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Betrayer in disguise episode 20 – finale

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Episode 20.

✍?Miriam Edem (Miriam Eyen Efik)

2 days later we were at home ab©vt to have our breakf*st to hurry up to our different places wh£n we h£ard th£ door bell rang,
“Expect!ng anyone so early today? My dad asked mom.
“No, my mom replied and attempted to go open up.

“Come !n th£ door is open! Peter sh©vted wh£n it rang aga!n.
“Peter you didn’t lock th£ door? My mom asked h¡m.

“Not that we are hid!ng any human h£ad h£re, Peter replied and my mom gave h¡m a killer look and we h£ard th£ door opened which my mom peeped from th£ d!nn!ng wh£re we sat.

“Joan, my mom s1©wly called ©vt as h£r eyes was still fixed on who we have no idea ab©vt.
“Who’s that? I asked gett!ng up and I saw Favour.

$h£ was so th!n and miserable as I stood speechless look!ng at h£r,
“Oh so you came, Peter said fold!ng h¡s [email protected] wh£n no one was say!ng anyth!ng and I breath£d ©vt and approach£d h£r wh£re $h£ stood quietly with h£r mom.

“Please we came to apologize to your family, I know I have been com!ng alone but we are h£re today to apologize aga!n, h£r mom spoke ©vt and I looked at Favour and felt like cry!ng at h£r sight.
Truth be told ever s!nce $h£ got arrested I haven’t seen h£r, and now I’m regrett!ng with j√$t a mere look at h£r sight.

“Joan I’m sorry, I know my words right now won’t mean anyth!ng, but I want to let you know I’ve been long!ng to say th¡s to you even right th£re !n cell. I’m sorry, and I apologize for dragg!ng you !n th¡s mess and to th!nk you came speak!ng ©vt for me is mak!ng me m©r£ ashamed of myself, Favour said bow!ng h£r h£ad and i s1©wly raised it up to face m!ne.

“Its okay, everyth!ng is over now and th¡s won’t repeat itself aga!n, I said.
“Th¡s is my fault, I failed as a moth£r even wh£n I got separated from h£r dad. I thought I will raise h£r well all by myself but i was so wrong, maybe $h£ wouldn’t have turned th¡s way if $h£ was under th£ !nfluence of h£r fath£r, Favour mom said.

“No don’t say that, you tried your best and its not your fault. You th!nk its easy be!ng a s!ngle parent? No its not easy, and if a child wants to go a wrong way h£ or $h£ will still go wh£th£r th£ parents are s!ngle or complete. But I’m sure your daughter is [email protected]¢k, my mom said.
“h£r fath£r blames me and left everyth!ng on my shoulders, h£r mom sadly said clean!ng h£r tears and my mom hugged h£r.

I s1©wly took Favour [email protected] and gave a smile,
“Let’s get prepared for school, I said and $h£ scoffed.
“School, $h£ asked.

“Yes, of course, I replied happy.
“No no no I’m not even th!nk!ng ab©vt that, what will th£y say ab©vt me wh£n th£ news has $pr£@d so wide. I know I’ll be rem©v£d if I step my legs th£re, Favour said.

“That’s right, Peter said and I looked at h¡m.
“What? But that’s th£ truth, th£ school won’t take h£r [email protected]¢k, Peter said and I h£aved.

“You don’t tell if you don’t try, don’t worry I’ll speak with th£ adm!nistrator, I said.
“As my lawyer or what? Joan j√$t forget it, I’m leav!ng, Favour said.

“You are? I asked.
“Yes to start a new life and let you have yours, so I came to say goodbye and to apologize I guess, Favour said and I felt a stench of anger !n h£r voice and I nodded.

“Right no problem, j√$t make sure you don’t let what j√$t happened shape you negatively, I said.
“I’ll try my best, Favour said and left th£ house leav!ng h£r mom still !n.

“Are you sure $h£’s sorry? Peter asked with h£r attitude while I j√$t look m©vth opened surprised if it was th£ same person who was apologiz!ng h£ad bowed.
“Please I’m so sorry ab©vt th¡s, $h£ is still angry with everyone. And I’ll be tak!ng h£r ©vt of th£ state, I hope it h£lps h£r, h£r mom said.

“Don’t worry, I th!nk ©vt of th£ state is a very good idea, my dad f!nally spoke up.
“Thanks aga!n, good bye, h£r mom said and left and Peter breath£d ©vt.

“Okay, if th£ drama is over th£ food will soon get cold, Peter said and my mom laugh£d.
“Peter wh£n will you ever be sober? My mom asked.

“$h£ doesn’t look $h£ was sorry after all, all i see is fake emotions, my dad said as we returned to th£ d!nn!ng.
“If $h£’s not sober is it me to take th£ part for h£r? Peter asked.

“Whatever, if $h£ likes $h£ change, if $h£ likes $h£ takes over h£r cous!n, if $h£ likes let h£r be sober, Joan doesn’t ¢ar£ and is not surprised eith£r, and I’m [email protected]!$fied with my free conscience, I said.
“Okay aunty consciencer can we please pray for th£ food? I’m runn!ng late, Peter said with a frown………….

A week later Favour cous!n was thoroughly maltreated and $h£ confessed who arranged for th£ poison,
“I was already plann!ng to come d©wΠ for holiday because its been long I last visited. Th£n i met with one of th£ guys who told me th£re’s a job to be done. I told h¡m I came to rest and not for jobs but h£ said its simple and not someth!ng stressful, $h£ said.

“Th£n! An officer sh©vted.
“We found ©vt th£re’s a party h£ was to attend, before th£ party I tried seduc!ng h¡m to make it easy, but h£ was h£ad over h£els with a particular lady so I ₱|@yed cool and !nformed th£ guys ab©vt it. Th£n I thought Favour will be okay and f*st to get h¡m…. At least as an |ns!der, but th£n Favour l!nked me to Joan and i found ©vt $h£’s been hat!ng on h£r for a while now.
Everyth!ng was ready and I got to th£ party after know!ng h¡s best dr!nk is Campari, I made sure I kept a special bottle for h¡m and j√$t as we expected h£ !nquired for it and it was given to h¡m to take h¡m straight to h£ll, $h£ said and a loud slap was give to h£r.

“Who set h¡m up? Who paid you to kill h¡m? An officer sh©vted and $h£ laugh£d with h£r bleed!ng m©vth.
“Someone close to h¡m, h£ denied h¡m of someth!ng and it was best to kick h¡m ©vt of th£ way !n a suitable way h£ won’t be close as th£ suspect, $h£ replied.

“Who! Th£ woman sh©vted.
“Th£ one h£ ₱|@ys lawn tennis with every weekend, th£ one h£ dr!nks and party with, $h£ replied and th£ woman eyes bulged ©vt !n shock.

“No no no th¡s can’t be! $h£ sh©vted not believ!ng it and it was so obvious th£ person was !ndeed very close.
“Take h£r away! An officer sh©vted and Favour cous!n was dragged away wh£n th£ woman was still breath!ng [email protected] still !n shock.

We escorted h£r home after th£ cops went over to get th£ culprit,
“Are you okay ma? My mom asked after mak!ng h£r sit on th£ [email protected]
“I honestly don’t know, my husband made that man who h£ is today, but what did h£ do? h£ repaid h¡m by poison!ng h¡m, yet h£ came h£re wail!ng and curs!ng whoever did it. !n fact h£ was th£ one who ₱u$h£d me to deal with Joan wh£n $h£ was suspected as th£ murderer, th£n h£ went to th£ [email protected]¢k corrupt!ng th£ CCTV videos j√$t to p!n Joan d©wΠ with th£ case and get free. All th¡s from someone my husband eats with, th£ woman said $h£dd!ng tears and I weakly looked at my mom.

“Is it safe to trust anyb©dy aga!n !n th¡s world? My mom asked.
“Its safe wh£n its j√$t you, th£ woman pa!nfvlly replied………

Th£ saddest th!ng ab©vt betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies.
Life has taught me that you can’t ¢©Πtr0| someone’s loyalty. So try not to stress over th£ shady people who betrayed you.

Th£ end??

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