Believe season 2 episode 12

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my feverishness disappeared when he took me into his suite;
is this not the third time I will enter here?

why would he bring me here?.
finally,he dropped me.
I looked around the suite…it was a mesmerizing sight to behold.

“my prince,it seems am lost”
I said and tried running out,
he dragged me back so tenderly.

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“the maids quarter would have been locked,where would you stay in this heavy rain?” he asked so sweetly.
I smiled and bowed,
I kept looking at his hand on mine…

I can’t believe he was still holding my have with his hand were he wore a diamond laid bracelet and two simple rings,
how is he comfortable with someone like me around…we must not be seen together.

I used my other hand were he was not holding to open the door so I can leave….he moved me in and closed the door.

“thanks for your kindness” I smiled and bowed.
And I thought he was mean but everything about him made me get Add-cted…
everyone gets Add-cted.

He is too kind,
he is as beautiful as a flower,
I will always love and be kind to you,
but I don’t want you to love and be kind to me cos you can’t be mine and I can’t be yours.

He walked in and still dragged my hand with so much care.

no guard was in the prince room…… so sweet.
there was a phone on the white heavenly couch,it rang.
He left me and went towards it.

“how much is the offer”📲
“okay okay,s£nd them in”📲
“make it known to jedinna”📲
“goodnight,I might check in”📲.

He dropped the call and approached where I stood beside the stairway,I shift away from the way.
isn’t he feeling cold?
gosh😱 I feel like am in an iced ocean…maybe death should just come now.

“what made you get locked up in that disgusting place?” he asked.
“it was- I paused..
no,it would sound stupid if I should tell him his girlfriend bullied me and my friend for no reason, he might as well get angry at her..I don’t want to cause a fight in their relationship.

“was it Akuna?” he asked.
I stayed quiet and nodded my head negatively.
“ummm I actually did something bad” I lied.
“jesus and i promise not to lie to him”
I signed as I remembered that needle tattoo incident.
“you did something bad” he said.
“as you know sir,am a trouble maker.I disrespected princess Akuna” I replied.

he looked at me for a while,
I hope you forgive me for not saying the truth…well I can’t make my life more pathetic by fighting with someone that I know will always win.

fighting Akuna won’t take me anywhere, all the strenghts I have for her are useless….
she always use her control to put me in the wrong place even when am right…
she thought i wanted everything but I do not even have anything,
I do not even know how to want too much–
the only reason i need to be alive is for my mother so i can finally know my fate,if she is alive or dead.

Lotanna had gotten to the room door, he turned to me as he dropped his call.
“hey just come with me” he said.
I better follow him because one, my cloth is soaked in rain water,two I think staying in the room would be so much better than the living room.

I walked up and moved close to him, he opened another door and step aside for me to move in,I entered.
“goodnight” he said and close the door from behind.
I got happy as i admired the extremely wide b£droom.The sight of the b£d alone made me feel sleepy but my cloth is so much w€t.

I moved close to the b£d.
Gosh; is this is b£droom?.
I looked around over and over again in bemusement. There was a big Ben wall clock with golden bars all over the plastered wall,the walls were decorated to look like a typical royalty place.

my eyes moved to the b£d side drawer; what greeted me was the sight of money scattered all over that corner, coins were all over there also.
I watched other fansy things.

the toilet was something else with the bluish floor,in it was an artificial moving fish.It looked pretty and cute down there.I was puzzled,it was my first time seeing something like that.

I looked right and saw his jewelry box alone scattered on the floor on one side..
lotanna are you this careless?.

I stared at everything,.
I guess that’s why princess akuna won’t stop boosting around.To her, he is a good catch.

Lotanna’s p.o.v💦
I still don’t understand why i always feel bad seeing Ife in so much pain.. oh yes am in love with her from the start but what if she end up being killed like the rest-
if I experience that pain of losing someone i love again,I might die.

I got back to the b£droom door and opened the door,she was standing on the exact spot that I left her,
her other hand was w-rapped around her wa-ist-maybe the wa-ist bead I s£nt nkem to deliver.

did he even mention my name to her?
the paper I gave her,did she read it?

Her hands went to her chest the moment I entered.
“you can wear this for the night” I said and handed her a sealed pink packed bag..
“that’s a set of nighties for females, wear anyone you like” I said while walking to the shower door.
I turned and met the shape of her l-ips,sooo beautiful and nicely pouted.

“thank you sir,but did you buy this for me?” she asked.
I took my l-ips in.
“it’s coming from Tracy” I said.
“it’s really pretty,I love it…this would be the most special thing in my belongings,God will bless you for me” she closed her mouth in a smile as she checked it.

“and she just prayed for me”
I blushed.
Of course this actually came from me and I always pay Tracy to get you things she knows you admire, and sometimes I buy things for you myself and ask her to give you on my behalf…I give her money to give you.
if you like them all,then am happy.

she smiled the more and released her other hand from her wa-ist, I saw the gold chain.
Nkem actually delivered it.

“if you want anything more,you can as well tell Tracy” I said and went over to my jewelry box,I could feel Ife entering into a section to change.
I picked what i wanted to pick and turned,she was out already..
she actually choose the white one.

Jeeex,she wore it in the wrong direction.
“Ifedimma you didn’t wear it well”
I said.
she entered the changing room again,few minutes later she was out. She still wore it wrongly.

“it’s still wrong,okay”
“firstly the robe belt isn’t tied well and lastly the nightie jacket isn’t worn like that” I said.
she signed and moved in again,
minutes later she was out.
she got it right but the belt wasn’t tied well.

“thank you sir” she said.
I nodded and took one of my laptop as I laid gently on one side of the b£d a chewing gum pack was beside me.
I tore one and started chewing in slowly.

i wanted keenly as she intend sleeping on the floor…
hmmm she is so different.If I had the chance to be with 100girls for ten minutes,

80 will try sed-cing me,
20 will strip unclad in my pres£nce…
but here is her who doesn’t get carried away by material things and she slept on the tied floor,
no mattress no b£d spread in this heavy rain..she might get sick.
“Ifedimma” I called..
“yes my prince,do you want something?she asked.
“yes” I said and she stood up.
“what sir? she said.
“sleep on the b£d,you might get worse in health issues if you remain on the floor” I said.
she smiled and moved in.
she left like 4peoples space between us and her back was turned against me…so funny.

Adeife’s p.o.v🎤.
I smiled as I slept on a very close end,I don’t even know why i felt so happy…. butterflies won’t stop rolling in my tommy.
he said I might get worse in health condition if I sleep on the floor, does that means he cares?
have been sleeping on the floor for close to 20years now and nothing happened to my health.
I smiled,seems he really care.

Ngozi said the gold chain might come from him…how true is this or should I even ask him?
even the paper note he gave me,I still haven’t find out what was there.

I smiled and rolled forgetting I was at the end; aaah I might fall.
I felt his hand pulling me back. I smiled and stayed well..
His phone rang,he picked it.

“Hi,this is Fiona”📲
“am I speaking to mr Nigeria”📲

“how did you get my number?”📲
he asked,the caller was silent.
“well all girls are chea….”
he looked at me and just ended the call…I smiled inwardly.

should I ask him??
god help your daughter!
I crossed my heart and faced him, he dropped his red laid phone and faced me while chewing in quietly.

waooow,he even wore a foam sl-ippers to sleep..

“sir did you buy….
“sir did you s£nd gold wa-ist chain to someone recently” I asked.
he turned to me,his face came closer,
I got shocked he was so close to me. He s£nt his eyes to my robe,

I cleared my throat.
what can he be looking at when nothing is exposed?


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