Belina – batch 9



“Belina”, he began, “I know that u are angry & u have d right to be. I am very sorry for
everything I have done to u & for making ur life
miserable but life hasn’t been fair to me either & I thought about taking it out on u & ur mother. My mother did not have time for me when I was young
cos she always traveled from one
place to d other. You are aware that I was from a very rich family
so she had more than enough money to spend on trips & shopping all over d world. My dad though very busy, still spent time with me & gave me one of his companies to manage
after my university education but d day that changed d course
of my life was d day I lost my dad. We were in d car together when we got involved in a car accident…*he narrated his story to d point of how he met her mum*I had kept my face carefully straight but internally I felt for him but when he mentioned the part of not being able to give birth,
my head jerked up.
“But u had me right?” I asked becoming more alarmed by d second.
“No, I am not ur father”, he dropped.
“What? Everybody exclaimed excluding me who was practically in a trance. I could not
begin to process d fact that I had spent my entirely life in a lie.
My face fell & all d blood in my body virtually drained away as I sat there frozen like a statue.
He explained how he had met my
mum on d staircase after she had left d room of d guy who
impregnated her & how he took her in & all… the fact that u were not my biological child never eluded my mind & I started maltreating u. When things became sour & bitter after
some years & we had to move to d mainland, I blamed u &ur mother for my misfortune. I am sorry”, he ended.
My eyes could not see properly again cos of d tears it held, prisca held me comfortingly & all d tears came down like
a mighty river. I placed my head between my hands & wept then after what seemed like
forever, I looked at my dad or actually Ex-dad & said,

“I have only one question for u sir. Do u know who my father is?”
His facial expression was grim & I felt sorry for him but I was
past caring about all that, my heart was shattered.

“I don’t
know him physically but I know his name. Your mum told me when I wanted to look for him
& deal with him but I never saw him. His name is Mr Francis
Jegas”, he dropped & everyone in d room yelled one thing or d other as we all turned to d only person with that name.

Richærd sat on thed floor still shivering vehemently. He still
heard d persistent knock on d door & he used his hands
to block his ears. After about 10mins, he did not heard d knock but he left his hands
where they were. He started counting backwards from 100 to
1 & he did that five times but was not able to calm down. He
prayed for what seemed like hours but it was actually minutes &he was able to calm down a bit. He stood up on shaky legs,picked up his phone & dialed Tony.
On d other side, Tony was exceedingly worried. He had
dialed Prisca’s number times without number & she had not picked. He dialed Belina’s number also & met the same result but
when he saw Richærd’s call, he knew something must definitely be wrong with this night.
“Hello Richærd, is everything alright?” he asked immediately.
“No, nothing is alright Tony, I am going crazy”, Richærd responded
“What do u mean by that?”
“Tony, I just saw Tonia. I saw her. She knocked d door,& I
opened & saw her. I was not sleeping Tony”, he said
becoming angry again.
“Ehn, I am coming now, just be calm ok?” he said &without
waiting for reply, he hung up
Approximately 30mins
after Richærd called Tony, Richærd heard a knock on his door &
his heart started racing.
“Tony, is that u?” he asked
“Yes, open up man” Tony responded & d door was opened immediately.
Unconsciously, Richærd scanned the entrance to be sure no one
was lurking around & seeing no ghost, he shut d door & faced Tony.
“What is going on?” Tony asked
“I don’t know. I feel sick. I need a
psychiatrist cos I think I am going crazy”, Richærd responded
sitting down forcefully.
Tony sighed, “I think Tonia is taking too much space in ur
head Richy. You need to get over this guilt u feel, I have no doubt that is why u have been dreaming about her. u need to see Belina, she should be able to help u”, he said seriously
“Oh, don’t mention Belina again.
She has been taking too much of my thoughts, maybe that is why
Tonia came in person today to remind me that I made a promise
to her to always think about her”.
Tony looked sharply, “when was that?”
“On her death bed Tony, maybe she knew that she would die so
she asked me to always think about her when she is gone. I
did & also said that no one would take her place in my heart.
I only wish I saw her when she died”. Richærd said trying to
ward off d pain he felt at that remembrance”.
“I see, so someone else has taken her place, right?” Tony asked


Richærd looked at Tony for some seconds & later said, “I think
about her everyday, I mean Belina. She is constantly in my
head. The problem is that I never felt that way with Tonia. I loved
her but it does not compare at all to what I now feel for Belina”.
“well then,u better look for a way to drive this problem away
cos if u let this damsel slip off ur fingers, I would agree that u are truly crazy”, Tony
said with a smile.
Richærd sighed & relaxed fully on d chair. Tony looked at him
with concern, he hadn’t seen his friend this way b4.
“What if he was not hallucinating & Tonia is not actually dead?

We all stared at Prisca’s father
who was seated with his mouth
agape, gawping at my Ex-dad. I
looked at him and he gradually
grew from a friend and a friend’s
father to a monster. Everyone’s
eyes were on him and finally
after more than 15 mins of
silence and tension, i heard
Prisca’s mum talk.
“What is going on here Francis?”
she asked her husband.
“I d… dont know”, he said frozen
to the s₱0t then turned to my ex-
dad, “what is her name?” he
I did not give him a chance to
reply when i said, “Linda, her
name was Linda Terresa then”.
He gasped and looked like he
would faint soon and i got my
answer. I stood up slowly
because my legs could not just
carry me but i ensured that i was
on my feet because the seat
could no longer contain me; my
tears were coming in torrents.
“So you are my f… father” i said
shaking terribly. The entire room
was in chaos and virtually
everyone was standing except Mr
“You did not answer my question
I said, do you have anything to
do with all these?” she asked
charging forward towards her
husband. He opened his mouth
to say, ‘i am sorry’ but did not
get to complete the statement
because she got to him and
started pummeling him and my
former dad’s efforts to seperate
them was almost fruitless.
I stood like a stick as i looked on
as events unfolded before me.
Everything was blurry because of
my drenched eyes and i was
shaking like a leaf on water. I felt
prisca’s presence behind me and
noticed that she hadn’t spoken
at all throughout the drama but i
couldn’t care less. Prisca’s mum
was shouting because she was
deeply hurt and her dear
husband did not have the
audacity to tell her to calm down.
“Aaahhh Francis, after all i have
been through with you, you did
this to me…Oh God… So you can
keep this kind of secret of maybe
25 years from me. So because i
gave birth to four boys, you
outside to look for a girl thinking
i would not have one right? You
are heartless.
How many more are out there
ehn? How many?” She continued
ranting and Prisca for the first
time moved from her position
and wen to hold her mother
tenderly and that was when i
noticed that she was in tears.
They cried together and i later
found my voice.
“So you are my dad. You have
been criticizing my dad saying he
hired people to kidnap his own
daughter not knowing that you
are far worse. You are a
murderer, you never wanted me
and you made my mum suffer.
Thank God my dad picked her up
if not, i don’t know what would
have become of us. I would
never forgive you. Never” i said
and gathered the strenght i
could and walked into Prisca’s
room but not before i saw the
tears in Prisca’s father’s eyes.
i entered Prisca’s bedroom and
knelt by the bed with my head on
the bed crying profusely. I was
shaking all over and felt it within
me that i would fall sick soon. I wanted to leave the house
but my legs refused to give
my legs the priviledge of
rest so i forcefully pushed
one leg up, i fell down and
hit my head on something
very sharply. The next thing that i encountered was darkness and time was forgotten as i entered into a state of unconsciousness.
Richærd turned and tossed on the bed but could not
sleep, Tony also could not sleep because he had been dialing Prisca’s phone &she hadn’t picked.
Richærd left the bed and
moved to the sitting room to join Tony. He had also become worried because
he knew that they always chat at night endlessly & for Belina not to pick her call also means that something was wrong somewhere.
He sat down beside Tony & d atmosphere was very silent and his hand frantically pressed his phone. Richærd offered words to calm him down but d words did not calm
he himself much less Tony’s phone started ringing & he picked immediately.
“Oh baby, thank God. I have almost died her”,he was saying already on his feet
hearing a sigh of relief
“Please Tony, we need ur help, get Richærd. Belina is terribly hurt & we are taking her to d hospital now”. Prisca said
“what?,we are coming, pls be careful honey”, he said & hung up
“What is going
on?” Richærd asked even
b4 Tony hung up. His
worry had now reached its peak
“It is Belina, she… i don’t
know what is wrong. She has been taken to d hospital”, he said grabbing his coat & shoes.
“Jesus…” Richærd said &
ran into d room to pick
his car keys even though
Tony’s car was available.


Tony drove like a mad man to d hospital.
They got there safely much to Tony’s relief & ran into d hospital in top speed. They saw
Prisca first & while tony stayed behind to find out what happened, Richærd proceeded
into d room Belina was taken to & found her on d bed already being attended to by d 3rd doctor in d hospital.
He noticed d cut on her head & knew that though d cut looked deep, it could not do any damage to her brain & he heaved a sigh of relief. He
touched her neck & discovered that it was very hot & was
taken aback. He knew that she definitely could not have developed that degree of
temperature by just hitting her head so he thought it best to
find out what really happened to her. When Doctor Deolu
discovered that he was a little bit intimate with d new psychologist in his actions, he did not allow him to treat her
despite all that Richærd said.
Richærd waited & monitored d doctor until he was sure that d doctor had done all that
needs to be done so he k-ssed Belina’s forehead & left d room.
He got to where Tony, Prisca & Prisca’s parents were in d
waiting room & started
seeking explanation. Tony, after calming him down, led him
towards his office in order to give him d explanation he needs but they hadn’t taken
three steps when Richærd’s gaze fell on someone & he stopped
“Is that not Belina’s father?” he asked.
“Yes… No… I mean,u
don’t understand” Tony was saying but Richærd was beyond hearing as he matched towards
Mr Badmus & would have blown d life out of him if Mr Jegas & Tony hadn’t held him back & d hospital workers
around d scene were wide eyed but Richærd did not give a d–n.
Tony dragged Richærd to his office and after they both calmed
down, he explained everything that Belina had encountered to him and Richærd became
bitter. He thought about what
Belina had passed through & his heart ached to k-ss her hærd
until all d hurt she felt had seeped out of her.
They both sat down silently for some minutes & was joined by Prisca who was very tired. Tony saw d strain in her eyes & begged her to sleep but she
refused. Richærd also supported Tony & with two formidable forces like they were, she had to succ-mb. She slept on d long couch in d office while tony
stayed there watching at her sleep like a baby.
Richærd left d office for Belina’s room to check on her. He sat beside her & buried his hands in her rich black hair; the hair he had so wished
to feel against his fingers for close to 2weeks now. He had
tactfully warded off d people in d waiting room in order to be
alone with her & also for her to have enough time to herself b4 seeing those people heart breaking people. His eyes started closing after some minutes & he opened them
reluctantly but when it became evident that he needed a good sleep, he made for his office
where he slept with one eye closed.

Prisca opened her eyes after a very enjoyable sleep & she stretched lazily. Working as a
banker had made her wake up early, no matter the time she
slept. It took her a while to remember where she was &
why she was there & when she did, she jerked up to leave
the office but a text message which entered Belina’s phone
distracted her.
She picked up d phone &
since Belina does not hide anything from her, she scrolled through d phone. She left d
messages unread for belina to do justice to them herself &saw 43 missed calls. The missed calls came from Tony, Richærd,Wole & Brenda. She knew them
all; wole being one of Belina’s friends who had invited her to
the concert she went for & Brenda was the girl that Belina
would be mentoring. She saw d amount of times that Richærd & tony had called & smiled to herself. She remembered the day
that Tony had proposed to her & her smile grew w¡der, it was such a glorious day.
She stood up & went out of d office, moving towards Belina’s
room but as she went, she saw her mother & father sitting
separately so she decided to play her card as d peace maker.
Richærd jumped up from d couch with a start &discovered it was already 6:30am. He hurried off to d
bathroom in his office there to wash his face before going to
check on Belina.
Immediately he stepped out of d bathroom, he heard a knock & was startled cos Tony does not knock b4 entering.
He asked whoever it was to come in & in came Tonia. He stood rock still but instead of
being afraid, he was prepared to bind her with d Holy Ghost fire
if she would not leave him alone.
His talk with Tony made him realize that he would be losing d love of his life if he did not get over Tonia.
“Tonia, pls leave me alone. My life has been miserable enough
with u enveloping my senses.
Pls go back to d land of d dead “, he pleaded.
Tonia moved closer, “Richærd, I
am not dead. I did not die then, pls understand. Feel my
hands, my legs, everything so that u would know that I am
real”, she said.
Richærd said a silent prayer in his
heart & reached out to touch her & was very surprised that
his hands held real flesh & not just air.


what… where…” he was saying
confused when Tonia threw her arms around him & enveloped him in a hug he knew too well.
Just then, d door opened & Tony entered. He stood poised at d door when he saw d
person standing with Richærd & looked like he was about to pee in his trousers.
“ghost” he yelled
Tonia smiled,

“no, I am not a ghost Tony”, she said & after a few minutes of trying to
convince Tony, he finally entered & shut d door. They all sat down & tonia opened a
chapter of talk about how she had opened her eyes to a new
hospital in another country. Her father, who had never supported her relationsh¡p with Richærd was d one who flew her abroad, orchestrating d story
that she was dead.
Richærd sighed in total relief &said,

“I have not had a day of sleep without nightmares ever since u departed. I never got over d fact that I had called u
over to my place when u got involved in that accident”
“I told u then that it was not ur fault. Now, I am back; my dad saw that he could not hold
me any longer cos my heart is here with u so he let me go”
she said. The only problem was that Richærd no longer had
feelings for her; his entire heart was with d beauty on d sick bed.
Richærd found it hærd to say anything as he watched Tonia
talk endlessly. Richærd
remembered his promise to her & his lifestyle of always
keeping his promises but did not give a d–n anymore so he
decided to take the bull by d horn.
“Tonia, pls listen to me. Sitting here beside u after years of thinking that u are dead is still
so strange to me. I cherish u so much cos u know that I loved u so much but I can’t
deceive u or myself anymore. I am in love with someone else. I
know u would think that I am not a man of my words but when u think about our time
together,u would see that I always keep my promises. I have kept ur promises thus far but now, I have come across a lady that refused to leave my head & she does not even know it. I
am sorry”, Richærd said. He had recited everything not looking
directly into her eyes but when he finished, he saw her smiling
slightly. He saw d pain behind d smile but d smile was still a
surprise, he had expected something far worse.
“u are smiling?” he asked puzzled & uncomfortable.
“Yes I am Richærd I
half expected it when I was coming back but I still had to try it first. You are d best person
that anyone can ever have Richærd but I understand. Is this
woman of urs a certain young Psychologist?” she asked taking
Richærd & Tony by surprise.
“How did u know that?”
She smiled slightly, “I heard u talking to Tony last night. After u locked me out, I could not just leave like that so I decided to pass d night at ur door step
but when I heard someone coming, I hid myself & Tony went in. I went back to ur door & was intent on hearing
what u were saying cos I was worried that u were a little over d edge, maybe my visit was more bad than I had imagined but instead, I heard a
wh0le chapter of confession of love from ur mouth, only that it
was not love for me”
Richærd was speechless & could not say anything so Tonia

“I know that I still love u but it is so obvious that u don’t love me anymore & it is
alright, fine, erm *coughs* can I see d girl u love?” she asked.
Richærd was elated & since he had been looking for a way to
escape to Belina’s room, they all stood up & went there together.

I woke up &d first thing I perceived was d strong smell of medicine washing over my face. I knew that I was in a hospital. Why? I thought & just then, a doctor walked in & I
recognized him instantly as Doctor Deolu. He smiled when he found me awake.

“How are u feeling miss?” he asked.
I opened my stiff mouth to talk but was immediately interrupted
by d door & when I looked in that direction, I saw Richærd,Tony & a lady. Who is this lady,
I wondered & when I saw her hold Richærd’s hand tenderly as
they moved closer, jealousy sprang up in me & I scolded myself immediately. Richærd got to me & a happy smile replaced his earlier on worrisome gaze. I
looked around for Doctor Deolu but he was nowhere to be
“What am I dong here?” I asked.
“You just had a minor fall;u hit ur head& was brought here. u just need to rest dear”
The word ‘dear’ stuck in my head & I didn’t know why. I need to
get a hold of myself, I thought. Everything that happened to me
some hours ago came back to me like a mighty river & I
became edgy. Richærd must have seen it cos he placed his hands on my shoulders
soothingly. I tried to sit up but I was pushed back by Richærd
gently. I noticed d jealousy in d eyes of d lady with d side of my eyes & smiled internally.
Richærd apologized for his manner after some minutes &said, “Tonia, meet Belina d
psychologist & Belina meet Tonia, my friend”
I noticed d little wince from Tonia b4 she said ‘hi’ & I knew that there was more to this
than d eye meets. Richærd looked at Tony in conspiracy which did  not escape my notice & within seconds, I was alone with this disturbing guy.


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