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BETRAYED (Episode 10)


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The mountain road that leads to the sprawling AWUAH RESIDENCE is a bit steep and curvy. On one side is a sheer mountain face, and on the other side is a dangerous drop to the rocks below.

The drop is protected by metal railings.
Sereboe Abokyi and his two accomplices, TAWIAH and ADAMU, have laid the trap that will lead to Nana Yaw’s death.
Sereboe and Adamu are sitting in a sleek Lexus in the most dangerous bend in the road.

Across the road, inside the bend, they have put a nail-studded stretch of rubber.
Any car coming from the bend will see the barrier too late and run over it, causing the tyres to be punctured.
They are holding guns and walkie-talkies.
Tawiah is hiding in the bushes a bit down the road, waiting for approaching cars.
If a car comes along and it is not Nana Yaw’s car, he will use the walkie-talkie to inform Abokyi and Adamu up the hill to remove the nail trap.
All three of them are heavily-armed with guns and knives.
A car suddenly appears below Tawiah, and he stands up and looks at it with his binoculars.

(speaking on the walkie-talkie)
Machine sighted. Not the target.

Damn! Who dat? Pull the nails, Adamu.
Adamu quickly rolls the slab of rubber off the road.

They wait for a while.

Huge car, still coming up.

Sure. Let it come and pass.
Tawiah can see that it is a sleek Escalade.
It is huge and black and absolutely wonderful.

He crouches lower into the bushes so that the driver will not see him.
The car passes his location, and then the brake lights flash. A moment later the car reverses slowly and stops opposite Tawiah.
The driver’s door opens, and a tall man in a black suit and white shirt steps out.
He is wearing a black fedora, and his face is overgrown with thick black beard and a moustache.
His dark sunglasses fitted him very well.
He walks forward and stands just directly opposite Tawiah, and he seems to be peering into the bushes.

Alright, Tawiah, come out now!

Tawiah freezes!
Fear crystallizes in his heart and panic sets in.
Who’s this man? How did he know his name?
Tawiah drops the walkie-talkie and draws out his pistol.
His face is awash with fear as he cocks the gun and stands up, pointing it at the tall, bearded man.

What the fvck! Who the hell are you? Don’t mess with me! Turn around and put your hands on the hood of the car, right now!
The tall man’s hands are linked behind him, and he regards Tawiah with something close to contempt.

I don’t remember the last time I obeyed an order from an infidel!


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The man just stares at him and then shakes his head.

Such a waste, Tawiah, such a waste. What happened to you? You were born into a good Christian home, but greed has led you into a most horrible trap. Your problem is that you never listen!

Shut up! Shut the fvck up! Hands up, or I’ll kill you right where you stand!

Like I said, you never listen. But you better listen to this, Tawiah, and believe it. If you ever believed in anything, you should believe what I’m telling you right now. I’m a servant of God, and if you fire that gun it will take four fingers off your right hand!
Terrified, panicked, and absolutely flustered, Tawiah fires his pistol.
The gun explodes in Tawiah’s hand, severing the four fingers on his right hand, leaving only the thumb.
Tawiah stares at his bleeding hand with horror, and then he begins to scream fiercely.
From round the curve Abokyi and Adamu hears him.

What the fvck is wrong with that dude?

Seems he’s in trouble. That car should’ve passed a long time ago. Come on, Adamu!
The two of them draw their guns and run down the incline, and come across the stranger and Tawiah, and see Tawiah’s bleeding hands.
They point their guns at the stranger immediately.
Tawiah sees them and screams loudly.

NO! No, don’t shoot him! He will maim you!
Abokyi and Adamu look at Tawiah uncomprehendingly.

Waste the motherfvcker! Kill him!

To be continued

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