Betrayal – Episode 2
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It was Monday morning. Michael was getting ready to go for work.

“Oh gosh, I hate Monday mornings” he sighed. He sat on his favorite chair as he took his breakfast. At the same time, he was scrolling through his phone on Facebook. Alice, his former girl, had just uploaded a beautiful picture of herself. Michael put his cup of coffee down and admired her. “Oh Alice! Why can’t I forget you after all these years? It’s amazing how beautiful you have become” he said to himself. He decided to comment on the picture to tell her how lovely she looked. Then he saw comments from other people, especially from one particular guy called Amos whose comment read “Wow! Always beautiful my angel!. Michael’s heart sank a bit. This particular guy had been commenting on most of her posts and from the look of things, the two were probably dating.

Michael withheld himself from posting his comment. “Well, I guess life goes on mehn! She has moved on with her life, I need to do the same” he thought. He finished his breakfast and left the house.

“Boss! What’s up? I like your tie. Where did you steal it?” James asked as Michael walked in the office. “What’s up man? I got this tie from the Lebanese shop across the main market”. He answered

“It’s stylish. I need a new tie for my meeting with the new Client o Thursday. I’ll pass by the boutique today. By the way, there is going to be a live band today at “Mr Greens” club. Let’s go have fun and chase away the Monday blues” James said.

“Wonderful! Let’s meet there at 7:30PM. I will definitely need to relax this evening because I know my day will be stressful. I have to send the new budget proposal to the Headquarters before close of business” said Michael.

After work, both friends decided to go and freshen up before heading to the club. The place was almost getting filled up. Michael and James got a place that overlooked the ocean. The live band played their music with so much enthusiasm.

“So, where is your new girlfriend Naomi or is it Nora? I can’t even seem to remember their names” Michael said jokingly.

“It’s Naomi mate! The girl is fine, but she loves money my bros. Ah! We don’t spend at least 30 minutes together without her talking about shoes or clothes she saw in the shops, blab la! She’s very irritating. I am just waiting to be tired with her before I dump her like the others.” James answered.

Michael shook his head. The people playing the live band stopped for a minute and their leader spoke “Ok people. The song we are about to play now is a very special song because it was composed by one of our group members who passed away some few months ago. We always like to honor him whenever we play it. To this effect, I would like to see the hands of people who are single here. That is, if you are not married or even seeing anyone, please raise your hands”

James was the first person to raise his hand high. Other people raised their hands too. He looked at Michael who was too shy for such kind of things. “Hey Boss, raise your bloody hand men! Are you married?” James said. Michael laughed. James took him by his right hand and raised it up for him. The leader of the band searched across the crowd and pointed at James and Michael and two other guys. He asked them to go to the dance floor. He then asked four other girls to join them.

“Alright guys, we are going to play this song while you dance with the partner you will be given” he said

“Oh No! Hell no!” Michael complained. James was already dancing to his own rhythm. After being put in pairs, the band started playing their song titled “Will you be mine?” Michael forced himself to dance with the partner he had been given. She was extremely beautiful and could dance very well. James was almost rocking the floor with his dance moves. He held his partner so tight that one would think they had known each other for ages.

At the end of the song, they all went back to their seat. James followed his dance partner. “Please pretty girl give me your number. I promise to make you happy” he said. The girl gave him her number and he left with a smile on his face.

“Mic, what is wrong with you? Are sure you are not g-y?” James asked

“How can you say such a thing? What if people hear you? Michael responded, rather upset

“Well let them hear me. How can you get a chance to dance with such a lovely babe and not follow her up? Listen Michael, you need to come out of your shell. Actually I think you have no guts to propose to a lady” James added

Michael: Oh really? Is that what you think? I am only playing cool because I haven’t found someone I like

James: oh please! Spare me those lies. Ok, If you are man enough, go to the girl and ask her for her number

Michael: Ok then. If you say so. I will prove to you that I am actually more dangerous than you

Michael walked to the girl and spoke to her. After a while he came back and showed James his phone. “You now believe that I am still a man? Look at her number right here. Her name is Judith. Aaand, that was not enough. She also took my number. So you see that I am actually better than you because at least ladies like me, but you force yourself on them” he said. James laughed so hærd and gave Michael a high five.

The party was almost coming to an end. The two girls walked out of the club. James persuaded Michael to go after them. “Pssss, pretty queens! Wait a second!” James called out to the girls.

“Listen, my friend and I really like both of you and we would like to be friends with you” James said. The ladies both looked at the men without saying a word. James went to his dance partner, put his hand around her wa-ist and said “Ruth, let’s go to a better restaurant nearby and grab some good food to eat”

“I am not Ruth, I think I told you my name is Esther” the lady replied

James: oh sorry my dear. You know, my mom’s name is Ruth so I mixed it all up, because you seem like a really nice girl

Michael looked at James with amazement as his mom’s name was definitely not Ruth. “It’s probably the name of one of his many girls” he said to himself.

That night, James and Michael both took their ladies to different places.

Michael: So what do you do? Are you a student or you are working?

Judith: I work as a Cashier in a bakery downtown and you?

Michael: Oh that’s good. I work as the Chief Accountant at Wellington Foods Corporations.

Judith: Wow! You are our major supplier of baking flour

Michael: Really? I can see we have some similarities. We are both dealing, in one way or the other, with money hun! A sensitive issue

Judith: For real.

Michael: so how come a beautiful lady like you is still single?

Judith: And how come a handsome man like you is single?

Michael: Hahaha. Well let’s just say that’s how it is for now.

Judith. For me too

They both laughed. They continued their discussion as Michael asked many questions regarding the financial management of the bakery.

He dropped at her house and went back home.

Judith sent him a message that night “Thank you for the wonderful time. I really enjoyed myself. Good night”, to which Michael responded “You are welcome. Good night.”

To be continued

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