Belina 2

Belina 2 – batch 6

Season 2
(After the wedding)


Ronke dropped the phone
with smiles all over her face.
It had been fun and
interesting, using her semi-
tatafo voice to shake
Belina’s trust in her
husband. She was very
convinced that things were
falling in line. Luck even
seemed to smile on them
because Belina walked in
on Richærd and Oyin,
making it look like a
confirmation of what she
had heard.
She knew that money
would be at her beck and
call if Oyin becomes the
apple of Richærd’s eyes. She
would be able to extort
money from Oyinade as
much as she liked, but what
if Oyin tried to prove
stubborn then? Blackmail
would come in handy then,
she thought. Surely, she
would not risk having their
secrets out in the open.
Richærd entered the room
Belina was with tears
clouding his sight. He was
almost never moved to
tears but now, all he
wanted to do was cry tears
of joy. He knew the news
came at the wrong time but
uncontrollable joy was the
only thing he could feel. His
heart was filled with pride
and love. The one you can
only feel when you become
a father. Even though he
could not see a child
physically, he could feel the
child’s presence. He could
not believe he had skipped
the fact that she might be
pregnant. He could have
easily put one and one
together and arrive at this
same conclusion. How could
he even assume she was
when they had believed
God for the fruit of the
womb for over two years?
He was sure that despite
Belina’s anxiety, she never
suspected the possibility of
her being pregnant.
He sat by his sleeping,
marveling at her increasing
beauty. They had had a
fight, a misunderstanding;
but even her distrust could
not stop his heart from
beating wildly when she
was near. He bent over and
k-ssed her forehead
tenderly. She had
mentioned a girl, he
remembered. Who was
that? What did she say?
why was it yesterday?
these went through his
mind within seconds but it
was overtaken by his heart
felt joy. ‘you are going to be
a father’, this went through
his mind again and he
wanted to scre-m. He
placed his palm on Belina’s
tommy, feeling his child
in,side and the tears he tried
to hinder flowed down his
face. He wanted to explode.
He had to tell someone. He
left the room in a hurry to
make a few calls.
Oyinade went about her
duty with smiles of victory
on her face. She had
successfully created a
discord in that house. Now,
the only thing she had to do
was sed-ce him while
putting fire in that house
continuously. She s₱0tted
doctor Felix, being more
lively and happy than usual.
She had heard people
gossiping about Richærd
and Belina with long
worried faces but she had
assumed that it was due to
the way and manner at
which they both left her
office. She hadn’t noticed
the wh0le drama where
Richærd carried an
unconscious Belina back to
the hospital.
“Doctor?” she called
“Miss Oyin, hope your day is
going on well” doctor felix
faced Oyin.
“Very well” she said,
meaning each word.
is going on? You look very
happy today”.
Apart from being an
exceptional doctor, Doctor
felix is not one to be trusted
with a secret. Whenever he
is happy about something,
he tells as many people as
“Oh… I am very
happy. Mrs Branson was
brought in by her husband
after she practically fainted”
he paused for emphasis.
This delighted her. The
shock had definitely taken
its toll on her. She knew
though that Doctor Felix
could not be smiling
because of this, so she
pressed on for the full gist.
“Oh my God…” she gasped
feigning shock. “And?”
“After reviving her, I
discovered the obvious. She
is pregnant”
“What” she exclaimed, her
blood draining from her
face, leaving her as white as
Richærd got to his office to
pick up his phone and call
his dad, Tony, Prisca,
everyone his mind could
think of; but reason took
over him. His wife had to
know about her pregnancy
before any other person.
Besides, she is pregnant
person. He terribly wanted
to explode, so, he exploded
to God by thanking him and
thanking him until he was
sure God had
acknowledged his
He made for BRP Hospitalto
take everything Belina had
brought to the office. He
would surely not allow her
lift a finger. As soon as she
awakens, his work for the
day would be over because
he would take her home to
take care of her properly
even if she wrestled with
him due to their earlier
fight, he vowed.
Kelvin had been sitting in
the mini reception room
preceding Belina’s office in
BRP Hospitalfor over thirty
minutes. He had been
waiting for Belina but luck
was definitely against him
today. Even though he
hadn’t planned with Oyin
and her accomplice to meet
with Belina today, he felt he
had to rekindle the fire of
the love they had once
shared hastily before it was
too late. Seeing Belina had
erupted emotions he had
tried hærd to bury and he
had vowed to claim her
back. He had used his own
hands to destroy the
wonderful love they had
and he intended on
creating it back.
“What the hell are you
doing here?” Richærd said
through gritted teeth as he
stared at the last person he
wanted to see.
Kelvin rose upand faced his


Oyinade got back to her
office groggily. She had
developed a splitting
headache immediately she got that shocking message from Doctor Felix. Pregnant?
How can that stupid witch be pregnant? She
wondered. She could not understand why
everything always gets
complicated whenever she arrived at a little level of victory. She had expected many things to happen;the most expected was an open
fight featuring Richærd & Belina. She had expected everything to get scattered & messy between them while she played innocent,lamenting her guilt to Richærd with a sober face; none of these were to
happen though.
She can’t be pregnant, she hummed in her head.
Not when she had already gone this far.

She left her office &
within seconds, she was on her way to the room Belina was. It might be good to
play on her emotions.
Prisca inspected the stock with one of her sales girls giving account. She had quit
her stressful banking job when she was expecting Patricia. The job was too much to handle & Tony,who had been on her tail as to leaving the job, had
forced her to resign when she was heavy.

She however hadn’t regretted her actions because Tony made it up to her and ensured that she did not sit
idle at home doing nothing;something she hated with passion. He had opened a boutique for her where she sold all kinds of clothes. She
had a section for native
materials and another for normal day to day clothes,majorlyoffice wears. The boutique was practically the
biggest and most
patronized of all the
boutiques around.
After going through
all the stock, she noted the goods they needed to order and asked the girl to place the order.

They couldn’t afford to run out of stock.
Prisca went into her office happy that her business was booming and also that her staff were happy. They
loved her dearly and she
always had private
discussions with them from time to time, finding out what was going on with them and offering words of
advice. Her mind had been on Belina since yesterday though. She didn’t know why but she felt something
was going on with her.

She had always had that bond with her ever since they were best friends, knowing
nothing about their
relativity. She called her
phone and pinged her
severally but she was not responding. She decided to go over to BRP Hospital.
Kelvin glared at Richærd
with measured despise. His hatred for this man had grown over a period of time and he could feel his desire for a physical combat
increasing as he stared at the arrogant idiot.
Richærd stood tall with confidence & strength. His face was a veiled expression of what he was feeling on the in,side. He had the ability to look calm at the battle front,with his face revealing no
emotional feeling at all; this single trait made him look more dangerous no matter
the opponent her faced. His build also always gave him the upper hand considering his athletic build.
His desire to deal with
Kelvin had never left him but now that he had the opportunity to satisfy that desire, he realized that he could not bring down his
reputation by stooping to his level. He deliberately blinked his eyes slowly as he re-emphasized his question.
“I said, what in Hades are you doing here?
“I am here to see Belina. Is there any crime in that? Or does her marriage to you
restrict her from having
visitors?” Kelvin replied,
spoiling for a fight. Richærd did not move a muscle and his face still possessed no emotion, giving Belina’s secretary a slight shiver
“Is there any problem sir?”
she asked her oga at the top.
“Yes. It seems our young man here has lost his way”
he replied not facing her.
Then to Kelvin, “I would
give you the grace of
moving your filthy self out of here before I have men bundle you out”
Kelvin shifted as if to
ascertain that his two feets were firmly rooted, then glared.
“I would like to see
you dare”
Richærd smiled. “I was
actually hoping u would
say that”. Before Kelvin
could blink, he was
surrounded by three hefty men. He was oblivious of the time Richærd pressed the secret button of his
“You would pay for this” he growled as he was picked up by one of the men,struggling,kicking and scre-ming like a little child.
Prisca arrived at Best
Results the exact time Kelvin was being bundled out. She parked her car just in time to see d hefty guy drop him like a bag of beans. He surprise & bewilderment did not stop her from going over. Kelvin was busy raining curses on the men who just turned back and left him there, foaming.
She covered the distance separating them with quick strides; her concern not on his welfare though.
“Kelvin” she breathed,
thinking her eyes might be betraying her.
He spun like an automatic machine with a glare stamped on his face. On sighting Prisca, his frown & anger seemed to deepen.
“What under heaven do u think u are doing here?”
she asked alarmed.
Kelvin hissed
“Have I not had enough of that ridiculous question? What else do u think I am doing here?” he growled.


The ever bold Prisca can
never be bullied by anyone,no matter the size. She folded her arms.
“If you think you can create havoc
in a peaceful home by
presenting your infuriating self, you have me to deal
with. Do you understand?”
Kelvin laughed.
“Yeah, right;the tigress. No wonder you and Belina are siblings;birds of a feather. You are just opportunists. Tell me:
how were you able to plant urselves in the houses of rich men? You are bloody gold diggers.”
Prisca’s hand hit his face hærd, making him
unbalanced for a few
seconds. He had never hit a woman before but he couldn’t take this. He started lifting up his hand to retaliate.
“u try it, it would be the
last thing you do” Richærd said,approaching from behind. “I would personally pummel ur filthy self with
my hands until your face becomes a living mess.”
The anger was fully
displayed on Richærd’s face now and with one glance,Kelvin knew that what he just said would come to pass if he as much as tried
to prove stubborn. He gave both of them equal rounds of glare, and then he bounced off, leaving Prisca & Richærd.
I opened my eyes feeling slight discomfort. I had
become used to d
hospital environment &
having patients on sick
beds since my husband is a first-class doctor but being d one on the bed is not something I am fond of. I tried to sit up &succeeded with slight discomfort. I felt it was awkward & a little surprising that Richærd was not with me. My memory was not lost, I was intact, so I could remember vividly,what happened before I passed out. It hurt deeply remembering but a part of me still wanted Richærd around now. Does it mean I have actually lost him? It
can’t happen. I would fight for him with d wh0le of my might. All these went through my mind as I tried in vain to lift myself off d bed. I felt too weak &knew that if I could even
muster strength to stand, I would fall.
I suddenly felt a presence in the room even b4 the door closed. I knew it was not Richærd though, I would
know his approach
anywhere. I turned thinking it would be one of d doctors but it wasn’t. my gaze collided with Oyinade’s
& in place of a doctor, I
saw a harlot. I deliberately kept my cool, not giving her the hint of victory by
getting all worked up;
something I learnt from
Richærd. She hasn’t won.
Infact, she is far from
winning; I said to myself. He is my husband & if I am
still Belina, she has no place in his heart, I vowed.
I smiled coyly, hiding my
desire to jump out of d
bed & tear off d filthy-
looking wig she had on.
“what do u want?” I
She seemed surprised & confused but she
composed herself.
“Ma’am, I just want to
apologise for what u saw d other time. It would never happen again.” She
breathed looking guilty.
I smiled.
“I am sure it
wouldn’t dear; very sure”.
Again, that confused look flashed through her face.
“madam” she continued
with a struggle.
“I know u must hate me now. You have every right to. I did not want to agree to it when he
proposed it. I wanted to refuse but I could not control my heart” she said with tears brimming in her
My interest was pricked.
“Agree to what?” I asked attentively.
She sniffed.
“He said u
couldn’t give him a child. He truly loves u & he did
not want to pressurize u so he came to meet me. He wanted a child in order to please his father who was
becoming concerned. I did not agree at first cos I love him.” She paused as if to see my reaction. I gave none as I stared at her not
betraying any emotion
“Yes ma’am. I have loved him even before I actually met him. I have seen him times
without number on TV & I have developed undying feelings for him,& though I tried to kill it, I only ended up increasing my desires for him. I did not want to destroy ur family
but in d end, working
with him seemed more
than I bargained for,&
the heart goes where d heart goes.
“I wanted to be with him even if it is just for a moment & also bear his child. I had refused ever since he told me & had been pestering me, but today, I was just confessing my love for him when u saw us.” She paused, trying
to stop her tears. she
hurriedly held my hand,
kneeling down. “please
don’t tell him. He made me promise not to tell u but I could not bear d hatred with which u looked at me. He loves u & I respect that even though it hurts me. You are a woman like me & I know how u feel now but pls,don’t take him away from me.

My heart won’t take that. What he wants to do
would help u too. In our
place we have an adage
that says, ‘ori omo ni n pe omo waye’, meaning, ‘a child’s head can call another child to life. Maybe when I
bear him a child,u would
too. Don’t take him away from me. I love him &can’t bear to lose him” she pleaded & left d room in a hurry as if escaping.
I had heard more than
enough, too much in one day. My head was spinning & d room was going round in circles. I pushed myself back to a lying position. I stilled my eyes,sternly preventing d
emergence of tears but I could not hold them back as they came tumbling down.


Loretta drove her car at a high speed. The frustration she felt was enormous &she had no one but herself
to blame. All efforts at
reaching Richærd had been fuitile & she was growing desperate. She had called once but immediately he knew that she was d one,
he had hung up & since
then, his number had been unreachable. She needed his forgiveness. She needed someone to love her. She isn’t used to being unloved.
She had loved James
Branson but when he
became poor & retched,
she had to throw away
what she felt for him &
find greener pastures –
something she regrets now beyond words. She knew she still felt d same way about him & that d feeling is mutual & reciprocated but she knew that James would not leave his wife who stood by him
through thick & thin for
her. She knew that &
therefore was not after him but after her son. She does not espect James to ever
forgive her. But Richærd? My son hates me, she thought painfully. It tore at her heart & tears clouded her sight.
She was heading towards BRP Hospitalto talk to Richærd’s wife. She had found out that there was almost nothing she asked
for which she wasn’t given.
She is d key to Richærd’s
heart. ‘she might be able to beg Richærd on my behalf’
she thought
She turned right into
macdonalds driveway on top speed, not seeing d pedestrian crossing d road.
“Jesus…” she scre-med,
rather too late for d car to stop miraculously through divine intervention. She ran
into d pedestrian,
knocking him down
The door opened & in
came Richærd and Prisca. I hadn’t been able to
compose myself ever since Oyin left. My heart was shattered & seeing Prisca after about a month did not even bring a smile to my
“Leave”, I said bluntly &
audibly even before they made it to my side.
They both paused by my bed. The fact that I had been crying was not lost on them.
“u don’t want me
here? What’s wrong?”
Prisca asked bewildered.
I raised my eyes to glare at Richærd.
“Please tell him to leave Pric” I said with tears
forming in my eyes.
Prisca was even more
shocked than before as she looked at me as if I had suddenly grown horns. I saw it in the way she looked from me to Richærd,not understanding what
was going on. She had
never seen us have a
disagreement before; no one had. Richærd just stared at me blankly, not portraying any emotions but he seemed angry. Why
should he be? I wondered. I am d only one permitted to feel anger.
He left d room without
uttering a word to me. The tears I held at bay tumbled down as I held on to Prisca. I secretly wondered why my
emotion was all over d
place. I used to have control over my emotions, not crying or showing any signs of weakness but
recently, little things move me to tears. The confusion was evident on Prisca’s face as she held me in her arms
but she kept quiet, allowing d tears to flow ceaselessly.
u were wrong to do
that girl” she began after I had gathered some form of
“Whatever d matter might be,u
shouldn’t have done that,especiallywith someone around” she said.
I kept quiet knowing that there was an element of truth in what she said even
though I was not looking for rebukes but approval;trust Prisca to give u the undiluted truth always. I struck Richærd’s male ego
with my actions; that I saw very evidently written on his face.
“Are u going to tell me
what the matter is?” Prisca asked.
I opened my mouth to
speak but was interrupted by an intruder. Doctor Felix
entered d room with a
smile on his face. Despite my inner turmoil, I found his smile contagious. I
smiled for the first time that evening even though it did not reach my eyes.
“It is good u are awake
ma’am, how are u
feeling?” he asked with that funny smile still playing on his face.
“I am fine, thank u
doctor” I lied and I could
imagine Prisca rolling her
eyes. I maintained my smile though, not letting out any pain.
“You need to rest, especially now. You would have to rest a lot, eat lots of fruits
& avoid stress. You would also come for Antenatal classes regularly, so that u can be monitored.
Congrats ma” I would have pursued d ‘ma’ issue but I was already too confused & dumbfounded to do
that. Prisca also seemed dumbstruck as she stared at Doctor Felix with open mouth.
“What are u saying?” I
“Oh… I see ur husband
hasn’t told u. You are
pregnant; one month, 2weeks gone”
My breath caught as I
gasped at d revelation.

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