Belina 2

Belina 2 – batch 1

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Season 2

My wedding night was the
best night of my entire life,
one that I would never
forget even when I am 100
years old. It was terrific,
superb and altogether,
mind-blowing. Asides the
love, care and pampering,
Richærd gave me a brand
new BMW car as his
wedding gift to me.

I had
never driven a car so
Richærd made it his
responsibility to teach me.
on the other hand gave
Richærd a priceless gift
which cannot be purchased
with hærd currencies. I had
been extremely scared and
nervous that night as I
changed into a small
lingerie dress in the
matrimonial bathroom.
Prisca had asked me to
purchase that blazing red
sed-ctive lingerie for this
particular time and now
that I had it on, I was
scared to death. My hair
was let loose around my
shoulders and I summoned
enough courage to step out
of the bathroom. My breath
was taken away instantly as
I stared at what was before
me; the room was softly
lightened with red light
which transformed
everything in the room,
giving the room a highly
charged rom-ntic
atmosphere. I felt shaky
instantly but the room was
not the reason; Richærd sat
on the bed with his shirt
unbuttoned looking
breathtaking. It was always
almost impossible to resist
him, he is so masculine and
during our courtsh¡p, it
took a lot of self-control
from my end to keep us
from going overboard
especially when we were
alone. Looking at Richærd
now with his muscle-filled
chest fully exposed to my
hungry eyes made my
fingers tingle and I could
not help but feel protected
with him around. I returned
from my reverie (illusion)
and noticed that he was
already on his feet and with
the way his eyes bore into
me, I instantly felt self
conscious. I remembered
my look even without
looking at myself and all I
wanted was to escape from
the room in order to
breathe properly. I started
picking my manicured
fingernails furiously;
something I do whenever I
am very nervous. Richærd
must have noticed this cos
he slowly moved towards
Every step he took
made me more nervous and
my eyes left my fingers to
my toes.
“You err, *coughs* you look
dishy”, Richærd said
I nodded, unable to say
anything at the moment. He
moved closer and raised my
chin; I was unable to meet
his eyes and he smiled
“I won’t do anything if you
don’t want me to, sweatheart”, he
said softly.
“It’s… it’s not that. It’s just, I
am scared and nervous. I
don’t even know what to
do”, I said in a fainted voice
looking at his chest.
“Just be yourself honey, I
am fine with that”.
I looked into his eyes and
smiled shakily,

“I don’t even
know how to do that”.
He laughed a little, “why
don’t we both follow our
hearts? Right now, I just
want to devour you”, he
said teasingly and slowly
lowered his l-ips against
My heart beat accelerated
and in a few seconds, my
shyness was out of the
window and our instincts
took over. Everything after
then was magical and
exquisite but what I would
never forget was the look in
his eyes when he severed
the barrier guarding my
purity. It was a look of
extreme surprise, adoration
and respect. He had asked
me twice during our
courtsh¡p but I had
changed the subject both
times because I wanted it
to be a surprise and my gift
to him. With the look in his
eyes, I felt on top of the
world and I thanked the
Lord in my heart for helping
me hold on till this time.

It is our second year
anniversary and our palace-
like sitting room is filled
with people ranging from
parents, siblings, colleagues,
friends and so on. It had
been a splendid two years
journey and I was so
greatful to God for the man
I married. I married my
husband. Love truly is
something everyone should
have because there is no
happiness that can rival the
one you feel when
someone loves you with all
his heart and you love him
in return.
I moved from one person to
another, welcoming them in
my exquisite gown. My
parents, Richærd’s dad, Tony
and Prisca, Prisca’s brothers
who were also my step
brothers, Mr Badmus and
family; and a host of others
were present. I felt so loved
and honored to have all of
them with me.
Best Results Hospital (BRH)
had now risen from being
the best in Lagos state to
being the best in Nigeria. Its
branches now spread
across the entire country
maintaining its
headquarters in Lagos.
Tony decided to stand on
his own two months after
our wedding after much
planning and his own
hospital is now making
waves. Due to the fame and
connectivity of my husband
including of course my
exemplary work in BRH as
the great psychologist, I
was now a regular face in
the papers, blogs, TV
programmes and what
have you. A separate
building has been devoted
to handle Psychological
cases due to expansion and
regular demands for my
attention. I loved it because
I did not really fancy
working together with my
husband in the same
building – we would be
doing more personal stuff
at work… lolzz.
One thing seems to be the
problem though…
“Pat, stop it …… Pat …….”
Prisca said as she moved
quickly to grab the
breakable furniture with
her one year old daughter.
The one year and three
months old Patricia is the
exact replica of a doll.
has excess beauty thanks to
her parents, and just like
her mother, she has hair as
black as midnight. She is
very lively and energetic
that you miss her when she
is not around.
Prisca replaced the
furniture and carried Pat
the way only a mother can. I
could not contain my envy.
Though two years is
nothing compared to the
stories I hear from people, I
still feel like I have spent a
whooping ten years
without a child. Bloggers
did not miss this emblem
thus the numerous rumors
and gossips.
I threw away my blind
jealousy and took Patricia
from Prisca, she is just so
adorable. By carrying her, I
have a feeling that my child
is on the way. Richærd
noticed my mood-swing
and came to hold me
started ranting about the
display of love not noticing
my mood. Just when the
party was about to begin,
the door creaked open and
before me stood a stunning
woman who should be in
her mid-fifties. Everyone
turned towards her and
Richærds mood took a
“What are you doing here?”
he yelled.

We all stared at the
gorgeously dressed woman
who obviously has had a
taste of luxury. She reeked
of wealth from head to toe.
She looked vaguely familiar
in a strange way but I could
not remember ever seeing
her. I wondered where I
must have seen her but
nothing came to mind.

stared at Richærd who was
busy glaring at the visitor
clenching his fists like
someone in a boxing
competition. Why he was so
angry was lost on me, he
had never been this furious.
No one uttered a word and
I stood there not knowing
what exactly was amiss.
“I asked you a question.
What the hell are you doing
here?” Richærd growled
with his fists clenched.
I grabbed his hand to calm
him down a bit. “Calm
down honey and show the
woman some respect
please. Who is she?” I asked
quietly but he did not
answer. He did not have to
anyways. He was only this
angry whenever he talked
about one person. I looked
the woman and got my
confirmation – the blue
eyes could not be mistaken.
Those piercing blue eyes
which could do a lot of
things by just staring were
exactly the same as
Richærd’s. I looked from
Richærd to the woman and
back noticing the striking
“Richy, is this your
mother?” I asked quietly.
Richærd’s hand immediately
left mine as he turned his
glare towards me. “She is
not MY mother” he said
stressing the ‘my’.
I got my confirmation in
that statement.

The subject
matter just stood there
speechless and could have
been mistaken for a deaf
and dumb.
Richærd looked at his father
knowing that this was his
doing. “I don’t know what
she is doing here and I
don’t want to know but one
thing I know is that I don’t
wanna see her here when I
get back”, he said and
stormed out of the sitting
room towards the masters’
The entire room was as
though no one was in,side
as no one made a single
sound. I don’t know why I
did not stop Richærd from
leaving the room but I
guess my professional
instinct made me realize
that he needed a little time
to himself. I felt his pain and
knew just what he must be
feeling as I had felt that way
too. I raised my eyes to
stare at my newly found
mother-in-law but she
seemed to be in tears.
Her voice shattered the silence in the room.

“I told
you James. He would never
forgive me and he has a
right not to. I was so callous
and wicked to him”, she
said obviously to Mr.
Branson as tears rolled
down her cheeks.
Everyone started
murmuring one thing or
the other while I wondered
what Richærd would be
doing in,side the room.

should leave now”, my
mother-in-law said and
made to leave but Richærd’s
dad stopped her.
“Wait, let me talk to him
first”, he said.
I startled, “No… I mean…
why don’t you allow me do
the talking sir, although I
cannot promise anything
for now”, I said
Everyone in the room
nodded in agreement and I
was instantly grateful that
we did not include
strangers in the ceremony.
For the very first time,
Richærd’s mum looked at
me and said, “You must be
his wife. You are very pretty
and I am sorry for
disrupting your party.
Please forgive me”. Her
foreign assent was
undeniable. I nodded and
made for the room.

“Don’t you think this skirt is
too short Oyin”, Ronke
asked her friend.
Oyinade smiled

“Nope, I
don’t think so. Besides, you
know my ultimate goal,
don’t you? A hot body like
mine and s€×y clothes
would help me achieve my
Ronke rolled her eyes in
exasperation. “I know your
plans as much as you do
girl and I am with you all
the way. You know my
popular slogan says, ‘when
you see what you want, go
for it doing everything you
can to get it’. But my friend,
you have to apply common
sense. You have just been
given the job so it would be
risky and out of place for
you to get a query on your
first day at work. You
worked very hærd to get
this job, you cannot throw
everything away by being
overzealous”, Ronke said.
“You have to carry out this
plan slowly, portraying the
highest level of innocence
you can. You should be coy
and sneaky, slow and
steady; with time you
would get rid of the
hindrance and be in his
arms”. She finished.
Oyinade assimilated
everything she heard and

“You are a clever
snake babe. I would make
you my chief adviser on this
life project so you have to
be with me all the way”, she
said dropping the skirt on
the bed.
She picked her employment
letter for the umpteenth
time and whispered to

“You would be mine
very soon. All mine”.
I stepped into the room and
met Richærd roaming from
one end of the room to the
other. He was trying as
much as he could to release
his anger but it was not
working. He noticed my
entrance but continued
“Can you imagine? She
actually had the guts to
show her face here like she
has the rights to”, he said
still pacing.
I sat down at the edge of
the bed and looked at him.
“Did you see her face? She
looked so sure of herself.
What did she think? That I
would jump into her arms,
welcome her and treat her
like she is the most
precious person on earth?
She must be delusional”. He
continued not even waiting
for a reply to his previous
questions; not like there
could be any answer
though. When I did not say
anything, he stopped and
stared at me. “Would you
not say something?”
I sighed, stood up, took his
hands and pulled him with
me to the bed. He sat down
at the edge of the bed and I
knelt behind him on the
bed, placed my hands on
his shoulders and gently
m-ssaged them.
“m-ssage is not what I n…”
“Shhhh…” I said silencing
him and continued my
m-ssage. Gently, I felt the
anger and tension ease out
of him and he started

“I need you to
calm down and relax honey.
Today ought to be a happy
day for us, remember? I am
just seeing your mother for
the first time and it means
something to me”, I said as
I continued my therapy.
“She is not my mother” he
said calmly.
I left his shoulders, went
round him and went to seat
on his laps.

whether you like it or not,
you have her blood flowing
in your veins. Do you know
what it was like to find out
that my father never
wanted me? He wanted me
to be flushed out. I know it
hurts but please forgive her.
Keeping this grudge in you
would hurt you terribly
everyday but releasing it
and forgiving her would
make you happy. Accept it.
Deep down in your heart,
you know you need your
biological mother”, I said as
softly as I could.
He shook his head,

“no, I
don’t need her. I have you
to be my mother, wife,
sister and everything”.
I nodded. “Yes, but you
need her. Please, forgive
her”, I said going down on
my knees. He tried to pull
me up but I did not get up.
“Yes?” I asked with a faint
He stared at me, shaking his
head unbelievably.

have you done to me?
Alright, would you get up
now?” he said and pulled
me into his arms.
He k-ssed my forehead and
hugged me. “I love you
heart, even though you are
naughty”, he said with a
I smiled back, “well, I am
happy she is your mother if
not you would not have
eyes as beautiful as this”.
He scoffed, “I could easily
charm you with the
generally possessed black
eyes, you know?”
“You don’t have to charm
me; you were made with
very potent charm”.
He laughed.
“Alright baby, lets go and
get this over with” he said
and we both went back to
the sitting room. On getting
there, Richærd’s mum was
nowhere to be found.
“She just left, we could not
stop her” Prisca explained.
Richærd looked at me. “Do
you see? She is not here.
She is no longer around
and she never was”. He said
and stormed out of the

Our anniversary celebration
had fallen into ruins and I
am sure I would not forget
it in a hurry. I picked up my
phone and dialed Richærd’s
number again after several
fruitless attempts but the
phone rang off without any
answer. I strolled from one
end of the compound to the
other in worry, dialing his
number continuously.
Though, I tried to stop
Richærd from leaving, he left
anyways and I felt terribly
angry that my father-in-law
could be so thoughtless as
to invade one of our
happiest moments by
bringing his ex-wife. I knew
just how Richærd must be
feeling having experienced
first-class rejection myself
from the hands of my step-
father (Mr. Badmus).
I had dismissed everyone to
their various destinations –
there is nothing to
celebrate about with my
husband in a bad shape. It
is over three hours and
Richærd is nowhere to be
found. I shivered from the
cold outside and went back
in,side to get a jacket. It was
almost nine and my
husband was not home yet.
I continued my phone call
as I went into the room
only to find Richærd’s phone
on the bed. I hissed aloud
and flung my phone onto
the bed, my apprehension
increasing a notch. “Where
are you Richy?” I gro-ned.

Prisca placed Patricia in her
court and placed a good
night k-ss on her forehead.
Even though the room was
mosquito free, she still used
a mosquito net for pat. She
climbed into bed beside
Tony and smuggled closer
to him to feel the warmth of
his body. He held her close
and looked into her eyes,
“even after a child, you are
looking more beautiful
She smiled, “what is with
your flirtatious eyes and
tone now my husband?”
“Well, if I don’t flirt with you,
who else would I flirt
with?” he asked
“you would not dare flirt
with anyone. Remember
when Richærd held Belina
today? I was actually
jealous. I wanted you to do
the same that very minute”,
Prisca replied with a smile.
“hmmm, you should have
told me. You know I would
have done more than you
bargained for” Tony said
with a wink.
Prisca smiled but the smile
soon faded off. “you know,
I would not have taken it
likely at all if our anniversary
had been ruined like that.
Whatever entered Richærd’s
pop to make him bring that
woman there, ehn?” Prisca
said with annoyance.
Tony had carefully ensured
that they did not discuss
the party by bringing up
other subjects however
unimportant because he
knew that Prisca was
obviously very pissed. He
was also very angry and he
had felt bad when he saw
the sad look on Belina’s face
as she told them to leave.
“I don’t even know what
that woman is looking for.
She did not come looking
for him long time ago but
now that she has become
an empty barrel, she wants
to reclaim her son. Haaa,
human beings are so
heartless” Prisca continued.
“don’t draw that conclusion
honey, that she is back
without a child does not
mean that she can’t
conceive again”, Tony
Prisca laughed, “I know
what I am saying though I
don’t have any proof. Do
you think she would be
here if one of her rich
aristos had married her?
Trust me darling; the
woman is just here because
no one wants her fruitless
ass anymore plus Richærd is
a multi-millionaire, now she
wants to eat where she did
not sow”. She hissed.
Loretta sat down on a chair
in her tastefully furnished
mini-flat, crying. Though
she was presently in
Nigeria, her taste, class and
desire for luxury was still
very much imbedded in her.
Ever since she ran out of
her son’s apartment, she
hadn’t been able to stop the
tears from flowing. She
remembered the look of
hatred on Richærd’s face
when he looked at her and
the tears dropped more.
She had done terrible
things to him in the past
which she considered
She had treaded a very
reckless life not putting into
consideration what it might
cost her. She had felt
unsatisfied with James
because he was unable to
give her all the luxury she
desired. Whenever he
traveled, she would invite
strange men into the house
for s€×ual activities, locking
her seven years old Richærd
out. Whenever he cried and
protested, she would beat
him, drag him out of the
house and lock the door
until she was done. This
happened very frequently
because James Branson;
her husband; always
traveled, looking for
greener pasture to make
his family especially his wife
happy and contented.
Loretta finally became fed
up and decided to quit the
marriage, giving the full
custody of Richærd to James
in order to perform her
escapades without the
hindrances of a son.
Richærd’s father, who loved
Loretta with all his heart,
decided to leave the States
for Nigeria in order to be
far away from her.
Together, Richærd and his
father had struggled
through thick and thin
eventually breaking the
holds of poverty. Loretta on
the other hand, had several
abortions which eventually
severed her womb. No man
could afford to marry her
without a womb, despite
her rare beauty. She had felt
completely alone and
miserable until she decided
to take the only lifeline she
had left. She had heard
enough about James and
Richærd from the news and
she knew that it would be
even more difficult to gain
their forgiveness now that
they are rich.
She wiped tears of regrets
off her face as she heard a
knock. She was startled,
wondering who might be
there. She stood up and
went to open the door.
“James”, she breathed as
she stared at her ex-
husband at the door.
Mr James Branson entered
the house without saying a
word, pulled her out of the
entrance into his arms,
closed the door with his leg
and covered her l-ips with
his. He k-ssed her like his
life depended on it. He
hadn’t been able to find
love in anyother woman
ever since she walked out
of his life. She was the only
woman he ever loved. Since
she arrived about three
years ago, he had tried his
possible best to avoid the
feelings that never left him
but it kept on increasing
everytime he set his eyes on
her. Tonight, he hadn’t been
able to bare it when he saw
tears in her eyes.
Loretta tried to pull away
but he held her and she
gave in. the door flung
open and they sprung apart
like children caught stealing
meat. They both faced the
entrance at the same time
and Loretta gasped,


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