BETRAYED (Episode 6)

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After a while she seems to hear voices in the ward, and she stands up quickly.
She opens the door, and then she comes out, but she is still hidden by a jutting wall because the washroom is recessed.
She hears the voices of Nana Yaw and Araba.
Maame smiles, and has taken a step forward when Araba speaks, and her words arrests Maame so that she comes to a complete halt.
She looks around the edge of the wall silently.
She sees Araba standing near the bed and looking down at Kwame.
By her side is Nana Yaw, and his arm is around his step-mother’s shoulders.

I’m sorry you saw us making love, Kwame. That’s rather unfortunate. I didn’t mean you harm. But I felt stifled. You’re older, and your tastes are different. At the time you met me I was broke and lost, and in need of money. You provided money and security, and then Nana Yaw came along, and we fell in love! It is as simple as that. I’m not going to apologize for loving Nana Yaw. But I’m sorry you’re sick because of what you saw, and I hope you’ll be able to forgive me before… well, before you die.
Maame almost gasps, and she withdraws her head quickly.
Her heart is thudding furiously, and there is horror written all over her face.
On the wall opposite her she can see their reflection in the glass of the window.
She sees Araba bending and k-ssing Kwame’s forehead.
And then Nana Yaw Awuah speaks.

Sorry, Father.

Goodbye, Kwame.
And then the two of them suddenly hug and exchange a long, deep k-ss!
Maame cannot breathe!
How heartless can some people be?
It appears as if they are deliberately taunting Kwame Awuah!
This is so diabolical!
This is unacceptable!
Evil at its finest!
She watches their reflection in the glass, and she shuts her eyes tightly as her heart beats with pain.
Nana Yaw draws back from her suddenly.

No, no, love. Not again! Not here! Let’s go home.

Not home! I can’t hold on! I need you in me now!
Nana Yaw k-sses her and mauls her br-asts.

Then let’s go to my office!
They rush out and close the door behind them.
Maame’s legs are too weak to support her.
She bends and slowly sits on the floor and holds her head, trying to calm the murderous rage that is assaulting her, making her wish for a gun so that she can chase those cruel people and gun them to the ground!
After a long time her heartbeats calm down, and she stands up groggily and enters the ward.
She stands by the side of the bed, and when she sees the tears of anguish coursing down the sides of Kwame’s eyes, her own eyes well up with tears, and trickle down her cheeks.

Oh, my dear! You saw them? You saw your wife and your son cheating on you?
Kwame Awuah looks at her, and blinks…
Twice… yes!

(shaking her head)
And that’s why you had the heart attack, isn’t it?
Two blinks… yes!

Oh, dear! How sad! Oh, you poor, poor dear! Now I understand all your silent tears! Oh, dearest Lord!
And she sits beside him on the bed, and as Kwame’s wife and his son make violent love not very far away, a kind-hearted nurse called Maame Akosua takes Kwame in her arms, and comforts him with her tears!
The following evening Maame Akosua sits beside Kwame Awuah and slowly shows him her wedding ring.

I’ve been wearing this for twenty-years, Kwame. Let me tell you something shocking. My husband died twenty years ago.
The light plays on Kwame’s eyes, and it seems to Maame that his eyes dilated a little, as if he is shocked.
Tears swim in her eyes, and then Kwame blinks rapidly.
Twice… yes!
It takes a moment for it to dawn on Maame that he wants to know about her husband.

Oh, my dear husband, Akwasi. Well, you remind me a lot of him, Kwame. He was a most gentle and loving soul. I knew him for just a year, and then we got married. I went to his arms a V-rgin, and we had a most sweet wedding night. The following morning when I turned to him, he was dead, just like that!
The tears of sadness slowly fall down her cheeks, and she sees the sadness in his eyes. He shares her pain.

I would have died too, Kwame. But, in the night, before he died obviously, he managed to open his Bible and write in it: NEVER LEAVE THE LORD’S HAND, MAAME! And from there my relationsh¡p with God has increased, Kwame. My heart was rid of pain because God was with me. Oh, I was called a witch, and I was shunned, but in all that strife the Lord strengthened me!
He thinks that her face looks like an angel just at that moment in time!

That’s what I want to tell you, Kwame. You will find strength in the Lord only if you will put your pride aside and believe. You will get well and right this great wrong that has been done you if only you can break your heart down, repent, and accept the Lord Jesus as your personal saviour. I’ve prayed for you, but I want you to pray with me, in your mind! Do you want to know more?
Two rapid blinks…
And that is the night it all began for Mr. Kwame Awuah, confirmed atheist; that is the night  that his heart begins to accept that indeed, there is a God of mercies.

To be continued…

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