BETRAYED (Episode 8)

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Nana Yaw is dressed in an impeccable suit.
He walks towards the sleek and powerful Chrysler parked in the courtyard.
Walking by his side is a beautiful Araba, dressed in black jeans and a fetching pink tank and sky blue shirt.
The servants are working around the house and so they just hug briefly as he opens the car door.

(his face haggard)
This is the day, darling. My father takes his last breath today.

I know how hærd and painful this is for you, but it must be done for the sake of our love, and our happiness.
Nana Yaw nods.

Yes, love and happiness. I love you so much, Araba.

So remember the plan, my love. Don’t stay over there too long.

No, no. I won’t wait at all. I’ll inject him and come straight back home.

Yes, my love. I’ll be waiting!
She smiles sweetly and waits until he has driven out, and then she turns and begins to walk towards the main house.

SEREBOE ABOKYI, the elderly chauffeur who drives Mr. Kwame Awuah, stands respectfully as Araba approaches.
He is a tall muscular man with hærd eyes.
He has been employed almost two years ago by Mr. Kwame Awuah because Araba had told him Abokyi is a dead friend’s husband in need of a job to take care of four starving children.

Mr. Kwame Awuah, being the kind trusting man he is, has employed Sereboe Abokyi as his chauffeur with a very handsome salary indeed.

Hello, Mr. Sereboe.
He nods respectfully without smiling.

Good morning, madam.

Would you come in,side, please? There are some errands I want you to run for me.

Certainly, madam.
He follows her into the beautiful mansion, up the ornate stairs until they enter Mr. Kwame Awuah’s study.

The moment the door closes behind them Araba gives a scre-m of joy and runs to a huge bed in the corner and flings herself on it, kicking her legs ecstatically.

Yes, yes, yes! We’re hitting the jackpot huge this time, sweetheart!
Sereboe smiles as he slowly unbuttons his shirt.

He’s going to finish off the old man as planned, darling?

Yes, yes! He packed the injection! Kwame Awuah should be dead by evening! He will inject his father with the deadly drug, and then he will come back here!

But then he won’t reach home, because me and my boys will be waiting him, and kill him, making it look like a grieving son who has lost his father driving blindly and skidding off the road and having a fatal accident on the cliffs below his residence. A double tragedy! And all the money comes to his grieving widow, Araba Awuah.

(giggling insanely)
Yes, Araba and her long-standing lover in crime, the crime boss himself, Mr. Sereboe Abokyi, who has managed to kill two of Araba’s previous husbands already and taken their money! Money, money, money, my love!

Sereboe laughs as he kicks off his shoes and steps out of his trousers.

Seems like we’ll enjoy this one for quite some time, baby! This Awuah is loaded f-cking!

Yes, yes, yes! And finally I’ll get rid of that bastard Nana Yaw! Damn, that fool almost spoilt the wh0le plan when he came back three years ago and recognized me! Yuck, and I had to put up with his silly groping and stupid d*ck for so long!
n*k*d, Sereboe approaches her with his turgid er-ction.

I got something for you, love! A sweet one before going to complete the final hours of Nana Yaw Awuah. I’m going to take real great delight in killing that bastard for putting his damn hands on you all those years. I know it was all because of the plan, but I’m going to mess him up!

I’m w-t and ready, baby! Come and fill me up!! Hurry and make me feel your love, and then go and wait for him at the mountains and kill him when he’s coming back! Silly bastard!

Sereboe joins her on the bed, and draws her towards him.


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