Belina – Batch 10

Season 1
Final Batch

Richærd pulled a chair close to me & he sat on it, increasing my
“u should go with them. I am fine here but ur girl friend needs u”, I said trying to make him leave even though I wanted otherwise.
He brought his mouth close to my ears & whispered, “Are u
My head moved immediately he talked with his breath seeping
into me & I said
“Me… Jealous? Of course not. Why should I be? I
only feel that it is not proper for-”
“Shhhh”, he said,“u only need to relax”.
“I should be at work now”,I said trying to sit up & he helped me up after I refused to lay back. As he helped me to sit comfortably, I
became tenser cos he was alarmingly close & for a few split of seconds, we both froze as we gazed into each other’s eyes.
His blue eyes were so captivating
that I threw caution into d wind & satisfied d hunger of my eyes. B4 I knew what was
happening, we were inches away from each other & my eyes were not on his eyes but on
his l-ips which was one thing that was a constant distraction
whenever he was close. The alarm went off in my head & even though I terribly wanted to
explore, I shifted slightly & he got d message.
“I am sorry”, he said
I was furious about what had almost happened & opened my
mouth without thinking. “What exactly do u want from me? I now know that u are d
owner of this hospital. Is this how u go about sed-cing ur workers cos u are handsome?” I asked
He was stung & I knew it instantly but words once spoken can’t be gathered back. He was
on his feet instantly.
“I am sorry” I said immediately
“No,u are right; I don’t have any right whatsoever to try to
k-ss u but I don’t go around k-ssing people if that is what u think I do. I just can’t control
myself with u & it is best for u to start knowing d type of
effects u have on men, though I am not just physically attracted
to u. I have not been able to get u out of my head ever since I saw u in d concert but it is obvious that u don’t
like me. Take care of u” he said & marched out b4 I could say anything.
I sat down there too stunned to speak. I wanted to cry but water just did not come out of my eyes.
I wished I had not opened my big mouth & I didn’t even think abt d hurt in his face cos it
was just too much for me to bear. Prisca entered immediately & we talked d way we
usually did intentionally leaving our parents & yesterday’s issue out of it. After some minutes, she asked,
“what did u do to
I sighed deeply & narrated d wh0le episode to her.
“Oh my God Lina, why did u say that now? The poor guy loves
u to perdition & u made
him feel like trash” Pric said.
Prisca’s words made my misery worse & I sighed again
“I know but d words were out of my mouth b4 I knew it. I was
angry at myself for falling in love with him & I took it out on him”. I said without thinking
She gasped, “I knew it; u are in love. Wow… just perfect”, she said grinning widely. I eyed her annoyingly but kept quiet, so she later said,
“u have to apologize
to him but give him some time.
I looked around gazing at my best friend who had now become my sister, my new mum
or step mother, my new father & old father or rather, step father. Prisca had spent nothing less than one hour trying to make me forgive her dad. I was
about to leave d hospital & I had refused to forgive him but
Prisca has a way of making hærd & bad situations simple.
I thought about everything & all he did for me when I was
nothing but a stranger & had to let my anger dissolve. She had one way or d other united her mum with her dad & everyone with my old dad & I was internally happy; Prisca is an
angel when she sets to be one & she can also be d exact opposite when u step on her
Mr Jegas came towards me & bent down beside me. “I am sorry for what I did to ur mum and u. I did what I
did out of ignorance &fear that I was about to scatter my home with my own hands. I am sorry,pls find a place in ur heart to forgive me & ur 2nd dad there, pls”.
No matter how
stubborn a person is, it is always difficult to discard d pleadings
of an elder. My anger dissolved & I rose up, wiping d tears that had come to my cheeks as I
hugged everyone
Tony asked me to stay away for 2days but I was partially at
home. I wanted to see Richærd to apologize for my actions but my
new parents won’t let me out of their sight. They took care of me
as one would a baby.
The real murderer of Olatunji James was
taken to court was sentenced to death by
Dad, who was intent on making up for his mistakes, got a big
contract for my dad which transformed his life tremendously & I was very happy about it
I got to work after 2days at home being a Friday & everyone welcomed me. I sat on
my seat in d office feeling very lonely & not quite long,my intercom chimed & Joke told me that someone was there to see me &d person prefers to
remain anonymous. My hopes were raised as I expected to see my blue eyed love but my
expectations were dampened when I saw the visitor.

My expectations were
dampened but not so much cos d person I saw was welcome. Deji had been discharged from d hospital on Saturday but b4 he left I had given him tips of what to do during his spare time. He had been scheduled to come thrice a week.
looked s smashing & I
gazed at him with a smile on my face.
“u were not expecting me right?” he said & I knew he had caught my earlier facial expression. I smiled at him
“Not really.How are u doing young man? u look exceptional”
I said meaning it.
“Yeah yeah, my life has changed. I am better than fine cos my
memory is back”,he said almost yelling & my eyes opened wide. I was out of my seat in an instant & I started asking technical
questions & when passed d test, we both laughed happily. He brought out a cheque & stretched it towards me but I refused
without even checking d amount. We argued for a while but he later hands down when he saw that I stood my grounds. We chatted for a while & when he left, I was smiling,
very happy for him
I threw my pen on d table furiously & hissed. I hadn’t been able to
concentrate at all thinking about Richærd. It was like he was tactfully dodging me
cos I did not cross his
path once. I had wanted to go to his office many times
but I thought better of it but now, I wasn’t finding it funny. Everyone &everything makes me angry & I could not focus at all,
even music did not seem to wipe out d feeling of emptiness I felt so I decided to remedy d situation by
taking away d façade &
doing what my heart
I left my office & got to
my secretary’s desk. “Joke,pls postpone any
engagement I might have 4 d next one hour, I need to get somewhere. If there is an emergency,u
can call me”, I said.
I was about getting to
Richærd’s office when my brain started bugging me with d fact that I should not be doing this but I was
past caring. I saw his
secretary & greeted her,
“hello Tolani, how are u doing?” I asked to sound casual.
“I am fine Miss Belina”, she responded.
“Pls is Doctor Richærd
in? I need to see him
urgently”, I said hoping to get a positive response
“Yes, he is. Wait let me
inform him” she said
picking d intercom
“NO. Please don’t. I want it to be like a surprise visit,pls”
“Aaahh,pls o, I might
get into trouble. He has
been so harsh on everyone recently & I don’t want to lose my job”
“Don’t worry, he won’t do anything like that, I
waiting for a reply, I went to d door & knocked. I heard d familiar voice say come in, a little above d
normal but I entered. The sight of him made me forget all I wanted to say but he was not looking at me, his eyes were on d books on his table
“Yes?” he said without
taking his eyes from d
I took a deep breath &
said, “Richærd” His head
jerked up instantly & his
blue eyes pierced into my soul. I was shaking there,not knowing what to say so I looked at my hands &said whatever came to my
“Richærd, I know I have
offended u & I am
sorry. I should not have said what I said but I just could not imagine myself falling for a man so I tried to push u away with my words. I
know u have been
avoiding me & u should cos what I said is bad, it is very bad but I
can’t concentrate, I have been trying to work but I just can’t, I… I…” I stopped unable to continue. My eyes
were w-t & I just wanted to run out of there but I noticed a finger raise my head up & I was surprised that he was already at my front. We stared into each other’s eyes & I just wanted him to hold me close cos my heart was pounding wildly. I don’t know who
moved forward between d two of us but I noticed that d space between us
had thinned & all I
wanted was to have him k-ss me. He bent his head forward like he read my thoughts & closed his l-ips against mine. I was totally
lost & when we finally
broke off some minutes later, he placed his head against mine & looked into my eyes.
“u don’t know just how long I have wanted to k-ss u, heart. I love u so much”, he said
“I love u too with all my
heart Richærd”. He k-ssed me again. After d k-ss,we just held on to each other & seemed to melt into one another
We went to d couch in his office &there, I explained everything that happened with Kelvin,my mum,
everything & he was so
sympathetic. He promised never to hurt
me but respect me always.
He then went forward to explain everything about his family,mother,love life
especially his affair with Tonia & how it had
become his nightmare after her supposed death & I felt his pain. I remembered that I had felt he had a dark
side but I never imagined something as serious as that. He apologized for keeping away &said that he wanted to give me time to get over what I was going through & that he had climbed d steps severally on his way to my office but had returned back after a 2nd thought.We k-ssed,laughed & by d time my phone
started ringing,I discovered that I had spent 3hrs with him.

That was the beginning of our relationsh¡p &it is an experience that remains stamped in my memory. We were together for 3months, had some misunderstandings which never lasted two days b4 either of us, mostly him would desolve & exactly 3months after our relationsh¡p started, I
got a ring on my fingers in a very dazzling way.
I had been at home all day,watching movies &
listening to music to my
heart’s content when all of a sudden, d lights went off. I was busy raining insults on NEPA & trying to look for d lamp when suddenly d lights went on again. It went off & it later started doing on & off like u would see in
ghost films. I was so scared that I ran out of d house in utter confusion & when I got outside, I saw a
chauffeur who claimed to be sent by my father to get me away from d house that d house would soon
explode. I was so scared that I entered without complaints. He drove for a while & I asked him where he was going exactly & he said that I would
know soon.
We drove for close to an hour without traffic & my panic started rising. I asked questions & he did not answer. I
started calling people
secretly thinking that I was being kidnapped by
nobody’s number was
going through. I almost
died out of fear cos
everywhere was terribly dark.
We got to a place & he
told me to come down.
“Are u crazy? Where am i?” I yelled as I stepped out of d car looking at d large
expance of bushes by my sides. He pointed at a tiny footpath at my front &said,
“go through that path & u would ur parents”, he said & as was protesting, he entered
d car & zoomed off.
Tears started pouring down my face as I looked round in fear. I stared at d tiny
footpath & was scared as hell then I remembered how I had escaped my previous kidnap & moved into d bush. The light from my phone did not even do anything to favour
me so I started running
with tears in my face when all of a sudden light appeared everywhere & d wh0le place was filled with people scre-ming
‘surprise’. My heart jumped & relief washed over me even though my heart still beat wildly.
Prisca came to hug me &wipe my tears but I just stood there looking like I was in another planet. I was furious at d stunt they pulled but d anger died after I had been dressed by beauty queenstwho washed my feet tenderly. I wore a flowing red gown which was like
d most beautiful gown I had ever seen. When I got out, everyone had vanished & I was standing there
looking lost again only that this time, I was not afraid. I turned round & saw
Richærd coming towards
me being traced by a search light & when he got to me, he k-ssed my forehead & said, “I have been waiting for u, heart”. I kept quiet & he led me to the most beautiful place I
had ever seen. We were
surrounded with flowers which sparkled in d dark like a star. I held him close
as my breath was taken away & whispered,
“It is so beautiful Prince” He faced me & said,
“I want everyday of our lives to be more beautiful than this,
love, but there is only one way this can happen” he said, knelt down & picked
something from one of d flower & immediately, d flowers grew letters. I gasped & looked from
the flowers to Richærd & he produced a sparkling diamond ring.
“Please marry me”, he said & d tears in my eyes started
flowing freely. I looked at the flowers & saw d
same words on it. I knelt down in front of him & shouted,
“Yes… yes… yes… I would marry you”.
He slipped d ring into my finger, I opened my eyes everyone was there taking pictures & I pulled Richærd into my arms.
“Please hurry up, we are going to be late for church”,
mummy said in her dazzling native attire. My makeup artists just did not leave me
alone as they were intent on making me look exceptional and I wanted to. Yes, it is my wedding day! Prisca came in looking so unique in her wine
gown as the maid of
honour. She had her
wedding two months ago and it was the talk of the town. Their wedding had been very big and it was carried on TV. They did their
honey moon in the United States and had gone from one place to another,sightseeing.
We entered the car and
zoomed off. Definitely, a wife would always be late to her own wedding. I got there and guess who walked me down the aisle?
My two fathers did. Mr
Badmus and Mr Jegas. Mr Badmus is now a big man in the society and has remarried and coming as a surprise, his wife is pregnant!
God is awesome.
They took me to the front and I could not hide my joy.
When Richærd saw me
coming, he opened his
mouth in awe and my steps quickened.
After sometime, we both were ready to say our vows and we said it gazing at each other’s eyes and a promise in our heart to fulfill our vows to the letter.
I respected him because he had fulfilled his promise of
respecting and not asking for s€× no matter how tense the atmosphere might be. We said our vows
and k-ssed with all the love in our hearts. After a lot of merry, there was a time for couple’s dance and a slow
rom-ntic song was played, Richærd took me to the center to dance floor and we moved slowly in circles to the music. He looked into
my eyes and said,
“Today is the happiest day of my life honey”. I smiled and said,
“Even when I am one
hundred years old, I wouldtremember today”.
Richærd had briefed me
about his father’s wealth but I never imagined he was exceedingly rich and
famous until our wedding.
So many government
officials were present and so many TV stations sent their journalists to capture
the event.
“I want our daughters to be exactly like you. Your eyes, hair, nose, voice, everything”, he said smiling lovingly.
“And I want our
sons to look like you, to
have everything you have including your doctoring skill but most importantly, the colour of your eyes” He
“You have not told
me where we would spend our honey moon” I said after a while
“It is a surprise”, he said and k-ssed me deeply. All the journalists there battled to get the best position but later I forgot all about them
and enjoyed the arms of my love.
*I am here in Costa Rica
having the best time of my life. It is just so wonderful checking out the animals, exploring the forests and
swimming with the love of my life beside me and we are going to wrap it up by spending a week at Sunset
Beach in Jamaica. Believe me, it pays to wait until you say your vows before exploring what is beneath
the cloth of your  spouse.*
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