Believe season 2 episode 7

[I know,you won’t stay💝]

adesola adeomowole.m.👑👑


I got scared as i hastily bent into the stream,too late she saw me.
no where to hide,
aaaah death you finally remembered me today; what did I ever to you this is not fair ooooo.

I can’t really breath well under under the water that i bent into,
I stood up and hurriedly shift to ngozi,I pinched her and she shut me a glare.
“are you really stupid?” she asked.
“am sorry,you can’t just understand like I do” I said as I looked down, I really can’t look into onome’s mean face…..

“what’s there to understand?.
Just pretend as if she does not even exist,she sold you for crying out loud and she has no right over you”.
ngozi said not caring if onome was listening or not.
I nodded in agreement.

but the more i tried not to look into her face,the more I felt hot in the in,side,I felt like the ground should open up and swallow me.

Onome cleared her throat.
I picked one of ngozi’s cloth and used it to cover my face,I swallowed into nothing in particular.
Ngozi collected the cloth.

“if you don’t have sense now,when will you have” she said jokingly.
“am sorry” I said.
Not for anything but because I cherish friends with her.

Onome looked at our side,our eyes met and turned four,
she was cutting a particular leaf in the stream side..
Jesus,she looks so mean as she looked me with pure hatred,
soo much disdain,she was speaking to me through eyes and I hærdly understands.
I suddenly felt like nothing,
better still,I felt like a tramp.

“mama good evening” I greeted.
ngozi pinched me,and made a “I told you not to look at her not to talk of talking to her”
a scoff followed.

Onome continued her deadly glares,
did she come here for me or for the leafs or she came her to remind me that no matter what,I still remain her puppet,or to remind me that am a never do we….
to ring it in my ears that my stay with Tracy is limited,
to shout it to me that am worthless,
that my mother didn’t stay…

I bashed my lashes,a tear mistakenly drop,ngozi dare not see it, I hastily wiped it till no more.
Onome finally left without saying any words,I felt relieved .

“you f-cked up,what’s in onome that you’re scared” she said.
I stayed quiet and started rinsing clothes.

Ngozi sighed. “Okay i understand what pain means in your dictionary but you have to learn this lesson from me. ….whenever you’re scared do not show it to your enemy,if you do it will give him or her more hope that you can be easily defeated but if you smile like the world is not your problem,I swear you enemy will be scared of you” she said.

“okay,I will learn it” I said.
there was a brief silence.
“continue with the gist” she said.
I smiled as i cleared my throat.

“aunty Tracy took me to many places- the city itself is a place worth watching for a lifetime,it was a different world entirely.

finally,she took me to her fiance house,it’s really magnificent…. gosh the man is wealthy and he goes by “Desmond”.
Uncle Desmond or better still “Mr”.
but the bad thing is that he is a phodoephile” I said.

“meaning” ngozi said.
“he rapes young girls, he wanted to do it with me” I said.
“chai😂😂😂😂😂 don’t say it again, I hate men like that” she said.

“well he wanted to but he didn’t.. hope am cleared” I said.
“You should have played along then after you blow his balls” ngozi said.

I laughed and slapped her back.

“and you didn’t tell Aunty Tracy”.

“ummm the man is something else, I wonder how he met the likes of aunty Tracy,it’s so sure that he would be cheating on her.I just pity Tracy, that man doesn’t deserve her” I said.
“men will be men”
“just because we have less powers, rubbish” she said.

“The good news is so difficult to believe” I said.
Ngozi chuckled excitedly.
“Lotanna asked me out” I said.
Ngozi shouted in amusement.

“you had better stop dreaming,it’s not a lifetime girlfriend.
He said I should be his girlfriend for just a night because of his show in one big place and I attended there as an escort..
The greastet shock was when he k-ssed my cheeks.
When we returned to his house, I took care of him-although in sleep.
He lock my wa-ist rom-ntically and mistakenly lay his head on my br-ast” I said,sweetly.
Ngozi went wild with desires.
“I think…wait Ife tell me,are you in-”
she made that sweet look.

waaatt,how can i be in love?.
I love him means i care for him like I care for everybody, it doesn’t mean am in love with him,remember I said fake girlfriend besides him resting on my br-ast and locking my wa-ist romamtically is just a mistake cos he was asleep while doing all that.

“Awwww so sweet” she clapped.
“so you slept on the same bed”
she asked.
“yes but there is distancing, nothing happened–” I said.
she rolled her eyeballs sweetly.
“so what happened again?” she asked.

“well,he called me Ifedimma when I was crying for mom in sleep” I said.
“gosh,Lotanna is not only smart, he is also nicely mannered,soft and matured…. he would fit for a king unlike Jedinna who always make mouth” ngozi said.

I cleared my throat.
“so if Lotanna should be the king, you will be the queen” she said.
I laughed out and hit her on the head.
“stop looking for my trouble,okay. His mother mustn’t even know Aunty Tracy make me stay with him,am not allowed to touch his cup in the palace so no need to persecute me*
I said…
she smiled.
“Lotanna’s property” she tickled me.
I ignored her and laughed.
“wait,did he also hold your h¡ps rom-ntically?” she teased.
“stop it okay,it’s boring” I said.
“but you both look good together just that there isn’t hope of being together with him” she said.

“Am contended, I don’t believe such would happen.Our kingdom is the largest and of course the wealthiest, the future queen can never be a maid with no lineage not to even talk of sign of a mother.

I know Lotanna’s mother very well,she is not really nice…
she cares about wealth and reputation.She fought with Aunty Tracy when she heard that she bought me as a maid,
If I greet her,she doesn’t always answer….I pray she doesn’t find out am the fake girlfriend in the party…

so kindly stop calling me Lotanna’s property nor his Ifedimma,it add more to my pain” I said.

“so the queen is like that,I thought she is a calm person, she doesn’t really like commoners” she said.
“not like she doesn’t… there are limitations and she is a very principled person…” I said.

love fights for way…
love fight for love💘💘💘💘
she said.

“what is love and what is he in love with,Ngozi you’re funny” I said.
she smiled.
finally I help her with all her works, it was night already so i decided to leave…
“come tomorrow,I really have things to share with you” I said.
“sure ifedimma” she said.
“Adeife not ifedimma” I rolled my eyeballs and left.

I hurried back to the palace.
I hadn’t even gotten to the maids palace when a message came that nkem calls for me in the love garden.

by this time,what does he wants??
I turned back and went to the garden, he appeared soon.
“sir—” I paused.
“my Friend” he said.

I still turned around to see if someone was checking.
“sir,do you want me to do anything am really cold” I said.
“hmmm sorry”
“I had always wanted to tell you this but I don’t just know how to say it and I feel like this is the best time to do it” he said.

I got confused.
“will you say yes?” he asked.
“for,what?” I asked,I got crazily curious.
“for what I want to say,everything changed ever since i met you, I also changed just for you?” he said and looked deep into my eyes.
I traced his eyes,he quickly look away from where he was staring at on my body.
“Adeife i………

what type of look is this??
I also stared back innocently…



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