Believe season 2 episode 25

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[you’re my heart’s crown👑]

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I watched Ife run to my back to hide.
why do i feel like bringing her out of her hideout,I really do not like this habit of hiding.

I turned,she still moved back.
“sir stay well, let me hide” she said,
she already dropped the incense in the rightful place.

“sir I want to hide” she pouted.
gosh, the shape of her l-ips is beautiful.
“someone is really coming and I pray it is not your mother” she said.
I rolled my eyeballs.

“I will stay well if you stop calling me sir” I said.
“oh sir,turn let me hide” she said in a hurry.
“you! I point out.

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“hunn,I wasn’t saying sir to you,
I was saying it to myself” she smiled.
“You will explain to me in my room if sir goes for a female”
I said and turned,
she hide.

I don’t want to loose my girlfriend again God please. But all of a sudden being with this pretty maid makes me so happy.

I feel like this is the feeling of being with the rightful person.
I might not forgive myself if she ends up like others.
aaaah why did I let her come close to me…why did i get weak for ife?

am a fool to love… am stupidly doing it again.
falling in love,I pray this will be my last.

I turned in full surprise,
the person that came in turn out to be Akuna,
she doesn’t look like someone who is unhealthy.
why do women lie so much
why the fakeness.

I watched her look at incense staff,
it’s obvious she isn’t a V-rgin,
more reasons why ife’s shyness brings a spark to my life.
it makes me happy.
I wonder why.

she stared at the incense,
I rolled my eyeballs;funny right?.
I made sure Ife came out of her hideout.

“Lotanna are you really seeing this girl?”,she asked..

“who knows?…love is too serious” I replied and took Ife’s hand.
“if you’re doing this to make me jealous,stop this and tell me my mistakes” she said.

she ran to my pres£nce,
I don’t know what she did that made Ife shift back.
“umm I will give you privacy” Ife said humbly and even bowed to Akuna.

“are you really stupid?” I asked.
“hunn! she said and came back to me.I held her hand and walk out with her.
she kept on smiling.

“let’s see at night” I said and left her.
she nodded and rushed out.
I never really agreed that any girl is beautiful but Ife is.

a guard came immediately she left.
“my prince,the feast has started” he said.
“okay” I added.

soon I was in the feast,I had to wear the crown.And I really can’t wait to take it off.
There were many people there,
in fact the golden hall was crowded.

mother really paid personal attention to this feast,
soon she passed in her beautiful queen garment.

*someone just dropped the incense in the inner room-
I got so worried earlier thinking there won’t be prayers..”
I heard her saying.

“Lotanna who dropped the incense? a V-rgin right?….Jedinna asked.
“so there’s still a grown up V-rgin in this days.. who knows how long she has been keeping herself” he said.

“be careful here.You can’t be with many women,this is not the states”
I replied him.

“hey hi,am prince iyke”
a young guy came to me and stretched out his hands for a shake.
Jedinna took it.

He sat but his attention was on me.
two maids rushed to his side.
“sir what should i offer you?”
they bowed while asking perfunctorily.

“wine..not palm wine” Iyke said.
he smiled and faced me.
“you didn’t tell me your name” he said..
“he is Lotanna,am jedinna” jedinna said.
his wine was brought,
one of the maids served him,he sipped in slowly.

“there are so many s-xy ladies here”
Jedinna said.
“need one to make your b£d warm in this cold” Iyke said as they stared at two particular princesses.

Akuna passed..
gosh,that girl.
wait,what did she tell her friends? hope she didn’t lie about us.
🚺oh my god,Akuna you’re lucky!!!!
🚺 you will become a queen soon!

“chineke eeeh..
“did you see that girl.
“see her wire wa-ist…
“jeex her yansh..
I heard things from iyke and Jedinna.

“did you see her–
*jeeex am approaching her-

it was getting too much,
as full attention were on Jedinna and i,they must be finding it difficult to tell who is who.
“you’re noisy” I said,
jedinna still continued talking about the big yansh whatever.
does he have s£nse at all?
how many women does he wants to be with?.

my phone rang…so many calls.
“I was..I couldn’t make it
“s£nd them again,
“my PA will attend to it
“I know..
“thank you…

I ended the call..
Next I searched around to see if Ife is the one Jedinna and Iyke are contemplating on.
🚺 one night with her what will i give
🚺 60silver coins.

I don’t know who they are taking about,I sighed and took my gold laided phone.
Two girls scre-med,some came close to check..

isn’t this the height of their ignorance?….
I stood up and left the place,not like am interested in being a king.
I got to the prince empire,

“obim” I heard my mother.
“noo am not leaving,I want to contact my manager” I said.
she moved closer and hugged me.
“someone dropped the incense staff, may the gods bless her for me”
she said.

I smiled and nodded.
“you still owe me two wishes” I said.
“sure” she said and removed the tiny bead she dropped in my hair,
she fixed in a new one.

“is this the tradition?” I asked.
“I pray you won’t dir in the future, the throne belongs to–
“waaaaaat!! I said.
she smiled.”you worry too much”.

💌 I don’t want to see Ife in the feast, make her stay in her room” I quickly texts the maid coordinator.

“is it business?”mother asked.
“oh yes”I replied and quickly took it away.
“do you know the owner of these beads?”she asked and showed that IFE’s wa-ist bead that tangled with mine.

“oh no” I said..
“what are the beads doing together, have been trying to untangle it for a long time now…
the name reads Ife-
is it Ifeoma,
Ifedioku or what?” she said.
“what about Adeife?” I said smartly..

“is that girl still in this palace! I told tracy not to give that badluck any space here-even her father disowned her cos she’s up for no good” she said….

Is this how much she hates her..
“she’s an abomination to this kingdom~~and a spirit.” she said.
“it’s okay,I don’t even know who you’re talking about” I said.
pain scares me a lot.

she still tried separating the beads.
“it might cut,why not let it be” I said.
she didn’t listen,
I couldn’t hold it anymore,
I left to my suite.

Xara’s p.o.v🎷🎻🎤
Lotanna really broke Akuna,
she got crazy tears in her eyes since.

“I can’t believe Adeife took the incense and Lotanna was actually with her” Akuna saud..

“it was anger,you know how he gets”
I said..
“God I can’t believe he is getting close to that stupid dirty slave called Ife…he even opened his door for her, do you think he likes her” Akuna said.

“no he can’t…come on
what are you saying..Ife! Ife the nobody,who doesn’t know her history Akuna calm down” I said.

Just then Olamm walked in.

“Akuna you were so bothered,Lotan didn’t ask Ife to take the incense, tracy s£nt her there and asked Lotanna to follow her.He had no choice than to accept you know he doesn’t say know to Tracy” Adaeze said.

“and am I sure nothing happened… he will surely leave her hand once you’re not there,they can’t even stay in the same room.
she is not quarter of Lotanna’s taste, that’s how low she is” I said.

“hmm Arinze is here! olamma said.
Akuna smiled a bit.

“whattttt! Adaeze said.
Akuna glared at her.
“ummm I don’t like Ife that much but tell Arinze not to go too far” Ada said.

“I know Lotanna can never actually stoop so low to touch Ife not ri talk of liking her…I was so bothered cos I thought they were secretly dating.
I felt so bad amarachi callef her “aunty”. She always respect that dirty commoner” Akuna said.

“well you know she is a maid,the queen sees her as abomination,
stop being so bothered and think of a way to get him to yourself” I said.

“that’s cool..
Olamma are you sure Arinze will do a good work” she asked.
we all laughed.

The maid coordinator came and asked me to go back to my room for no reasons.

I washed my hand in the kitchen,
Ebere smiled and gave me a basket to drop on her b£d.

“but madam why do you want me to go back to my room,am fine i can work” I said.
“you need rest,you have tried since morning” she said.
I took Ebere’s basket and went out if the kitchen.

I got downstairs,there were still lots of guests. I made my way out,
I haven’t even seen Nkem since morning…

I walked and decided to pass the garden which is the fastest way to get to the maids quarter..
I saw prince Jediokwu and I quickly look away.
Good thing he didn’t see me.

I better run out of here..
I ran and bumped into Arinze, the drink in the basket Where gave me spilled on him.
“sorry” I said..
“Ife!! someone called.I turned and it was Vicky .
“hi” I said and walked away from Arinze’s pres£nce..

he came to me again.
“You’re Ife….what’s your full name?”


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