concerned. she’s not just your co-worker but also your leader. got it?” she asked and they all nod
“Good now get to work” she said before walking out of my office
“Hi I’m Lady Bella and it would be nice to work with you. please be free with me so we can learn to work with each other OK” I say with a smile.
The girls nod while the funny looking guy just kept on staring.
One of the girl shoved him on the shoulder and he snapped back to reality.
“I’m Kim” the girl with the long wavy blonde hair said as she extended her hands for a shake which I took of course.
“Nice to meet you Kim”
“Alyssa” the other one said. she’s a little shorter than the other two and has a Bob like fringe.
“My name is Alex”
“Alex the weird one” I said and he smiled. A heartwarming smile that made me smile too.
“We didn’t know we’d be having our team leader today, but we’ll treat you out promise”
“Not a problem Alex. thanks for the warm welcome” I say and return to my chair.
“So what are the designs you guys have created” I asked and they take turns staring at each other then back at me.
“We haven’t created anything so far” Alex said
“Yeah, to be honest, this company is going downhill. not even the director can produce beautiful designs like she did last time.” Alyssa primped. I guess she was the loud mouth here.
The other two
stared at her giving her constant signals to keep quiet but she went on. “I mean how can you make a design and all of a sudden you can’t make anyone like it again?” she asked a rhetorical question “Are you guys perhaps with the book that contains these designs?” I ask “Yeah sure. it’s in the magazine” she said handing me the magazine that was on her desk. I opened it to receive the shock of my life.
they were my designs.
I designed them. Not only did she kill me but she also stole my designs as well? No wonder she can’t design anything like this. I mean how can she when this isn’t hers. I will make them pay and that’s a promise.
I cussed under my breath and handed it back to Alyssa.
Then all sat down bewildered.
“Lady Bella, are you okay” Kim asked and I faked a smile
“I’m fine hun. carry on” I say and they turned to face the pile of work on their table. These people are really getting on my nerves.
I wish I could just strangle then to death
I took a deep breath and focused.
I will make sure this company moves forward. it’s not just my father’s company but mine as well.
I’m the owner and the heiress of this company and they are nothing but my servants.
it wasn’t hærd recreating a beautiful sketch. I live for drawing. it was my life.
I closed my sketch pad and excused myself to get a cup of coffee.
I saw his door open and he sat down on his seat looking lost.
I seized the opportunity to get in,side.
The very man who took my innocence and made me look like a fool in front of everyone. Chad Ramsay.
I adjusted my gown and open the door w¡der.
it wasn’t until I got in front of his desk that he noticed my presence in the office. it was bigger than I imagined. guess they did some renovations.
“Amber” he called and almost immediately he corrected himself “I’m sorry Bella”
I smile.
“It’s okay. that’s what everyone has been calling me ever since I stepped into this company.” I say and extended my hand to him and he took it shaking gently.
“Call me Chad”
“Nice name” I compliment and he smiles. years ago, that smile would do a lot of things to me but now, I just want to rip his face off and feed it to the dogs.
Just looking at him makes me sick. I feel so disgusted.
“Can I ask a question vice president?”
“Sure Bella”
“Who is this Amber that everyone keeps on calling me? is she a very important staff in this company?” I asked as I stare intently at him
“Um no she wasn’t a staff. she was owner’s daughter” he said and I pretend to act surprised.
“Wow. is she here? cause I would really love to meet her since we look so much alike like they say”
“I’m afraid you can’t meet her”
“Why not?”
he paused then looked at me but I didn’t budge
“She died five years ago” he said and I gasped
“she died. poor thing. How did she die?”
“um there was a fire and somehow she got caught up in it” he said but couldn’t look me in the eye.
Oh I want you to look at me like you did five years ago when you denied my love for you and unknowingly left me to carter for the baby.
I meant those words I said that day. That I would haunt you in life or death. well I’m here in life and also in death Chad cause you will pay
“I’m really sorry”
“For what?”
“You look emotional. it’s almost like you knew her personally” I say
“We dated for a while. she was a really nice person”
he replied and I decided not to question any further before I start looking suspicious.
so I dropped it.
“Do I really look like her?” I ask
“you like like her in a different version. She had black short hair and yours is dark brown and very long. her eyes were blue but yours are light brown. she always wore black and not so good when it comes to clothes but you’re like a fashion god. you both are too different except for the resemblance.” he explains. I smile knowing that I’m pulling this off.
“It’s a shame I didn’t meet her. she seems like a really nice person. Anyways I’m sorry for not voting you in the meeting…” I begun but he cut me short
“It’s alright. your grandfather explained everything”
“ok that’s the main reason I decided to see you” I said and turned to go
“Have a nice day Mr Chad” I add
“You too” he said and I Sashayed my way out of his office making sure to swing my h¡ps as I walked out.
I met his supposedly wife in front of the office and smiled at her before heading to mine.
When I arrived, I sat down and continued my drawing and before closing hours I was done. I added a few colors to the bag a Volia, magnifique.
“Wow team leader, this is pretty” Alex compliments
“Are you sure?”
“Are you kidding me? you are the very best designer I’ve ever come across” Kim said and I smile
“Thank you” I say
“We would make billions from this design. do you have any more?” Alyssa asks
“I could make more”
“You are better than everyone put together in this company”
“it’s okay Alex. you don’t want our team leader’s head to swell now do you?” Alyssa said and we all laughed hærd.
“No I promise it won’t”
“The last time I’ve seen something as good as this was A’s collection”
A’s Collection was my collection. My brand. it’s a shortened word for Amber’s collection.
The best selling brand that was ever produced in this company and still considered the best.
I smile as memories flooded through my head.
I made this company. I am this company.
“A’s Collection? nice name”
“It was Myers daughter’s collection. I heard she was his best designer and not only that, she started drawing when she was a kid”
“I’m psyched out. A little girl made designs that even grown ups couldn’t design. too bad she left so soon but now we have a new killer designer’ Kim said again
” Director is going to flip when she sees this ”
“Sees what?” Someone asks and we all looked up to see the director walking up to us.
I quickly shut my sketch pad and placed it in my drawer.
“A new design that Bella created” Alex said and she faced me.
“show me”
“Not today director. we all worked hærd today so tomorrow would be best to show you” I say
“I own this company so I call the shots”
“I’m not arguing but please tomorrow” I seethe
Feeling defeated, she walked out of my office.
looking at her, I know she’ll be back….
I place my things carefully in my clutch and hung it on my shoulder. we’re Done for the day and I can’t wait to see my little fairy.
I’ve missed her so much.
plus I’ll have to order pizza before she kills me.
“good bye Bella. have a nice night” Alex greets waving me off
“You too guys and see you at work tomorrow” I say and head outside to my car.
“I want you to to find out everything you can about her. I don’t trust her one bit” I yell into the phone.
“I have a strong feeling that she’s Amber and I want proof” I say again
“Alright bye” I call before disconnecting the call.
I head outside my office. Chad was already long gone since he doesn’t like driving home with me.
I walked past her office but stopped quickly.
I assume that the cleaner was already doing her job in,side.
I need that sketch pad. maybe if I can get my hands on it then I’ll be the one to get the praise and not her.
I opened the door and the lady turned to see who it was.
“Miss Denisha'” she called
“I forgot something, please just give me a moment to take it” I request and she quickly left the room.
I opened her drawer and took the sketch pad and put it in my bag before heading out to my car.
She thinks she’s smart. let’s see how how she’ll feel when she finds out that I’ve outsmarted her.
I smirked and started the engines before driving  out of the parking lot…

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