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BETRAYED (episode 13)


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Maame looks horrified.

But isn’t that how the Lord works sometimes? Remember Paul used to be Saul, a man who hated the Lord!

Don’t you start quoting verses to me, woman!
Nana Yaw is still m0aning, making sounds of great pain.

The stranger approaches him and holds his damaged hand.

If I be a man of God, then in the name of Jesus Christ receive your healing!
He drops Nana Yaw’s hand…
Everybody stares!

The broken fingers have been restored to whole.
Nana Yaw makes terrible croaking sounds in his throat and moves away from the stranger with fear.

Dear Lord!
The other doctors and the nurse are now moving away from the bed as Kwame Awuah’s eyes open slowly.
He sees the man in the black suit, and Kwame’s eyes widen!

He remembers Maame Akosua telling him her dreams about a tall bearded man in a black suit.

The stranger turns towards the door, and with a cry Maame runs to him and falls down in front of him.

Please, sir, please, please, please! Help him, sir, please!

I thought you were in trouble, woman! I didn’t know you were only praying for that nincompoop who has denounced the Lord his whole life! He doesn’t need help! Let him die in his iniquity! He put his faith in his wealth, thinking there is no God, like a fool! If he had put his treasures in the Lord, he would’ve received tenfold riches and a thousand-fold health.

Tears drench Maame’s face as she holds the legs of the stranger.

But he believes now, please! He has repented of his sins! He’s ready to accept the Lord now! Sir, you helped his son by healing his hand!

Don’t blaspheme, woman! I have no healing powers! It is the Lord who heals!

(weeping bitterly)
I know, sir, sorry! But if the Lord used you to heal this son, then the Lord wants you to heal the father too! He’s suffering, please! His wife is cheating on him with his son, and I’m sure his son tried to kill him!
Nana Yaw gasps suddenly, his face shattering with sudden fear!

Dear Lord!

How had that witch known?
The stranger steps past Maame, still angry, and reaches for the door.

Suddenly he groans as a great expression of pain rips across his face!

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He drops to one knee, gasping and holding his stomach, his face tearing apart with pain.

Father! You give me this pain because of this atheist? This man who blasphemes against Your name? It is not fair, Father!
The stranger grunts again, obviously in more pain.

Suddenly he drops on both knees and raises his hands in supplication.
He closes his eyes and speaks with pain.

I’m sorry, Father! May Your will, not mine, be done!
He remains on his feet for some time with his hands raised and his eyes closed.
And then his breathing seems to ease and he slowly gets to his feet.
He takes out a large handkerchief and dabs at the sweat on his face.

Please, what happened to you, sir?

The Lord decided to give me a stomach ache for disobeying Him. I guess I should be grateful because Jonah was in the belly of a whale for three days for disobeying the Lord of Hosts.

He walks towards the bed, and he stares down at Kwame Awuah, who is looking at the stranger with tears coursing down his face.

Maame comes to stand beside the stranger, and she speaks haltingly.

In my dream I saw you carrying-
(cutting in)
So go and fill the bathtub with water, woman.

(startled, excited)
Yes, sir! I will immediately!
She quickly runs into the bathroom and turns on the tap in the bath after plugging the hole.

She is trembling when she goes back into  the ward.

To be continued..

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