Betrothed to a playboy episode 10 – 11

( Falling For You… )


By, Summer Gold R.



Mariana was still bending down but she wasn’t crying,she sniffed in and wipe her tears

“He doesn’t deserve my tears,I can’t act weak in front of him” She muttered

Loki and Blue came into the kitchen and walked to her,Mariana immediately smiled when Blue tried climbing on her

“Hey blue…thanks to that jerk I know your names now” She smiled and carried blue. She kissed her and blue responded with a sharp sound,shoving her head more in her skin

Mariana chuckled

“Meow” Loki also tried getting on her

“Don’t be jealous Loki,come here” Mariana carried him too and stood up

“You two are so cute,it’s a pity you’re for a jerk” She sighed,rubbing their fur

She turned to the heater and it already stopped

“Come down guys” She dropped the cats and started making the coffee

She added alot of milk,just how she love it.

“Should I buy some groceries here? Does that jerk even eat? Everywhere is so empty” She muttered but then sighed

“He might get mad again,I will just eat out until I find a way to get out of here” She muttered and sipped from the coffee

“Too hot!” She said loudly and carried blue in the second hand

“Loki,sorry you will have to walk” She said as she left the kitchen

Loki followed while swaying his tail,they got upstairs and entered Mariana’s room

She dropped blue and immediately served them another cheese from her bag,she always have it since it’s her favorite snacks

While Blue and Loki are munching on the snacks,she also sat down on the bed with hers.

She took her phone and dialed Royce’s number,this time it was switched off

“What’s happening??” Mariana muttered and dropped her phone

“I should tell him about the engagement before he finds out” She sighed and fell on the bed

Loki and Blue immediately joined her there

“Seriously? Do you guys love me this much? Remember this is a secret,he mustn’t find out you’re here” Mariana whispers

She continue talking to them till she fell asleep,blue and Loki also got their spaces on her two sides

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Leo sat down,he had his headphones on while listening to a sound and writing at the same time.

His b*tch already left,no matter how crazy he is. He never allow any of those b*tches stay for the night in his house. He always send his driver to take them back

He kept writing quietly

He writes his songs by himself and earlier,he met with the director who insisted on him having another song before the end of the month

He stopped writing for a second and rest his back on the seat,his eyes still closed. He was deep In thought,his thoughts were interrupted when his phone started ringing.

He removed his headphones and took his phone,,the call is from his mom

He swiped to green

“Yes mom?” He muttered

“Hey son,how have you been?” Mrs Briggs asked gently

“I’m good mom”

“How about your fiancee?” She asked and Leonard rolled his eyes

“She’s doing perfectly fine” He said sarcastically

“Stop acting!!” Mrs Briggs yelled over the phone

What is it mom?” Leonard groaned

“I heard she’s taking a taxi to school Leo!”

“She’s got no car,so isn’t that her only option?” Leonard asked

“Come on son,she’s your fiancee. You have numerous cars in your compound,try to be nice at least.” Mrs Briggs said

“I will think about it,I’m busy mom. Hanging up” Leonard hung the call and dropped his phone

He let out a scoff

“Fiancee?? Her boyfriend should be able to get her a car right? Is he poor?” He roll his eyes and used his headphones back and continue writing

*My Heart Is Dry*

*The Affection Is Out*

*You’ve Wasted So Much Of My Time*

*But That’s Not What This Is All About*

It’s his first time writing an heart break song

“No,I can’t” he mumbled and torn out the sheet from the note,he squeezed it and threw it into the nearest waste bin

He dropped his headphones and sighed out

He ran his fingers through his hair

“I should take it easy on myself,I will just do this tomorrow” he muttered and stood up

He left the studio and opened another door which led to his room.

He stared at his bed and sighed

“I’m scared of sleeping on you alone……..I wish I can run away from the crazy nightmares” He mumbled and left the room

He went downstairs and walked into the cellar

He took a bottle of Vodka and Tequila before sitting down,he poured the two into the same glass and mixed together. He started drinking

After a while,he was drowsy. He left the cellar and went back upstairs.



“Guys,I’m done. Let’s go” Mariana said as she carried her bag.

She was dressed for school already,she was putting on a crop top showing her flat tummy and sexy bellybutton,her mini skirt stopped on her thighs and she wore a not so high boots on it. She was looking so hot.

Blue and Loki immediately followed her out of the room,as expected Leonard wasn’t home

She got downstairs and met a girl

‘So he brought another one home?’ She thought

“Good morning ma’am” The girl greeted

“Oh….morning” Mariana muttered

“I’m here to clean ma’am,I am the maid here” The girl said

“Okay,you also live here?” Mariana immediately asked hoping she lives here,she will at least see someone to talk to

“No,Sir Leonard doesn’t allow any of the workers stay in his house aside the guards,I only work and leave when it’s evening before he get back home”The girl replied

Mariana nodded

“Can you please take care of the cats? I’m off to school” Mariana said

“Of course,come here Loki and Blue” She smiled and the cats rushed to her,seems they really know her

Mariana went out

‘Is that why I haven’t seen her since I got here? So he doesn’t allow the maids to live here? Probably because of his sluts’ Mariana thought and scoffed

As she walked she even got more madder

The fact that this house is even crazily big and spacious,it’s more like an island different from the other houses one might come across while coming into the street.

She have to walk a long distance before getting to the main gate

“That Ugly Jerk,how dare he?” She mumbled

She was folding her fist wishing it’s Leonard’s neck until a car stopped beside him,she turned.

“Come in miss” The driver said and Mariana’s eyes widened


“The boss said I will be taking you everywhere from now on” he said

‘Really? Is he now mentally stable?’ Mariana thought and scoffed before going into the car

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“Diamonds University” she muttered as the driver started the car and drove out of the mansion.

She checked the time,she still have a lot of time before her class starts. She only have one class for today and it’s English

“I’m gonna rest once I’m back home” She smiled at herself



Louis and Jeremy stepped down from the car together

“Have you updated the event details? Can’t find it” Louis said,checking his phone as they walked

“Just throw your phone away dude” Jeremy muttered

Just then,Miss Lisa. The youngest lecturer in Diamond,she’s in the MassCom department and most of the guys have their eyes on her including Louis

“F**k,she’s hot” Louis said as Miss Lisa walked,swaying her @ss

“She’s f**king thick” Louis muttered

“Can you stop hitting on someone you can’t have? It’s annoying” Jeremy scoffed

“Who said I can’t have her? Dude,I’m handsome okay? Just watch how I make her mine” Louis said

“I don’t have to watch such useless drama” Jeremy said

Someone suddenly walk past them,hitting his shoulder on Jeremy’s own and he didn’t turn back

“Hey dude” Jeremy called immediately and he stopped

Jace turned back

“I’m sorry” He said simply and walked away again

“Rude,should I use his face as the most foolish Diamond student this week? How dare he look down on me?” Jeremy clench his teeth and Louis chuckled

“He’s always like that” He muttered

“You know him? I’ve never seen him” Jeremy Faced Louis

“Are you crazy? You don’t know Jace? He’s in the computer science major,He’s a computer freak and he’s the most popular guy there too” Louis tries to explain

“Cut the crab Louis,we’ve got a class” Jeremy walked faster and Louis followed

“Jace!” Daisy ran after Jace and Jace stopped walking

He turned back and was quite confused when he saw Daisy,he definitely have no idea who she is

“Hey” Daisy smiled

“Do you know me?” Jace asked in his cool voice and Daisy almost fainted

“Of course,I’m Daisy” She smiled stretching her hand for a shake

Jace took her hand for a second

“Excuse me then” he said and walked away

Daisy covered her mouth to avoid screaming

She kept kissing the hand he shook as she walked to the lecture hall

“You’re going to become mine Jace,I love you so much” She moaned



“Please add alot of milk” Mariana said to the coffee girl

“Of course” she smiled

Mariana’s eyes was glued on her phone,her eyes grew wider when she saw the news


She immediately clicked on it,a family of four was murdered last night around ten at night.

As far as she’s concerned,this same killer have been killing for a while now and nobody ever found out who he is

“Here” The girl handed over her coffee to her

She paid and started walking

“I hope he get caught soon” She uttered

πŸ‘₯ Have you seen the news?

πŸ‘₯ The killer murdered a family last night

Some students are also talking about it

“Mari J!” Octavia called from the back and Mariana turned

“Wow,you look fire baby” Octavia said and immediately took a picture of Mariana

“Thank you” Mariana chuckled

They started walking

“So,we can go to the mall today right?” Octavia asked

“Don’t tell me you postponed it just because of me” Mariana asked

“Yeah,you’re right. I would have loved us to put on the same outfit,but you’re performing so it’s a no. We have just a class today,let’s go immediately” Octavia said

“Yeah sure” Mariana smiled

“What are you checking on your phone? You seems serious” Octavia took the phone from her

She gasped

“A family? What the h*ll?” She mumbled

“I wonder what the cops are doing about it” Mariana sighed

They were still talking when Dior’s car drove in and the student covered her up as usual

“I guess she’s the only one In school today” Octavia muttered

“Why?” Mariana asked

“Ricardo might have a shoot,I don’t know about Winter coz I’m not a fan. Leonard would be busy too” Octavia replied

They got to the class and it was filled up already

Mariana’s eyes fell on Nico but he seems to be busy,He’s not looking up

She smiled and sat down

“Did you just smiled because of Nico?” Octavia asked

“He gave me a ride last night,He’s really cool” Mariana smiled

“Wow,is it what I’m thinking?” Octavia grinned and Mariana frowned

“I have a boyfriend….”

“Talking about boyfriend,what’s Royce up to for the past days? He’s hardly with you,is something wrong?” Octavia asked

“Maybe he’s busy or something,He’s not even in class now” Mariana muttered

The English prof came in and everyone settled down

Tessa was not herself,her eyes are on Nico all through the class,Nico on the other hand kept stealing glances from Mariana.

It was so silent as the prof talked

After what seem like forever,the class was over.

“I have an assignment for you guys” she said

“But it’s quite hard so I’m gonna choose some of you as team leaders,others are free to go to them to take you in. So,here are the names” She turned to the board and started writing

She wrote ten names

Among the lists,Nico,Charlotte,Daisy and Delaney are there.

“Please meet with these people and work on the assignments together,I might make it a part of your test” The prof said and went out

Mariana turned and saw Nico looking at her,she immediately smiled and was about standing up

“Mariana,wanna be in my group?” Charlotte called out loudly and Mariana turned

She looked at Charlotte and then Nico but he nodded

“Yeah sure” Mariana said and Charlotte smiled

“Me too,always with Mariana” Octavia said

“Of course” Charlotte said

Alot of students already filled Nico’s seat,mostly girls of course

“He’s In trouble” Mariana chuckled,staring at him as he tried getting away from them

“Come on guys,you’re gonna choke him” Charlotte groaned and Mariana laughed



Dior laughed out loudly,she was on a video call with Ricardo.

“You’re looking more handsome now” Dior chuckled as the stylist work on Ricardo’s hair

“Bet you’re missing me” Ricardo said and Dior scoffed

“I should have known that you’re a proud person,I’m hanging up” She said

“Baby face wait……..” Ricardo called but she already hanged up

Suddenly Jace came In and walked to the shelf,he started looking for a book.

Dior’s eyes followed him

‘Who is he?? He’s so hot’ she thought as she continue staring

Jace turned and their eyes met

“Wow” Dior muttered senselessly

Jace gave her a greeting nod before walking out

Dior immediately stood up and ran after him

“Hey…..” She got out and some students rushed toward her

πŸ‘₯ Can I please get an autograph?

πŸ‘₯ You’re so beautiful

Dior’s eyes followed Jace until he’s out of sight

“Who is he?” She mumbled and sighed,ignoring the students around her


Only few students remained in class including Mariana,Octavia went out for a minute. Nico was just about leaving his seat too

“Nico” Tessa walked to him

“What do you want?” Nico asked

“I’m in your team” She smiled

“Well sorry,there’s no more space for you Tessa. You can join your friend’s team” Nico said and tried walking away

“Nico wait” Tessa grabbed his hand

“Don’t touch me,it’s annoying” Nico snapped and left her sight

Tessa bite her lips

“Mari” Nico called when he got to her

Mariana looked up from her phone

“Hey Nico” She smiled

“Are you going home? Need a ride?” He asked

“Nope,I’m leaving with Octavia. But she’s not here yet” Mariana replied

“Then,let’s take a walk before she comes back” Nico said

Mariana immediately took her bag and followed Nico out of the class

“Thanks for last night” Mariana muttered as they walked together through the hallway

“It’s nothing,you don’t have to thank me” Nico said

“I was just sad I couldn’t get to your house” He added and Mariana chuckled

They were still walking when suddenly Mariana’s eyes caught with Royce downstairs and she immediately moved to the hallway edge

“He’s in school,but didn’t attend class?” She muttered

Nico also moved closer

“Isn’t that your boyfriend?” He asked

“Yeah” Mariana muttered and tried dialing his number but almost immediately a strange girl walked to Royce and they started kissing hungrily

Mariana lost her breath for a second and her phone fell from her hand

“Roy…….Royce” She muttered as she stared at them,her voice shaking,her whole body shaking

She would have broken down into tears right there

Nico grabbed her hand and pulled her into the nearest empty class

Mariana was still shaking

“Mari” Nico called and she looked up

“Nico” She muttered,staring into his eyes

“He….he’s cheating……he….he’s……”

“Can you do something for me?” Nico asked,cutting her off

“What?” Mariana asked

“Don’t shed a tear” he replied


“Because,Angels don’t cry,it’s going to be his lost” Nico said

Mariana nodded and sniffed,trying hard not to cry

Nico gently pulled her into a warm hug