Bethroed To A Stranger

Bethroed to a stranger episode 25 – 26


🍷(living the life of my twin sister)🍷

Written by bella writes 😊😊😊

Chapter 25✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

💭Natalie pov 💭
I used the back entrance to go to the garden

The party had started already and it had been hard to slip away from Ryan who had been watching me constantly.

He had noticed my nervousness and has asked me about it but I kept on telling him something else.

While he was chatting with some of the minister, I quickly slipped off

Insearch of Natasha, I wonder why she came back home, What does she even want ? I thought as I got to the garden

I stood shocked to see Natasha dressed the same way as I

Even to the pair of shoes, I had been wearing.

“Whats this?”I said

“Is that a way to greet the twin you’ve seen in a very long time”

“You tell me how I would greet someone who have brought nothing but trouble in my life ” I said angrily

“Quit the act okay, Its not like your not enjoying the life I gave you”she said

“A life full of lies, you mean”

“Always this moral act rubbish, that is why we are so different, You enjoy every bit of your stay here, so why act like its brought you nothing but pain” Natasha asked me

“Whether you believe it or not, this place has brought nothing but problem for me”

“Oh that also means your husband too has brought nothing but pain for you right?”

“He is the only reason why have stayed in this place” I said to her

“So you must love him a lot right?”she asked

“So very much and I wont let you come destroy that “I said

“Well sorry Natalie but the main reason why i came back is to take my place “she said

“What place? You dont have a place here Natasha, you threw everything away, I had called you, begged you to come back but you

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refused and now out of the blue you want to take what ? Tell me” I yelled at her angrily

“Well back then, I wasnt serious about the whole thing but now I am, a very thoughtful person told me what I would be missing , If I didnt come back

and so I thought it through and I want my place back”Natasha said

“Well you wont be getting anything and you better return to where you are coming from , this place is mine now, I am the Queen and the owner of Ryan heart”I said

“Fine then lets see how long that would last”she said bringing out her phone , she dialled a number and on the first ring she answered

“Hello Natasha ” I knew that voice to be kate

“Hello Kate , She is not co operating, you know what you have to do” Natasha said and cut the call

“You know


“Of course, she is the one who made me come back here and she would be the one to tell your husband the truth about you” Natasha said


“You should have just agreed and step aside for me but you didnt, so no one would have Ryan or the position of being his queen” she said

“As of right now, kate is telling him the truth” she added

“No, no Ryan musnt find out” I said as I began to head back but Natasha hold on my arm stopped me

“You will stay here until Kate tell him everything “She said holding me tightly

Feeling so very much angry, I jerked off my hand and slapped her hard in the face

“You have no Idea how much I hate you right now” I said and ran back to the party hall.

There were still guest miling around but there was no sign of Ryan or Kate.

Quickly I went to his study room only to see him with her

“Its not true” He said starring at the things that Kate had put in front of him.

He raised he head up and starred at me, his eyes was filled with rage and anger

“Oh are you Natalie or Natasha , tell us now ,so we wouldnt mistake you for her , tell us are you the one who ran away or the one who lied and pretended to be someone else”Kate said

I didnt even answer her, I was only starring at Ryan, who kept on starring at me angrily.

“I can explain, Ry……”

“Ryan would not be listening to anymore of your lies” Kate said

I walked towards the table and took all the pictures tearing it into pieces.

“That wont change anything, we already know the truth” Kate said

“get out kate” I said

” not on your life, I wont leave he……oooouch”

She couldnt finish her

word because I went to her and draw her by her hair , pushing her out of the room and closing it behind me

“My love let me ex…….”

“Explain what Natasha or better yet Natalie” he said with anger in his voice

“Why? Why did you lie to me, why make me fall for you when all you had in mind was to leave me just like Natasha did……….”

I knew that it would take a lot of time to get Ryan to understand me and to know that I never meant to lie to him…..

Chapter 26✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

💭Natalie POV 💭
“I never meant to lie to you,i just had to do it because mom and dad were pressuring me” I said as I walked towards him

“So what your saying is that you are with me because they pressured you” he asked

“No…yes, at first they pressured me, wanting me to be your wife because Natasha had ran off, I refused, that was why I rejected you Ryan, I didnt want to lie to you but when you had that accident , I knew it was my fault and so I decided to stay with you”

“But believe me when I say this, I tried telling you the truth but each time I want to do it, I get interrupted or I get scared and then,…then I fell for you, Yes Ryan, I love you, I was determined not to fall for you because am a liar and I know how much you hate lies but I just couldnt help it, I love you Ryan ”

“Lies, your just lying to me, If you truly love me you would have told me that you weren’t Natasha, you wouldnt have continued with your lies.”he said angrily

“Yes I lied to you, I could have told you the truth but I kept shut and that is because I didnt want to lose you , I love you a lot Ryan” I said crying.

“You were different , different from the Natasha I knew, There were times I thought that you changed all because of me but it turned out that your not the person I thought you to be, your just an Imposter.” he said

I knelt in front of him holding his hand tightly

“You need to believe me, I love you and If I agreed to be my sister that is because I love you, you need to believe me” I said crying

“That will be hard for me, i told you, I told you that i hate lies,you should have told me the truth, hearing the truth from you would have been better, now I dont think I can ever trust you again, I dont think I can ” he said moving away from me

“But you’ve got to trust me, I love you Ryan….I”

“That night that we…… were you a vrgin?” He asked gently

” yes, I was” I said gently

” In just a year have slept with two sisters who are both vrgins, I should be given an award right?” He said

“Dont think that way Ryan, Natasha gave herself to you just for the fun of it but I….I did because I love you ”

“To love is just a word, youve got to show it but you never did” he said

” I did show you my love Ryan, tell me what do you want me to do to prove to you that I really love you”

“Leave, leave me alone, I have to think” he said

“Ryan please, dont shut me out, not yet” I said sadly

” What so you want me to say? That you connive with your sister to trick me, the twins trick and stupid me fell for It” he yelled hitting the table angrily.

“I never tricked you, you mean so much to me Ryan, I would never play with your heart,never” I said

Just then the door opened and Natasha along with my parents and Kate walked In.

I saw the look on his face even before he said it out

“My God? The both of you are just alike, No wonder I fooled so easily.” He said

” Not only you Ryan, I was fooled also but thank God I found out the truth and told you about it” Kate said as she went to stand beside him

“Are you okay son” The queen said as she went to him

” Who would be mom? I just found out that the girl I love so much is not who I thought her to be” he said sadly.

“But I am, you just have to believe me” I said

“Enough of your lies, your a liar and no one will believe you” Kate said

” just take me away please” he said and Kate pushed out his wheel chair

” Please Ryan listen to…..”

“Just leave him alone, You’ve gotten the freedom you’ve been longing for , so now you along with your family should leave” the queen said as she followed them

I sat back on the chair crying so hard, why? Why is life so cruel, I thought sadly

” do you really love him?” Natasha said and I gave her a look of anger.

” why ask? Haven’t you ruined it , You’ve always been like that Natasha, Always being the cause and I the bearer” I said

” Look i did…..”

” You didnt anything…. You ran away, I came in, I pretended to be you, left my life just to save your skin, Lied repeatedly to the man I love so our secret wouldn’t be known, I did everything for you all but what did I gain in return, Nothing, To you both Natasha will keep on being the best while am just the shadow”

” That’s not true Natalie” My dad said

” It is the truth okay, You never made me feel like I was part of the family, You compared me each time with Natasha, That was one of the reason I left home, To live on my own, Far from you all But still you got me involved in this sham not wanting to stain Natasha name ”

“And yet again, I agreed, I did what you ask of me and finally am happy, Happy with the man you left in the lurch, You still came back to destroy that little happiness” I said crying

“I never knew that you really loved him, Kate said you were only after his money”

” And you believed her, It took Kate lies for you to come into my life and ruin it right?”

” But this is all fun for you right?”

” It isn’t okay, Kate lied to you because she wants Ryan for herself and now you’ve helped her in paving the way, Thanks a lot” I said walking outside

” Natalie I ……”

“Just go, Leave, You have done enough, as it is, Please leave and never come back” I said

” that’s too harsh Natalie” My mom said

“I Dont want any one of you in my life, You’ve only brought pain and suffering to it and Its enough, Its enough, Just go, go and never come back” I said and left the room.

They should just leave, They’ve done enough damage already, I wont let them be close to do more, Not anymore.

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