BETRAYED (Episode 4)

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She continues to cry until Maame Akosua coughs gently to get Enyonam’s attention.

And, before I forget, here is the nurse who has been assigned to take care of you, Kwame. She is indeed a good woman and I’m sure you’re going to love her! Her name is Maame Akosua.
Maame, standing at the foot of the bed, smiles warmly at Kwame.

Hello, Mr. Awuah.
After a while Enyonam’s phone rings, and she stands up and heads for the door.
Maame straightens up the room and hums a song, putting everything where they are supposed to be.
The door opens, and Nana Yaw comes in.
He stares at Maame for a while, and then he sits down on the edge of the bed.

You’re the nurse Madam Klinogo assigned to my father?

Yes, please.

And have you been taken through the drills about what to do and what not to do?

I’ve been a nurse for thirty years, Mr. Awuah, and I’ve handled patients in far worse situations than your father. Believe me, I know what I’m going to do.
Nana Yaw nods and stands up, his face so miserable that Maame feels her anger evaporating.

I didn’t mean to sound rude. But he’s my father, and I want only the best for him.

Go home now, Doctor, and get some rest. Believe me, your father is in good hands. He’s going to be fine.
Nana Yaw nods again.
He bends quickly and k-sses his father on the forehead, and then he turns round and quickly walks towards the door.
Maame Akosua sees the look of hærdness in Mr. Kwame Awuah’s eyes as he stares at his son’s back, and she scowls with confusion.
It seems to her that the father didn’t particularly like his adopted son.
A week passes quickly.
FOSUAA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL is doing brisk business now.
There is a cloud hanging over the hospital though.
This is because the rich and powerful business mogul, Mr. Kwame Awuah, is lying helpless in a hospital bed.
It is expected that he will die any day.
There is absolutely no hope for him.
His condition has rapidly deteriorated in just seven days.
Everyday powerful men and woman come to visit him, much to Maame Akosua’s surprise.
It dawns on her that Mr. Kwame Awuah had been very good to people in his years, and he is well-liked.
Letters and flowers arrive in droves  for him every day.
Maame tells Enyonam that she wants a video player in the ward, and this is installed.
Maame stands beside the bed and looks down with pity at Mr. Kwame Awuah.

Everyday great people visit you. A lot of good wishes messages come for you. People bring flowers and cards. It seems you’re such a good man. What I can’t understand is why a grand man like you has hated God all your life and refused to accept that God exists. But that is going to change, do you hear me, Mr. Awuah? They say you have but a short time to live, and so I’m going to prepare your heart to be right with God. It is all I can do for you in this situation.
She rummages in her bag and brings out two books.
They are both Bibles.
One is a huge King James Version red-letter Bible, and the other is a voluminous children’s Bible.
She sits on the bed and shows them to Mr. Kwame Awuah, whose eyes suddenly go wide with anger.

I see you’re angry, and I’m really sorry, but I want to do this. This Bible has English with those yea and ye, and thou things, and I don’t like them much, so I’ll leave it in this room and pray that you will be able to read it one day. Now, this is a children’s Bible, and I have the video too. I’m going to read to you as we watch the video, okay?
Kwame Awuah blinks rapidly, signalling his displeasure, but Maame pays no heed to him.
She pops the CD into the player, and as the images of a dark earth rolls on the screen, formless and foreboding, she begins to read the Bible to him.
After a while she sees that his eyes are closed, and she stands up, puts off the video, and leaves the ward to get some food to eat.
The moment she goes out Kwame opens his eyes and looks fiercely at the door. It is plain that he detests that woman very much.
Later in the day Nana Yaw enters the ward, and his eyes fall on the Bibles on the table.
Rage fills his face as he picks the Bibles and almost shove it into Maame’s face.

And what the hell is this?

Bibles, sir. I was reading them to your father!
Nana Yaw’s jaws work viciously as he glares at the woman.

My father doesn’t believe in that, do you hear me? I don’t want you doing anything, ANYTHING, you’ve not been expressly told to do, Nurse! You can take this as a final warning, because maybe you didn’t know my father is an atheist. Next time, if you want to do anything, ask first! Do you understand?

Yes, sir.

Good. Now take your damn Bibles and get out. I want to speak to my father!

To be continued…

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