Betrayal – Episode  (FINALE)
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A visitor came for Michael on a sunny Monday afternoon. He was convinced it was Alice and left his jail cell with enthusiasm. He found Donald (the Junior Assistant from his Company). Michael was surprised as none of his colleagues had been visiting for over two years.

Michael: Hey Donald! What a surprise! How are you doing? I am happy to see you. How are things at the office?

Donald: Hi Michael. It’s good to see you too. How are you doing?

Michael: Great man! Thanks for visiting me

Donald: You are welcome. Michael, I have to visit you today because I have something to tell you. I don’t know how to say it bu….. but…..but I want to confess to you that I was involved in setting you up as the person who stole the Company money

Michael: What! Are you joking?

Donald: No, I am not joking. James approached me one day and told me that you had been causing him a lot of trouble and that you had even taken his girlfriend, Judith, from him. He asked me to give him access to the check book and promised that he would pay me 15% from every amount we withdrew. He said he already knew your signature by heart. I did it and he signed all the 3 checks. I have been living with a guilty conscience for more than two years now. But lately, I have even lost my sleep. I keep seeing you in my dreams pursuing me with a weapon asking me to tell the truth. I have gone to all manner of psychics but to no avail. Take a look at my eyes. You’ll notice that they are red, because of lack of sleep. Sometimes, when I am on the streets driving my car, I see you blocking my path.

Michael took a deep breath and said “So what do you want me to do?”

Donald: To forgive me. I have made up my mind to turn myself in to the police and make this confession. I can’t take it anymore.

Michael: I have nothing more to say to you Donald. Do you know the hell that I have gone through all these years? I lost a part of my life because of your greed for money. But anyway, I forgive you and I don’t care what you do after this conversation.

Michael stood up and left.

Donald turned himself in to the police and told them everything that had happened. The CEO and CFO were informed and they gave indications of James’ house to the police officers. James was apprehended and put in police custody. After much questioning, he confessed being the one behind the crime. Michael was released from prison after serving for 2 years six months. Alice and his parents were waiting for him when he came out. The joy that filled his heart was unexplainable. His mother shed tears of joy.

His Company presented its letter of regret to him and offered him a compensation amount worth 75,000 Dollars for the injustice he had suffered. He was asked to resume his work, but he turned down the offer as he wanted to open his own Company. His case was cleared and the right to exercise his job as an Accountant/Auditor was restored to him. James was given a 7 year sentence, while Donald was given a 5 year sentence. Both of them were asked to reimburse the total amount stolen with 15% interest. A month after his release, Michael decided to pay James a visit at the prison. James was surprised to see him. Michael walked toward him and said “It’s hærd to understand why you did what you did. But one thing I know is that you thought you were doing me evil by betraying me, but God meant it for good because it is in this situation that I have found the most important thing in life: God Himself. I forgive you and I pray that you also find what I found in this prison. Enjoy your stay”

James wanted to talk, but Michael left. As Michael was leaving, he met Judith who had come to visit James. She fell on her knees and asked him to forgive her and take her back “You should be a fool to think that even after all that happened, I can take you back. But I understand it’s because you think I am still the naïve Michael you knew before. Well you have to know that I am no longer who I used to be. I am wiser now” he said to her, removing her hand from his leg. Judith cried even the more and Michael left. She went in,side to see James

James: Baby please forgive me for everything. I don’t know what got into me. I love you. I will ask some connections I have in the political world to bail me out

Judith: You criminal! I hate you! I don’t ever want to see you in my life.

James: Please don’t say that. What about my son? Please think of him before …

Judith: which son? So you were actually thinking that he is your son hun? Don’t you know that you are impotent? I received the results from the doctor when we were trying to have a baby. I told the Doctor not to tell you. I started sleeping with the garden boy and paid him money. So my friend, you have no son in this world.

James looked down and cried. Judith left in fury.

Six months later: Michael and Alice were preparing for their wedding. Michael’s company was making tremendous marks in the audit field. His dad had just been nominated as Minister of Technology for the country. Alice had found a job as Administration Officer in a Telecoms Company.

“Ok my friend, make sure you take the two Company cars to the Mechanic for monthly technical visit immediately we come back from the prison visit” Michael said to Lucas. Lucas and Gregory were also out of prison. Lucas worked as the Chief driver at Michael’s Company while Gregory had continued his farm business. He was no longer with his wife but he could go and see his children frequently. He had found a meaning to his life again. Michael, Lucas and Gregory visited the prison twice a month and gave provision of food stuffs, toiletries and Bibles to the prisoners.

“I can’t believe God has given me back my life. And this time around, he has even added a gift that has no price: that is you my love. I am full of joy. Thank you for your love and support” Michael said to Alice on the first day of their honeymoon.

Alice responded “I am also grateful that God brought us back together again. In fact I believe that it is our destiny. Can we name our first child as Destiny?”

Michael laughed and after giving her a long k-ss, said “Sure my love. I love the name. A destiny still remains intact no matter the betrayal one goes through. I love you baby”


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