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BETRAYED (Episode 12)


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There are five doctors and three nurses in Kwame Awuah’s ward.

Maame Akosua is weeping uncontrollably, and Enyonam is holding her as the doctors fuss around the patient.
Maame’s eyes are focused on Nana Yaw as he and the other doctors professionally go about their business.

She is convinced that he had something to do with the sudden multiple-organ failure of Mr. Kwame Awuah, but she has no proof.
She is determined, however, that if something bad happens to Kwame she will go to the police and lodge a formal complaint.

Suddenly the door opens.
She looks up and gasps!
There is a man standing in the doorway!
It is the bearded man she has seen in her dreams!

The black beard, sideburns and moustache!
The dark glasses. The black suit, the white tie!

The tall stranger!

Good grief! Dear sweet Jesus! It is him! It is him!

Who? Who, dear?

God’s messenger! The man I’ve been seeing in my dreams each time I fasted and prayed for Kwame’s healing!

The stranger surveys the room calmly, and then he walks inside and closes the door behind him.
He links his hands behind him and walks forward.
Nana Yaw turns from the bed and approaches him.

Who are you, sir? We have an emergency here, and visitors are not allowed now. If you’ll kindly wait outside, we’ll attend to you later.

I came to see that woman over there.


Maame Akosua rushes forward, wiping tears from her eyes.

He came to see me, sir.

You bring your private visitors here? To my father’s ward? You’re fired, woman! Get the hell out of here!

The stranger’s face hardens as he glares at Nana Yaw.

You’re alive because she is here, you fool! And she has a right to be here more than you, vermin, and you know it!
Nana Yaw is stung by the insult, and rage suffuses his face. He glares at the stranger with mounting fury.

You get out of here, mister, before I beat you up to pulp! Get out!

I’ve never been known to obey imbeciles, young man. I came here because the Lord sent me to this woman, and until the will of He who sent me is fulfilled, I’m not budging, you distasteful greedy mongrel!
Nana Yaw cannot take it any longer.
He swings a fist into the jaw of the stranger.
His right fist connects, and it feels like he has just hit his fist against a piece of hardened iron.

He screeches with raw pain as his fingers crack and break.
He takes steps back, staring at his fingers.
The three huge fingers of his right hand are twisted and broken, sending shards of pain through his whole body.
He whimpers with acute pain, holding his right hand in his left hand, his eyes dazed and clouded with pain.
There is silence in the room as all eyes turn to the stranger.

He turns his attention to Maame.

You’re really here! I saw you in my dreams! You’re really a man of God!

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You have a problem. The Lord heard your prayers, and listened to you, and sent me here. What is it, woman?
Maame turns, weeping again, and goes to the bed.

She puts a hand on Kwame’s chest.
His eyes are now closed, and it is apparent that he is close to death.

Please, sir, help him. He’s suffering too much.
The stranger looks at Maame Akosua with incredulous eyes.
He walks forward slowly, and it is apparent that he is not pleased.

Him? Is this the man you prayed for?

Yes, sir! But why, you don’t sound pleased!

Because I’m not pleased! This is a man whom the Lord has blessed, and yet he doesn’t believe in the existence and sovereignty of the Lord! He makes fun of the ways of the Lord, and his utterances are a  perversion of the Lord! I find him utterly distasteful!

To be Continued

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