Betrayer In Disguise

Betrayal in disguise episode 18

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Episode 18.

My dad phone began to r!ng and h£ picked up,
“Yes, h£ said.
“Be ¢ar£ful sir, th£ betrayer j√$t made a call I don’t know to whom, you guys need to be ¢ar£ful, th£ caller said.

“What are you say!ng? I asked you to keep all eyes on h¡m and……. Th£ call ended.
“What’s wrong? An officer asked my dad.

“Great! Your officer j√$t made a call, so let’s expect visitors soon! My dad flamed up.
“Joan are we……….. Gun sh°ts were fired at us.

“Jesus Christ! I s¢r**med and my dad went d©wΠ with me as th£ cars stopped immediately.
I saw an officer fell and my dad covered me as we were at th£ [email protected]¢k seat h£ar!ng festivals of gun sh°ts scattered everywh£re.

I was $h!very!ng and felt like pa$$!ng ©vt with no clue of if we are go!ng to leave h£re alive or not.
[email protected] up! We h£ard someone sh©vt and th£re were calmness a bit.
“Don’t m©v£! Anoth£r sh©vted and th£ car door opened.

“You’re safe now sir, someone said and we raised our h£ad s1©wly.
“Is it over? My dad asked while i was try!ng to get myself [email protected]¢k, but wh£n I h£ld my dad to sit I noticed i touch£d someth!ng w€t and I looked at my [email protected]

“Dad, blood, I shakily said and my dad looked at h¡mself to see h£ was bleed!ng.
“Sir you’ve been sh°t! An officer said h£lp!ng h¡m ©vt of th£ car and i began to cry.

“Why don’t i feel anyth!ng like i was sh°t? My dad asked as some officers were ch£ck!ng h¡m.
“Maybe you were !n shock or someth!ng, an officer replied and i was cry!ng s¢ar£d of los!ng my dad.

“Can we go now please? You have th£m right? I sh©vted.
“You’ll be taken with your dad but we have unf!ni$h£d bus!ness h£re, th£re are still m©r£ of th£m and we have [email protected]¢kups com!ng, one replied.

“!nterest!ng,dont tell me my dad will comt!nue bleed!ng until th£ [email protected]¢k ups come, please h£’s bleed!ng and we need to get th£ bullet from h¡m, i said.
“Joan that’s what I’m try!ng to tell you, take th£m with you, An officer said and my dad was put !n one of th£ cars with 2 officers that accompanied us as escorts.

“Dad are you okay? I kept ask!ng press!ng [email protected] th£ cloth that was placed on h¡s shoulder to absorb th£ blood.
“Joan I’m okay, I’m only glad it wasn’t you, i was so s¢ar£d ©vt th£re, my dad replied.

“It shouldn’t be you too, what if you were hit !n a bad place? What would I have told mom? I asked.
“Joan j√$t stop okay, noth!ng has happened and noth!ng will, my dad replied and th£ officer with us had a call.

“Yes, h£ picked up.
“h£’s been arrested, we j√$t had a solid proof h£’s been conniv!ng with th£ gang, th£ caller said.

“Its obvious, th£ officer said.
“How are th!ngs over th£re? Th£ caller asked.

“We lost some of us and Joan fath£r is wounded, we are on th£ way to th£ hospital, h£ replied.
“We’ve s£nt [email protected]¢kups, you may meet th£m on th£ way, th£ caller said.

“I know, th£ officer said and dropped th£ call and i noticed h£ was sad.
“What’s wrong sir? I asked and h£ looked at me and sniffed.

“anyth!ng wrong? My dad added wh£n h£ noticed it.
“My friend was among those who didn’t make it, h£ replied and i closed my eyes.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. Th!ngs wouldn’t have been th¡s way if th£ !ntruder didn’t alert th£m. I’m sure we would have taken th£m on surprise, my dad said
“I personally want to strangle that idiot with my [email protected], h£ killed h¡m! Th£ officer sh©vted.

” But i don’t get it, Why did you leave h¡m With a phone if you knew h£ was th£ suspect? That was a terrible mistake if you ask me, i said.
“We didn’t want h¡m to suspect us you know because it was all a guess work and h£ proved us right, my dad replied and i cleaned my face.

“Great, we have 4 of th£m and i hope we get m©r£ especially Favor cous!n, that’s m©r£ important so th¡s wh0l£ drama will end, I’m tired of it already. How many m©r£ is go!ng to die? I asked.
“No one is go!ng to die! Th£ officer s¢r**med at me and my dad h£ld my [email protected] as a sign to be quiet know!ng th£ officer wasnt cool that moment.

We saw th£ [email protected]¢kups pa$$ed with 3 vehicles and waved at us with©vt stopp!ng and th¡s time th£y carried m©r£ ammunitions than what we carried.
“Nice, i said wh£n i saw th£m but my fath£r was fa!nt!ng.

“Please are we still far from th£ hospital? h£’s pa$$!ng ©vt, I said to th£m.
“We’re close, th£y replied and my mom call came on phone and i h£aved know!ng th£ officer who j√$t called must have told h£r my dad was hit.

I rejected th£ call twice and we arrived at th£ hospital which my dad was ru$h£d !n and attended to immediately.
My mom called aga!n and I picked up,
“Mom h£’s f!ne, i said immediately.
“Joan, Joan what happened? Wh£re is h£? $h£ asked breath!ng [email protected]

“Calm d©wΠ mom, I’ll text you th£ address, dad is f!ne, i replied.
“s£nd it immediately, my mom said and i dropped th£ call text!ng h£r th£ hospital address.

M!nutes later my mom, Peter and th£ madam whose name i still didn’t know arrived and my mom ru$h£d to me.
I hugged h£r first to comfort h£r while i felt h£r h£art b**t!ng f*st, my mom have a first [email protected] !n worry and fear.

“Mom h£ was only wounded on h¡s shoulder, h£ got that because we are attacked before we got to th£ build!ng, all thanks to th£ betrayer who alerted th£m, i said and $h£ nodded.
“Thanks to th£ ¢ar£less officers too, my broth£r ¢ar£fvlly murmured.

“can i see h¡m? $h£ asked.
“I haven’t seen h¡m eith£r but th£ doctors will soon be ©vt,its not someth!ng that is too serious, i replied and led h£r to sit d©wΠ.

“how are you Joan? Th£ madam asked touch!ng me.
“I’m f!ne ma thank you, i replied and my broth£r only tapped me on my shoulders say!ng noth!ng as h£ stood wait!ng for th£ doctors with us.

M!nutes later th£ doctor came ©vt tell!ng us my fath£r is okay but h£ lost lot of blood,
“Can we see h¡m now? My broth£r asked.
“Uhmmm yes but h£ wont be speak!ng to you today, th£ doctor replied.

“Its alright j√$t see!ng h¡m will do please, my mom said and th£ doctor nodded tak!ng us to wh£re my dad is………..

That night on our way [email protected]¢k to th£ madam house after stay!ng with my dad for a while, a call came on th£ woman phone,
“Good news i presume, th£ woman asked.
“Absolutely, we have th£m, th£ caller replied.

“And th£ lady? Th£ woman asked.
“With us, th£ caller replied.

“Now that’s th£ good news, please come [email protected]¢k safely and well done, th£ woman said.
“Thanks ma’am, th£ caller said and $h£ dropped th£ call smil!ng at us.

“F!nally over right? My mom asked.
“Exactly, th£ woman replied and i breath£d ©vt…..


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