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Beauty and the beast episode 20

ins××t 20
“… when a woman decides to be wicked, even the devil takes lessons… ”Ella
I parked my car and stepped down with my things.
i str-de into the house to see my husband and child lying down on the couch, watching a movie with a packet of pizza and ice cream.
They didn’t notice my presence as they were so engrossed in whatever they were watching.
I cleared my throat and that’s when I had an audience.
“Welcome Mom” Ivy greeted and I smile hugging her but she didn’t look interested.
“What’s wrong baby? aren’t you happy to see me” I asked but she was regrettably quiet.
All this time Chad was seated, never saying a word.
“No mom it’s fine” she finally replied.
I was shocked. my daughter is going as far as keeping things from me.
I was really tired and had no time for parenting but I guess we’re doing this now so I squat down and lifted her chin up to meet my eyes.
“Tell me what’s wrong blue Ivy” I cajoled. I call her that name whenever I want to be suave or persuasive.
“My teacher said I wasn’t good in class today”
“I failed my maths test. I got low grades” she explained and I could tell that she was really sad and almost on the verge of crying as I noticed tears well up in her eyes.
“you and dad are always fighting. you don’t have time for me. you don’t help me with my homework and you’re always very busy” she said, tears rolling down her cheeks.
I hate seeing her like this. it breaks my heart when she’s crying and yes, I admit, we rarely had time for her. most times it’s like she doesn’t exist.
But hearing my baby say this is breaking my hearts.
“The other kids at school keeps making fun of me. They bully me a lot. They say I’m an orphan. every parents comes to pick up their child from school at least once or twice but you guys never show up. The driver always says you’re busy. Do you hate me? Don’t you love me anymore? Was I a mis…” she started but I pulled her in for a big hug.
“You’re never a mistake my baby and we love you so much. I promise that I’ll try my best to do all I can OK?” I say smoothening her hair.
“your father and I loves you so much so don’t ever forget that OK?” I ask and she nods.
“Nanny please run Ivy a bath. I’ll tuck her in bed” I called to my maid and she came running to carry out her task
“Of course Madam Denisha”
She took Ivy upstairs to her room while I just stared at them till they were out of sight.
“I really hope you keep your promise. don’t raise her hopes and then shatter them. that’s what you’re good at anyway” he tells me standing up from the couch.
“Excuse me”
“You have it your Highness.”
“Are you really picking a fight with me now? After everything Ivy just said?”
“I am cause I know the kind of woman you are denisha’. you’re a selfish person that doesn’t care about anything but herself. you’re even ready to hurt your daughter for your own benefits. you disgust me as a human being” Chad said before walking out on me.
That’s what I get for being involved with a person like him.
what even prompted me to marry him.
I’m starting to regret everything.
but I just can’t hate him.
I actually came back here to ask him what Bella was doing in his office earlier today.
But Ivy’s complain didn’t let me and here he was giving me stupid lectures about parenting.
“Mxxm” I clicked my tongue and headed upstairs to my room.
After undressing, I had my shower and ate breakfast.
That’s the benefits of having a nanny.
I made chocolate milk for Ivy and joined her in bed.
After reading her bedtime stories, I k-ssed her goodnight and left for my room.
Chad was already asleep when I walked in. I wasn’t feeling sleepy so I picked up my bag and sat down on the huge sofa in our room.
I opened my bag and gently brought out the sketch pad.
I shouldn’t be doing this but yet I can’t help myself. if her designs are better than mine then it’ll be almost impossible to compete with her.
I need to know who I’m up against.
I opened the note to get the shock of my life.
I ran my fingers through the book lovingly. this is beautiful.
She designed this?
I can’t let her have this. she can’t be better than me.
First it was Amber and now her lookalike?
I shut it book and put it back in,side my bag.
My phone chose that exact same minute to disturb me.
I excused myself from the room when I saw the caller ID
“Please tell me you have something on her?” I say already feeling angry.
“There’s nothing ma’am. I don’t know if it’s possible for someone to look exactly the same” he said on the other end
“Are you stupid? I gave you one job and you don’t have a lead?”
“everything is the same. She grew up in Canada and got married five years ago. she has a daughter and both her parents are dead. I even went as far as researching on the child services she lived with back in Canada and yes, it correponds”
feeling annoyed I disconnected the call.
she’s not Bella. that I know for a fact. There may be something I can use against her. a snitch or anything.
I’ll prove to everyone that she really is amber and is alive…
I cat walked into my
office after accompanying Miguel to drop off Genie at school.
I got to know her teachers and introduced myself as her mom since I may be dropping in frequently to pick her up.
I opened my Locker but surprisingly my sketch pad wasn’t there.
I know I put it in here before locking up.
after rummaging through my things, I sat down and went through other papers on my desk. I’ll search for it later.
I noticed Denisha’ walk passed my office. when I felt like she’s already settled in, I walked straight to her office and without knocking I entered.
she looked suspicious like she was hiding something and I couldn’t help but smile inwardly.
“Morning Director” I greeted
“Aren’t you supposed to be busy?”
“yes it’s just that I lost my sketch pad where I drew one of my designs. I was supposed to show you today” I said and she shifted uncomfortably on her seat
“And you think I took it?”
“Not exactly ma’am. I’m just here to ask if you saw it by chance?”
“I don’t work with you Bella. why don’t you ask your workmates” she asked
“I did but they didn’t see it and I came to ask if you perhaps saw it cause you were also there in my office yesterday and you saw me put it in my drawer?” I explain.
“did you also forget that you didn’t let me see it? need I remind you Bella, I’m the owner’s daughter and I have a reputation to uphold so I won’t stoop so low as to take what doesn’t belong to me” she said.
I smiled inwardly, this lady practically stole my life and she’s giving me lessons on being righteous. wow.
“I didn’t take it now please leave” she adds
“Sorry for disturbing you” I say and walked away gently shutting the door
A smile crossed my l-ips as I walked to my office.
“Bella are you okay” Alex asks
“Sure Alex. I’m good thank you” I said and focused on my table as my mind played back to yesterday’s incident
“director is going to flip when she sees this” Alex says
“sees what?” I heard Denisha’s voice. I looked up and saw her walking up to us
I quickly shut my sketch pad and threw it in,side my desk.
She stole from me once but not today.
“A new design that Bella created”
“Show me”
“Not today director. we all worked hærd today so tomorrow would be best to show you” I say.
“I own this company so I call the shots here”
“I’m not arguing but please tomorrow”” I seethe
Feeling defeated she walked out of my office but I know denisha’ like the back of my palm. I know she would want to see it so I got it all covered hopefully if she falls into my trap which she did.
After she left I researched on other designs and I settled for one.
I quickly drew something very similar to it in the a book that looks like mine and exchanged it so the book she has wasn’t mine.
my sketch pad has been in my bag the wh0le time and this time she’ll regret stealing from me.
After I pretended to leave the office. like mice to cheese, she went in and took the bait.
I saw her and quickly left before she did.
She would learn not to play with fire or get burnt.
this should be fun.
I can’t wait for all the drama to unfold.
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