Betrayer In Disguise

Betrayal in disguise episode 16

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Episode 16.

I didn’t know wh£n I dropped th£ call and my mom got th£ phone from me,
“How come? I thought Dad was with h¡m? I asked my mom but $h£ shook h£r h£ad and dialed my dad number and h£ picked up.

“I know you’ve h£ard, my dad said wh£n h£ picked up.
“But you said you were with h¡m, what happened? My mom asked.

“Dear h£ was stubborn to speak and aga!n weak with th£ wound on h¡m. So we decided not to stress h¡m and we left, h£ replied.
“Did h£ really killed h¡mself or someone did? I asked.

“Joan h£ strangled h¡mself with th£ drip, we found it wr*₱ped on h¡s neck, my dad replied.
“Could h£ have killed h¡mself? I don’t want to believe that,someone must have done that so h£ won’t expose a lot of th!ngs ab©vt th£ gang, I said.

“Joan th£ wh0l£ situation is annoy!ng, first th£ cops lost th£ crim!nals and only God knows what will happen next, no one has a clue, my dad said and i rubb£d my h£ad so worried.
“Its okay love, j√$t come [email protected]¢k safe alright, my mom said.

“Okay, call Peter and tell h¡m to return home, h£ said.
“i will, $h£ said and dropped th£ call look!ng at me as i paced round.

“Joan can you remember anyth!ng at all? Only you can h£lp now you know, $h£ said and i stopped.
“Mom it was dark and th£ road was lonely, how I’m i suppose to know wh£n i was tired and and and…….. “Its okay Joan, my mom cut !n wh£n i was f!nd!ng words.

“No its not okay, th£y will come after me aga!n and that doesn’t make it okay to me, i said and sat d©wΠ bow!ng my h£ad.
“That will never happen okay, if th£y are s£nsible enough th£y should be on a hide©vt and not com!ng after you, my mom said touch!ng me and i raised my h£ad remember!ng someth!ng.

“You know mom, if dad Can call th£ driver number who h£lped me ©vt. If h£ can remember wh£re h£ picked me from, i th!nk i can trace wh£re Ebuka came ©vt from, I said.
“Oh Joan you’re a prodigy! My mom sh©vted and dialed my Dad number immediately.

“I know right, i said smil!ng.
“Don’t be too flattered, my mom said and my dad picked up.

“Yes, h£ said.
“Joan j√$t said someth!ng now, do you still have th£ driver number who h£lped h£r last night? $h£ asked.

“Yes yes why? h£ asked.
“that’s because……… “If h£ can remember wh£re h£ picked me up, i th!nk I can trace wh£re i came ©vt from, i cut !n.

“Great! Let me f!nd ©vt from h¡m, my dad said and dropped th£ call and my broth£r walked !n.
“You’re f!nally awake? h£ asked after greet!ng.

“You didn’t want h£r to be awake or what? Mom asked.
“Because i want to sleep m!ne now, $h£ was j√$t hitt!ng me th£ wh0l£ night, Peter said.

“Night or morn!ng? Oh i was hitt!ng you now huh? Let’s talk ab©vt how you snore bad, i said.
“You wish. So what’s th£ turn up of events? Any good news? h£ asked.

“Not yet, mom replied.
“What! Why should it be difficult wh£n we have someone !n our custody to get what we want? h£ asked.

“Well h£’s dead, i replied and Peter began to laugh.
“You’re jok!ng right? I mean i want h¡m dead too but not yet, how did h£ die? h£ asked.

“Probably killed by those who want h¡m shut up for life, i replied.
“You must be kidd!ng me, Peter said and my dad call came on phone which my mom gave it to me.
“h£llo dad, i picked up.

“Joan i j√$t called h¡m, and yes h£ can remember wh£re h£ picked you, h£ said.
“Wow, that’s cool, i know my eyes were busy i can get someth!ng, i said.

“Yes but th£ police are ask!ng if you’re fit to go now? h£ asked and my mom eyes bulged ©vt.
“Wait, now? Like today? Common is it safe for Joan know!ng th£ situation ©vt th£re? My mom got th£ phone from me.

“Dear you know i cant risk Joan, th£ men i am with now, Steve trusts th£m, h£ said.
“Ya same way Steve trusted h¡s partner but got sh°t, Peter said.

“Peter, my dad called ©vt.
“Yes dad, h£ replied.

“Shut up! my dad said and h£ nodded.
“Joan get prepared we are Com!ng to pick you, my dad said and dropped th£ call and it was my mom turn to get worried.

“I don’t get it, can’t th£ police do it with©vt you? What if you didn’t come ©vt of th£re? How did we even get to th¡s po!nt? My mom kept ask!ng questions while Peter and I only watch£d say!ng noth!ng.

“Why are you two not say!ng someth!ng! Mom angrily asked after talk!ng to h£rself for a while and Peter cough£d.
“Well i wanted to but dad said i should shut up, Peter replied and i h£aved.

“Mom, i thought you earlier said i was th£ only one to h£lp? I asked.
“Yes, but not you go!ng with th£m, is th£re no oth£r way? What if th£re will be exchange of fire? $h£ asked.

“Mommy i understand you perfectly but j√$t calm d©wΠ okay and remember dad will be th£re with me, h£ wont put me !n danger, i said.
“uhmmmm i th!nk $h£’s right, j√$t calm d©wΠ, Peter added and my mom weakly looked at us and sat d©wΠ still anxious………….


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