Betrayer In Disguise

Betrayal in disguise episode 14

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Episode 14

As th£ driver got th£ phone from me to speak with my dad, we h£ard gunsh°ts on th£ [email protected]¢kground that th£ driver looked at me,
“What was that? What’s go!ng on! I sh©vted and got th£ phone from h¡m.
“Daddy! I sh©vted on th£ phone but th£ gunsh°ts cont!nued.

“Joan we are attacked, my dad managed to say as I h£ard my mom sh©vt!ng.
“Who’s attack!ng? Daddy! I sh©vted and th£ l!ne went off.

I almost opened th£ door not m!nd!ng th£ bus was still mov!ng but th£ woman who sat with me h£ld me,
“What do you want to do? Th£ woman asked.
“My family is !n danger please, I said struggl!ng with h£r.

“Please take it easy okay, take it easy, th£ driver said and called my dad number but h£ didn’t pick up. I was cry!ng bitterly already as I feared for my family,
“Call th£ police na, women at th£ [email protected]¢k said.

“I know a number, I said and got th£ phone from th£ driver and dialled th£ police man who turned to be a family friend but h£ didn’t pick up.
After 3 r!ngs h£ didn’t still pick up and I almost ran mad !n th£ bus.

Suddenly we saw a ch£ck po!nt and ₱v||ed over. We didn’t even allow th£ police men to say a th!ng, we quickly reported what was go!ng on.
“For wh£re e dey happen! One asked and I quickly called my address.

“Make I make call, one said and made a call report!ng th£ case.
“Is it happen!ng now? Th£ police men asked us still on phone.

“Yes o, everyone replied.
“Abeg make th£y go quick o abeg, some women added as th£ police man was still talk!ng on phone.

“No wahala th£m dey road, th£ police man said to us wh£n h£ dropped th£ call and we thanked th£m and drove off.
Great fever h£ld me with unbearable h£adach£, and all th£ prayers and words of encouragement th£ women ₱0ured on me didn’t enter my ears.

Th£n th£ driver phone began to r!ng and h£ saw it was my dad number,
“Girl your dad is call!ng, th£ driver said and I opened my eyes and quickly got th£ phone from h¡m.

“Dad what happened? Daddy? I shakily called ©vt.
“Joan are you okay? h£ asked.

“Dad I should ask you that, I h£ard gunsh°ts, I replied.
“Hmm Joan, Steve (our police friend I was call!ng) is wounded, h£ said.

“How come? I asked.
“I actually called to tell h¡m what you told us so h£ offered to h£lp. h£ came d©wΠ and j√$t wh£n we were ab©vt driv!ng ©vt we got attacked and h£ was hit but not that bad. But someone suddenly h£lped ©vt and sh°t th£ person attack!ng and drove off, and wh£n I went near to see who it was, behold it was an officer you should know very well, my dad narrated and I rubb£d my h£ad.

“Is th£ attacker dead? I asked.
“Not yet, h£ replied.

“Dad I thought I told you not to tell th£ police because th£re’s a betrayer !n th£ir midst, I th!nk h£ was one of th£m, I said.
“Joan, you’ll be surprised to see who it was, Steve is shocked h¡mself, my dad said.

“Is h¡s wound bad? I asked.
“Your mom applied a first aid and h£ called for [email protected]¢kup, th£y are on th£ way to take h¡m to th£ hospital, h£ replied.

“Okay dad, we are almost at th£ junction now not too far from th£ house, but th£n its too risky for us to spend th£ night at home, I said.
“I’ll wait for you okay, should I go wait for you at th£ junction? h£ asked.

“Okay dad, but be ¢ar£ful okay, i replied.
“Alright alright, h£ said and dropped th£ call and i breath£d ©vt.

“Are you okay now? Th£ driver asked and I nodded return!ng h¡s phone.
“Thank you sir, I said.

“Its noth!ng, j√$t make sure you all leave th£ house th¡s night, th£ driver said and I nodded…………….

We arrived at th£ junction after th£ driver dropped a woman off and took d©wΠ h£r goods from th£ bus.
I came d©wΠ and hugged my dad t!ght,
“What did th£y do to you? My dad asked.

“Let’s talk ab©vt that later, I replied and h£ shook [email protected] with th£ driver thank!ng h¡m.
“Its noth!ng, please go to a safe place, tje driver said.

“I will I will, thank you all, my dad said greet!ng th£ women which I did also and we took off home.
Th£ [email protected]¢kups th£y were wait!ng for arrived and we met th£m carry!ng th£ wounded.

My dad told me not to leave th£ car, at th£ po!nt h£ didn’t know who to trust anym©r£. I saw mu mom came ©vt hold!ng a bag and hold!ng my broth£r [email protected] t!ght andtgry lookef at my dad wjen h£ met with th£m nut h£ bl!nked at rh£m.

“Go put th£ bag !n th£ car, my dad said to th£m and rema!ns with th£ police men while th£y came and hugged me |ns!de th£ car with©vt th£ police notic!ng.
“Look at you, j√$t look at you Joan, mymim said cry!ng, i know $h£ must be go!ng through lots of shocks and worry.

“I’m [email protected]¢k mommy, I’m [email protected]¢k, I said and hugged my broth£r.
‘So make we follow you na !n case of anyth!ng, we h£ard an officer said to my dad.

“No no its okay, we can manage, my dad said.
“But its late and you j√$t saw what happened, h£ !nsisted.

“I know but th£ place is not far, its a relation place very close so you don’t need to both£r, my dad said and h£ld Steve [email protected]
“You’ll be f!ne okay, my dad said to h¡m.

‘Take ¢ar£ of your family okay, Steve said.
“I will, we will visit !n th£ morn!ng, my dad said and left but my eyes rema!ned on th£ police man who !nsisted to go with my fath£r. h¡s face was too suspicious and th£ way h£ looked at my dad said it all.

My dad opened up th£ car and drove off and my mom hugged me t!ght aga!n,
“Dad that police man, I don’t trust h¡m, I told h¡m before it will sl¡p my memory.
“Me too, I will look !nto h¡s case tomorrow, my dad said.

“Wh£re are we go!ng to now? I asked.
“Th£ woman offered to take us !n and $h£ has been wait!ng. Talk to h£r, my dad replied and was ab©vt call!ng th£ woman whose husband died but h£r call entered which I picked up.

“What’s th£ situation th£re? $h£ asked immediately.
“Good morn!ng ma, I said.

“Joan? Oh my God Joan you’re safe? $h£ sh©vted.
“Yes ma and we are on th£ way, I replied.

“Oh please do I have been wait!ng, $h£ said.
“We’ll be th£re soon, my dad and I dropped th£ call and smiled keep!ng my h£ad on my mom ch£st.

“Joan th£y touch£d your face, what happened? My mom asked still with a sad look. $h£’s one moth£r who is so concerned ab©vt h£r children sk!n m©r£ than anyth!ng !n th£ world. And my sk!n especially my face was designed with bruises.
“Mom $h£’s tired, let’s f!nd $h£lter first, my broth£r said.

“Dear we all have questions to ask h£r, but not now okay, my dad said referr!ng to my mom and $h£ h£aved.
“Okay okay, $h£ said touch!ng my hair.

“Dad who h£lped ©vt wh£n th£ betrayer attacked? I asked.
“I can’t tell, h£ j√$t appeared with a car and sh°t h¡m and drove off. h£ saved us big time because we were not expect!ng such a th!ng not even Steve, my dad replied.

“Dad whats th£ colour of th£ car? I asked.
“Red, my broth£r replied and my m©vth flew opened.

“What is it? my mom asked and i raised my h£ad from my mom.
“Ebuka, h£ h£lped ©vt after sav!ng me from th£m. h£ was th£ one who told me to tell you to leave, looks like th£re was a plan all along, I replied.

“Is that so? My broth£r asked.
“But h£ left me on th£ road, it must be h¡m who came @r0vnd to ch£ck on you, I said and th£ pa!ns from my [email protected]¢k began.

“Are you okay? My mom asked wh£n $h£ noticed th£ change on my face.
“Mom I need to be ch£cked, I was hit on my sp!ne, i replied.

“What! My broth£r sh©vted.
“Oh my God! What did th£y do to you! My mom began to cry that i regretted i told h£r !n th£ first place.

“Mom please don’t start, its not like I’m dy!ng, I said………

Sorry my phone is hav!ng issues


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