Believe season 2 episode 27 – 28

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[you’re my heart’s crown๐Ÿ‘‘]

ยฉ adesola adeomowole.m.
Settings; nigerian-drama๐ŸŽบ๐ŸŽป

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I turned in full surprise,
standing behind was jedinna and Lotanna.
I hastily wipe my face hoping the queen will allow me stay.

“ogini? what are you still doing there, kneeling down won’t stop anything.
biko go and pack your belongings, your stay here is over”
onome said.

I felt bad.
of course the queen will tell me to go
my eyes met with Lotanna,
no one noticed because it was night.

he looked at onome,
then he turned back.
“mother i have two wishes with you right?”, he asked.
“sooooo” his twin brother pouted.

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“my first wish is for her to stay here in the palace”Lotanna said,
I got happy.
He went away,the queen looked at onome and didn’t sat anything,
she also went away.
no more words,jedinna scorned me and left.

I hastily stood up and turned to leave,
onome still drag me back in my hand.

“in case you don’t know,am ready for this conversation” she said.

“am not sure you want to see yourself being dragged out like a bag of beans” I replied.
she left me,shocked I could reply her back.

“did you just say that to me? and you’re sure you know who you’re talking to” she said and wanted to twist my ears,
a guard approached.

“miss you can go” the guard said to me…
I turned to leave.

Onome scoffed.”we shall see”.
“is it in my dreams?”I asked but she was already gone.

I started leaving but stopped halfway
is this not an opportunity to go to lotanna’s room-
should I try?.

I hurried to the prince empire,
luckily i was allowed in by ike without much questioning.
no one saw me as I approached his door..
I knocked and the door slam open automatically and closes,back after I had entered.

Lotanna was backing the stairs when I entered.
“what did that woman wanted to do? take you away?”he wait..
“yes,she said she has refund money to aunty Tracy” I said.
“as from today,she is not part of your life and you should stop calling her mama it irritates” he said.

he pulled me to follow him upstairs so I followed him..
“you feel much better now right?” he asked with a bothered face as he took me to his side,
brushing deeply into my wa-ist.
I nodded shyly.

“will you bath warm water or cold water?”he said.
but I already bath.

“don’t worry… I…”
“TROUBLE” he said,I didn’t know when I laughed.
“warm right?”he asked
I nodded,we both walked into his wide bยฃdroom,

he walked into the shower.
I sat on the bยฃd quietly,the cold is starting now…I don’t think it is my cold illness,I think it’s the weather now…

Lotanna walked out and handed me a pink towel.
“that’s the washroom” he said and pointed to the rooms door…then he left.

I nodded and rushed in.
waoooow so many things.
I locked the door but some parts were glass-
will Lotanna see anything?

I used my towel to hand, I still feel like the place was exposed.
I quickly bath then I hastily remove the towel,
I tied it.
aaaaah this towel is too short,
it stopped soo low on my hips.

oooh he is coming? I could see his feet through some parts of the glass door.
“are you done?” he asked.
“umm no” I said and dragged the towel down.
“okay” he said.
did he leave——-
I don’t think so.

but I can as well wear the cloth I pulled off.I smiled as I tried picking it, it fell into the bath tub and got wโ‚ฌt instantly.

“obim,did you—
he was saying.
“my white phone” he said..
he has many phones,how can I know the one he is talking about?..
“its not here” I said.

Just then the phone rang,I picked it myself.
is it business?
“umm you can come in,am done bathing”, I said.

he strolled in.

Lotanna looked at me quietly and came close..
my hands hastily got w-rapped around my hips .
he smiled as he watched.

“guess you didn’t see this” he moved close, he came to me after picking a yellow overall which was hanging down.He took it to my back.
and I quickly fit my hands into the long towel jacket,he covered me well.

But what if his mother or twin brother finds out??

he picked his phone,
I followed him,
lotanna did all these for me.
He went out and I quickly untie my towel underneath and removed the towel jacket,I have to wear the inner first.

The inner was a singlet,
a very transparent one at that matter.
hmmm lotanna must be a s-x freak or does his past girlfriends always choose to be immoral in his presยฃnce.

I really do not like these dresses,
the one he bought for me,I made sure I gave them out to ngozi,ebere,Vicky and Rhoda.

I tried the short,it didn’t enter me cos I was thick in between and down my legs.I left it and dragged the singlet down,Lotanna came in and met me like that.

aaaaaaahhh!! I had wanted to scre-m.
I picked the jacket and used it to cover myself.

“did you see anything?” I asked.
“are they not for me” he replied and came very close, he took the jacket I used in covering myself.

my breasssst!!!
I covered up and rushed to hugged him,he eat deeply into the side of my neck..

“honey,that jacket in your hand wear it for me” I said,
he locked my wa-ist and trailed his f-ngers on my laps while k-ssing me at the same time.
I $hยกveryed in sweetness.

“baby wear it for me” I said.
“am i drunk,am not wearing anything for you…in this cold weather” he said
*aah i have cold,wear it now” I said.

“well,the doctor said i used tell you you don’t have any cold” he said.

“I love you๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
he caught my l-ips and lifted me to the bยฃd…
I got scared.
finally he wore it for me after satisfying his eyes.

“goodnight” I said and did dermacations.
“baby what type of punishment is this” he said.
I smiled and still pretend to be sleeping.

I saw him sleep watching me.
“come,now” I said.
he smiled happily like someone who just saw his mom,he moved into me from the back.

“I love you” he said.
“you won’t leave me right” I asked.
“just give me one month…after one month all these shits will be over”
he said and hugged me tยกght.

Banana island๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Desmond Residents……..
Tracy’s p.o.v๐ŸŽค๐ŸŽค๐ŸŽค๐ŸŽค๐ŸŽค

I was dressed beautifully and was enjoying my date with Desmond.
i must admit this is the best and most special.

“close your eyes” Desmond said.
hnnnn!! another surprise!
I cringed and close my eyes.

*now open it” he said.
“ohhhh myy gaaaddd!!!!
I scre-med as my eyes set on two car keys.
“are these all for me?” I asked.
“yeah” he smiled loopsidely and picked his glass of wine.
“I love you” I smiled,
my f-nger hit his glass of wine and a little spilled on his black tuxedo.

“guess someone is so happy”
he said.
I smiled.
“I will just clean that for you” I said stretch my hand to take the handkerchief in his chest pocket.

“I love you” he said.
“I love you too” I replied and dragged the handkerchief.

a p-nt fell alongside the handkerchief.
“Desmond!!! I called as I couldn’t believe my eyes.
“what is a p-nt doing in your pocket?” I asked.

“just calm down….

“a p-nt in your pocket!!!!
“Desmond a g-string p-nt for female!

[you’re my heart’s crown๐Ÿ‘‘]

ยฉ adesola adeomowole.m.
Settings; nigerian-drama๐ŸŽบ๐ŸŽป


I looked at him uncannily; is this the man I love?.
I stood up,he held my hand back.
“Tracy… I…I…can…
“don’t judge me for a p-nt”
he sturtled.

“Desmond,let me go” I shouted..
the people in the k-ss and hugs connects turned to us.
๐Ÿ’Œhump,The Desmond’s..
๐Ÿ’Œ CEO of summits!

I jacked my hand,he took it back.
“I might do the unexpected”
I said and picked the bottle of wine and emptied the contents on him,I pushed the table,grabbยฃd my bag and left.
I found solace at the beach,my favorite spot and sat alone on the rock.Just one month to our wedding!
I called Matilda, my best friend.

“tracy! I heard.
I turned,it was him-desmond.
“don’t cancel the wedding please,I beg of you” he said.
“why won’t I call it off?
ohh so that you can continue with your promiscuous lifestyle..Desmond what else do you want,what’s your problem with โ‚ฑvzzy;
so all those times,
you always lie with work!

when Dorcas the cook told me you made advances on her,I thought she was lying because there was no traces…

“Tracy,I swear the p-nt–.
he moved closer.
“don’t come closer! I shouted.
he still came.
“do not” I raised my f-ngers.
“trespass” I said and unlocked my phone,my tear dropped on my phone screen..

“Tracy you won’t do this to me!
he said and wanted to touch.
“don’t touch me!!! I shouted and tucked my weavon hair behind my ears.

“madam” two guards arrived with two different Lamborghini car.
“are you fine?” one asked as he picked my bag and other phone.
I took off my heels for the other to pack..

I turned to him.
“tell me the truth,I don’t want lies…
gosh am tired of questioning you,
am scared you will tell me more lies.

“baby I don’t lie-

“the girl I brought last three months to your residence,Desmond did you make advances on her-” I asked.
he couldn’t speak.
“I…I…but she didn’t allow me touch her” he said.
I moved closer and slapped him.

“may we not meet in the future,
I regret every single moment I shared with you!.
why are you these mean.
stay away from me…
do not call me.
do not text me
I can’t believe I fell for a lie,
and I thought you’re kind and innocent,
you’re my biggest mistake!

I rushed out with the guards carrying my belongings.

Queen’s p.o.vโ™ฅโ™ฅ.
I enter the throne room,
where the council of ministers were waiting patiently for me.
I sighed in relief and on the queen throne.

“my queen, ga-anรด ogologo ndรบ( you will live long)” elder okeke said.
“iseeeeee(amen)” am elders choroused..

“the reason why we are here is for us to discuss “for how long will the throne be empty” what are we still waiting for and what is holding prince Lotanna from sitting on his father’s throne”
chief okoro said.

“just give me more time,I don’t want fights between my two sons” I said
“but the eyes of the gods already told us the rightful owner,Jedinna is a brutal and coldhearted person haba! mazi okeke said.

“point of correction,my jedinna is not brutal,I won’t tolerate that nonsยฃnse from you mazi okeke be warned”
I said.

“my queen, sorry about that statement but what mazi okoro is saying is the truth,we are not calling your son Jedinna a brutal person,
all we are trying to say is that his attitude towards the royal test is disheartening..

Although Jedinna is older than Lotanna with few hours does not mean anything.
Lotanna was chosยฃn by the gods of our father’s but that does not make you flaunt tradition to one side.

Tradition state that any person the gods choose should ascend the throne after 3moons…
my fellow elders do I speak your mind?” elder amadi asked.
“yes you’re very correct” they concur.

“but Lotanna isn’t even interested in longship” I said.
“then its left for you to make him interested” anochie said.

I dismissed them after a long talk, I stood up and moved around also.
“mother you called for me this early morning why?* jedinna said.
he came in.

I smiled as I turned to him.
“umm Jedinna,I have 40acres of lands in your name,
a room filled with treasures and gem stones…
do you like them?” I asked.

“are these all for bribing me so that the throne can be given to my beloved brother” he said,icily.

“Jedinna!! what are you saying? am not— it is who the gods choose and besides revelations from the priest(onowu) made it–
I didn’t finish my statement,
he walked out.

Akuna’s p.o.v๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ 
I ran into our joint room in the golden palace,
Xara smiled.
I heard water splashes…Adaeze is in the shower.

“now did Lotanna opened his door for you” Xara said.
“he didn’t” I replied.
“do you think he is with a girl” xara asked.
“this morning will tell” I said.
“Lotanna loving that dirty poor girl is very dangerous for you…what if she finds her mom” xara said.

“she won’t and even if she did,her mother won’t recognize her because she was ugly right from birth and according to what olamma said,
her mother died immediately she was born” I said.

“did you try blackmailing him of telling the queen you’re suspecting him and Ife?”she asked.
I stood to face my mirror.
“I didn’t do that,I couldn’t” I said.

“why? with that you will know if he truly loves Ife for real.Am scared he will be crowned soon” she said.

“fine,let’s see! I said and we both walked out of my room at exactly 4am in the morning, we hide somewhere not to far from prince Lotanna’s room.

20minutes later,the door to his suite opened.I saw a pair of fresh feet’s.
Turned out to be Ife in the most s-xiest sleeping wear outfit,
her fair skin glittered beautifully from that yellow regillia plus it was curves revealing. .

what’s she doing in his room?
why does she have to dress too s-xily like this!.
I had wanted to stand up from our hideout but xara dragged me back.
“Akuna calm down,be patient”
she said.

Ife turned,gosh I got so much angry.
“should I wait?” i heard her says.
who is she talking to..
“no one is here” I heard her say.
I got more jealous and wanted to go and slap her,
then Lotanna stepped out,
closing his doors quietly while Ife was searching around if someone is coming.

“no one okay” Lotanna moved into her from the back and held her to himself so rom-ntically.
too bad I couldn’t see his face.

“aaaaaahhhh!!! I heard sweet sounds from Adeife as Lotanna k-ssed her slowly while pressing into her.
“obim it’s okay,you’ve done so much already-
someone might—-

“hunn stop shouting,someone might come” Lotanna said sweetly.
“Lotanna you’re corrupting me” Ife says…and he stopped,
he took her hand and k-ssed the back of her palms as well.

“am sorry… okay..
“after this month,you won’t be there anymore,I hate to see you in that maids quarter serving those rude princesses” he said..
Ife smiled and nodded.
“yes,so keep your phone.
I might sยฃnd Amarachi to you” Lotanna said and walked away with her further.

I stood up from my hideout with Xara I watched lotanna from behind as he cat walked slowly,
sluggishly tracing his leg like he wanted to remove his pure white designer sl-ippers he wore with a red royal robe which had the inscription of “glow”.

red suits him a lot,
his hais had curls,
no band,no earring…no necklace, no f-nger ring. .he looked happy.
he left with Ife.
to where????
“I think he wants to escort her back halfway to the maids quarter” xara said.
we walked back to our suite,jedinna was coming in the opposite direction, he looked so angry,
he entered his suite and slam the door,the sound was really strong.

Xara and I got to my suite,
I sat down angrily.
“waaaaatt” Ada covered her mouth when she heard.
“at first,I thought it was a joke…I never knew he would fall for her for who she is.Lotanna is in love,you fint know how difficult that is for him”
I said.

Adaeze hissed.”he’s in love with adeeeeeeife Akuna,Ife a nobody.
common are you alright?
if it is another person; good and fine.
but Ife? it’s an insult to you”
Adaeze said.

the maids started packing for us, we only came her for the feast which is yesterday night…we should leave this morning.

“wait did I tell you about a woman that looks like Ife”Adaeze asked.
“no” I replied hurriedly as I got interested..
“good,now I will tell you”.
she said and brought out a stool.

Adeife’s p.o.v๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
I sneaked back into the maids quarter that morning but the day isn’t clear enough.Finally I entered our room,the inside was dark which was very unusual.
I moved in and someone t-rn on the lights,I turned it was Vicky.
“hmm you’ve gotten a boyfriend.You guys are leaving me alone in the circles of being single” she said.
I rushed to my bยฃd and quickly get in.

“tell me,who is the lucky person?” she came to my bยฃd..
“hmm no one” I said.
“I won’t tell anyone” she said.
“promise” I said.
“pinky promise”she said.
“fine it’s….
dumebi worked up,I stopped talking.
I got up,also. It’s my free day I have nothing to do and have decided to visit Ngozi.
I already bath at Lotanna’s place so I just changed my clothes.

I went out.
As usual, I passed my father’s house.
I admired it as I passed.
my father- I met him on the way…
chaiii…I remembered those bad days he always beat me with cutlass.

“good morning papa” I greeted humbly as I passed.
“god bless you my beautiful maiden” he said..
“thank you sir” I said and wanted to h
go,until his voice stopped me.
“hmm what’s your name,
you always greet me each time you pass and I don’t even know your name” he said.

I stared at him and tried not to get too emotional.
“hey what happened! don’t cry,it doesn’t suite you” he said.
hmm is he also pretending like onome,my father was never the crying type.Maybe because he doesn’t recognize me as ugly duckling.

“no…I wasn’t crying.
hmm my name is…purity” I told him my other name and ran away.
I met ngozi at the market in her mother’s store,they have three big stores joined together.
One for clothes,
One for mats,beads,chain etc
one for fruits!

“Ife!!” dubem(ngozi’s younger brother) called.
I smiled and carried him,he got too fat…ahh my hand.
“aunty Ife carry me” he said.
I carried him into one of the stores, that reminds me “old Nana” I haven’t even collected my savings from her.
okay it’s even good,
Lotanna gave me money yesterday,
I will just save it like that.
I dropped dubem and helped ngozi in shading fruits outside..

Suddenly,I heard olamma’s voice.
“leave me alone oo”
sounds like she’s in pain.
ngozi and I rushed out,people are there as well.

olamma was struggling with a royal guard whom I recognize to be from prince jedioku..
“if your mother does not bring that girl for me,you will be the one to suffer it” I heard prince jedioku’s voice from nearby finally I saw him in a royal chariot!.

I ran to ngozi’s back.
One of the royal guards used a sharp little knife to tear olamma side of face.

ohh my gaaad,he is so mean!
“am not joking at all” his voice sounded.This is not funny at all as many people are watching.
The cut that was given to olamma was so deep.
the guards left,the royal chariot also left and I moved out from where I was hiding.

๐Ÿšบ my face …
๐Ÿšบ my face….
๐Ÿšบ my face is ruined.
๐Ÿšบ mirror.give me mirror
๐Ÿšบ face is the future of a woman
๐Ÿšบ my future is doomed.
Olamma scre-med,
she passed and mistakenly hit the fruits ngozi and I shade for selling.

“Eeeehh you will pick my fruits!.
ngozi shouted.
Olamma turned back and saw me.
she sยฃnt me dangerous glares.
“does it hurts?” I asked.

“maybe her forefathers took her destiny because they know she don’t worth it. .
if you’re not okay with your destiny,
snipper is very cheap,
Drink it and rest in peace instead of being with that demon you called a mother.” ngozi said to olamma.

I laughed.
“olamma see don’t mind ngozi, you still look good with that deep cut”
I said.

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