Belina 2

Belina 2 – batch 3



Ronke sat down in bed
cornflakes and milk in bowl
surfing the net. She doesn’
work but spends all th
money she wants jus
because she has decided t
make her body work fo
her, not publicly though
She is what you would refe
to as a private pr-stitute
Her accommodation, ca
and everything she had i
her possession came fro
men who were no
contented with their wive
and could not withstan
her exceptional ability i
Presently, she wasn’t o
twitter, facebook or an
social media as was he
usual way of passing tim
and getting men who coul
‘spend’, she wa
researching into the privat
life of Belina Branso
popularly known as Mrs. BB
Being a popular person
much of her private life wa
open to public glare despit
her desperate attempt a
making her private lif
private. After researchin
for few minutes, sh
stumbled on a very excitin
info and smiled tentatively
“Oh… Oyin baby, you ow
me one. You are definitel
blessed to have me. Ou
plan just got better”, sh
said to herself, picking u
her plate of cornflakes
chewing with delight as sh
stared at the screen
Richærd sat down in hi
office, files in hand. H
checked his wristwatch bu
it was not 11 am yet. H
had ensured that a wor
file was placed on Oyinade’
table before her arrival a
was done to every ne
intake in the hospital. A tou
round the hospital was th
first assignment she had t
carry out with the aid of he
secretary but she was t
meet him 11 am. He hate
people with the ‘Africa
time’ mentality and h
wanted to test her on tha
His intercom rang on
minute to eleven. “let he
in”, was his response an
he praised her internally fo
successfully passing th
first test
Oyinade walked in elegantl
and successfully hid her jo
at seeing him at such clos
range. Apart from bein
one of the younges
millionaires in Nigeria, h
had an exceedingl
stunning exterior tha
almost made her knee
weak. He had a powerfu
presence which could ooz
the air in a room, leavin
you breathless
“Good morning Mr
Branson” she said. H
responded likewise
pointed to a chair opposit
him and she sat down
Richærd did not for onc
take his eyes off the file h
was studying as he rolle
out her duties
“well, miss Adeyanju, I jus
have a few minutes s
listen attentively because
won’t repeat myself. Yo
are going to take part of m
workload here because m
table is overflowing. In m
absence, you are to cross
check all the patients in th
hospital and attend to m
patients. You already hav
the file in your office to tel
you your program for th
week. Any other thin
asides these would b
relayed later. An
questions?” he flippe
through the pages of th
file like someone reading
very fascinating novel
Oyinade was stunne
beyond words, not by th
things he was blabbing bu
by the fact that he hadn’
spared her a glance, despit
her perfume. She though
of a question which coul
require him to look at he
but could not find a
intelligent one. “No sir”, sh
“Good. That’s all for no
then”, he said as farewell
Oyinade gathered her ruins
stood up and left the office
While Richærd smiled faintl
in his office as he continue
to inspect the files on hi
table, Oyinade was bus
pacing her tastefull
furnished office in anger
She picked up her phon
and dialed Ronke. Withou
any pleasantry, sh
launched her cause

“I ne
to take this up a notc
Ronky. I went to see hi
now and he did not eve
glance at me, despite m
very expensive perfume
That witch in his house ha
clouded his mind”
Ronke sighed over th
receiver and said

down babe, I’ve got a plan” .


I sat down in my office
fighting an inner battle. My
inability to have a child was
giving me so much turmoil.
Every time my period skips
a day, I buy pregnancy test
sticks to test myself
personally with the hope
that it would turn out
positive. The calendar has
now become my best friend
and I never passed a day
without checking the
calendar. It was like an
addiction. I had attended to
a patient who was scared
about her pregnancy
because it was her first and
she had been told that the
first issue is always very
difficult. I had advised her
carefully, assuring her that
she would be fine. She
became very calm and
enthusiastic, asking me if I
had children of my own.
She apparently is not
someone who follows
gossips if not; she would
not be asking me that. I
was flushed with all kinds
of emotions but I did my
best to hide it while she
was there. I told her that I
was still expecting and she
was sympathetic saying
that she knew I would be a
very great mother.
Immediately she left, the
tears I had kept at bay came
cascading down my face. I
checked the date again and
saw that it was not even
close to my date. I had so
many baby things given to
me as wedding gift over
two years ago but they are
all still brand new. I dried
my face with a hankie but
my spirit was still down. An
idea struck my mind and I
was immediately on my
feet. My pastor always
preached about taking a
leap of faith and that is
what I am going to do – I
am going to decorate my
child’s bedroom. I passed
on duty to my assistant,
picked my bag and headed
home. I remembered
Richærd told me he just got
a new assistant and that I
was to meet her today for
introduction sake but I
already felt weak. I sent a
message to Richærd,
explaining to him that I was
a bit down and needed rest,
knowing that he would call
soon. I entered my car and
zoomed off.

Oyinade arrived home and
flung her bag on the sitting
room couch, frustrated.
Apart from her initial
encounter with Richærd
Branson, she had been
ignored every other time
she came in contact with
him. He barely even glanced
at her twice, throughout
the day despite her
deliberately cunning
approaches. She had initially
thought today would be
splendid but she ended up
feeling low and humiliated
even though Richærd did
not do anything physically
to warrant her humiliation.
She had called Ronke on her
way so she was not
surprised when her door
flung open with Ronke
letting herself in as was her
usual habit.
“BRH baby, ki lo n se e? Talk
to mummy” Ronke asked
immediately she entered,
heading straight for the
refrigerator to fix herself a
Oyin hissed and narrated
everything to Ronke all over
again even though she had
done that already on the
phone. Ronke drank slowly
while Oyin rattled on. When
she did not stop talking and
Ronke was already tired of
hearing, she scre-med until
she stopped and was
glaring at her.
“What’s your problem girl?
Did I not tell you I have a
plan? Aahhh, I tire for you
o” Ronke said exasperated.
Oyin eyed her annoyingly.
“You dey craze. Why you no
talk am since u enter? You
dey there dey drink my
expensive wine”.
“Just shut up and listen.
When you are through, you
would know that you owe
me, big time” she paused to
sip her drink, deliberately
taunting Oyin. Receiving a
stern glare, she smiled and

“You would have
to put up with Richærd’s
coldness for a very short
period. Before you can carry
out any other plan, we need
to create conflict between
them. We need to break
their trust in eachother”
“OK…” Oyin said impatiently.
Ronke continued.

“So, I
made a research today and
discovered the perfect tool
to use. Belina had an Ex
who is crazy about her. He
is still unmarried and I
believe he is still in love with
Belina. After searching for a
while, I got his facebook
address and after going
through most of his status
uploads and some other
things, I noticed that he still
has feelings for her so we
need to get him because he
can help us create the
discord we need. There is
no love as strong as your
first love. Do you grab?”
Oyin assimilated this for a
while and smiled,
appreciating Ronke the

“OK, so how do we
contact this guy, genius?”
she asked cynically and
Ronke smiled, very proud of
herself. She brought out a
little piece of paper which
had a phone number
written on it and held it out.
Oyin’s eyes w¡dened in
surprise and admiration as
she collected the paper;
“You little witch. How did
you get this?”
“Very easy. The man actually
made his phone number
public on facebook, I guess
it worked to our
advantage” she said
“But what if he doesn’t
accept to do this?” Oyin
asked what had been on
her mind since the
launching of the topic.
“Then, we would have to
persuade him. A good
amount of money should
do the trick but if his male
ego won’t accept it, we
would give him something
no man can refuse. You
know…” she said smiling
Oyin got the message and
smiled openly. “You are
“We both are. You realize
you owe me big time,
“Of course. I know that you
are not free babe, not even
to your friend”. Ronke
laughed while Oyin dialed
the number.


I finally finished the
arrangement and
decorations and I stood
appreciating my efforts. All
the toys and decorations
adorning the room created
a child-like feeling and aura
that would definitely draw
children like magnet. When
I left the office, I had made
straight for a toy shop. I
bought everything my heart
fancied. Buying those
things brought hope and
joy that I would have a child
– my child – who would
play with them. Even
though I knew that I would
not let a room separate me
from my child at night, I
knew that he or she would
grow old enough to own a
room like this one.
I had created time to put
something on the fire
before Richy arrived
because he surely had a lot
to do at work being a
Monday. Richærd had called
immediately he got my
message, asking me
thousands of questions and
giving loads of instructions
like, don’t stress yourself,
rest, eat, sleep, etc.
I quickly ran into the
kitchen with the fear that
the food was already
burning and I got there just
in time to take it off the gas.
I was hungry but too tired
to eat so I went to the
sitting room to wait for
Richærd. Immediately I hit
the couch, sleep enveloped
me. I woke up some
minutes later to the touch
of Richærd’s hand. He k-ssed
my forehead softly and
“How are you sweetheart?”
he asked and I smiled
faintly, a bit dizzy. He looked
at me closely like he was
studying a lab specimen
and frowned.

“You look
worn out. Did you work up
yourself?” he asked.
I looked away and narrated
all the events of the day
from the time the pregnant
lady came into my office to
the time I fell asleep on the
couch. He looked at me and
when I was done, he pulled
me into his arms, placing
my head on his broad chest.
“You know I love you, don’t
you?” he asked softly and I
“You know God loves us
and knows what is best for
us, right?” he asked again
and I nodded.
“then, you have to believe
and know that God sees
our desire for children. He
has given us children only
we cannot see them
physically. That we can’t see
God does not mean he does
not exist but we live by the
assurance and believe that
we would see him
someday. The same applies
to this; we cannot see our
children physically but we
are not barren. Don’t lose
hope, honey. God tests
married couple in various
ways, this is our test, we
must pass it. OK love?”
I nodded and held him
close. Even in a thousand
years – if I am still alive – I
would love my richy. He
k-ssed me deeply and held
my face in his hands. “Can I
see the room now?” he
asked with a smile and I
grinned at the thought of
what his face would look
like when he beheld my
I jumped up and pulled him
along like a child would her
father. He was flushed
when he saw the room. His
eyes rotated from my face
to the room and around the
room in utter disbelief,
probably trying to imagine
how I did it. He pulled me
into his arms and k-ssed
“Well, you should be ready
to give birth to a wh0le
football team because
children would beg God to
be sent here if only to touch
these things” he said
smiling as he lifted me off
the ground into his arms.
“Woah…” I yelled laughing
and struggling to leave his
“I am hungry” he said
“Well, there is food in the
“The food can wait” he said
covering my l-ips with his.


Another week of work has passed and I am happy to have Richærd all to myself.
Even though we have been married for two years now, it felt like two months. I went out jogging and Richy’s lazy ass decided he would rather stay up in bed. He had worked himself out the previous day and all he could do was eat and sleep when he arrived. We had a gym room filled with exercise equipments but I preferred outside jogging. Our estate – Richbel Estate – which is owned by Richærd and I, is a quiet and beautiful place filled with flowers and beautiful works of art.

The estate had twelve houses in all and the design of the estate was a sight to behold. Gazing at the beautiful statues and flowers as I jogged made me feel on top of the world. Richærd had made the entire week so pleasant for
me. His gifts and gestures made me feel so special. The bouquet of flowers, the lovely gold wristwatch and many things he did including calling me every now and then when he was
less busy made me feel so lucky to have such a wonderful man in my life. I did not even remember the
childlessness issue. I still hadn’t seen his newly employed assistant but I did
not really care as long as she was not doing anything ‘personal’ with my husband.
Richærd has given me every reason to trust him and I knew that I would trust him with my life, if necessary.
As I jogged back to the house, I started thinking of what to do for him. I wanted to do something special in return. His mother crossed my mind. No matter
how hærd he denied it, I knew he still had a section in his heart devoted to her. I had seen him secretely
gaze at her picture about three times, admiring her exquisite beauty. I knew it would be difficult but I also
knew without a doubt that he would feel a wh0le lot happier if he let go of the
pain he feels.
Richærd lay on the couch
with his head on my lap. I
toyed with the little hair he
had as we discussed the
movie we were watching.
Just then, someone arrived
at the door and judging
from the voices I heard, I
knew exactly who was
there. I rushed there to
open the door.
“Hey Pric, what a surprise, I
am so happy”, I said
hugging her. I gave Tony a
brief hug too and felt
someone tugging at my
“Aunty Beyina, aunty
I looked down.

“Oh you
little lolly, come here” I said
and lifted a giggling Patricia
into my arms. I k-ssed her
cheeks and tickled her.
“She has been calling your
names all week. How are
you guys?” Prisca said
sitting down.
“Well, we were having a
sitting room honeymoon
before you arrived” Richærd
said with a smiling face.
“Woah, I hate to feel we
disturbed you guys. You can
continue while we watch”
Tony said and we laughed.
I looked at them.

“Well you
all look good in your shorts
and small tops especially my
little lolly here, where are
you going to?” I asked
“Well, we were off to the
beach  for a little fun so we
decided to stop over to see
if you would love to come
“We definitely are coming
along, right honey?” I said
with a look in Richærd’s
“Uhhh… no” he said with a
suspicious frown then
slowly smiled. “Of course
we are going. It’s been a
long week and a wonderful
time at the beach is
perfect”, he said and got up
dragging me along with
him to the room to have a
change of clothes.

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