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Betrayer in disguise episode 19

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Episode 19.

I guess we were supposed to sleep that night, but no it was m©r£ than busy for us wh£n we got home.
Th£ cops that were at th£ madam house quickly left for th£ station as th£y waited for th£ arrival of th£ir colleagues.

“From what I h£ard, th£re are 6 deaths from th£ policemen and 4 from th£ gangs and th£re are !njured from both sides, th£ woman told us after mak!ng a phone call and we h£aved.
“Ma, th¡s is our fault, Peter said.

“Our fault? How is that possible? $h£ asked.
“h£ was our suspect, we were supposed to take h¡s phone and deta!n h¡m, but what did we do? Only God knows wh£n h£ began communicat!ng with th£m over th£re, my dad and sister was at risk, Peter said.

“Really? We were not sure and we didn’t want to risk it, th£ woman said.
“All was still a risk, j√$t look at casualties, we are j√$t lucky th£y were alerted of th£ police com!ng late, else it would have been a complete disaster, Peter said.

“Okay at least its easy over, today will be a great day wh£n its daylight, th£ woman said and I yawned.
“I’m dizzy, I said.

“Its late already, you need to sleep, my mom said
“What ab©vt you? I asked h£r

“No i don’t th!nk i will, I have your fath£r on my h£ad now and with everyth!ng that has transpired I won’t be able to sleep, my mom replied.
“Mom you’ve been lack!ng good sleep and rest for days now, please don’t break d©wΠ, I said touch!ng h£r and $h£ gave a little smile.

“Its f!ne Joan go sleep, I’ll be f!ne and I’ll wake you up !n th£ morn!ng, my mom said and i nodded and left th£ sitt!ng room with Peter leav!ng my mom with th£ madam.
I thought of hav!ng a shower but i was too weak for that, and i noticed Peter look!ng at me.

“What? I asked because i knew h£ wanted say!ng someth!ng.
“Will you be see!ng Favour today? h£ asked.

“Will $h£ be released? I asked [email protected]¢k.
“I don’t th!nk so, h£ replied.

“$h£ didn’t kill that man and i th!nk $h£ has suffered and paid for h£r own crime by stay!ng th£re, that’s okay, I said.
“So you want h£r released !n summary? h£ asked.

“Yes, I replied.
“Because $h£’s suffer!ng? h£ asked and scoffed
“And what ab©vt you? Didn’t you suffer too? We all suffered because of what $h£ did! h£ sh©vted.

“No because of what h£r cous!n did and th£ police have h£r now, let it all end! I sh©vted [email protected]¢k and laid d©wΠ to sleep know!ng th£ conversation won’t go to anywh£re good………….

I h£ard a tap and sleepily cleaned my eyes sitt!ng up,
“Its morn!ng already? I asked my mom.
“Yes dear and your dad is awake, won’t you go see h¡m? $h£ asked and i saw $h£ was already dressed and Peter was awake.

“I don’t th!nk $h£ will, $h£ prefers see!ng Favour, Peter said wh£n i wanted say!ng someth!ng.
“Favour? Why h£r? My mom asked.

“You didn’t know? $h£ will be transferred to anoth£r station today, Peter replied and i quickly stood up tak!ng my tooth brush to clean up.
“Wh£re are you go!ng to? My mom asked.

“To th£ station, yes i know Favor wronged me but $h£ didn’t commit th£ crime. $h£ was act!ng under th£ !nfluence of h£r cous!n who ₱u$h£d h£r wrongly, $h£ needs to be released after all th£y have th£ murderer, i replied.
“You can’t do anyth!ng ab©vt th¡s, th£ woman has th£ only say h£re, my mom said.

“Th£n we both have to talk, I said.
“$h£’s not h£re, my mom said and i hurried up with what i was do!ng, had a quick bath and left th£ house ignor!ng all my mom was say!ng.

I got to th£ station and saw it very busy, 2 oth£r cops were [email protected] and i clearly knew what that is with©vt be!ng told.
Know!ng my way th£re it wasn’t difficult to meet with th£ woman talk!ng to th£ DPO
“Oh Joan, you’re h£re? $h£ asked surprised to see me.
“Yes ma’am i came to see you, i said after greet!ng th£m.

“I hope th£re’s no problem? Spoken with your dad yet? $h£ asked.
“Perhaps and ermmm not yet. I’m h£re because of someone, wh£re’s Favour? I asked.

“Oh you want to see h£r before $h£ will be transferred? $h£ asked.
“No i want h£r released already. You have who you wanted right? Why is $h£ still th£re or to be transferred? I asked.

“Joan please don’t start th¡s, I’m punish!ng anyone who had a [email protected] !n h¡s death, $h£ replied.
“And $h£ has been puni$h£d for m©r£ than a month, i guess its enough. Favour may be jealous, a betrayer and a liar, but $h£ was no murderer and i believe $h£ has learnt h£r lessons. Please ma I’m begg!ng you, do me th¡s favour, i pleaded.

“I can’t believe th¡s, after what $h£ did to you? At least let h£r be puni$h£d for that, $h£ said.
“It is not !n my place to take revenge ma. If every one should turn evil wh£re will be th£ good !n th£ land? I’m speak!ng on h£r behalf ma irrespective of what $h£ did to me, please let h£r be freed. j√$t like me $h£ has a promis!ng life that shouldn’t end beh!nd bars, let’s try to fix th£ broken one $h£ has already for th£ best of humanity. What ga!n are we hav!ng if $h£ rema!ns locked up h£re? You know that wont br!ng your husband [email protected]¢k, but you have h¡s murderer that should be enough, i said and $h£ shook h£r h£ad not believ!ng me.

“Why are you do!ng th¡s? Th£ DPO asked me.
“I believe everyone deserves a second chance and can turn a new leaf if showed love, I replied.

“Not everyone, th£ woman said.
“You can never tell if you don’t try, it wont hurt if we try Favour th¡s once, i said and th£ woman h£aved look!ng at th£ DPO.

“Joan don’t worry you can go, we will talk ab©vt th¡s ourselves, th£ man said and I nodded.
“Thank you sir, thanks ma, i said to th£m and left to meet my family !n th£ hospital…………

I arrived and saw my dad eat!ng and hugged h¡m,
“Spoken to h£r? My dad asked and i knew th£y told h¡m wh£re I’m com!ng from.
“Yes dad and I hope th£y do someth!ng, th£ right th!ng, i replied and h£ smiled.

“I grew up a pa$$ionate daughter who is not bl!nded by hate and anger, h£ said and i smiled.
“Th£re’s no use for hate wh£n it reduces ones life span, i said.

“Said by who? Peter asked.
‘Uhmmm let’s say science, i replied Peter and my dad laugh£d.

“¢ar£ to research on it? My mom asked Peter.
“I Rath£r research m©r£ on my eng!neer!ng, h£ replied.

“I’m glad its all over now, i can breath£ well, my dad said.
“Th¡s has been one of th£ troublesome moments our family has ever recorded, my mom said.

“What’s important is we conquered it togeth£r, Peter said.
“Yes and I saw two cops [email protected] th¡s morn!ng, i guess th£ w!nd is gradually b!0w!ng th£ betrayer a$$ one by one, I said.

“That’s great, I’m leav!ng h£re today, i have my bus!ness to return to. No time for dull moments anym©r£, my dad said.

“You mean you’re resum!ng your bus!ness? Like !n th¡s state? My mom asked.
“Sure, you know how many clients are wait!ng? My dad asked.

“Daddy! I and Peter sh©vted…….


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