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Nana Yaw is finally shown into his office, and he is blown away!
It is a huge office with one wall made of thick glass with an amazing view of the hills and fold mountains and natural forests stretching into a picturesque horizon.
There is a magnificent desk, a lounge area, a research area and a resting area replete with a bed and a washroom.
Nana Yaw is grinning from ear to ear, and he hugs his father again with pure delight, and across his father’s shoulders his eyes meet those of his step-mother, and she smiles at him and winks.
The delegation leaves the office and examines the other offices on the floor.
A call comes through on Mr. Kwame Awuah’s phone.
He picks the call and moves to one corner of the corridor to speak.
He comes back to the group and speaks to his wife and son.
Listen, please continue for me, okay? I have to rush to the office to attend to the Minister of Tourism. Forgot I had scheduled a meeting with him.
Awww, my love! You work too hærd! Alright, darling. I’ll see you later in the house! Prepare for a special treat tonight!
The multimillionaire smiles happily.
Nana Yaw embraces his father.
God bless you, Daddy! I’m so humbled!
God? What God? There’s no God, little one, I keep telling you. I did everything myself, so bless me and thank me, not God!
He turns quickly and enters the elevator as Nana Yaw and Araba exchange glances and follow the people into another office.
Mr. Kwame Awuah screws up his face with sudden unease as his stomach rumbles and churns.
He needs to use the washroom!
Almost mo-ning, he punches the button on the elevator when it reaches the fourth floor, and it shoots up again.
He emerges on the corridor, but luckily the people are still in another office.
He holds his buttocks and jogs into his son’s office and enters the washroom in the resting area.
Mr. Kwame Awuah quickly unbuckles his belt and sits on the Water Closet with an exhalation of relief. A moment later the loud sounds of flatulence fill the room, and Mr. Kwame smiles, glad that the room is soundproof.
Outside the office, the tour has ended, and the visitors file into the elevators again for the ride to the ground floor.
Nana Yaw’s eyes meet his step-mother’s, and again they smile at each other.
He notices that she is walking along the corridor, admiring the paintings on the walls.
He is not surprised when she enters his office again down the corridor.
Nana Yaw, who is now being interviewed by some journalists, speaks quickly, thanks them, and then idly walks towards his office.
He opens it and enters, locking it behind him.
He sees his step-mother.
She is lying on the bed in the resting area.
She has removed her clothes, and she is now wearing only white p-nties, and her legs are spread open.
He can see the fine hairs on her crotch through the transparent lace of the p-nties.
As he watches, p-nting, Araba slowly lifts her curvy buttocks off the bed and slides the lacy p-nties down her legs.
She leans back, smiling at him, and opens her legs, exposing her w-t intimacy.
She crooks a finger at him.
Come and eat, baby! Lunch is served hot and w-t!
Nana Yaw flies out of his clothes, trembling, and bounds onto the bed.
She meets him, and they k-ss fiercely, passionately!
Oh, my love, my darling! I miss you so! Thought we will never be alone!
His hands maul her br-asts and n-pples as she car-sses his er-ction.
She gro-ns with deep lust.
Oh, yes, yes, yes! Come, darling, make me explode!
Nana Yaw’s l-ips glide down the belly of his step-mother, and then he buries his face in her crotch, licking her expertly.
She mo-ns and crosses her legs across his head, bucking her buttocks up to meet his probing tongue.
And then he glides up her body again as she spreads her legs to receive him.
He thr-sts his manh-od into her depths, and she gro-ns with pleasure…
And then the washroom door opens and Mr. Kwame emerges and sees his step-son deep in,side his wife as they make feverish and violent love, making guttural and bestial sounds of unbridled lust.
They turn their heads, and they see him.
Mr. Kwame cannot move.
On his face is a horror so great that no human alive could have been able to describe it.
He clutches his heart suddenly as a massive pain rips through him.
Silent tears flood down his face, and then he topples forward and crashes to the floor as a massive heart-attack tears through his body!

To be continued…

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