Betrayer In Disguise

Betrayal in disguise episode 17

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Episode 17.

Story by Miriam Edem

Peter was able to crack !n jokes to ease my mom nerves and we laugh£d it over. Th£ gate opened and we left th£ room to see who’s com!ng !n.

A Camry and a jeep drove !n and my dad came ©vt from th£ Camry with 3 men while th£ woman came ©vt from th£ jeep.
“Th£re are h£re, Peter said and we went ©vt to meet th£m.

“h£y Joan, feel!ng better? Th£ woman asked and I nodded while my dad only looked at me say!ng noth!ng th£n I recognized th£ police man I suspected last night and my countenance changed.
I wanted s¢r**m!ng but my dad was us!ng h¡s eyes to pa$$ a message to me,

“So you’re th£ kidnapped Joan, welcome [email protected]¢k, th£ suspected officer said to me.
“Thank you, I said keep!ng cool.

“So how did you get released from th£m? h£ asked.
“Well I escaped, I replied.

“Do you at least know th£ path or road you came ©vt from? h£ asked.
“Honestly i can’t remember anyth!ng one bit, and if i did i would have s¢r**med it ©vt, I replied.

“Why so? h£ asked.
“Looks like i pa$$ed ©vt and was h£lped ©vt by someone, that’s it, I replied and h£ nodded.

“What’s th£ next plan now? We don’t know th£ir wh£reab©vts and th£ only one that could tell us that is dead, what now? And why are we h£re by th£ way? Th£ officer asked.
“Oh that? Didn’t your superior tell you? Th£ woman asked.

“Tell me what? h£ asked.
“I asked for officers to h£lp guard th£ house till th£ next morn!ng, that’s why you’re all are h£re, th£ woman replied.

“At least we should have been !nformed, anoth£r said.
“Sorry it was urgent and we are !n dire need of that. Don’t worry I’ll pay, th£ woman said.

“Okay f!ne, th£ officer said but i looked at th£ suspected one and saw h£ wasn’t pleased with what th£ woman said.
I walked up to my dad who was stand!ng with an officer,
“Keep your eyes on h¡m okay, watch h¡s every m©v£, i h£ard my dad said.

“What’s go!ng on? I asked my dad.
“Joan let’s go, my dad took my [email protected] walk!ng away from th£ officer h£ was stand!ng with.

“I’ll be [email protected]¢k with Joan soon, my dad sh©vted to everyone,
“Joan wait! My mom said and came to us wh£n we were close to th£ gate.

“Br!ng my daughter [email protected]¢k, don’t take h£r to th£ danger $h£ escaped from please, my mom wh¡spered to h¡m.
“We will be [email protected]¢k i promise, my dad said tapp!ng h£r on th£ shoulder and i saw fear and confusion written on my mom face as i left with my fath£r with©vt say!ng a word to h£r.

But wait!ng ©vtside was a car and i recognized police officers !n it.
“Th¡s looks like a plan to me, i said wh£n we got !nto th£ car.

“Yes and you j√$t proved i have a smart daughter, thanks for ₱|@y!ng cool [email protected]¢k th£re but we had to do a little trick to keep th£ cop away from important !nformation and also to curtail h¡s m©v£ j√$t !n case h£ plans to meet with th£m today, my dad said.
“Sounds good but you took h¡m home to wh£re mom is, what if h£ s£nds a message to th£m? I asked.

“Every officer th£re gat th£ir eyes on h¡m, h£’s been monitored so have no fear, my dad replied and I h£aved.
“Okay if that is it, Is it j√$t 5 of us go!ng? Wh£re’s th£ driver? I asked.

“Th£y are already on th£ir way to th£ place, we will meet with th£m soon, my dad replied and i nodded.
“Smart arrangements though, i said clean!ng my face.

“So Joan will you be able to trace th£ place? We really need to get those craps, an officer said.
“Th£ guy who h£lped me from th£re drove ab©vt 15 m!nutes on fvll speed before dropp!ng me off.
We came ©vt from a bushy area, I replied.

“Th£ area is a bushy one, we need to know th£ exact place to avoid complications, anoth£r officer said.
“It was a crooked path with dirty yellow waters, i said.

“Most roads has that description consider!ng th£ season we are !n. We need a better clue,, an officer said and i scratch£d my h£ad and closed my eyes th!nk!ng [email protected]
“Joan take it easy, probably wh£n you get th£re you may remember someth!ng that can lead us to th£m, my dad said and i nodded.

We met with 2 oth£r cars on th£ way and we stopped at a place wh£re i could recognize th£ store i hid that night.
“That’s right, i was hid!ng h£re before h£ picked me up, i confirmed po!nt!ng at th£ store.
“Okay, th£n we have approximately 15m!nutes drive to th£ place right? An officer asked and I nodded……… we hit th£ road aga!n.

I became so anxious and s¢ar£d at th£ same time,
“What if i didn’t get it right? What if someth!ng goes wrong? I kept ask!ng myself swallow!ng gallons of saliva with my palm itch!ng.

“So miss are you watch!ng? An officer asked and i nodded. Truly th£ area is bushy with th£ same k!nd of road, how will i know wh£re i came ©vt from? I asked myself shak!ng because at that po!nt we may return disappo!nted.

“Its ab©vt 12 m!nutes we’ve been driv!ng yet you’ve said noth!ng, an officer said look!ng at me and i fearfvlly looked at my dad which h£ touch£d me to make me calm probably.
“Maybe we haven’t reach£d th£ place, my dad replied th£m.

“Its obvious $h£ doesn’t know th£ place with th£ way $h£’s so quiet, we should have known better, an officer said quite angry and we saw a path aga!n j√$t like oth£rs, but th¡s time th£re was a little rift like a car ₱u$h£d !n pressure to drive past and i remembered someth!ng.

That night Ebuka escaped with me, th£ car had difficulty !n pa$$!ng and h£ struggled which th£ tires screech£d at th£ [email protected]¢k !n th£ process,
“stop we’ve pa$$ed! I sh©vted and th£ driver stopped immediately.
“I can’t be wrong ab©vt th¡s, th£ path we j√$t pa$$ed is wh£re we came ©vt from, i said and th£ driver reversed [email protected]¢k immediately which th£ oth£r cars who drove beh!nd us followed suit.

My h£art was b**t!ng f*st as we danced through th£ crooked road, and what made it m©r£ scary was it was even!ng and soon everywh£re will be dark.
“Can Joan go [email protected]¢k now? My dad asked.
“$h£’s not done yet because th¡s is all a guess work, don’t worry $h£ will be f!ne, an officer answered.

“That was not th£ deal, you promised you will s£nd h£r [email protected]¢k wh£n $h£ discovers th£ path that will lead to th£m, and what if th¡s is th£ exact place? my dad asked.
“Noth!ng will happen to h£r okay i promise, $h£ is safe, th£ cop said.

“You better be sure ab©vt that, i promised h£r mom i will br!ng h£r [email protected]¢k, my dad said and i sighted th£ store i hid wh£n i first escaped,
“We are not far from th£ place, we will soon be th£re, i shakily said look!ng at my dad and th£ officers immediately c*cked th£ir weapons ready while my dad h£ld me t!ght………..


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