Belina 2

Belina 2 – batch 8

Season 2


I woke up in the car, on our
way home. I thought I had
had a dream of Richærd
carrying me in his arms but
it obviously isn’t. Richærd
looked at me, taking his
eyes away from the
steering. He looked worried
and concerned about me.
He put one hand on my
laps, controlling the wheels
with the other.
“How are you feeling
princess?” he asked
I nodded, too weak to open
my mouth; I still felt sleepy.
He smiled faintly and moved
his fingers through my hair.
“Go back to sleep baby.
C’mon” he whispered and I
went back to sleep.
I woke up fully in bed. I was
in my underwear, no
clothes. I was covered with
a blanket. Richærd came into
the bedroom and smiled
when he saw me awake. My
heart melted as I stared at
his handsome profile.
He climbed in bed beside
me and k-ssed me gently on
the l-ips.
“How are you, my
I smiled.
“I feel better than
before, thanks. Why am I
Richærd grinned.
temperature was so high; it
could boil a cup of water so
I took your clothes out of
the way. Little Richærd
needs a very comfortable
environment to grow” he
said, placing his hand on
my stomach.
My heartbeat skipped.
Today had been a very long
day but I would demand to
have this day and none
other, if only to feel the way
I did when I heard the
news of my pregnancy.
looked at Richærd critically.
“Are you sure you did not
take off my clothes for your
advantage?” I asked
c*cking my head at an
awkward angle.
“Oh sweet, what are you
insinuating?” He asked,
looking as innocent as
possible. I laughed hærd,
looking at him. Oh… I am so
much in love with this guy.
Even though I saw the
desire in his eyes and
written all over him, his
concern for my health and
condition was more
evident. He stopped my
laughter with his mouth,
covering mine in a fierce,
demanding manner. We
shared similar desire as I
held on to him, k-ssing him
deeply. Something flashed
through my mind and I
instantly became still.
Richærd noticed this and
stopped abruptly, bringing
his ragged breathing under
“What is wrong?” he
“Nothing. I… I remembered
that I hadn’t asked you how
Kelvin is doing” I said
slowly. Something seemed
to pass through his face
within seconds.
“He is in a comma now; all
we can do is pray that he
comes out alive”. I nodded
and stared at nothing in
particular. He was silent; so
was I.
“Youtold me to trust you.
How can I do that if you
also don’t trust me?” I
asked. He was silent; he just
stared into space. “What is
between you and your
“We share only one
relationsh¡p: working
relationsh¡p. There is
nothing going on between
us. I know she sent a
message at an ungodly
hour but she was just
apologizing for her
misconduct the previous
day” he assured.
“Which misconduct are you
talking about?” I asked
intent on finding any loop
Richærd sighed. “She was
dressed inappropriately. Her
body was on public display
and I rebuked her
indecency. She felt guilty
and decided to send a
message. She felt she
couldn’t face me after what
she did”.
“Oh…” I breathed. The
pregnancy sickness took
over before I could think of
anything. I ran into the
toilet to throw up. Richærd
rinsed my face and led me
back to bed. He was able to
shove some food down my
throat before I used some
drugs. It can be upsetting
to have a doctor as a
husband especially when
you have to use drugs every
now and then. I lamented
the irrelevance of drugs but
he did not rest until I had it
down my throat. I cuddled
next to him and he had his
arms around me till I dozed


Oyinade drove her car so
recklessly that she had
almost gotten herself killed
by on-coming vehicles. It is
so early in the morning and
no one should be seen in
such speed. She needed to
see Ronke. She could really
use some advice.
The previous day is what
you would term her worst
nightmare. She couldn’t
believe she had actually
spilled the beans to that
tormentor. She closed her
eyes briefly as she
remembered the awkward
tension she felt in her own
“I love Richærd ma” she had
dropped immediately Prisca
stopped talking. Prisca’s
facial expression did not
change one bit. You would
assume that she already
knew it with the way she
pasted that smile on her
“I have seen him times
without number on the
television and I decided to
work here in BRH, hoping
that he would love me
back” she said in one
“Oh… so you are trying to
tell me that you never knew
he was married?” Prisca
Oyinade sniffed and shook
her head. “I never knew
until I got here. When I got
here and discovered he was
married, I just wished I
would have something with
“You are a terrible liar. I am
going to let that slide
though. I thought you
denied being a w—e; tell
me: what ‘plan’ did you put
in place to ensure that
Richærd leaves his beautiful
bride?” Prisca asked
Oyinade looked at her. She
had truly heard everything
she said to Ronke, she
thought. She had hoped
that she didn’t hear
everything; the ending part
“You would tell
her ma’am. You would tell
them and my life would be
shattered, I would be
jobless.” She had cried.
“No. I would not tell a single
soul. I just want to
determine if you are the
best person for me to use.
You see, Belina came into
my family, taking away my
parents’ attention and
drawing it to herself. She
became showered with all
kinds of gifts and my
parents scolded me all the
time because of her. She
became a peasant; a thorn
in my flesh. I have wanted
to pay her back somehow,
anyhow, but I hadn’t got
the chance till now. You
taking Richærd would mean
that I have my revenge and
you also have your man.
What do you think?”
Oyinade was speechless.
She had known from her
distant study of Prisca that
she is dangerous and
unpredictable but she
hadn’t expected her to be
that way with her sister.
She knew how neglect can
make you do silly things
having experienced it first-
hand with her parents.
“Ok ma. I tried to sed-ce
him with my body but he is
too immune towards me.
The only thing I did and
succeeded with was to
create discord between
them. Maybe you can give
me an advice as to how to
go about it though, I have
not even had twenty-four
hours of complete victory.”
Oyin said, happy that she
now had a formidable ally.
Prisca stood up, raising her
phone in the air.

for you sincerity my dear, it
was most helpful. For the
record, I did not have your
earlier phone conversation
recorded, it was just bait.
Now, I have your
confessions recorded. Next
time, think twice about

with my family
because Richærd and Belina
are family. Chaos. MUAH”
Prisca blew her a k-ss and
waltzed out of the office
with a cool smile. All the
blood flowing through
Oyinade’s veins seemed to
freeze as she choked.
Oyinade parked her car in
front of Ronke’s compound.
She had been too worn out
to call her last night but she
could really use some advice
right now. She had rejected
all of Ronke’s advices,
relying on her own ideas
and impulses but presently,
she could not even think of
a single line of action.
She knocked on the
entrance door and Ronke
came out in her night gown
to open. They greeted
normally and she sat down
on the chair forcefully.
Ronke stared at Oyin,
expecting her to begin her
blabbing about her
stupidity and asking how
they were going to deal
with Belina’s pregnancy but
instead, she just sat there,
looking at her with her
head in her hands.
“I am finished Ronke.
Totally screwed” Oyin said
after long silence.
“Yeah, I got it. The pretty
wife is pregnant” she said
sarcastically, going to grab
a bottle of water even
though she really wanted to
drink something strong.
“No. it is much worse than
that” Oyin said, catching
Ronke’s attention with her
grim face. She narrated all
that happened the previous
day, right from the very top
where she had refused to
see Richærd, making him
feel guilty, to the very
bottom. Ronke just gaped
at her when she finished
like she had ten heads.
“You are the most stupid
idiot I have ever seen in my
life. Were you possessed or
something?” she barked.
“Don’t insult me, d–n you.
Let’s just find a way to solve
this problem, please” Oyin
“You must be crazy if you
think that I am going to
help you with anything. The
time I was there to help,
you did not listen to me.
This is your problem and
you would solve it yourself.
If I were you, I would be
more concerned about a
bigger problem.” She said,
finally grabbing a drink.
Oyinade was confused and

“What are you
talking about?”
“I can blow the whistle
faster than any referee in a
football match. I know of all
your plans, everything you
did just to get Richærd and
his wealth to yourself. I also
know of the two million
naira fraud you committed
last year in your former
hospital before leaving”.
Oyinade blanched.
“How do
you know about that?” she
asked, shaken to her roots.
Ronke walked back to her
seat, glass of whiskey in
one hand.
“Unlike you, I am
not so stupid. Now, if I
were you, I would be
looking for five million
Naira. I give you two weeks;
two weeks to get the
money, if not, you would be
behind bars faster than you
can ever imagine” Ronke
said, placed her glass
against her l-ips and took in
a mouth-full of whiskey.


Oyinade could not quite
believe that her world was
falling apart right in her
very face. She stared at
Ronke as she drank from
her cup slowly, hoping that
she was just pulling her
legs but the facial
expression she saw told her
that it was definitely a farce.
She swallowed hærd.
“Please Ronke, don’t do this
to me; we are best friends,
remember?” she pleaded.
Ronke laughed sarcastically.
“Best friends my foot. What
do you take me for, uhn? Do
you think I am someone
you toil with? I watched
you take up positions in
various places; being
offered top positions in
every company you enter,
you come here and rub it in
my face instead of helping
me secure a job. Do you
think I like warming
people’s beds for money?
Listen to me and listen well:
if you don’t get five million
Naira in two weeks, be
ready for a shocker”. She
stood up already furious.
“Five million Naira? Where
am I supposed to get that?”
Oyinade yelled, already in
“I don’t know and I don’t
care. Rob a bank, whatever.
You know me girl, don’t
take me lightly”. She
threatened, refilling her cup.
Oyinade was breathing
“You are a betrayer. I
hate you” Oyin said quietly.
Ronke nodded.
“Not as
much as I hate you. Now,
get out”
Oyinade stood for a while
then made for the door
quietly. Ronke’s voice
stopped her at the door.
“Don’t think I don’t have
proof. Two weeks” Ronke
said and went into the
room. Oyinade closed the
door and made for her car.
She ought to have arrived
office by now.

Prisca dropped off Patricia
at school, leaving her with a
loving peck on the cheeks.
She had snacks in her lunch
bag which she dropped
with her teacher – Miss
Terri. She went back home
to enjoy her day. Part of the
advantage of being a boss
is the fact that you can
decide to stay at home
anytime you like. She hadn’t
been able to tell Richærd
and Belina what she had
found out yesterday. Belina
had been asleep and
Richærd had been too
concerned about Belina to
even be concerned about
whatever she had found
out. She had poured it all
out to Tony immediately she
arrived home and had
played the recording to his
hearing. He had been too
impressed with her role as
the interrogator that he had
sent it to his phone to listen
to it over and over again.
His anger towards Oyinade
was not disputed though.
He had relayed the story of
how Richærd had been
distraught when he saw
the picture sent to him.
Prisca eased into a chair,
lemon juice in hand,
switching on the plasma to
watch some American
movies. She would make
sure that Oyin girl is put
exactly where she belongs.
She had said some things
which held an element of
When Belina became a
member of the family, she
had almost become invisible
to her parents. Her dad was
doing all he could to make
up for lost time. He wanted
to do everything just to
erase the bad things that
Belina had to cope with in
the hands of Mr. Badmus.
He never came back from
work without buying
something special for her.
Prisca had felt neglected but
Belina, being wise had
always shared everything
that was bought for her.
She would have resented
Belina but the bond
between them is far too
deep to allow jealousy.
Belina had noticed the extra
attention she was receiving
and had confronted their
parents. Belina is the best
sister she could have ever
had and if she had to
choose again, she would
choose Belina a thousand
She remembered the fact
that she would be an aunt
in a matter of months and a
wide grin was pasted on
her face. As for that Oyin
girl, she would deal with
her personally; her trip to
BRH should put that little
gold-digger in her place.
Oyinade sat in her office.
She hadn’t done anything
serious and most of her
time had been spent in her
office, thinking of what to
do. She felt stupid and
foolish. She couldn’t believe
she had trusted Ronke
enough to get her involved
in her every move. She had
known that Ronke was
jealous of her achievements
and of her enormous body
but she never knew she
was this bitter. Where on
earth could she get five
million Naira? She has little
above one million in her
account. Even the two
million Naira she had stolen
had been squandered.
There is this thing about
stolen money that seems to
fly away the very minute it
gets to your hands.
She put her fingers against
her temples. She had been
expecting Richærd to call
her as a result of what she
had told Miss Prisca Williams
but she hadn’t heard
anything. Richærd came in
rather late. He must have
been at home taking care of
his baby mama. Her jealousy
spiraled as she thought
about this.
An idea popped into her
head. No. she shook her
head vigorously. She
couldn’t try it. Never. She
cleared her mind, removing
the evil thought from her
mind. She placed her head
on the table. She had never
been this confused in her
life.  Her intercom line rang
and she jerked up with a
start, her heartbeat running
wild. She contemplated
ignoring it but common
sense took over.
“Hello” she said with shaky
The voice of her boss came
through the speaker,
making her already wild
heartbeat somersault. “Miss
Oyinade, I want to see you
in my office immediately.”
She had dropped the phone
without a response but
even if she had responded,
it wouldn’t have been heard
because Richærd hung up
immediately he finished his
She stood up on shaky legs
and went to Richærd’s
office, leaving her brain
blank, expecting the worst.


I chewed the salty crackers
Richærd had given me.
Richærd had pampered me
so much that I got tired of
it, loved it though. I woke
up rather late. Is it part of
the signs of pregnancy to
sleep too much? If it is, I do
not like it. I hate waking up
late, no matter how tired I
was the previous day. I felt
heavy and weak and I
wanted to do some
exercise even if it is strolling
but Richærd would not have
it. I still felt weak and sick
but I explained to him that
it was just a minor
weakness, of course, he did
not listen.

The part of the pampering I
really enjoyed was when he
bathed me. Silly me, you
would say. I am allowed to
be silly; I am married for
heaven’s sake. You enjoy so
many ‘silly things’ when you
are married, especially to a
very handsome Richærd. The
bath had graduated into
something else and instead
of it being a single person
bath, it became double.
After the love play in the
bathroom and in the room
afterwards, he had got me
some salty crackers from
the supermarket which
would reduce my nausea,
then tried to force me to eat
something even though I
had no appetite at all.
I had to send him to the
hospital forcefully when his
pampering was becoming
too much, saying that he
needed to take care of
Kelvin. He didn’t like me
mentioning his name but I
had done it just to send him
to the hospital. When that
jealous look had crossed his
face, I had smiled and
k-ssed him, telling him that I
love him.
I chewed the cracker, very
happy that he had actually
bought it. It was helping
me, although I already
missed Richærd. I sent him a
message, telling him that I
would love to have another
bath. I smiled to myself as I
saw the delivery alert.
Prisca smiled internally as
she sat opposite Richærd.
She wanted to just blurt
everything out but she
wanted a little fun. She
wanted the downfall of
Oyin to be her way of
having fun. She had arrived
at BRH and had headed
straight towards Richærd’s
office. He would have called
Belina but she did not want
to stress her at all. She is an
expectant mother, she
thought with a smile.
She had to wait in the
reception for Richærd
because he was not on
seat. Richærd met her there
and had invited her into the
office. They had discussed
various issues before she
carefully slipped into her
main purpose for coming.
“Richærd, someone in this
hospital has tried to break
up my lovely family” she had
Richærd’s eyes had twitched
as he looked at her as if
“What are
you talking about? Is there
any problem between you
and Tony? Who is that
Prisca’s expression had
been one of pain.

“It is
Oyinade. I saw her
yesterday. She is trying to
destroy a family filled with
love. She even has the guts
to admit it to my face. I
wanted to tell you yesterday
but I could not. You were
already on your way home.”
Richærd had remembered
that she was about to say
something but had kept
quiet. He did not question
her again but had called
Oyinade immediately. She
tried hærd to keep in place
her facial remorse as she
waited patiently for Oyinade
to arrive.
Not long after, a call came in
through the intercom and
Richærd said into the
mouth-piece, ‘tell her to
come in’. She smiled
Oyinade entered and upon
sighting Prisca, she
shivered. Richærd noticed
this, he had actually thought
that there must have been a
mistake but seeing
Oyinade’s reactions, he
knew that something was
fishy. This lady is already
having the habit of causing
confusion in homes. “Would
you explain exactly what I
am hearing Miss Adeyanju?”
Richærd said sternly, having
a calm look on his face; an
expression that Oyinade
had come to term as
Oyinade shifted
uncomfortably on her feet.
“I… don’t understand sir”
she breathed very quietly
that Richærd almost did not
hear her.
“You better understand
before I lose my cool. Tell
me what you did before my
sister-in-law repeats herself,
leading you into even
bigger trouble” Richærd
dropped, piercing her with
his eyes even though she
avoided meeting his.
She trembled.
“I am sorry
sir, I was misled. I was over-
ambitious and dying with
love that I had to do
everything within my
power to have you” she
said, tears dropping from
her eyes.
Richærd was now confused;
very confused. “What are
you talking about?” he
asked, looking from a
distraught Oyinade to an
indifferent Prisca and back.
“I admit everything Mrs.
Williams told you but sir, I
did everything out of love
for you sir. Ever since I saw
you on TV, I hadn’t stopped
fantasizing about being
with you and having you to
myself.” She sniffed. Richærd
just stared wide eyed.

was the one that sent you
the picture of your wife and
her ex”
“What?” Richærd said
before he could stop
himself. His anger was now
coercing to the surface.
She cried h-rder.

“I only
wanted you to love me sir.
That is why I wore that
skimpy dress to work, so
that you would notice me.”
She swallowed.

“I am so
sorry sir… I would never do
it again” she said, kneeling
Richærd just stared at her,
not knowing what to do or
say. He had expected
something like this but not
about him and Belina. Prisca
had said it in a way that
made him think it had to do
with she and Tony.
Prisca took out her phone,
pressed a few buttons and
the conversation between
she and Oyin filled the
room. When the recording
ended, Richærd placed his
head on his desk. His head
was filled with nothing and
everything. He could not
believe he had such a
person in his hospital. He
lifted his eyes.
“I would take pity on you
because I am not ready for
any legal case right now but
you know that if I decide to
put you behind bars, you
would be there for some
time. I have the power; but
I would not do that. Stand
up now and go to your
office. You have one hour to
pack all your possessions.
You are fired.”
Oyin’s head shot up

“No. Please sir, I
am sorry. I did what I did
out of ignorance. Please”
she pleaded.
Richærd’s piercing gaze
almost blocked air from
entering her nostrils.
“Remove that tag and hand
it over”, he ordered.
Oyinade was still for a
couple of seconds. She
removed the BRH tag
bearing her name and
placed it on the table.

get out now” the words
were a little above a
whisper but it was like a
scre-m due to the way he
said it. Oyinade stood up,
wiped her eyes and left
Richærd picked up his
intercom and barked.
“Prepare a letter of
termination of contract for
Miss Adeyanju immediately.
She is no longer a staff in
Oyin made for her office like
a robot. Her brain was
blank. No thought came.
She picked up the few
things she had in her office
– her photo frame, her Ipad,
her bag and some other
minute things and moved
out of the hospital. Curious
stares greeted her as she
left but she did not pay
them any heed. The only
thing that came to her head
‘where am I going to
get five million Naira?”


Ronke made it through the
flight of stairs that was
threatening to be her
undoing. The elevator in
this damned hotel decided
to fail the very day she had
a reason. She cursed the
stupid intuition that had
made her put on this 6
inches high-heeled shoes.
The long weavon she had
on her head car-ssed her
back as she ascended the
stairs. She had on a tube
gown which naturally
should be a top.

The wine
coloured tube gown started
just from the top of her
br-ast to a few inches away
from her bums. She had
drawn lots of stares as she
entered the hotel and she
hadn’t paid them any heed,
except of course, those
who seemed to have their
pockets full.
She reached Room 207 and
opened without knocking.
“Hello s€×y” Chief Rammon
breathed, taking in every
line in her body. Ronke did
not give any response;
instead, she sat forcefully
on the bed, pulling out the
shoes before they did any
real damage.
“Chief, I have told you times
without number that I don’t
like meeting you in a hotel.
Don’t you like my house?”
she spread her arms,
disgusted, adjusting her
hair and m-ssaging her
feet. She had to endure pigs
like the pot-bellied fat ugly
fool standing in front of her
salivating just because she
wanted to keep her
finances in the balance.

had become a s€× addict
and now, it has become her
business but she would
rather restrict it to young
men of her age but finding
loaded young men these
days seem to be a tedious
task. Old men however
were all over the place,
looking for people to spend
their money on only for a
couple of minutes’ pleasure.
“I am sorry my goddess.
Let’s leave that for now,
yeah?” he said rubbing
Ronke’s laps. Ronke felt the
urge to throw up as she
stared at the despicable
man. She considered
standing up and just
walking away but she re-
evaluated the money she
would be receiving: two
hundred thousand Naira.
She nodded internally. She
couldn’t just throw away
such amount of money. It
would fill a space, help her
fill up her sitting room bar
and also get some of the
tempting clothes she had
seen two days ago. She
promised herself that this
would be the last time she
does this. The five million
naira on the way should be
able to help her set up a
supermarket and live a
perfect life.

Kelvin opened his eyes
weakly. All the images
before him danced gaily as
he struggled to keep his
eyes open. The first thing
that finally came into full
view was the sparkling
white wall overhead. His
throat felt thick, like he
hadn’t used it for days and
he felt boneless and weak.
He painfully turned his stiff
neck and what he saw
made him know that he
was actually in a hospital.
What the hell was he doing
in a hospital? He lifted one
of his arms and saw the
needle ins**ted which
supplied drip.
The door opened and a
nurse entered. Immediately
she saw his movement, her
strides quickened.

you are awake, thank God”
she sighed.

“How are you
feeling sir?”
Kelvin stared at the face of
the nurse, deciding that she
is too pretty to resign
herself to cleaning blood
and ins**ting injections into
various colour of buttocks.
Her light-complexioned skin
glowed under the white
uniform gown she had on.
The braid she made was
packed neatly behind,
leaving her stunning; more
stunning that the regular
mean-looking witch nurses
he was used to seeing. The
sigh of relief took his gaze
to her l-ips and he continued
to stare at them, not really
knowing what to think.
“Sir” Nurse Catherine called,
jacking him out of his

“I said; how are you
He breathed, remembering
that he was actually in a
hospital and that he had no
idea how he landed here.
He closed his eyes painfully.
For a sick man, he should
not be fantasizing about a
nurse; he cursed his

“I feel weak” he
croaked out. Is that my
voice? He wondered.

did I get here?” he asked.
“You were hit by a car.
Relax, let me get the doctor”
she said and was out of the
room in a flash. Kelvin
found himself staring at her
departing figure, hoping
that her back was as good
as her front. He cursed
himself for the second time.
He could not remember
anything about being hit by
a car or anything related to
it. The only thing in his
brain was white room,
electronic gadgets beeping
and a stunning nurse.
Kelvin mentally shook his
head. His life is already in
ruins. He wanted to stand
up and leave this bed that
made him feel like it was
part of his body but the
drip in his hand would be
interrupted; he didn’t even
think that he would be able
to stand without falling.
A doctor and the pretty
nurse came into the room
and the doctor towered
over him with a faint smile.
“I am happy you have finally
come around sir” he said
immediately, checking his
hand, eyes and the drip. He
said a few things to the
nurse who jotted down,
displaying her slim fingers.
‘Get a hold of yourself idiot’
Kelvin rebuked himself,
taking his eyes away from
the nurse. The first thing
that his eyes saw was the
tag on the doctor’s white
suit. ‘Doctor Felix’. That must
be the name of the doctor,
he thought. For some
strange reason, he
continued to stare at the
tag, thinking he had seen it
somewhere. Just then, his
eyes caught the inscription
on the tag beneath the
name – ‘BRH’. Best Results…
“What” he yelled, causing
the doctor and the nurse
jump, frightened.
“What is wrong sir?” the
doctor was checking
kelvin’s temperature, trying
to fathom the reason for
the exclamation.
“What am I doing here” he
yelled, a bit lower than
before. He did not have as
much strength as he had
The nurse stared at Kelvin,
thinking that something
was definitely wrong with
him because he had asked
that question before and
she had answered.
‘You were involved in an-”
the doctor was saying.
“No. I mean, what am I
doing in Best Results
Hospital?” he started at the
gown of the nurse. If he
hadn’t been too
preoccupied with
nonsense, he would have
noticed the tag on the top
of her br-ast. ‘Nurse
Catherine’. Perfect name, he
thought briefly.
The doctor looked at him,
not really knowing how to

“You were rushed
here” he finally said.
Kelvin hoped it was not
totally bad, so he decided to
ask the determinant
question. “Does Richærd
know that I am here?” It is
possible he does not, the
hospital is very big, he
“You mean Mr. Branson” he
asked smiling softly. “Of
course he knows. He was
the one that treated you, in
fact, he is…”
Kelvin blanched.

“He what?”
he yelled.


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