Believe season 2 episode 3

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[I know,you won’t stay๐Ÿ’]

adesola adeomowole.m.๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‘‘

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I wiped my tears with the back of my palms,if only am not a maid i will surely slap mine back; lucky her.
Lotanna stared at me,
i looked away so as to prevent suspicion from arising.
The queen also got confused.

“what happened,who slapped who?” the queen asked.
“it was Akuna-
“shut up,it was who?…you did something that was wrong and i corrected you…is that bad, can’t i correct you” akuna nagged in pretense.I still wiped my tears.
Tracy made a puzzled look.
“even as at that,you don’t have any right to slap her,she is also human” Tracy said,
lotanna still stared at me,then he sยฃnt to my hand where i had a cut when the plate was falling.
“did you also gave her that cut?”
Lotanna said icily with so much superiority,
nkem also showed up from behind.
Akuna didn’t speak,she couldn’t even look into lotanna’s eyes.

Nkem came forward and dragged me up…
“what did you do?” he whispered.
“no,I didn’t do anything” I replied.
“you did” Akuna added.
the queen looked like she does not know who to believe.
“you’re pretending,stop it already it is annoying” lotanna said to akuna.

what am I still doing here?
I took my hands away from nkem,I bowed and left.
By the time I return,no one was in the kitchen.I just swept the food that p-oured away alongside the broken plates.

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A guard came in.
“she is waiting for you outside”
he delivered..
“okay” I nodded and hurried up with everything,I washed my hands in the sink and went outside to join her in the car.
I didn’t even pack any load,
she opened the door for me,I entered like that.
my first time in a car; must be expensive though.

she ended her call and drove out.
no words*just silence.
won’t she asked me about what transpired between me and Akuna?.

Akuna cheated my destiny just because am a maid and she’s a princess,that slap still made me wonder what the hell I did to her.
she doesn’t have a tangible reason for doing that.
I wish ngozi stays with me in the palace as a companion.
Dear ngozi,I really miss you so much, never mind I will find someone like you, that is why i always wish nothing but the best for you to.
I remember you said sometimes nothing is better,
and sometimes it hurts to have something.

I slept off in the car,
I dreamt about my mother, she was trying to reach me,anytime I want to collect her hand so that i can stay in the place that she is,
onome always drag me back..

I sob quietly in my sleep,someone wiped my tears,I opened my eyes slowly,it was aunty Tracy.
“thanks ma’am” I muttered.
“you can eat” she said and passed a nylon to me.
I drank water fully and ate small. I covered the rest and slept again.

I dreamt.
my mother appeared to me again, she was speaking with me but I never understood anything out of what she said.The only thing i remembered was “Ife believe”….
I dreamt about Lotanna,
he took me to big places and bought many things for me,he even made promises to me…

until blaring sounds jolted me out of my dream.I rubbยฃd my eyes and $hยกveryed in cold…
it was night already,
I widened my eyes,we were in another place entirely,it looks like half of paradise like heaven is opened to rain.
I got hypnotized easily as i could see fireworks and symphonies exploding, even a dissociative psychedelic.
every thing look pretty and cute down here.

on the skies were colourful phosphorescent lights, just so pretty, even the weather was different,
I felt cold….
Aunty Tracy passed me a clothing material,I covered myself with it.

I turned and beside me were two heavy thick white nylon back.
The car stopped,there was no way to pass,the highway was tยกght with different varieties of cars.

why is this place so different???.
I opened my water again and drank out of it.
“what happened between you and Akuna?” she asked.
“she slapped me because i entered prince lotanna’s suite and it was Mrs okafor that sยฃnt me to drop h-ot water flask for him….
I didn’t do anything to her, she slapped me because I didn’t answer her question” I explained.
“what question?” Tracy said.
“she asked me what am I to lotanna and I told him am nothing to him,she slapped me again.It is not actually her first time,she finds fault in everything i do” I added.

Aunty Tracy smiled,
I don’t understand her smile but whichever way,I said the truth.
“this is serious,i actually thought akuna is a calm person all this things won’t take her anywhere” she said after which she begged me not to get angry.

I got happy she stood for me.
The car in front of hers moved, she followed the trend and drove.
soon we crossed two boarders and she turned.
we instantly approached an estate, the estate gate was wealth in all.
I wish i could read what was written on it…
two securities in uniform came out, they saluted Tracy and opened the gate,they keep bowing in respect.

“where is this place ma’am?” I asked.
“this is my fiance estate,he owns everything here” she replied as she drove in.
I admired the area,
so wide and spacious.

She got a call…
“Lotanna,I will call you back”I heard her saying…
no more words, she drove into another gate.
I gasped in amuzement,so neat..
everywhere was glittering with light even though it was night.
There was an artificial man in form of a waterfall. I couldn’t only admire, I wish I might as well admire till the end of time.
The car beeped,she removed her car key and carried her bag.
A man came out and brought out the heavy white nylon bags while another took charge of the luggage in the boot
I followed Tracy in quietly.

“hello darling!! she said as the door opened automatically.
“babe,have missed you so much”
someone said from the inside, I couldn’t see the face clearly cos I was standing on the extreme.

I entered in fully.
Aunty Tracy hugged the man which I predicted to be her fiance.
They k-ssed right there in my presยฃnce, locking and unlocking into each others t0ngue.
I covered my face shyly,
finally I opened when they were done…
“Desmond meet Adeife my cousin,Ife this is my fiancรฉ” Tracy introduced.
“waoow,she’s beautiful” uncle Desmond said.
“hi” he cut me off.
I bowed, humbly.

Aunty Tracy took me upstairs to a place I would sleep for the night..
she left and came back with one if the white nylon bags.
“you are spending a night here, someone will come to pick you here tomorrow. I won’t be around and I don’t want you to be alone” she said.
I nodded.
she got a call and went out..
I opened the bag and found something suitable to wear.I don’t think am hungry,I slept like that.
I heard another knock on the door, I stood up lazily to answer it,
turns out to be Tracy’s fiance..
“by this time,what does he wants?”

I opened the door.
“what’s your name again?” he asked.
“Adeife,sir” I replied humbly in a sleepy mood.
“you’re pretty” he said.
He made a move on me,
my eyes cleared immediately.
This man actually tried touching my br-ast.
“sir???????? I shouted.
Is my eyes deceiving me!!
“one night stand,what’s your take?” he asked.

I widened my eyes,what type of man is aunty Tracy in love with??.
“Am a small girl,I just have rapid growth—
he tried touching again,I moved back.
I wish i could stop time,
the man actually pushed me in๐Ÿ˜ญ.

I fell๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ’ฆ


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