Betrayal – Episode 3
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Michael and Judith had ended up becoming very good friends. His 35th birthday was fast approaching and he decided to org-nize a small party at his house to celebrate the event. He invited Judith, James, Esther and Donald, a new Junior Account that had recently joined the Company.

Michael: James, I am org-nizing a small party for my birthday this Saturday.

James: Wonderful! That’s what I like to hear boss. How many crates of beer do you want me to buy?

Michael: oh, just a few bottles. I am only inviting four people: you, Esther, Donald and my Judith

James: which Esther are you talking about?

Michael: your new girl of course. I thought you said things are moving well between both of you

James: Hahaha. I don’t think we are continuing our relationsh¡p. That girl is a thief. Can you imagine that I left her in my house some three days ago as I had to rush to the office to pick up something? When she had left, I noticed that the money I had left on the dining table was all gone. And it was in Dollars. I am talking of 250 dollars. When I called her to ask her about it, she started crying saying how dare I accuse her! I told her if she is the one that stole it, her hands will never have money until she confesses

Michael: Hahaha. Sacred James! So you actually think you can curse someone and it comes to pass? Please don’t kill me with laughter. You are just as bad as Esther, because both of you are criminals. Hahaha

James: Ok. Just wait and see. This is money I worked hærd for. Someone cannot just take it and go scot-free. By the way, you and Judith seem to be moving forward. Just be careful with that girl. She might just be as bad as Esther since they are friends. Birds of the same feather flock together.

Michael: No, I think Judith is quite different. She seems to be sincere, though I am still getting to know her

James: Hmm, all these party freaks! The day she will break your heart, you won’t have the same guts to say she is sincere

Michael: I don’t understand you man. One minute you are encouraging me to find someone, and now that I have found someone, you start discouraging me

James: I am not discouraging you. I am just advising you to be extra careful. Yes I wanted you to have someone, but I don’t want you to get hurt because my shoulders aren’t very strong to have someone lean on them. Try to go slow with her.

Michael: Don’t worry boss. I am taking things a day at a time.

It was Saturday and Michael was preparing the party with Judith in his house.

“Please bring a knife for me from the kitchen” Michael said as he tore the packaging of the soft drinks.

“There you go darling. Please be careful with the knife as it seems to be so sharp. Meanwhile, let me prepare the table” Judith answered.

The bell rang. It was James and Donald. Judith went to open the door. She was dressed in a tight short red dress and wore high Christian Louboutin shoes.

“Wow! What a s€×y lady. You look take away girl” James shouted as he entered with a crate of beer. He gave her a peck and both he and Donald entered the house. They found Michael switching on the Music player.

James: What’s up birthday boy? You are a full grown lion now. Live long!

Michael: Thanks boss. We thank God for the gift of life. Hey Donald thanks for coming man!

James: Yes, I asked him to come to my house so that we come together, since he has never been to your house before.

The party went on well. They all ate to their satisfaction. Judith stood up to bring the cake. James was busy looking at her behind, admiring her. The cake was cut and Michael blew the candles. It was getting late. Michael called James who was busy talking senseless things in the living room.

Michael: Hey man! Thank you for coming and also for bringing Donald along with you. I would like to spend some quality time with my girl you know. I have some few things I want to discuss with her.

James: Ehhh, so you are chasing us?

Michael: No, I am not. Come on man! You have also been doing the same to me whenever you want to be with your girls. You are the champion at such things, so you can understand

James: Well, ok. If you say so! But I really wanted to dance a bit

Michael: You have danced more than enough. Come on now!! Michael laughed

James and Donald left. Michael and Judith sat in the living room. Michael put his arms around her and the two entered into a conversation

Michael: so what are your future plans?

Judith: you mean concerning my career?

Michael: Well not just your career. I mean your love life and all that. Where do you see yourself in two years?

Judith: Well, I plan to set up my own business. I like the fashion industry and I would like to open a boutique for men and women’s clothing. And, like any other girl, I would like to get married to a wonderful man and have kids

Michael: Interesting! So how many kids do you want to have?

Judith: I want to have three. If possible twins: two girls and then a boy

Michael: Wow! Excellent

Judith: and you?

Michael: Hmmm. I am thinking of opening my own audit Company. I would like to be my own boss. And I would also like to settle down and build a family. I have been too reluctant in that area. So tell me, what would you say if I asked you to be in a serious relationsh¡p with me? I mean a serious one. No games

Judith: Eh eh, of course I would love to. I like you and I think we get along quite well.

Michael: I am happy to hear that from you. Let’s say it’s a done deal then right?

Judith: Deal!

They both hugged and k-ssed. Michael took her by the hand and took her to his bedroom. They were about doing the act, when suddenly Michael stopped and said “Am sorry baby. Believe me, you really turn me on and all that, but I want to respect you. We just started our relationsh¡p. I would like us to give each other more time to know each other better. And besides, my mom once told me that I should never take women for toys” He helped her to dress up.

Judith was surprised. “Am I dreaming? Could this be real? Do men like this still exist in this rotten world?” she thought to herself.

They spent a wonderful time together and around midnight, Michael dropped her off at her place.

The following morning, Michael called James:

Michael: “ Hey Jamie. What’s up?

James: I am good man. What’s up?

Michael: I am cool. Please tell me, do you remember the second hand Toyota Corolla we saw at the car dealing company next to our CFO’s house?

James: Yes, I remember. Why?

Michael: Do you remember the exact price? I want to get it for Judith. I feel sorry that she has to take buses every day when going to her work place. And you know, since she works for a bakery, she has to be there as early as 6:30am. It’s not safe for her to be standing at the bus stops at that time of the day.

James: I said it! It has happened. She has tied your brains in a calabash.

Michael: Oh please don’t start again! Just give the info I need.

James: Michael, how can you allow yourself to be fooled by all these suburb girls? They spend their time visiting native doctors to tie men’s hearts so that they can feast on them. I now believe that education is not enough in life. You need brains. These girls are just s****ts that are looking for …..

Michael: James, I think you are going too far. Please, no matter how much you think you know, I want you to respect this girl because I am going out with her. I will not allow you to say rubbish about her. I am old enough to know what I want in life, ok?

James: Continue! The next thing we will hear is that she has sold your soul to the devil

Michael cut the line in anger. He got ready and decided to go to the car dealer alone. Upon arrival, he negotiated a fair price and was told the car would be delivered to him in four days’ time.

Judith couldn’t believe she had a car for herself. She jumped up and down like a small child. She hugged Michael with all her strength and dived into her new car with excitement. “Baby, I don’t know what to say. You are simply the best gift I have ever received in my life.  God bless the works of your hands” she said “Amen! You are welcome my love” Michael said, smiling.

To be continued

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