Betrayal – Episode 4
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Michael was enjoying his relationsh¡p with Judith. The two had been seeing each other for close to six months. Michael was gaining more interest in his lover. Judith was also enjoying the love and affection from him. They were spending more time together. Michael was in the process of establishing his own Audit Company. Things seemed promising. James on the other hand, was still struggling to settle with any lady. He was slowly becoming well known in the city for his behavior. He had just bought a brand new Mercedes and was rocking the town with it. However, he was beginning to feel lonely as he could not stay long in a relationsh¡p. Michael seemed to be too busy for their late night drinking sprees. James would hang out with Donald in Michael’s absence.

It was a hot Sunday morning. Michael had just woken up around 11am. His phone rang. It was James

Michael: Boss of the bosses, what’s up my man?

James: I am cool bros. Are you just waking up?

Michael: Yes. I slept quite late last night. I was working on some doc-ments for my new Company. What’s up?

James: Ok. Hey, tonight “Mr. Greens Club” is org-nizing a Sunday night bash. We’ve got to be there. You remember how much fun we had last year? Jeez I can’t wait. What time should I pick you up?

Michael: Oh man. I hate to disappoint you. I wish I could make it but I have a rendezvous with Judith this evening. I have very important issues to discuss with her. I was actually even thinking of asking you for a favor. I am planning to give her some cash to open her shop. You seem to have a lot of connections with people who rent shops and stuff.

James: My God! Has it gotten to this? Michael may I remind you that this girl is not your wife yet? Why are you going all that way just to please her? This is it! I need to take you for prayers. I know a church not far from my home where they cast out demons and spells that have been released on people. I usually hear them shouting in the evening.

Michael: Phew!!! I don’t even know what pushed me to tell you this. James, I am not possessed. I am simply trying to help someone. Listen, I am not only helping this girl because I am going out with her. I am doing it out of love for humanity. You know me! I love to help.

James: Humanity my foot! Judith is now humanity? Why can’t you help all the beggars on the streets? That is real humanitarian work bros. Listen all I am trying to say is that you are exaggerating with this girl. Because of her, you are no longer accepting any invitation I extend to you to go have fun

Michael. No don’t think that way. James I need to build a future for myself. The reason why I haven’t been very outgoing these days is because I am working on my project. Going to clubs is not going to pay my bills. We are making those people rich. With these companies we work for, anything can happen. Someone might just wake up one day and fire us. We need to secure our future

James: Hmm, so now I have become a distraction and nuisance to you hun? Chai!!!! Me, James the Terminator, I have become a stumbling block to your progress

Michael: James I didn’t say that. I only…….

James cut the line. Michael felt bad. “I would really like to go out but I can’t cancel my appointment with Judith and besides, this night I have to work on my project again. If I follow James to the club I will be so tired. A man needs to work man! Michael said to himself.

Later that evening, Judith was on her way to Michael’s place, but she decided to stop at a supermarket to grab some snacks for both of them. As usual, she was looking so s€×y; one would think she was a model because of her slenderness. She bumped into James who was also doing some shopping. The two hugged each other in surprise

Judith: Hey what are you doing here?

James: I came to get some few items for the house. How are you doing? You look sooooo, mehn! You are simply a beauty!

Judith: Oh there you go again! I am just managing. Anyway thanks.

James: It’s true. You are always looking cute. So, where are you going to? I am thinking of grabbing a burger outside. Would you like to join me?

Judith: Oh I would have loved to, but no thanks. I am rushing to Michael’s house. We have an appointment at 6pm. I am already behind schedule. Just thought I should grab some snacks for both us. Michael loves ginger snacks.

James: Oh ok. Enjoy yourself then. Once again you look pretty; I pray that God gives you a wonderful husband. You really deserve someone to love you truly.

Judith was rather surprised to hear such a statement from James “A wonderful husband? He could at least say I am going out with a wonderful man. She thought to herself

“Oh, forget James. He likes to play a lot. I am used to his games now. But he is a good man. We’ve known each other since we were kinds” Michael answered when Judith told him about what James had said.

“Well, if you say so. I imagined a lot of things when he said that” Judith said

Michael: Like what?

Judith: I though maybe he was trying to say that you aren’t a good man

Michael: Hahaha. Anyway I understand. It’s because you are just getting to know James. He’s a comedian. So, now let us talk serious business. I have been thinking. I like to see women who are empowered, that is to say, women who strive to make it in life. And any opportunity I find to help, I do It without remorse. Since you had talked to me about your desire to have a fashion boutique, I thought I could help with the little that I have. I have at least 3,000 dollars that I can lend to you to open your new shop. It’s not much, but you can at least start with a few items. Then once you have made enough profit, you can start paying me back. I can put you in touch with a friend that usually goes to Turkey to buy clothes.

Judith stood up from the chair and hugged Michael, tears running from her eyes.

Judith: I am short of words, baby. There is no amount of words that can explain my gratitude to you. But God knows my heart. You will never suffer in life.

Michael: Amen. Remember, it’s a loan. Michael laughed.

Judith: Of course and I am gonna pay you pack with interest love. The interest can be in cash or hmmmmm. You know….

Michael laughed hærd. Judith was all smiles that day. She had indeed found the man of her dreams.

Weeks later, Wellington Food Corporations was conducting staff appraisals for members of staff. The Human Resources Management Team had org-nized a big meeting in their conference hall to honor staff that had done an excellent job. Michael was congratulated for his excellent work in drafting the financial forecast and budget breakdown for the entire year in collaboration with the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Due to this, he was awarded a bonus and HR decided to increase his salary by 25%. He was very excited upon receiving this news. As for his friend James, Management advised him and his Marketing team to work extra hærd as their marketing strategies had not been very well elaborated. This made James furious

“All these demons called Management team think they can just say rubbish! My team and I tried all our best to put in place a good marketing strategy. It is our fault that their Company is slowly going down? Useless pigs!” James exclaimed to Michael as they left the meeting.

“You don’t have to insult them James. Just make sure you sit your team down and try to redesign your strategies. You see, that is why I keep telling you to start your own private business. Job security doesn’t exist anymore” Michael said

“Oh, so you are trying to say that I will be sacked hun! It’s not because you have been given a small pay raise that you should now start insulting people” James said frowning his face

“My God! James what is wrong with you these days? Can’t we talk like friends anymore. How many times have you scolded me? Have I ever been upset because of that? Come on man, you can do better than this” Michael responded with a surprised look.

James walked off to exit the building. He met Judith on the way to Michael’s office.

“Michael is a wicked human being” he shouted. Judith looked so astonished. She tried to ask him what the problem was but he left in fury.

Michael later called James to apologize and they were in good terms once again. That night, they both decided to go and have a drink downtown. As they were seated, James called over two girls seating opposite their table. “Come join us” he said. Michael was trying to stop him but it was to no avail. The two ladies joined them and James bought them beer. He went to seat near one of the girls and started talking to her quietly. Michael was not pleased with the situation. “Oh don’t be shy Michael. A beautiful girl is in front of you. Make her happy” James said.

Michael stood up from his chair and left the place. James tried to catch up with him and shouted “What is wrong with you man? We are just trying to have fun”

“Trying to have fun? When you even know that I have a girlfriend. Grow up!” Michael answered

“Oh you mean that b***ch! Someone who has opened her legs to almost every man in town!” James shouted

Michael ran toward James and gave him a punch on his nose. James was bleeding. James tried to hit him back but he missed.  People gathered to separate them. Michael entered his car and drove off.

To be continued

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